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This week on the Southern Ground Hunting Podcast, Parker and Matt are catching up. The guys talk everything from new Tethrd products, self-filming, cell cameras & climbing sticks. We also welcome a new podcast parter to the show, Bowtech. The guys chat about the new partnership, as well as their Carbon One setups for this fall. 

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Show Transcript

Parker McDonald: [00:00:00] Hey, thanks for tuning into this week's episode of the Southern Ground Hunting Podcast, where you're gonna hear a valuable hunting based conversation that's tailored for us southern folk. If you love what we do and would like to support Southern Ground Hunting, you can visit Ground Hunting, or you can click on the link in the show notes below.

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All right everybody. Welcome back to an episode of the Southern Ground Hunting Podcast. I've got Matthew Reeves here with me. Matt, what's going on buddy? Man,

Matt: just life just. Summer, it's [00:01:00] in the lo of doing anything. Just trying to catch up on all my checklist before September gets here.

But man, I can't really complain. I've gotta do a little fishing and be with my family, so I'm enjoying it. 4th of July coming up, got big, got plans for that this weekend and stupid heat hitting the south. Are you gonna, are you gonna be outside the next

Parker McDonald: couple days? Bro I haven't been outside much in the last in this past week and just been getting all my business work done.

It's been busy, dude, just traveling. I feel like I've been in a different state every week. Yeah. Every time

Matt: I text you or call you, you're like, I'm here. I'm there. And I'm like, man, it's a lot hard to pin you down right now. It's

Parker McDonald: a lot. We did get to go to the the tethered event the five year anniversary this weekend.

That was pretty cool. Yeah, that was, I

Matt: hate, I missed that, man. You look like you had a gr great time

Parker McDonald: there, bro. The, it was a really good time. Tethered. Tethered always goes above and beyond Whenever it comes to stuff like that, like [00:02:00] they had stuff for the kids. It was just a good time, really good time.

But speaking of tethered, I also I also got a new saddle in the mail. Yeah, you got a little care package. Yep. So tell us

Matt: What, which saddle, what is it? The new one that they just released? Yep. It's the

Parker McDonald: lockdown. It's the lockdown saddle. The recliner of all saddles, and it is sweet. It is so sweet that I am likely gonna be using it this year, which is a pretty big deal for me because I like the Phantom.

Like I've, I just, I liked the mantis whenever it came out. And I would still be comfortable in the Mantis, but I obviously like the phantom better. Yeah, I even had a Phantom Elite. I got I tried an XL Phantom cuz I've heard people say that they're, it's more comfortable, it's more space, so it's a little more comfortable.

Tried that didn't like it went back to the regular size phantom and didn't change it. And [00:03:00] honestly, whenever I saw the original stuff about lockdown I figured it was just a good option for some people who value some of those things. I tried it on dude, and I'm like, Apparently I value some of those things cuz I'm gonna be changing it.

Yeah. I,

Matt: I, when you know I've gotta see yours, I wanna see what it's about. I was skeptical of it at first, I was just like, oh, they, it's just a bigger saddle for people who feel like they need more comfort, kinda like you said, you did the Manis Phantom, you tried all, checked all the boxes.

I hated the Manis. And that was probably because I didn't know what I was doing and I had a homemade platform. I don't suggest a homemade platform that is, they can be safe. But man, that thing when it came down and I was nervous swinging around, but the comfort channels have changed everything for me with my Phantom.

I'm on my second phantom right now, and it's just, It's great. So to try this lockdown, I'm pretty, pretty [00:04:00] excited about it. I like the big pouches on the sides. All right those seems cool.

Parker McDonald: So here's my deal with the pouches. I freaking love them. And I didn't know if I would just, because, they're big.

I carry camera stuff. And so I've already got a pretty big pack most of the time. And I carry the the Eberly stock X two. X. And so it's it's big, it's bulky ish. I didn't know if I'd like these big pouches. The pouches are just like in the perfect spot and the right size that I can fit my camera, arm and fluid head in one of those.

I can fit ropes and everything else in another one. Yeah. And so I'm like, I could potentially be able to carry all my myself filming equipment, not potentially, I know I can with this lockdown saddle, with the stirrups, I guess is what it's called the shoulder straps. Because it's made to, to take the the predator platform and you can do the predator platform and that can carry your [00:05:00] sticks and your platform.

