Rethinking Bow Sights - Adjustable Red Dot

Show Notes

Bowhunters across the country have dusted off the bows to get dialed in for the upcoming archery season. Summer archery practice is a vital part of fall hunting success. If you’re like many bowhunters, there are parts of your gear you’re considering swapping out for one reason or another. One piece of gear Josh recently swapped out is his sight. The old peep and pin setup provided a cluttered sight picture, didn’t perform well in low light, and required a somewhat unnatural feel when aiming. Enter the Adjustable Red Dot sight.

The Adjustable Red Dot sight system provides faster target acquisition, easily adjusts for yardage, and eliminates the need for a peep altogether. For Josh, it’s just made shooting fun again! You have to see the difference to fully understand it. And once you shoot one, you’ll never want to go back. Check them out at

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