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Today’s show opens with us talking about you guess it, hunting! Brayden delves into his recent weekend hunting a new parcel of public land. A brief scouting trip showed a few promising spots for his hunt around a real nice CRP field. He gets set up in an absolute sweet spot with fantastic views, looks around and notices something in the field next to him. Can you guess what it was? A cow – a very large group of cows. Apparently his scouting trip that was super promising was not a sign of deer beds and deer trails but it was entirely made by cows! Needless to say, the hunt was a little slow. The next day he heads out to another public spot hoping for a little more success. Listen in to this episode Sponsored by to see how his second spot ended up!

Closing out Brad dives into his recent suburban tree farm hunting adventures. He’s been chasing a dandy of a buck, that if he shoots will be his best buck to date. He gets up in his stand and the movement starts early with a few small bucks cruising through by his setup. The next thing he knows, here comes his target buck! He hangs up a little far and dips out in the craziest way Brad’s ever seen. Brad assumed there was no way this deer was coming back but next thing he knows he’s right back within bow range. Tune in to listen to this wild story of what happened during Brad’s hunt! 

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[00:00:00] So I think I'm going to pitch gum broker on letting me do a jingle for them. Yeah, I just heard it. Let's go. Shop gum broker. com. This is such a good jingle. It sounds way too much like Menards. But that's what I mean. Menards fits everything. There's a few people know this, but from my advertising days, the around here we had.

The hammer. Yeah. And so there's, yeah. So there's agencies that just replicate those like regionally and it's like you buy that campaign, like they'll have those jingles and then they'll reuse them in other regions. Yeah. It's funny. But anyways, yes. Shout out to gun broker. Thank you for sponsoring the uncensored podcast and for really tolerating all the ridiculousness that happens here.

But check out gun broker for all of your hunting season needs got waterfowl coming up. So if you need to find a new gun, there's a tons of new products [00:01:00] and tons of used products, lots of options. So go check them out. I know I have a good story about Brad. Those are my favorite types of stories.

But I'm, what did you guys do this weekend? I hunted Friday afternoon and what'd we do? Saturday evening. Friday afternoon, I talked about the small This is really I'm gonna hype this really not that crazy. It's just, I don't wanna Spoil stories over text. So I'm like, wait till Uncensored.

I'll tell you, it's not like that crazy. Isn't the story like we went out and didn't see anything? Obviously. Perfect content for a podcast. Yeah, no. But, so we talked about this new parcel that we're going to last time that's like really close to my house. It's a small piece. Found out that Erica knows some people that have hunted there and like turkey hunts close by all this stuff.

And this is public land. Yeah. Yeah. She was like, they're probably like, from what I've heard, there won't be people out [00:02:00] there during archery season. So we're like, okay, cool. We went out, scouted it briefly, went out there and there's a clear cut for a power line that we went up and there's like a hill that kind of crest and goes down.

And then you're looking into just like all this feel like CRP and using the CRP. Yeah. And I don't actually know exactly what it is and I've Googled it before and there's people refer to it as multiple different things. Like it's a. It means something, but to me, when I say it, I just mean tall, weedy, thick, grassy type stuff.

Oh, okay. It means something. I'm sure Dan's looking it up here. I'm looking it up. I feel like the C is conservation. I don't know why I'm thinking that. Brad is giving you the look. Oh, do you know what it is? No, I just, move on. Ha. Why? I just, field is Conservation Reserve Program. A land conservation program that improves habitat.

No, that's not what I'm talking about. There's something else. Many a hunter has heard the term CRP, which has become synonymous with the thick, brushy parts of a property [00:03:00] that is ideal deer habitat. Oh yes, that is what a CRP field is. The acronym stands for Conservation Reserve Program. So the second part of what you talk about is what I'm referring to, like thick stuff.

We're looking down in it with our binos and we're like, Oh, it's matted down. There's trails running through it. That's Primo stuff. There's woods that line up with it. Okay, sweet. It's that's all private, but the public butts up to it. And so there's two like little inside corners. I'm going to sit on one.

Phil's going to sit on one wind is blowing from that field into the woods. It's going to blow our scent deeper into the woods. And we're going to hunt hoping that a buck cruises that woods line. Cool, that's the plan. We go out Friday afternoon to do that and get all set up and I go to the one side of the property, Phil goes to the other.

I get all up in my saddle, ready to roll. Good setup, nice tree, great shooting lanes can see out into the field, have great views of the woods, everything like that. I'm like, okay, this is perfect. And I'm like, scanning the area and I look to my left and I see this big black blob. [00:04:00] And I'm like, what is that?