And you can, if you need extra space, you could put some like Molly pouches or something on there.

Matt: It says pouches. The, yeah, the small, when they, I have one of those Molly pouches and it's attached to my stock. It keeps all my batteries and stuff in that, when they introduced that, that just opened everything up for me.

I was looking at some stuff, but I couldn't really find anything. But man, you and I have been going back and forth about Pax. And what we are gonna try to do this year. I bought a new camera. I'm trying to go a little lighter just cuz I was carrying a lot of weight. And just a few items, it's not like I'm carrying the kitchen sink in the woods.

I'm fairly, minimalist when it comes to getting in the woods besides, layering later in the season. But I think we've got some ideas of how we're gonna. Maximize, the stuff we bring to bring the littlest, we sell film all the time, every hunt. So it's not like we can have this [00:06:00] skeleton pack, needless to say, and leave our filming gear.

We need to sit a skeleton pack with filming gear and I think we

Parker McDonald: found it. Yeah, tethers making stuff possible, man. And that's why I like 'em, cuz They're guys who do like we do. I was actually talking to Greg yesterday, I think Greg Godfrey from Tethered. We were talking about this new saddle and what our potential setups would be.

And he was like, I think he, he told me he did a weight with his total setup like sticks, platform, predator pack. Yeah, lockdown, saddle, everything. And it was like, I can't, it was like under 15 pounds. It was like, and

Matt: that's, yeah, I know. I'm carrying at least 30 to 40 pounds.

Parker McDonald: I know I am. Yeah. And that's like everything, dude.

So it's pretty cool. And then of course they've got the carbon fiber platform that'll be coming out at some point. Dude, lots of new stuff from tethered. Actually this week. The scorpion Yeah. They

Matt: released that. Yeah. The little dropdown thing.

Parker McDonald: The [00:07:00] gear getter. When you drop something from the tree, yes.

You can grab it. That's al that's almost

Matt: like the gear getter that Adam had.

Parker McDonald: Yeah. That we got from haystack. In Kentucky, the haystack. Yeah. I'm sure we shared that story before. Met an old dude at diner in Kentucky and he started selling US hunting products and Clayton Bond bought one and Adam bought one.

And it was like this tiny little like treble hook type deal, this little bitty, but it was sharp and he claimed that it could pick up a, it was so sharp, it could pick up a foam by the glass Like it would, if you could get underneath it, it could get a grip on the glass. That's what he claimed. I don't know.

Yeah. I,

Matt: I'd have to be pretty desperate to risk scratching my phone, I just, yeah. Climb out. But drop, I've dropped my phone a couple times. Makes me nervous. I've never done it. I have seen a thing, I've seen a thing that I've been wanting to get. It's like a rubberized thing that goes.

[00:08:00] Like a case on your phone, but it's got one of those retractable Oh yeah. Bills, yeah. To put on like your chest, your chest rig or something. Yep. And so if you do fall, it catches it. So I can't remember what it's called, but I've been, look, I've been eyeing it for the past couple years, just I'm like, man, I don't need that.

But did I see the moment I dropped my

Parker McDonald: phone, did I see something that Genesis, so Genesis just released that. That little bar that goes between your

Matt: yeah, the hip pinch prevention. Yeah. I want, I want one of those.

Parker McDonald: Hey, goes between your bridge. But did I see something that was like a little foam thing that can go in

Matt: the middle of that?

Yes. Yeah, they, yeah. There's a clamp for your phone right there.

Parker McDonald: See that? That sounds pretty sweet. I think that gets

Matt: a little too luxurious though. I look on my phone enough as it is in the deer. Stand

Parker McDonald: At what point is enough. You know what I mean? We're gonna


Matt: making little, let's just get an iPad, let's just get an iPad and hang it off the side of the tree and watch [00:09:00] videos.

Oh, man. I mean that that's what we're gonna come

Parker McDonald: to. I'm really excited. It's pretty cool to see like where, Things were five years ago, tether just set, celebrated a five year anniversary. So before they entered into the space, you, you're talking about I remember that first filming setup that I bought and it was a relatively mobile setup, and that wasn't even that long ago. Yeah. Five years ago. And now we're talking about what arm? What arm? What arm did you have? I had a fourth arrow, carbon arm. Okay. With the big piece. That's better than what I had. Yeah. Had the big, huge, bulky base though. Yeah. The one Know what

Matt: you like, you ended up,

Parker McDonald: I lied.

