Reporting for duty Private Tick Dick aka Glen Reich

Show Notes

You’re in for a treat this week!  Shine your boots and report for duty as the guys sit down for a good talk with Glen (one N) Reich.  Glen is a friend of the show that has helped the guys grow behind the scenes.  But Glen has some pretty good stories to tell and one of them involves those hellacious demons we know as ticks.  Glen relives his time in basic training as a private, in which he had an upclose encounter with a tick, on his private.  Follow that?

Around the state there is a lot of fun spring activities in the works.  Water safety council meetings, Geology days, Spring flowers, and Hatchery open houses.  Paul will be on his way to Florida when the show releases for his first Osceola hunt.  Navigating the swamps with gators, snakes, ticks, and more!   Andrew is getting ready to head to Oklahoma in a couple weeks for some hog hunting, so gearing up for that, but not ready to go yet.  Happy to announce a new partner to the program, Xvision optics.  Check these guys out, and be on the look out for more content from this awesome optics company.

Make sure you guys check out our friends at GoWild, Midwest Gun Works, XVision optics, Half Rack, and First lite!

Have a great week and enjoy the O2 if you get out into Ohio’s great Outdoors!

Show Transcript

What's up everybody? Welcome back to the oh two Podcast here. We're gonna start with that right off the bat. Paul, we're not at, I can't talk. What's up, man? Five words in This Ohio podcast. Welcome, Ohio. good episode a lot. Fun, [00:01:00] fun episode. I want this episode to be called private Tick. Richard is what I would like this.

Just go private, tick, tick right off the bat. Yeah, let's just do it. Yeah. It's in there. I don't know if, I don't know if the Google machine and what's Brad called? The Silicone Valley algorithms would like, not Silicone Valley Bank. We know that. No. the we might get some new followers by putting tick as our We could, yeah.

And stick around. You're gonna hear this story. This is a crazy story from our buddy Glenn wow. Yeah, you're gonna love it. This is a , this fun episode, man. I really enjoyed it. And a, as we mentioned in the show, I have a personal vendetta against ticks and I hate them and. I don't know why such a small little insect.

know why, you'll hear why a small little insect put the fear of God into you. But there no joke. This, so this episode's really fun and funny ish. Make you cringe, but at the same time it's very serious. This is not a joke, last year [00:02:00] we had Dr. Tim McDermott from Ohio State on, and then he's kinda like the tick expert for the state.

That was very in depth on the tick biology and all that kind of stuff. So you can go back and listen to that. I don't think much has changed on that. And I might try to get an update from 'em to see if there is anything earth shatter. , but this one is more of a real world. Yeah. That's the best way to learn, right?

Storytelling . Yeah. You get it. You get a good one today. Yeah. So I enjoy that, man. What have you been up to? You getting ready to go south, man? I am. So tomorrow morning, so Tuesday morning I'm headed down to Florida. I'm gonna leave probably 4:00 AM I'm gonna make it down to, I don't know, southern Georgia, central Georgia, somewhere in Alabama.

I'm not sure where. Spend the night and then, oh, head south man. Do some Turkey hunting. Find some Olas, huh? Yeah, find some moss. I'm gonna, our buddy Parker McDonald, we're going down, we're gonna do some video work and do some podcasting and hunting turkeys, man in the swamp. Dude I can't wait, man. You're gonna hunt on [00:03:00] Wednesday, we'll probably like roost birds and just do some scouting.

Just get acclimated with the properties the WMA that we're hunting down there. See how that goes. And then Thursday morning will be the first full day of hunting. Gotcha. Yeah. So in your preparation for this, like in my mind it would be, I'm going to swamps, I gotta Gear up. I gotta fine.

Make sure I got everything I need. Have you come across things that you didn't plan to buy or, so that's a good question. I asked one of our n w TF board members, we had a board meeting yesterday, state board meeting. And I asked, I told him that I was going down to hunt and he hunts Florida every year.

