Ruminations From The Spring Hearing with Alec Bekkers

Show Notes

Every April the Wisconsin DNR releases a questionnaire to the public to ask for public input regarding conservation-related issues that are on the radar looking towards the future. The in-person Spring Hearings are then held by each district's Conservation Congress, where citizens can ask questions, and make their opinions known about issues that matter to them. It's an incredible opportunity for regular people like you and I to provide input, and an even better opportunity for outdoorsmen and conservationists to help further initiatives towards positive change. Some of the questions also make you think pretty hard.

This week, Pierce sits down with Wisconsin BHA Board member, Alec Bekkers, to discuss a few of the Hearing questions that stuck out to them the most, and more importantly, what some of them mean for conservation, public land access, and hunter/angler rights and opportunities.  The guys cover a little bit of everything including: trout regulations, wake boats, panfish limits, technology in the outdoors, houndsmen advocacy, and most importantly, that outdoorsmen need to do a better job of showing up, making their voices heard, and fighting for hunter rights. It's a thought-provoking conversation that's just the tip of the iceberg. You can go find the spring hearing questionnaire on the DNR website, and join Backcountry Hunters & Anglers at

Show Transcript