So You Wanna Work in the Hunting Industry?

Show Notes

In this episode of the Wisconsin Sportsman Podcast, Josh talk with Johnny “Utah” Mulligan about his journey working in the outdoor space. John has his hands in a little bit of everything: hand made turkey calls, the Primal Divide show on Carbon TV, freelance photography and videography, you name it, he’s doing it! But things weren’t always so good as John transitioned into the hunting industry full-time. In fact, in 2019, he wasn’t too far from throwing in the towel. With just a few dollars in his checking account, he thought he may have to hang it up in the hunting industry and go back to a regular 9-5. But then, as John says, the phone rang, and it hasn’t stopped ringing since!

Tune in to hear the story of grit and determination that got Johnny where he is today. Topics covered in this episode include John’s pre-outdoor industry career, all the different arenas John’s currently working in, and why time as an undercover narcotics officer might just be the best training field to learn about marketing. Tune in and be inspired to chase what you’re passionate about!

Show Transcript