And I said, do I need like hip waiters? And he's what the hell you need hip waiters for? I'm. Goes the swamp, and he's buddy, if you can walk through that water that's deeper than your ankle, he's there's probably an alligator in it. He's so that's your measure? He's if it's deeper than your boot, don't walk in it.

He's sure as hell don't put hip waders on it. He's you will run into alligators down there in that deeper water. He's it's no joke. Does that make you [00:04:00] nervous at all? It does. Yeah. I think if I was just like, yeah, no, I don't. . know, That's, I think that's just me putting on the front.

Yeah. Hell yeah. I'm nervous, dude. I don't like stuff, I don't like snakes. I don't like spiders. That's why I live in Ohio, man. We don't have any crazy stuff like that. So are you gonna you guys still walk out in the middle of the night, right? Or the morning and, oh man, I'm gonna do it. Thank God I got someone with me.

I would do it by myself, but there are moments down, here in Ohio where I'm like, oh, this. It was real dark today. What was that noise, right? Yeah. Cows and bobcats and stuff. Sand squash. Yeah. Sand squash. Yeah, man. No, dude, there's a couple of us going out. I guess safety of numbers, right?

But there's some weird stuff in Ohio, man, or and Florida. Do pythons and cotton mouse hog. You hear behind giant spiders. Alligators like, dude, everything that I don't like about the animal world is in. Area of this country, and it's in southern Florida. So yeah, I'm looking forward to it, man. But I am, I'm a little apprehensive, I guess cause I've never done it.

I've never hunted down there. I'm with you, man. I'm with you. Yeah. The only [00:05:00] swamp that I've been through in Florida was in, there's it's like one of the what's the fountain? The fountain of. Who was the Cortez? Cortez? They, that was one of the one of the areas that, that him and his band of marauders went to because they thought it was the fountain of youth and just conquistadors weren't.

Yeah, conquistador conquistadors. There you go. And so it's just like this it's just this natural spring and over the centuries, like this little community has popped up around there. There's not much there. But walking, you can walk into the swamp and it's just, and they're like, this is what Wild Florida looks like.

And so they got like a boardwalk cut through and there's like ankle deep water everywhere. There's this massive like mangrove forest and cypress trees. And I dude, it was wild. But it was on top. You were on top of boardwalk, like you're walking on a deck. That's crazy. Yeah I've been to Florida many times.

My grandparents lived down there growing up. But I never think of Florida. For Wild Florida, and I've listened to shows and stuff where guys talk about the hunting down there and all that kind of stuff. I think of fishing [00:06:00] because obviously the salt water and everything. But yeah, man, the idea of I don't know.

I just need to spend more time in that. I've been through, I was down in Lake Ho, I've been to Lake Horo a couple of times and there was this one I used to, I was driving through and it was like, I love the old road signs like the. Like historical markers and I'll stop and read 'em, you and so I stopped and it was like, there was this huge flood in central Florida. Like it took, it was a hurricane. It picked up all of the water, not all of the water, but it picked up like a massive wall of water from Lake Okeechobee and dumped it on the western edge of this. So up until like Katrina, or it was the, and it may still be, but I feel like Katrina surpassed.

It was the deadliest. Natural disaster in US history. And this was in like 1928 or something because it's like the hurricane of 28. And I read a book about it. But so I stop, I see this road sign, I stop, I get out and it's so I'm walking through and I'm reading about this like this hurricane flood, [00:07:00] and it was that same thing, wild Florida, but it was on a boardwalk and there's like swamps and you get to this.

Pile, there's this, clearly it's manmade, right? This giant pile of sand and there's rocks all over it. And there was a bunch of Haitian immigrants in this area of Florida. And when that wall of water came through, it killed, all of 'em drowned. And so at the time, like Haitians didn't really have any rights in this country.

So they didn't count them in the death toll. So they said at it was estimated, there was like 32,000 people buried in this pit. It's not a pit, it's a mound. Because they don't they can't dig. And so it was nuts, dude. There was gators all over this around it. It was crazy, man. So if I get into some shit like that, I'm coming back to Ohio pretty quick.

