Shifting Into Deer Mode with Josh Raley

Show Notes

It's finally starting to feel like summer and all of our minds are beginning to look towards the fall... in other words, we're shifting into deer mode! This week, Pierce is joined by none other than the OG Wisconsin Sportsman: Josh Raley! After a crazy spring, the guys are finally back together to catch up about things they've learned over the past few months, realizations they've made, and more importantly, what the heck they're going to do this fall! 

In this episode, we kick things off by hearing about Josh's consulting season with Whitetail Partners and his entrance into the real estate game. After that, the guys discuss the differences between northern and southern deer hunting, where the most deer research is coming from, theories on what an additional gun season would look like in Wisconsin, and mindsets heading into deer season. Enjoy!

Show Transcript