Rek Broadheads

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Matt Tagget with Rek Broadheads joined Nate on this episode of Michigan Wild. Matt and his Father launched Rek 4 years ago and they are based out of Frankenmuth Michigan. Rek is 100 percent USA made and manufactured and now offers 4 broadheads. (HXP, XP, FXD, FX4)

Nate and Matt talk about the origin of Rek and the why behind starting a broadhead company. Matt and his Father ultimately felt like there was a need in the space and wanted to offer hunters a more personal experience. That experience comes with awesome customer service and allowing customers to have a voice. Ultimately that approach is what led to the HXP for this fall. 

Matt and his team had a great fall testing the new HXP and he looks forward to getting them out to customers. Make sure to check out to find a dealer closest to you. 

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