I'll be honest with you I'm really interested to hear about it because to me, I have no desire to hunt Florida. I really don't. And it might, so it's like you watch or Louisiana, Florida. Yeah. You watch videos of people hunt Florida, Louisiana, and like Mississippi and they have this damn cotton mouse, chasey [00:08:00] and everything.

I'm like I am hesitant, but I'm gonna do it just because I wanna kill an Osceola, and you guys are gonna see it cuz we're gonna Parker in and two of his buddies are filming this entire. . So it's gonna be cool, man. We're putting together something pretty neat. Yeah. But most, it's probably gonna be me being a chicken about something.

If there's a gobble in Turkey, dude, I'm like, I can deal with a lot , so it will, I can't wait to watch it. Yeah, that'd be, it's gonna be, it's gonna be fun, man. I'm looking. I'm looking forward to it. Other than that, man, I've just been working like a freaking maniac trying to get Turkey up and running and keep the N W TF lights up and running.

Keep this up and running my family and it just, you know it is, it's a grind man. Oh yeah. We do it cuz we enjoy it. We didn't enjoy it. We wouldn't do it. I'm not plugging for you, but I got the Nwtf member renewal in the mail the other day. Sit on my stack, things to do. Just cut me a check.

Dude. Be a life member if you're listening. $5,000 life to date. Ely. Yeah. Problem have . You know what, let's just do two life memberships while we're right. It, that's, it's [00:09:00] called Diamond Life, Andrew. Oh, sorry. Diamond Life . Oh, shoot. I haven't been up to a whole lot. We did do a little shed hunting. I guess I went out two days.

No, you did. Yeah, two weeks ago. And I don't know, man, I I didn't have a whole lot of luck finding anything the. And then I got, I sent you that picture the other day, still got antler deer walking in front of the, in the backyard. Yeah. Yeah. So it's one of those things, talking with Glen, he, he's up in basically northern Michigan.

He said they all dropped theirs between Christmas and New Year's. Yeah. And here we still have 'em with antlers on the camera. But that pro, that one property where I sent that picture from 'em, I they're not stressed. They got food, they got cover, they got everything. Get to think like up there where Glen's at.

And Glen is our guest on the show tonight. Yep. Dude, he had a foot of snow on the ground when we were up there or not. It was. At least six or 7, 8, 8 inches. That was the first snow we had seen. And that was for [00:10:00] snow? November 12th. That was, yeah, November 12th. And then, by Christmas, I know while we were up there, he got a foot while we were up there say a snow warning or that weather warning when we were coming back

So yeah man, I that I would imagine that's gotta play when you add in a snow pack that's freaking 30 inches deep. That's gotta play into, to. The health of the, of all wild animals. It's amazing how like just think of and I hate to turn this to turkeys, but think of how No, you don't, you love to turkeys.

You're right. Just think of how those little bastards are scraping 30 inches deep. The snow packs like in Montana and in, South Dakota. That's crazy. The up. That's nuts, man. Evolution and they can't smell. That's what's crazy. So they're out there just. Oh, I hope there's something here.

I'm gonna dig into this freaking snow bank. So that's funny. So Andrew, I was, I feel bad I had to push my trip to. Back just a little bit. And I missed my chance to be on the Uncensored Podcast with our buddies down at Go Wild. There, there are episode today that released [00:11:00] on the Sports the Beaver one.

Beaver, what was it? Beavers and titties or something? Beavers and boobies. I don't rem I don't know. What was it? I didn't see the title, but I, listen, I was listening on the way over here, Derek, talking about Funny. Yeah, the beavers. Yeah. Yeah. And then the first like 20 seconds of the show, someone's Derek smells like beaver.

