Recovering Deer with a Drone?! w/ Mike Yoder of Drone Deer Recovery

Show Notes

If you've ever made a bad shot on a deer, or worse, wounded and lost a deer completely, you know you'd likely give anything in that moment to know what happened to the deer. If this hasn't happened to you yet, keep hunting, it eventually will. Blood trails dry up. Weather conditions might make blood trailing impossible. In these moments, hunters have a few options. They can grid search the area, which blows the area out and risks bumping a wounded deer. They can call in a dog, which can be hit or miss and again risks spooking the deer. Or, they can call in a drone. Wait, what?!

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer Podcast, Josh talks with Mike Yoder of Drone Deer Recovery about recovering wounded deer with the help of a drone. Mike is blazing a trail in a totally new, controversial, but certainly effective new realm of deer recovery. In this episode, Josh and Mike discuss the ethics of using a drone, how he got into this, and what Mike has learned about how wounded deer act. Whether you think recovering wounded deer with drones is the best thing since sliced bread or believe it should be outlawed, give this episode a listen to learn what it's all about. 

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