Sportsmen's Nation Network B.S. Session

Show Notes

This week’s episode is the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication. Okay, more like the guys took the chance to sit around and shoot the bull with some of our friends around the Sportsmen’s nation. We will learn about how Dan Johnson prepares diligently for turkey season, how Nate uses high tech methods for monitoring deer movement, Parker’s highly sophisticated knowledge of dialects, and how Garrett capitalizes on kid free time, whatever that is . This show was a lot of fun, and probably something we will see again in the future!

Around the state of Ohio, March 1 is the opening for some of the extra spring opportunities. Take a look at the website for more information. Paul is grinding at the new job and has gone full scale on his turkey obsession. All the calls are out and getting tuned up. Andrew’s been out shed hunting and finding some ancient sheds that may have been from prehistoric deer. It’s possible. Enjoy!

Show Transcript