He was out trapping Beaver. So yeah. So it's just, yeah. So thanks to those guys. Time to go Download the app on Android and iPhone. Sign up and get 10% off on the, on your first order there. They got some really cool stuff. Turkey hunting, man. I got picked up decoy. Came in the mail today.

Looking, looking forward to using that down south. Nice. Yeah, man. Looking forward to that. Yep. Heads us up on Go Wild to oh two podcast if you're on there. And yeah, I'm Paul Campbell. I did a really neat episode about the near me feature for Turkey hunting. You can find it on there. So it's pretty, is that you?

Yeah, it's me. Huh. Very good. Let's see what else we got. Midwest Gun Works. So Cameron and the boys over there, great operation. All the parts am. Everything guns, Midwest Gun, code Ohio Outdoors, five oh [00:12:00] 5% on any purchase that you make there. They got choke to Turkey season, they got circuit ammo, they got sites, they got red dots, they got gunsmithing work if you need it, if you need stuff for your ar, they got freaking everything.

Bettas, Benellis. They got a lot of stuff that's not made by the gun manufacturers. So that's their niche, man. Yep. So yeah, you need anything for a firearm? Midwest Gun, Ohio Outdoors. Five. Save yourself 5%. And we've been talking that I bought a gun off there. Yeah. For my trip to Oklahoma here in a few weeks.

Oh, that's coming. It's coming quick, which that'll be fun. Working. Gonna go down and visit our buddy John from the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast and try to knock out a couple pigs, but. Decided if you're gonna go, you gotta have the right setup, right? Hell, obviously. . Anyway, so I ordered that gun. It's what is it?

Six five Crew More. We'll get more, I'll get some videos and stuff. Put you know, up for that once we get it going. Honest to God, Paul haven't shot it yet. Is it dipped in first [00:13:00] line? No. Ha Douche . Although I should the ton there, you can buy the, I should you buy the film, but the. I've just been way too busy.

I have not even shot around through that gun yet. But that brings us to the next new sponsor that we're gonna sponsor, partner that we're gonna work with here a little bit, and we're not sure exactly how this is gonna work, but proud to announce that we're gonna. Do a little work here with X Vision.

So X vision it's ex vision Now, encourage you to get on there and take a look at it. This was new to you and I This was, yes. We were introduced to this when we went up to our drum and island trip. And Glen had a couple of their night vision and thermal products. Yes. Night vision goggles he had, or binoculars, I guess they officially called thermal scope and the thermal site thing.

It was awesome. And it was so cool and we could, so cool. We could look at scary Terry out the window and see where he was at. We had a blast with that stuff. Oh my gosh. Yeah. So if you're into coyote hunting or coon hunting, [00:14:00] and, all of that stuff is legal in the state of Ohio for coyote.

And then just like the binoculars, the night vision binoculars. Those things were cool, man. You need those going, walking through the swamps. Oh, just see what's out there. Does a gator come to get me? They're cold blooded though. You think they give off? Oh, I gotta give something. Yeah, that's a good question.

Just see, I'm just flying out. We'll ask Sawyer when we get 'em on. But the so X Vision does thermals night vision stuff. We're gonna work with 'em, put one of their scopes on this gun, take it out hog hunting in Oklahoma, post some cool videos, all that kind of stuff. Stuff for air platforms and have all sorts of stuff, man.

Yeah they're range finding binoculars. I've played with those at N WTF event down in Tennessee. Those things were bad, man. They were real cool. Yeah. And they're. Freaking $8 billion like the lyco ones are, or whatever they're, yeah. So yeah. Good stuff and we'll get you more information on that.

But ex vision, so I'm sure you, I'm sure they're on Instagram too. I've seen some of their stuff. Yes, they got some cool stuff. Good. Look 'em up. [00:15:00] Half rack, half dash rack, half rack head on. I do, I love this. I need a lo, I need a the meat log. I can't wait to get that sucker when it comes available.