My very first camera arm was the little screw in Allen one that you could buy at Walmart. Yeah. And it has a, like a metal, it's like steel as heavy as [00:10:00] crap. It's got a big screw out the end of it. It's just not convenient in, in any, or legal. I,

Matt: I, I have mixed feelings about that whole deal with the screw in stuff.

I think it's okay, but nobody asked me. I have some videos where you can see I have a screw in the tree. Just take it out. Just don't leave it. That's their biggest concern. I've talked to 'em about it. They're worried about them leaving it and then there'd being a timber harvest and then that messing up the product.

That's what I heard. Which unfortunately, I think the screw in steps for the lock ons is what really messes up. Because how many times do you walk through the woods and there's a big old oak tree with grown in metal. Screwing steps all the time. And so I think that's what ultimately led to that.

My first camera arm was a muddy outfitter arm. I think that's what it was called. Yeah. It was the triangular, base thing that kicked out. And I was filming out of a climber. [00:11:00] And I have me an old Amazon remote that every time I'd zoom, it'd click it. And it was just, I thought I thought I had the ticket man.

I was like, I made it. I am doing this. Do you

Parker McDonald: have any videos that are up on the channel right now that were filmed with that set up? No. Its probably, you're probably so loud setting it all up. No, there weren't. You didn't

Matt: kill anything. I know. I bought it when I was in college. There's a few videos from on the old Southern Pursuit channel with it.

But man, carrying that in with, without a climber and my big camera, it was Man, I don't know if I could, I'd struggle if I could do it. I don't, I didn't go near as far.

Parker McDonald: And look at it now. Nothing. We're talking about like carrying a, basically carrying everything in a fanny pack.

That's pretty wild. Yeah, it was wild. And

Matt: now, did you ever hunt with a fanny pack before you started filming?

Parker McDonald: I Turkey hunted with a fanny pack [00:12:00] before I started filming. I was big.

Matt: I had one of those Badlands fanny packs.

Parker McDonald: I did have one. I did and it was, I did use a fanny pack in the climber when I used the climber.

Yeah, it was legit.

Matt: Sure did. That was my be, that was my best setup. I could put all my film and gear and I'd just have to carry, you've seen like Midwest whitetail videos where they're carrying in their muddy base in their hand, they've got the arm put up and they just carry the other in their hand.

That's essentially what I did. And I thought I was so cool, man. Get up there. I left I going back to the little tool that you were talking about grabbing things up. I got up in the tree one day. And I dropped the other side of the, like I had my ratchet strap. I had the ratchet part, but the other side with the loop fell and it, I wasn't getting down.

There were I. I'd already seen a couple deer. I had to use my pull-up rope, man. I had to rig something up with my pull-up rope and cinch that sucker down. I [00:13:00] think I ended up seeing some deer that day.

Parker McDonald: I've used, after that. I've used my tether before as I, I dropped the strap for my camera arm.

And I used my my, I guess it would be not my tether, my lineman's belt. Once I'm, because once you're already strapped in, once you're already tethered in and clipped in and everything, you still got your lineman's belt. I don't wear mine while I'm in the tree. And so I just used that with the rope men and I cinched it down and then cammed the camera arm and it actually worked.

Hey, it worked pretty good.

Matt: Whatever you can get. Yes, sir. We could go many directions for this podcast. We're. I love just shooting a bull.

Parker McDonald: Yeah. This, that's pretty much all we're doing. That's we don't have that planned for today. No,

Matt: no tactics. We've kinda just getting back in our ground.

You and I haven't talked as much as we usually do, just cuz we've been so busy. So we're just catching up. Y'all get to hear a little bit about it. And got a lot coming up. A lot planned for this deer season, which is exciting. We're gonna hunt a lot of places. That's what's gonna be fun,

Parker McDonald: dude.

