Public Land Whitetail Roundtable

Show Notes

We have a very exciting and much requested topic this week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast. Returning guests Jonny Griffin and Josh Garroutte both join the show for a public land whitetail roundtable. John asks the questions, and Jonny and Josh answer from their unique and different perspectives. Jonny is more of the traditional treestand hunter, while Josh has been making a name for himself in the open country ground hunting game. So no matter how you choose to chase whitetails, we have an answer for you on this episode. 

Topics covered include where to start hunting, how to use trail camera data, buck bedding and how it plays into your strategy, wind, and terrain just to name a few. Along the way all three gentlemen drop plenty of tips and tricks from using online maps to cheaper feed for your feeders. To end the discussion, Jonny and Josh both help John with some potential hunting strategies for his upcoming early season Nebraska velvet hunt. The boys truly cover it all in this episode!

Show Transcript