And we were just told it's coming out in two sizes. Two sizes. Is that privy information? I don't know. You heard it here first. If it is. Sorry, boys. . So yeah, the boys over at half rack. Lots of cool things going on. Are you're talking to TJ the other day? They've got cool little bow hanger thing. Some of this stuff, the ba, the bow hangers need, it's got the little hook for the packs, which is pretty cool.

It is one that you screw in. So public land, schmucks like me, we can't use it. The thing that I like the most about there, I use it all the time. They've got that freaking, so first off, I'm looking at it right now that, that wildcat bow case, that thing, and dude, this stuff was like 50, it's 50 bucks.

This is not an expensive case, but it's de it's good. I haven't, I didn't have any issues with that. The Boone Sling, which is the leather sling in Boston of the first, or with the half rack logo. That thing. Slick man. Yeah. I've been using that since your season. I like the thing a lot. The cool thing [00:16:00] about those guys is, they're engineers, so You got engineered, and they're hunters, so they design things, they're like, their brains tick like that, where they see something, they're like, I can make that better, or I can redesign this and come up with cool products.

So we're gonna have a code soon for that. Yeah, that website. Keep your eyes out for that. And let's see, and obviously thanks to our buddies over there at first light because best close ever. Ever. That's it. Ever. Except for the new terra that you don't like. It's just the color. It's cuz I'm a little, you're hunting mey.

You wanna know, people know it says first light on. I don't like the color brown. Orange people know you weren't first light. I think it goes back to my love for the Cleveland Browns that I hate the color brown. Like it's just embedded me as a child. You just see the color brown. I'm just kidding.

Oh, I'm, that's a loser color. . What you got for new? Sign me up . So just cry every typical time. All right, let's go now. We're do, we're off. We're [00:17:00] derailed. Derailed let's see some news around the state. Let's start with uh, so I, on the back of your book, you've got the Alan Carl sticker friend of the program, Alan Carl.

He's releasing a new album. I think I saw that. He's got his, it sounds pretty good. He's got little clips of it on Instagram. It sounds pretty good. You can pre-order that sucker, I wanna say like March 16th, something like that. Support that guy. That guy's gonna be, he's gonna be a star. Dude. He's, I like his music.

I like him. Yeah. Him and Dustin Huff both that we had last year. They're great. All right, so let's start with some news here. Nothing earth shattering, but some kind of cool stuff. So we've got the 2023 Ohio State Parks photo contest has officially been launched. So ODI and I will take some pictures.

Let's see. You have to snap a great photo at one of the Ohio's 75 state parks and enter it into the competition. There are categories, main character. Sidekick shenanigans, home base harmony, seasonal surprises and heroes. Journey . See seasonal surprises though. . [00:18:00] Yep. This is a category for pictures. Okay, so moving on.

Let's see. Submissions must be made by April 4th. The final winners will be announced. May 5th Top prize is a GoPro Hero 10 waterproof camera so you can find more Cool. Let's see. There is going to be a Waterway Safety Council virtual meeting on March 29th, so that's nice if you wanna jump on there and I think it's open to the public from nine to 11.

Again, check out odn r dot cov to find out more information where you can get the link and stuff like that. There's a Wildlife Council meeting this upcoming Wednesday the 15th. The odds of. So if you're interested in that, there's lot of stuff going on with with those folks at the Wildlife Council.

So keep your eye on that. We'll have to break down some of that at a later date, but they're coming after the fall, Turkey season. Again. There's some pushback from that. To extend it or short No. To get rid of it. To away with it. Yeah. I'm not gonna get on that [00:19:00] soapbox. I'll fight that fight, but we'll wait till.

Mark or somebody, I'm gonna talk about that. But spring temperatures are ushering in Ohio's native wildflower. So this is one Paul that I, this is like close to the best. That's cool for me. Yeah, it's neat stuff. So when I was in college we did a lot of plant identification classes and I'll never forget, like the first one I think I took was spring perennials.