What the heck are we looking at here? It's Dog Man, and he killed Phil. That time of year. So not a crazy story. We've all been there. And I get out my monocular or whatever and I'm looking at it and it's very obviously a cow. I'm like, gosh. On the public land? No, on private land. I'm like, oh man.

That sucks. I'm like sitting there and we've talked about this multiple times on the podcast. Like deer will just adjust like cows aren't like going to ruin your hunt or anything by that. So I'm sitting there still feeling all right. I told Phil, then an hour later he texts me like just had five or six cows walk right by where I'm at.

So you're on public land, but you're on the edge of private land. Yeah. And so is there a fence? Didn't know it, but. Yeah. There's a barbed wire fence from the field into the woods. And then we get out into the field, or I get down from the tree after not seeing [00:05:00] anything, and I'm gonna walk across to where Phil's at, and I look out into the field and there's 35, 40 cows in the field.

So what we scouted was literally just cow trails and cow bedding in this field. We just basically hunted cows for the evening. You just wasted a whole, I don't know, man, the I used to hunt a 35 acre spot down in Southeast Kentucky, private land, and the farmer there would run. He would move his cattle around and he said the deer followed the cattle.

Yeah. To add insult to injury, there was like zero deer sign in the woods. And you would assume that if like deer were cruising that field line, there'd be brows, there'd be trails, all this stuff. I was looking my whole way through there for a rub or a scrape or something. And No, so that little slice there was no good.

And then Saturday we went out and so that, that was the public land experience I've been explaining. Like we went out just like briefly scouted and Oh, nice dough bedding. Like we're going [00:06:00] to be in the money here. No, it was terrible. So we're not going to hunt that anymore. There's other parts of that property that are good.

And then we went out Saturday Phil couldn't go. So me and Tucker went. And this was a different a large piece of public that me and Phil hunt a lot. And Tucker hadn't hunted there since he was a kid, so it was cool going out with him. And there's this really Is Tucker the one we fished with?

Yeah. Yeah, okay. Yeah. We played baseball against each other our whole lives. And so we've known each other forever and just started hunting together in the last, year and a half. But so we get out there and I was showing Tucker, there's this big like burn area slash logging area that has grown up.

And this is like legitimate bedding. We know this to be like true. We've scouted this whole area a lot, multiple off seasons, hunted the area a lot, and there's. Giant bucks out in this area. So I was like, okay, let's go get the winds gonna be blowing out of that field into the woods Let's go.

There's a logging road that runs behind it and it's like a freaking super easy hike [00:07:00] in It's like basically follow a logging road turn right on another logging road and it's like you're walking trails. It's really nice So get back there and this time like really scouting to try to find some Sign to set up on because I didn't want to repeat of what we just did And so we get out there and we're looking around and boom There's a rub and I'm like, okay sweet look a little bit beyond that There's tons of blowdown and what looks like maybe an older blogging area, but it's just like very clear and that thick what I call CRP.

I may be referring it to the wrong thing, but it's just like thick nasty stuff We're all hung up on the CRP. Yeah, it's a thing. I don't know. I've looked it up but It's just thick stuff, looks like great buck betting. Cool. I was like, let's set up here. And then I was looking at it and look to my right.

And there's like this knobby hill looking thing. And I'm like, let's go to the other side of that. And we'll just run down there. It's a logging road. We'll just zip down. If there's nothing there, we'll come back and we'll find a place to set up here. We go over there. Look off to my left, [00:08:00] it's like clear trail running from the burn area to this area, to our left, the blowdown area, and there's a beautiful rub right there, clear trail, and an intersection of two logging roads, so it's just there's a lot of stacked areas to hunt there.

So talking to Tucker, I was like, okay, what do you, how do you want to set up? He's I'm going to go to the other side of the thick blowdown stuff that we found in the woods. And I'm going to set up there. And if anything comes out that way, I'll hunt that. And if anything comes the other way, I'll hunt it.

There's another logging road there. It's nice. Cool. So he goes over there. I climb a tree up in this area and I get up. About halfway, I look over to my left and there's another rub. So there's literally rubs going in both directions from these two bedding areas. Which made it like the most promising sign that we've hunted or that I've hunted so far this year.

Actually felt pretty confident in it. And great wind. It was a really good sit. It was just maybe a little too windy, I guess one could argue, but not enough to like [00:09:00] keep me from hunting. Got up there, heard some stuff. I heard what sounded like a buck peeing. It's the weirdest, I don't know.

