Small Hunting Properties, Travel Corridors, Walls of Cover

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In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Colin Koskinen (Legendary Habitat) discuss  hunting season and complications that exist when hunting highly pressured ground. Colin details his soils, tree species and vegetation types that are in Michigan and how he breaks down this property. Colin explains mapping land and where big bucks exist. Colin discusses the benefit of succession and the combination of old field and young forest settings.

Colin discusses holding deer on small properties, busting through a buck age class ceiling, and working with neighbors and other hunters to be more successful. Colin explains his approach to tying hunting pressure to habitat improvements. Colin discusses buck and general deer bedding locations and how they use terrain features to advantage themselves. Colin explains the benefits of terrain and Jon explains how terrain can establish interest, bedding and movement.

Colin explains the importance of travel corridors and the significance of connecting deer in one location from the other. Colin discusses how to cut and add improvements in travel corridors to ensure deer are more resident and able to socialize and allow for better hunting opportunities. Colin discusses goals for his small property and how that aligns with each feature he is trying to amplify for interest and movement.

Colin explains how to build layers into a hunting property and what plant he uses to establish ideal conditions for deer to use and travel in preferred areas. Jon and Colin discuss water resources, vernal pools, natural springs, and the benefits of these areas on properties. Colin discusses non-native plants in wet areas and options to consider to remove these plants (i.e. reed canary grass). Colin and Jon discuss replacement plants for non-natives for higher deer interest.   Colin discusses bedding and stacking deer across a property to increase the hunting opportunities.

Colin discusses walls of cover for deer, hinge cutting and an example of how to apply walls of cover for hunting reasons. Colin explains how to cut walls in bedding areas versus locations around bedding areas.  Colin and Jon explain buying land, deficiencies on hunting properties and how to be smart with your buying decisions. Jon discusses picking a consultant and a good process to find someone you can work with best.

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