Okay, there's not a whole lot that first part of your quarter cuz nothing, like the, yeah. Cone flowers and Ru Rebecca and stuff like, that's not even up. That like the things that you think about is perennials. Yeah. But we covered a lot of native spring ephemerals okay. This is what is a spring ephemeral?

It's a very fleeting plant. It comes, does quick. Shot and then gone dies back within days. Yeah. And it doesn't even, like the foliage will die back. A lot of 'em and you just don't even really realize they're there. But they're very important to the ecosystem. And it's like one of the first plants for pollination and stuff like that that the [00:20:00] insects and animals can use.

But it's also something that we, you definitely overlook it. If you look at me, you blink, they're gone, but,

We talk about invasive plants sometimes, and this is one where like you get something, I was out shed hunting and I noticed a honeysuckle that was damn near fully leafed out. Isn't that crazy? All right, so that plant is gonna come out cuz it's invasive and it lo, it comes from Siberia and it loves cold weather and like the first chance it gets going, it goes and as soon as you start getting some longer.

Plants out. Okay. It blocks out the canopy for these spring ephemerals that don't, that need that sun that normally are waiting for oaks and things to leaf out later in the year. . So when you have those invasives come through, they can choke those things out of the ecosystem. That's impact, that's negative impact.

Yeah. It's not good. Be on the lookout if you get out in the woods for some of these different things. Snow Trillium, spring beauty, skunk cabbage hepatic blood. There's a lot of em. [00:21:00] I think Virginia Blue Bells is my favorite, but dude, the blue bells are the best. If you're a Turkey hunter, you and I saw some really nice last year, dude.

We did. There's some stuff in some of those river bottoms that we were in. Where? Tinia? Virginia. Virginia, I think. Yeah. Sounds right. I think that's the Latin name. Oh, I used to be really good. I forgotten. heard, I've heard some of it, but dude, blue bells, man, those things. I can't walk through 'em.

They're so pretty and I'm just like, you know what, I'm gonna walk around. True blue is one of those colors you don't find in plants and flowers in general, in nature. This is so cool. I've got a really neat picture of a blue bell patch that I found Turkey hunt a couple years ago. I'll find it. Do you remember the one thousands of them I took?

We were out Turkey hunt and there's a huge patch of them, and I took a picture of you and then you must have stepped away. And I tried to take the picture again. All of a sudden you were gone. So if you're scrolling through my pictures, it'd be like, oh, there's Paul. Paul disappeared. . It's like the same picture with without you.

Yeah. That's crazy. That's wild. All right, now that we've gone into botanical [00:22:00] horticulture, let's go to geology discovery. . So this is a good chance to get out and learn about rocks and minerals and fossils for all ages. It is going to be March 25th from 10 to two at Wright State University Lake Campus in Salina.

If you wanna learn any more about that, And finally, the Ohio Fish Hatchery Open House begins March 25th. So OD and I is encouraging to get out and get to some of these state fish hatcheries, learn a little bit more about what they do and their purpose and all that comes with that. Open house, free of charge.

You can hear all about that. Let's see where we at March 25th is Send St. Mary's. Hey, is that same day as the Salina? Oh my gosh. You'd get fish and rocks and they're right down the road from each other. Let's go get Bo. Hey Bo. There you go. You got something to do on March 25th on Bo The April 1st.

He state fish hatchery. I may have to check that one out. Yeah. April 1st, Seneca Bill April [00:23:00] 15th is Lia. That's back by my right old stomping grounds, Kincade state fish hazard. It's costal. I've been saying that Castilla for my entire, I did not know that. Oh, I didn't pronounced that wrong. Yeah.

Sorry, guys. Cast April 15th, tax day. Kincade State Fish Hatchery. And then May 6th, there's London State Fish Hatchery. So those fish hatchery are Nate, man. Yeah, no, they're pretty cool. Might just go check that out. Anyhow, apply. Apply for your Turkey hunts. Spring. Permits are open. Special permits are open.