A lot of places that, that's cool. I [00:14:00] want people to like you said, we've got really exciting plans that, that are gonna happen, that are happening, that are rolling right now as we speak. We can't tell anybody about that except our Patreon members. So Yep. Yeah, like that's about the people that, that that are on the inside scpa, everything.

And it's gonna be an exciting fall. I'm really pumped about it.

Matt: Here's what I'm most excited about for this season. It's that you're gonna be running some cameras, Yeah, this will be like the first year that you're diving into really running cameras. Yep. I'll be curious to see how that affects you, cuz I know at the end of last year you put one up and it was like, I got a picture, I got so many pictures this day.

There's this stupid limb in the way it's triggering my camera. And it was just so cool to see like your frustrations and whatnot. I've got a couple cameras out right now and I've got some pretty cool bucks on camera in my city limit spots. And then I got a couple in [00:15:00] on public. But did I tell you about my camera that got

Parker McDonald: smashed?

No. I, yeah. So I saw your pictures that you sent. That freak dear.

Matt: Yeah. The Medusa, that's what I call it. It's a, they

Parker McDonald: then Uhoh. Matt's name. Matt's name, and deer around here. I don't know.

Matt: Now look, I named it last year when I saw, but Dosa. I barely got a picture of it and I noticed it was in velvet.

And what it is folks is just imagine a stump. And it's just got stumps with a bunch of little prickles on both bases and he stays in velvet all year. I, something's wrong, down there below the BeltLine with him. Could be a, I don't know. That's a it. I should just call it. They then

Parker McDonald: I think that, I think they're actually, I think.

Like when they're cactus bucks like that's what they're referred to. He's got like a cactus rack. Yeah. And I don't know that many of those aren't dos When I see people kill him, usually they, it's a dough with antlers and that's why it keeps, its the fe which medusa's fitting. It's [00:16:00] actually, if it is a do Medusa, it's perfect.

Matt: Yeah. It's it's face though, looks like a buck to me. Just cuz it's real Shallow and veiny, that just like really looks distinctive to a buck to me. Or because it, because of ve buck. I got a dang good picture. We I sent it to y'all. I sent it to all our patrons all that stuff, but no, on the camera I had a Moultrie edge out.

And it was where I was hunting. I got names for these two deer too. It was called Frank and Dewight. I got Frank Sheds for the last two years. Yeah. I get, get some of that. But I went out there, had on a mineral lick and I get there and I can't I can't find my camera and I look and a tree had fallen and had like it in it like.

Take out the tree that it was on, but it just grazed the side of it. It just took all the bark off of it and took the camera with it and it put a big old crack in it, knocked the antenna off. And I was debating on calling Moultrie and I looked up their warranty and it said that they don't warranty that [00:17:00] stuff.

So that's unfortunate. There's a hundred dollars camera gone. But I made up for that on a little purchase this week.

Parker McDonald: Don't, dont don't share all of it. I wish we could.

Matt: No. I, no, I'm not, no. I just, I've made a financial, took our lawn and bought a bunch more cameras because I like cameras, man.

Parker McDonald: I really do. I I've been, I've tried to be pretty strategic with where with what I say, there's been. Conversations a lot about cell cameras and their usage, and I have my own opinions on them. But I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be gone yeah, most of the fall until, Thanksgiving, so I'm not gonna be doing the normal hunting in Alabama that I. That I usually do. I'm gonna be coming in right about the time that the rut kicks in, which usually I have a lot of knowledge built up about the different areas, what's holding deer, what, which areas, the dos are hanging out in. Just [00:18:00] stuff that I'm not gonna get this year intel that I'm not gonna get.

But and I was just perfectly fine with not doing that and whatever, because I don't really have. The funds to just go out and buy a bunch of cell cameras to, replace me going and hunting. But yeah,

Matt: You can let me go to all these spots. I'll give you an update

Parker McDonald: on 'em.

If they're anything like they were last year, good luck. Yeah we

Matt: we're not going, we're not gonna talk about that.

Parker McDonald: Yeah. New season knew us but we got a pretty pretty sweet. Found a pretty sweet deal on some trail cameras. So I did the same thing and I purchased a whole bunch of them and we'll see how it goes.

I'm pretty excited. I'm excited this fall, just in general though, so Yeah, I

Matt: had a buddy Walmart puts stuff on sale all the time in their hunting section and we'll mark it down for like stupid. And tap the cam reveal. He got, he went there. He owns a little buy and [00:19:00] sell Amazon, eBay account, whatnot.

