Playing the Long Game on Mature Mountain Bucks

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, we chat with Jason Redd from Timber Ninja Outdoors.  Jason is originally from flat land country in the Mississippi River Delta, but now resides in western North Carolina.  Much of the landscape he hunts encompasses mountains, laurel, rhododendron; all things which folks from Pennsylvania who hunt big woods can relate to.  We discuss the transition to hunting this type of topography and how Jason has fully embraced the challenge of targeting mature bucks in this atmosphere.

Jason shares some of the hunting experiences targeting a specific buck this past fall.  While he did not get a shot, two visual encounters were a win.  Jason shares that in an environment as tough as this big woods, sometimes punching a tag in year one on a mature buck doesn't always happen and you need to play the long game.  Each year in pursuit builds on the story pursuing a trophy of this caliber, which is sweetened when the moment finally presents itself to release an arrow.  We discuss how he may approach targeting this buck and others for 2023, and last we discuss how throughout the entire journey he has done it with a longbow.  Pinnacle challenges yield the greatest reward for those who endure!

Show Transcript