Those close through the end of the month. End of the month, last day in, in March, rather. Man, buddy. I think that's all we got, man. News, I think. I think you guys are gonna enjoy this show that we got. Oh, it's a lot of fun. This is a good time. So serious talk. What? Funny. Yep. Thank you so much for listening to the oh two podcast.

Really appreciate you guys for showing the support that you've given us over the last dang, almost two years. Close. Ah, that's crazy. What a run. What a run. So find us [00:24:00] on Instagram, the oh two podcast. Find us on. Go Wild oh two Podcast. Visit visit our sponsors. Go wild. First light half Rack Midwest Gun Works X Vision.

And check out Turkey You guys are gonna love that side. You're gonna love all of ' Ugh, Turkey seasons here months. It is, it's two days. Funny it.

You always sound goodexcellent Paul. You always sound good. So buttery. We've got we got our buddy Glen Reich. It is Reich. Is that correct? Like I, I guess I've never asked you. Yeah. Okay. That's correct. It's not something Northern Michigan weird pronunciation type thing. So Re Glen Reish.

I've heard it all, man. I have heard it all. I, you know what? I don't care what you say. My, how you say my last name? If you spell my first name with two Ns, we're done. . That's a game over for me. My my dad spelled his name with two Ns. [00:25:00] Yeah. I was I met a guy.

On the river, we were fly fishing the Evo River, my father-in-law and I were, and I come up and we're getting our boats together and the guy says Hey Glen, can you make sure you grab that anchor? And I looked over at him and, I'm like, you're not, I'm not helping you. I don't know who you are.

And my father-in-law says, your name's Glenn. And he says, yeah, my name's Glenn. He says, oh, wow. It's crazy. And he says, I bet you don't spell your name the same way that I do. And I said, one N And he said, no, two Ns. I said, oh, so you spell yours like a stripper, . And so now whenever I see him on the river, I call him stripper.

Nice. And the best part of the story is though, when he said, oh, your name's Glen too. He looked over at my father-in-law and said, what's your name? And the guy, my father-in-law says, Lee. And he says, my name's Lee too. I'm like, all right, this is getting too much, man, , we can't, we have crossed too many wires in the Matrix.

That's crazy. That's crazy. Hey Glen, that's Juan. It's good to talk to you buddy. The why don't you give a quick run, run down your background as far as what you do and why. [00:26:00] Why you do what you do in the hunting industry. For our listeners, because I think we, we've, you've had ya on before.

That was our deer camp. Pre-amp episode. We never got to do the post camp episode. We still probably never did the follow up. No. Next year. But yeah, just go ahead and hit us with a little bit of your background. Yeah. So I've been in the outdoor industry since 20. 11 20 12 got in actually started off with a white wildlife Whitetailed, deer Nutrition Company.

We that developed into creating, like at Attractants and then that developed into creating hunting backpacks. And that also developed into doing some side hustling and freelancing while I was working with them. And ended up getting into some pretty big brands. And before you know it, I started working with a company called Kelly Brand Management.

We do everything sales and marketing soup to nuts, front to back. My. My specific role is e-commerce. That's digital marketing. E-commerce [00:27:00] is my, my forte. When I was in the military, I was an intelligence analyst and I tracked the bad guy through the computer. So the skillset goes fairly well.

You can just track the consumer through the computer, right? It's still the same data, analytics numbers, like everything that I live on, like myself and data and trends and analytics is very similar to Paul and Turkey. You can get me, you start talking numbers and like conversion rates and you will go to sleep and you do that.

I hope I'm not not that boring. , you've done that from time to time and I'm just like, we were driving the one day and you're just rattling off all kinds of numbers and I'm just like, start looking out the window cuz I just, I gotta see it. I gotta be able to grasp it and there was so much flying that day.

But it's good stuff. Yep. Paul, chime in real quick if I get this wrong, but I wanna go through the history of. We got tied up with Glen. All right, so you and I got invited down to a pre ATA party last year for the guys over at Go Wild Man. This was it? No, it was two years ago, wasn't it? I don't know, man.