It's called yellow, I think it's called Yellow Hammer Deals or something like that. And he goes, dude, I found these trail cameras. I said, what, I'm expecting like wild games or something. No, man he pulls out a tactic, camera reveal X, and he goes A ballroom for $25 a piece. And I was like put me a couple, put me a couple to the side.

Those are $120 cameras. And that just, that blows my mind that they can be marked down that low, but they're priced at what they're priced. What's the mar, what's the margin, what's the losing point of these products? And I guess if you make 'em in China, you can Yeah. Sell 'em for five bucks.

Parker McDonald: Yep. Pretty much, yes, it's

Matt: one of them things. Parker, I had a question I wanted to ask you. Throughout your honey years with saddles, I know you've had a lot of different sticks or no, you've just really used two different kinds

Parker McDonald: of sticks, right? No, I've had four.

Matt: Okay. Okay. You've had four? I've [00:20:00] used three.

Have you ever gotten up there and a stick kick out on you and fall to the ground like your top stick?

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That's all uppercase. All one word. S G H U.

I have but not the first six that I had, that I've had that has not done it is the one sticks from tethered. Now, yeah, I will say that the when I had the lone wolf custom gear double step sticks, I love those sticks. They're great sticks and. [00:22:00] I would recommend them to anybody. But the my attachment method, I was using the daisy chains.

And so it's inconsistent based on the tree that you're in? Yeah, if there was a little bit better way that I could have used to cinch it down, whether it be like a rope mod or, I don't know all the different options that there were, but it was just that was really the only reason I think that happened.

The hawk helium. Both sets of ho helium that I've had were, notorious for kicking out, man, you,

Matt: You were mad at them things. You cut them down, made them tiny. Yeah. And I would not trust that

Parker McDonald: I've had let's see. I've had one full set of Hawk helium. I had another. Of when they came out with the minis?

No. Yeah, you probably made em make the minis. I can't remember. Yeah, the minis that I made were pretty great. I liked them[00:23:00] because it helped a little bit with the, with kicking out when they were small, a little bit smaller. The bigger ones, like my dad uses the bigger ones now. And when we were in Kentucky this last year, he had one day where he got up in the tree and tried to get back down and it kicked out.

And basically on his first stick, underneath him. Yeah. His top step kicked out and he was just like stuck there. Yeah, it was pretty bad, and so it's just, yeah, they're not great at it. Have you ever had

Matt: it happen? I. Yeah, I had it happen one time and it fell all the way to the ground, and that was when I was using a two step eighter, and oh no, you're, yeah, so like I, I ran my tethered out as far as it could go, and I sat on my butt on my platform and then I what'd I do?

I unhooked and shimmied down the tree. Like I just, you know how you'll like, just like your toe will just be stretching and [00:24:00] like you're just trying to catch the stick. That's where I was. I was in a, I was in Abin, but I ended up being able to get down and put the stick back up and finish my hunt out.

But just little things like

Parker McDonald: that. Do you remember when we were hunting South Alabama this year? Yeah. And there was a dude that had set up like right behind me that morning. Yeah. The morning I shot that buck and whenever I walked past him, my dad came over to help me drag that buck out and I was walking past him and he is Hey, can I get a little bit of help?

He had a stick fall out. I can't remember if it was his stick or his platform. One of them fell out from underneath him. And he was like, major stuck like. He was, there was so much tension on his tether and his tether was too high for him to reach, so he couldn't do anything like, it was pretty bad.

Matt: That, that's a terrible position to be in. It is. But with all this said, we've talked to kinda a little bit about our camera gear. We talked about our stick set up. Like we've [00:25:00] come a long way in, in gear overall, and it's just wild You, I thought when the muddy sticks came out and people were doing these lightweight lock ons that that was the ticket.

That's, and I had that, I did that for a little while. It was fine. But now, dude, like I had preset hung lock ons. I hate sitting in them. I just hate sitting in them. Like I just. It's not a, I wouldn't say it's like a safety, it's a safety thing. I feel safer in a saddle than I do in a lock on a hundred percent.

