Southern Ground Hunting - South Florida July/August Rut, How Find Public Land Bucks In Low Deer Density Areas with Swamp N Stomp

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This week's episode of the Southern Ground Hunting podcast was a blast to record. It always amazes us when we get to talk public land deer hunting with people who, even though they live in the south, their way of hunting looks incredibly different. South Florida is a land where deer hunting simply isn't for the faint of heart. Everything in the woods seems like it wants to eat you! However, the guys from team Swamp N Stomp just pull up their big boy britches and get to work. One crazy thing about south Florida is the fact that their main rut begins in July and August. While most of us are still watching velvet bucks on trail cameras, the south Florida bucks are already hard horned and ready to find a hot doe. This week we're talking with Mark and Danny about how they break down their public land areas and consistently find bucks when the deer density is typically pretty low. How do you find a food source? What terrain features do deer gravitate to? How do you dodge dog hunting pressure? All of these questions and more will be discussed in this episode. Enjoy! Become a SGH Patron: Our Partners: Spartan Forge - Use the code “southernground” at to save 25% on your membership GoWIld - - Use the code “southernground” on your gear purchases to save 10% Tethrd - Nucanoe - Skre Gear - Use the code “southernground” at to save 15% on your purchase Southern Ground Hunting is powered by Simple Cast.

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