Real Hand Cannons, Flintlocks, & Weird Gun Words

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In this week’s No Lowballers podcast by GoWild presented by, we’re talking all about handgun history and even let a few weird gun words fly!

In this week’s No Lowballers podcast by GoWild presented by, we’re talking all about hand guns including their history and the evolution to today’s gun. Alan jumps right in with a history of hand cannons! Early hand cannons emerged in the 14th century with a flower vase design that necked down smaller. Originally designed for use with arrows, which did not work well, they evolved to anything that hurt being loaded such as: gravel, chain, or nails.

Logan goes through the timeline of early hand guns. Starting with Hand Cannons that were extremely uncontrollable and inefficient. Much of early handguns was trial and error to see what worked or didn’t work. The next evolution was Matchlock which is a very simple design but with a constant lit match it was an extremely limited design. Some of the Matchlock downfalls included being put out by rain, potentially catching your own coat on fire, or even worse – showing the enemies exactly where you are!

Jacob asks an important question about effective range of early hand guns. Allen and Logan bring up the multitude of scenarios that play into that question. Are you shooting nails or chain? Everything out of a hand-cannon would have different effective distances but overall the consensus is if within conversational distance it would be much like the modern hand gun.

We speak on the purpose of early handguns. On the battlefield hand-cannons were more to spook cavalry vs actual effectiveness. When speaking of the wheellock, generally it was more of a boutique “Bar B Q” gun. Owned mostly by very wealthy individuals who had these custom built more as a conversational piece. They were extremely inefficient to shoot, imagine shooting a 2x4!

Next, we’re talking about the flintlock! Allen speaks of some of the flintlocks you can find on along with their price ranges. Allen tells us all about the different options for early hand guns. Flintlocks, Wheellocks, Matchlocks, and even Hand Cannons are available at a wide price range depending where you’d like to start your collection. He speaks on the Germanic Wheellock which was the sweet spot of them being produced.

 We close the episode with all sorts of weird gun words. Touch-holes?? Nipples?? What are some of your favorite weird gun words?

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