Okay. Very specific. Just Phil. No, he wasn't even there. Or maybe he was just bombing the hunt. He's just out there pissing in the woods. But no, so that was over in that thick stuff that I'm talking about where it literally sounded like for 20 seconds just just a horse peeing on the ground or a deer, I've never heard a deer pee but I'm assuming it sounds similar to a horse.

A lot of gravity is what you're saying. Yeah, like it was with some force. And, I was like, okay, I didn't hear it move before that. And I didn't hear a move after that. So unless it literally stood up, peed and then laid in its own P or silently moved around. I don't know. But that was, I maybe heard some does moving around behind me, but could have been aggressive squirrels.

Never saw anything. But it can move quietly on that grass though. Yeah. And it, it's rained a decent amount, so that it makes it nice being able to walk through quietly. But there was a ton of acorns on the ground, so you can barely hear. So we're going to go back and hunt that spot. That was actually a [00:10:00] really good spot.

And like cuts off an area we've, we hunt like farther into the woods from there. I'm theorizing that there's deer moving through there to the area that we've hunted so we're like getting ahead of it a little bit. The only problem is I could see other people getting in and hunting that spot just because it's fairly close to the road.

Yeah, that was it. That was my two hunts. Didn't see anything. Go us. Did you all get out? You didn't get out. You gotta wait until gun season, right? He's choosing to wait until gun season. No, we've just been camping. I haven't hunted or anything. Okay. I went Thursday. And for anybody that skipped the last few episodes, I've talked about this.

I'm hunting lost my normal lease friendly loss. It was the guy was letting his family hunt it this year, which is fine. I've had it for five years for free, so I'm very content with what I've had, but I got an opportunity with my buddies. Tree farm the deer grinding up his trees that they try to sell and so he's not happy and so worked out that I have a couple different spots to do some [00:11:00] suburban hunting And I've been out there four and five times now and there is a deer.

I Thought it was three and a half year old. I think it's older than that now that I've seen it up close like within ten yards I think it's at least four and a half years old. It has really good mass to it. It is he has a huge G2. And it's probably, this is probably the best buck I've ever had a chance to shoot.

And I was all jacked up on Thursday to go out there. So I was here at four o'clock and I get a tacticam notification and I look at the thing and there's a truck parked in front of my tree and I didn't think anything of it cause this is what they do. They were like in there all day long. The truck was there for awhile.

I got like maybe 20 or 30 camera notifications and then they were gone. And so I get out there and I see where the truck was like right in front of my tree. I didn't think anything of it. I get up in the tree and I'm in the tree about five 15, five 30. I can't remember. And [00:12:00] sit there for awhile and it's just like real consistent that they start coming in at six lately.

So five 56 first year shows up. And it was I got this one really cool four point. It's not the old one I told you guys about, but there's like a short stocky one. He's only a year and a half old. But his beam is, grab that one right there, Brayden, so I can pull it up. I am not kidding you, this thing's main beam is like as thick as this down here on the base, and he's only a year and a half year old, and it comes up straight out and makes a fork at the end, and there's, I got two deer out there like this, so they might be the same gene pool, but he's just a four point, and he's got this thick, beefy tine two tines that come, main beams that come out, and I saw him come out, and he's even a beefy year and a half year old, like not a huge body yet, but just like thick.

So he comes out and then I hear like pretty early in the hunt, a little bit at maybe six 20 or so. I hear a deer coming and I recognize it is my target buck. And, we had that whole conversation of like, how are you identifying [00:13:00] this buck? And we talked I'm like, I think it's the body. I think like the body, this thing has a gut on it.

It's that big of a deer to where it's not got that like a slender, a two and a half year old generally they're almost like a hunting dog where they come in some, they're lean on the back. This thing has like a granddad beer belly to him and I recognize it's him and I see him in time and I've learned my lesson cause he came in the other day and I thought it was I thought it was another deer cause I actually think he, and I actually think he has two deer that he's sired out there that are his genes.

Cause there, I got confused again last night. So I'll come back around to this, but I was convinced this is my target. So I'm getting ready to draw. I'm like 15. He's going to come in right here at 15 yards on the other side of this tree. And he comes in and hits the spot. My wind is going to my left, which was going to be perfect.

Cause he didn't smell me. He wasn't going to smell me until he's dead. Like he didn't until he shot, like they would have had to be shot before he got to my scent trail. So he hits the spot with the truck and totally freaks out. [00:14:00] I've never seen a deer do this. He dropped to his belly as if somebody was shooting at him and like he's a person and his legs go out and then he jumps back up and he does it again.