But I feel so exposed, man. I like to have something between me and the deer. I like to be hidden. Yeah. And like with a climber and all that, you just, you don't get that.

Parker McDonald: Yeah, dude. We started the, we started this podcast about five years ago. And so a lot of this, a lot of this has progressed, with if people started listening to Southern ground back then, where, just where just the industry I guess has shifted from then till now is pretty [00:26:00] amazing.

And it's really shifted a lot of the. Manufacturing and things have been shifted in our direction, which is pretty cool. Yeah, it's pretty neat to see. Yeah, to see that, and a lot of that has to do with th this, I guess style of hunting coming to light. And people are flocking to it.

It's, yeah, it's really neat. You

Matt: see, you see these bigger companies I'm not gonna say any names, but they try to get into the same space. And they've got what they were good at, but they can't really jump out into the other stuff. And that's fine. There's a place for it. But it's awesome that companies like Tethered, they've, they started out with just a couple products and before I got on the saddle kick I did not know how they.

Made it, I don't know how, I didn't know how they stayed afloat to keep the business they had because I was like, man, that these people ain't buying these tree diapers and going and hunting out of 'em. There is not that many [00:27:00] people doing it. And then pull the curtain back and you see the potential.

Of what's happening, and I look at 'em, they've got more products than you can look at on their website from Pax, Turkey vest. And they're just getting broader and broader, and they're all quality

Parker McDonald: products. They just built and opened basically a huge warehouse facility.

Like it's a large company. We've gotten to see, yeah, we've gotten to see companies like that go from, Startups to like freaking industry leaders. That's pretty sweet. And that's,

Matt: and like the event you went to this past weekend I just saw the clips, the highlights of it.

I'd loved to have been there just to see the, they, I think they had a table that I saw, and it was like the evolution of the platform and what it was, what it is, and what it, or what it was, what it. I don't know what I'm trying to say, but what it, from, what it was to what it is now?

Yeah that's [00:28:00] what they had out there. And just to see the progression, it had the same central idea, but just a couple things tweaked here and there. It got better and better. Saying that I used to get like the old past pro shop field and stream magazines and whatnot, and, They had a, like an old ad for a guy who saddle, hunted, and all it was this guy up on a tree, not even with a round rope.

It was just a piece of material. And in this full suit, Of some kind of con contraption just with his feet on the side of the tree, le leaning at a 45, and I'm like, what idiot is gonna get up in the tree with that? I'm that idiot now, but like you, we were saying this's just been tweaked so much to now.

It's a lot more feasible now and easier to use and just overall a better product. What do you got? I think

Parker McDonald: there's a.

I was just [00:29:00] gonna say, you've got guys like Austin with Genesis 3D Printing who have now, pretty much if there's anything that you don't like about of piece of equipment from one of these manufacturers. Yeah. Genesis 3D printing has something to fix it, we'll just print it.

We'll just print it up. Yeah. Yeah. I mean that, it's a neat progression and and that's that's I guess maybe the theme of the show. You talk about cell cameras, so when five years ago I was probably more anti cell camera. You,

Matt: you had to be a wealthy sucker to have.

Cameras, cell cameras five years ago. That's right. I think the first few cameras I bought was when Spy Point first came out and they had a budget friendly camera and, you, when they first came out what was the company? It was Spartan for Ford, not Spartan Fords, Spartan Cameras and Covert.

I think those were the two.

Parker McDonald: Yeah, they were like 400, $400

Matt: a camera. Now you can buy a hundred [00:30:00] dollars camera and it sends you what those cameras used to send

Parker McDonald: you. Yeah.

Matt: Just wild. And then going from a regular camera that costs 160 bucks and there's still some out there today, but now you can get a regular camera for 30 bucks.

Yeah. And that's, that can be on the high end. That's, that's, there's some, there like 20, 25 bucks and I run those all the time. But man it's so cool and We can talk, you can talk about the camo how we've Yeah. Went from freezing to death and just what we thought was good stuff.

And now we finally got some good stuff and it's working. And I'm on the hunt for some good boots. I know I told you I bought those crispies. I don't think they're for me. Can you send 'em back? I think I'm, yeah, I can send 'em back. I got a 30 day. Guarantee. Just too stiff. Stiff. I was gonna try different stiff.

