Stolen Trucks and Locked Gates: My 2022 Elk Trip

Show Notes

If you follow the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast on Instagram, you may already know what this title is about. This emotion packed episode is about John's 2022 Colorado elk hunt, which started off with a bang when his truck was stolen from the hotel parking lot on the first night of his trip. John had been looking forward to this hunt with his buddy Nathan Jasper for a year and a half, but everything got flipped upside down when he stopped for a night in Denver and car thieves stole his truck and everything inside.

After a very expensive trip to Cabelas, John still went on and followed through with the hunt, but his troubles were far from over. An early snow storm dumped 8-10 inches of snow, making travel around the lodge near impossible. Trying to roll with the punches, John and Nate dropped to lower elevation to try and find the elk the snow had pushed down. All they found down low were hunters and land locked pieces of public that were blocked off by private landowners. This trip turned into a life lesson about trials and perseverance, and they are some life lessons that John will not soon forget. 

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