Salmon Run with Keaton Eckley and Nick Minden

Show Notes

Joining Marcus today on The Average Conservationist Podcast are Keaton Eckley and Nick Minden. Keaton and Nick are the co-founders of 2% Certified Fisherman's Brew Coffee. The group kicks things off talking about their respective upbringings and how the two of them were introduced to each other. Growing up in the Northwest, salmon fishing is almost a way of life and as the guys got older they realized that a once healthy and thriving salmon population had started to decrease and they needed to do something about it. Enter Fisherman's Brew Coffee, a company that was born for the sole purpose of helping raise money and awareness for local salmon habitat and population. This is a great conversation from start to finish with two guys who are just trying to make a difference with something that they love. If you're in the market for some new coffee, be sure and check them out. Average Conservationist is Powered by Simplecast

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