Yeah, they're very stiff. They feel like it's, like you said, I feel like I got cinder blocks on the bottom of my feet. It's for some people, but man, you know what boots I run? I run the, I have those on clouds and then the wind rows from the [00:31:00] cross. Yep. And. If I could have those windrows from lacrosse and they'd be waterproof, like completely waterproof I'd love them.

So if you're listening to this and you know of a boot that fits like a lacrosse windrow and it's waterproof messages, cuz I need to know. But for the money, those are great boots. It probably, would be a great boot. But for my style of hunting and how I. Move around how I walk.

And plus I was buying them for work too to get a two in one deal. But yeah, I don't wear rubber boots anymore. I just,

Parker McDonald: so unless I got across the creek, I have to wear 'em a lot since I use boat a lot. Yeah. Yeah. I don't really have much of a choice, but but you don't have a long walk, you don't have a very long walk.

I don't have long walks. Usually when I do that I do have the crispies that I use. It's a little bit easier now that I'm using a boat to pull up to the bank enough and have enough stability to where I can put on all my stuff and get all my [00:32:00] gear out of the boat without having to actually get in the water.

You know what I mean? Yeah. Like you can get away with a little bit more, a kayak. Sometimes you have to get out and pull it to get up to the shore and you can't really like, Grab all your stuff and balance quite as easy. So it's a little easier, but, so sometimes I actually I actually do use my crispies on boat hunts.

It just depends on where I'm at, where I'm going. But I like them. Yeah. I,

Matt: I'm not a boat. I don't, I'm not a boat hunter. I got that. I got the opportunity to do it with you to hunt out of a boat and man, You get so stinking muddy, all your stuff gets mud on it. That drove me nuts. Like I'm, I was sitting there with my bow, like cradled in my arms just so it wouldn't get any mud on it and get, get muddy and you're back there just let's go.

Parker McDonald: It's the first home of year. You're just, you don't want your clean nice bow getting all

Matt: Yeah, I was just like, gross. I don't need a [00:33:00] scratch or nothing on this thing. It's

Parker McDonald: I still got, it's the, I still got Kentucky Mud on that CP 28. I'm pretty sure. I believe It doesn't leave.

They don't leave it stay there. No, it holds,

Matt: it holds tight. Man. I wish we'd got Andrew falling on camera on that bank when he was slipping because I was the, I was that guy. Dude,

Parker McDonald: so my first time to this particular place, this is, we really have no point behind this podcast. But love, sometimes it's just good to get to just talk.

You know what I mean? My first time out to this place, I was I pulled up in my kayak to a spot that I had marked. I did not think about the shoreline. Being steep and muddy. That's just not something that I was considering. Because most of the places that I had chosen to get out were like, what looked like creek bottoms?

That led right down into the water. So it just wasn't something I was considering. [00:34:00] Turns out I really needed it and at this point I was still using a climber. And so I had my climber I had all of this filming equipment, and this was back when I had. A crap ton of filming equipment on this first hunt, and it's an evening hunt and it's hot.

And dude, by the time I got up this basic, this steep, muddy ledge, I thought I was gonna die. I had made it, I had officially made it five yards away from the truck, but I just, or from the boat. But I just kept slipping and sliding and dropping my stuff and cussing and just, God, I was so mad.

Matt: About the time you think you get got footing, it, it gives way, like you go to trust it and man, it just, it leaves you.

Parker McDonald: It does, man. And the, these hunt, that hunt was, that particular hunt was in September, so it was hot. Mosquitoes are everywhere. And you're like, you just, I started out the whole trip basically in, in a [00:35:00] bad way.

And that year I believe T h P was also in Kentucky. For an early season hunt. And this is just Kentucky in general, in a lot of places in Tennessee. It's just slick mud, steep banks, whatever. But they had the same issue, and I wanna say they were using like a, an anchor. To throw up to some trees Yeah.

And then climb up. It was

Matt: bad. Yeah. Like repelling. Yeah. Repelling down and going up. Yep.

Parker McDonald: But it's, we've come a long ways, Matt. We've come a long ways. We,

Matt: we have, and that's, it's fun to look back on and tell the stories.

Parker McDonald: You know what else is fun? What. Getting new bows.

That's fun.

