“Rut-isms” and Strategizing the Most Magical Time of Year

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How many times have you heard someone say that the rut was, or will be, early or later than normal this year? If the rut truly is different every year, then why are fawns born the same time every spring? The truth is, whitetail does are bred relatively the same time each and every year, regardless of moon phase, weather pattern, or how much hunting pressure is in your area. So, when you hear someone say the rut timing was off, what that person is really referring to is observing a chasing, or rutting behavior during daylight hours. In this episode, we will discuss the context behind some common sayings during the rut, which hopefully will help you determine the best time to be in the stand. Did you request your time off for a “rut-cation”? Or what may even be a better question, SHOULD you request time off of work for the rut? In short, the answer is more then likely “yes”. But how many times have you taken a week off of work in November that turned into a dud? Usually, the lack of activity is caused by inclement weather that may reduce overall deer sightings. Just because some phase of the rut is occurring, doesn’t mean it’s the correct day to be on stand. We will discuss stand strategy, and how to slant time off towards favorable hunting conditions one day at a time, instead of putting all your eggs into one basket during a favored historical timeframe. Pennsylvania Woodsman is Powered By Simplecast

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