Professional Coon Hunters and Trainers: The Blackwells

Show Notes

Have you ever thought of yourself as a hard hunter? Do you know when the last time you missed a night in the woods with your hound? Bub Blackwell is a HARD hunter and his wife Jane and son Austin are no slackers either. 

The Blackwells come from several generations of hard coonhunting families and they bring it all together to carry on the tradition. Chris has known Bub and his dad, Doug, for many years and has respected their hunting prowess and the work they are willing to put into making a nice hound and keeping them right.

This podcast has gems in it and listeners will hear how the Blackwells work together to train young hounds and keep them on top of the game. They are known across the United States and respected in the coonhound world. 

Meet the Blackwells, the full time, professional coonhunting family.

Show Transcript