Time's slipping by. No, I guess it would've [00:28:00] been 22. Yeah. 22. Yeah. And it was down Louisville. And we go into this, it was a speakeasy. It was their little, their deal was private party thing. We didn't know anybody there. Like we had never met Brad at Goil or any of those guys. But we were like, what the heck?

I remember we fought that snowstorm, we get ah, snowstorm at Kentucky. It was an ancient snow. Snow. So it was like, yeah, that was a dusting is what that was. It was Southerners, the world shut down. But I just remember we did diverted off into the mountains and whatever. We ended up there, right?

And I think the first person that we became friends with was Phil, and that was only because he was dressed in the Sasquatch suit. So we talked to Sasquatch for a while, not actually knowing it was Phil, but then this guy named Glen, we got introduced to. And the way I look at, I I still count it as a blessing because Glen took a oh whoever these guys are, like, I'll talk to them.

And inter he introduced us to so many people that night around that bar. And really it just took off from there. So for Glen, we are forever grateful for a lot of the connections that we have within the industry and our [00:29:00] guests that we've been able to bring on and events we've gone to and all that kind of.

But from that, then we sat down at Senate Slam and we did the we were talking about going to Deer Camp. Glen's come on up this drum and island place that you, and I didn't even know where it was. And I think our wives were there. Hey, can we do this? Didn't realize how long of a drive it was.

No, we did not. Not at all. And that you had to get on a ferry to go over to get to the island and all the fun details that go with it he's yeah, come on up. It's fun. Whatever. We got permission that night to do it. Said we're doing it. We went up to Wisconsin, we did that conservation event together.

There was just all kinds of things that have snowballed from this. Is that about accurate, Paul? That's it that's definitely it. And so I think the, what we're gonna talk about tonight, we talked about on that during the half rack event, the fundraiser, we talked. the story, but was it was the part that I didn't hit record.

So everyone missed it. Yeah. Yeah. , so that's right. We have gone through that process. Yeah. So you, yeah. You told the story on our podcast. But [00:30:00] I hadn't hit, I didn't hit record for the first , gosh, what? 35 minutes of that conversation, that live podcast. And I had to interrupt everyone.

We had to start over. So Yeah, it was something like that. Glen, you froze on the screen. I hope you're still there, but Oh, okay. There, it's there. It's so , we, last year we did an episode. I'm still hear you. We did an episode with Dr. Tim McDermott from Ohio State. Man. He gave us the nitty gritty, the science on ticks, right?

So that's something we all need to be concerned about when we go out into the woods, especially in the spring, even though realistically they're all always there and active. And man, after this really mild winter down here, I have a feeling it's gonna be even worse this year. So you got the science part of it last year.

I should check back in with him to see if anything's really changed. We'll just assume that, not a tons change, but I wanna bring the real world, what can happen, issues that, that come to light and there is potential. I'm already laughing. Sorry man. Cause I know this story. [00:31:00] Listen, we're gonna, we're gonna preface this, Glen.

I don't want you to hold anything back. This, if you were squeamish, you're gonna. Just buckle up kids. . Yeah. So I'd say let's get the kids outta the room on this one. . Yeah. This is, yeah, this is not yeah, this is not, definitely not young children. Appropriate . This is a very intimate experience with Atic

However, yeah, we're, this is real, right? This is not a joke. This is something that can happen. And actually, Glenn, I told the story that you're gonna. To an entomologist at Ohio State and he went into some very. Detailed conversation. That this is not, you're not one off. This can happen to other people.

Yeah. And other ways. And they don't, they're not something to mess around with. So this is light, we're joking about it, but in reality, this is something to take seriously, especially as we creep closer to Turkey season and shed hunting and everything. That comes with all the outdoor fun in the sun in the summers.

Yeah. And this is something that, that has impacted your. Yeah, intensely this [00:32:00] experience with a tick and, we'll let you we've set