Matt: Yes. Getting new bows. Can I come see you yet? Has everything come

Parker McDonald: in yet? Not yet. You kidding me? Not quite yet. So you may, I may shoot, you may have I, I don't know if [00:36:00] the ad is gonna play. Actually, you know what? Let's let the ad play right now. This episode is brought to you by Bowtech, the industry leader in cutting edge archery technology.

Now, I've gotta tell you about the new line of above for this year, especially the new carbon one, which is what I'm gonna be taking in the woods this fall. The carbon one Is equipped with BowTech's game changing technology. The deadlock cam system designed to be the quickest and easiest way to achieve perfect air flight without the use of bow press, the strategically engineered carbon riser paired with the orbit dampeners will have this bow feeling completely dead in your hands.

And if the carbon one is at your style, Bowtech has a solid line of other new bows for 2023. Like the SS 34, the CP 30, and the SX 80. You can see BowTech's full selection by visiting Bowtech Archery. Dot com today. So now you've heard an ad for Bowtech and we actually started this partnership with them last year for video stuff.

And they're gonna be [00:37:00] joining the podcast realm with us. And and so we've got some freaking sweet carbon ones and We're still waiting on a few things, but man, I was talking to the Patreon guys today. I was like, you will never hear me complain about any partnership ever, but whenever, like, whenever you really want to go out and shoot, and I could shoot the bow that I'm gonna be shooting this year.

Yeah. If I had everything, or I could shoot the bow that I had last year that I used last year, my CP 28, but I'm like, I don't wanna get out there, get comfortable shooting that and then have to switch to this other bow whenever I do that. So I'm just like, all these guys are talking about going out and shooting and practicing and I'm like, ah, I just gotta look at this beautiful bow.

But I will say it is sexy. It is sweet. That's.

Matt: I'm a fan of a carbon bow, like Yep. I've shot a carbon bow since I got outta my youth bow. That's just, it's what I [00:38:00] do. So I'm excited to see how it feels. I'm excited about the color.

Parker McDonald: I haven't even taken years out of the box, man.

I know, man.

Matt: That's so nice of you.

Parker McDonald: I'm talked about this partnership though. I really like this company. Yours is pink, maybe pink.

Matt: I probably

Parker McDonald: have a surprise in there. You got the Eva Shockey edition. That's exactly right. The Killer. It's gonna be a fun partnership though. I really like these guys.

It's a sweet company, man. They do really good work. And Bowtech, I took it into Jared. I posted that video last year and. Bow nerds like Jared, like the guy who's been working on my bow Jordan Pope who's been on here. Guys like that seem to really like the technology that's in a, in the deadlock system the deadlock cam system with these bow techs, a lot of the newer ones.

And yeah, I'm a fan. Huge fan. Yeah. I'm,

Matt: I like, like you said, I like what they do. What they're about, their [00:39:00] mission behind everything. And like I said, we'll have my own in the future and talk about it and just really, I know there's a lot of different boat companies out there.

Everybody can be a little biased towards one of the other, they're all about the same.

Parker McDonald: Yeah, everybody makes a great bow these days.

Matt: It's all about the person

Parker McDonald: who's holding it, man. That's right. Sometimes it all about them. Sometimes he sucks. Man. Golly. I've sucked. I've sucked a lot. I sucked a lot last year.

I thought we weren't talking about last year. Yeah, sorry. Matt, we're gonna we could keep talking and we could talk our lives away right here, probably just if anybody's

Matt: Yeah, if anybody's still listening. We, y'all are our folks. We appreciate y'all. If that is our group and if you are still listening in our group hold tight with us.

We it's gonna be a great ride this

Parker McDonald: season. That's right on that, man. Thanks for showing up. Good conversation pumps about the [00:40:00] future. Hey guys. Thanks for listening to this week's episode of the Southern Ground Hunting Podcast. You can keep up with Southern ground hunting by following us on Facebook or Instagram.

We're subscribing to the YouTube channel and you can be sure to check us to pick up some of our merch, read some blog articles, and all that good stuff. I truly hope you enjoyed this week's episode, and we'll see you here again next week. Remember that God gave you dominion over the birds of the air, the fish of the sea, and the beasts of the earth to go out and exercise that dominion.

We'll talk to you next week.