And then he runs off and he was five yards from dead. I've got a picture on the tacticam where I marked and sent like how close he was to where I needed him to on the shot. And I'm like, Oh my God, man, that, that truck totally screwed me up. The, if I, if he had made it just a little bit further.

I could have hit that deer and I'm like, the red is where he was, that's where he was. I needed him to get to the green. I'm like, there's no way with him being so opposed to that smell, there's no way I'm getting another shot at this deer. 30 minutes goes by and it's a slow night.

I I've told you guys, I've seen as many as 17 deer that I've identified out there come in. He comes back 30 minutes later and I super silent. I look up and he is, it seems like he's looking at me, but he wasn't, but I [00:15:00] have a little window that I can see through out ahead of me and he's now 25 yards in front of me standing at the truck spot and he's snorting and sniffing, got his nose in the air.

And then he just locks in and he doesn't move and I don't move. And I've got my hand on the bow, but it's still on my hanger. And I'm like, all right, big fella. And in three minutes, my heart was racing for three minutes. And then finally, I'm like really focusing on trying to get myself to calm down.

Because this is, again, it's the best buck I've ever had a chance at shooting. And I get calmed down, and he turns like he's gonna walk. And I range it, and it's at 25. And I'm like, this is perfect. I'm, I can't screw this up. And I get calmed down, and he stands broadside. But the trees in front of him, I, all I can see her is back two legs and I'm like two steps.

I need two steps and I couldn't swing out any further and I probably wouldn't have because the risk of him seeing motion. I can't see which way his head's looking. And he was high alert. He [00:16:00] stands there for three more minutes and then zero turn like a lawnmower and left, did not take another step, did not even step to the right.

He like backed up. As if he knew I was there and turned. And again, no wind. He had not winded me yet. And I'm like, that's it. This is crazy. I texted a couple of you guys, I'm like, this is insane. I'm not gonna get a third shot at this deer. And this is the part, I don't know if I told you about, 'cause I cut off the texting 'cause the story got a little crazy.

So this, he was your, the target. He is the biggest deer out there that I've seen in person or on camera. And he's just good mass. He's got, in the middle, he's got big thick tines. His G two is huge, big beefy and it comes almost around to a point. Like his front antlers are very close to touching and I'm like, this is it.

I'll, I'm probably not going to see anything else. Or if he leaves, I know there's only a couple other deer that are, maybe I would shoot right now. Cause again, I'm still really gunning for him. He comes back out 20 minutes later, like getting close to shooting in [00:17:00] a shooting light thing.

It was seven o'clock. He comes out at the far end of the tree row and he's. With the other buck that confused me the other day, I think, because the first the little one came out first and I thought it was him again. And I start looking at him and the body size is very different. There's probably a 50 pound difference between these two deer and the big one comes out.

Now I'm looking at them side by side and I'm like, I can totally see how I screwed this up the other day because they look so similar on the rack shape. And I've seen three deer now there that have that gene on that, that G2 on the back is Twice as tall as one of the smaller deer I saw last night. And so I'm like, he's definitely got a few spawn out here running around.

I think that he's, that's got that same gene and it's a tighter rack that again, meets in the middle on the younger one. And then his is wider and everything's just bigger and more mass. So they start coming in 70, 50. They get to 40 and I'm like, Oh, this is happening. I think cause they're working their [00:18:00] way down this tree row grazing.

And I'm like, if he gets right there, that's like a 27 yard shot and I'm doing it. I'm feeling good about it. Plus I've seen them a lot of times. They'll come back and walk out after that. They may not go down to the pond. So I'm getting myself mentally ready for this. And then two doe and three yearling walk in and they hit the truck spot and they do the same thing.

They go nuts. Every one of them go crazy. They're dancing around and. This little button buck was like playing and like charging the other deer. And I'm like, okay, this complicates things. Cause if you guys have seen my picture, I'm wide open on the left side. My, my strong side is not covered well.

So I have to be very careful, but I'm like, I just added, what? 10 more eyeballs looking around and it's going to be hard to draw. So I'm sitting here thinking on that. I haven't even gotten ready to draw yet. And the big buck charges in, he closed 40 yards to 10 like that. like instantaneously charged the dough and he's like snorting around and throwing his head.

[00:19:00] And I'm like, Oh dude. I, and I hadn't seen a any of them dog a dough yet. And we're still, that was on Thursday. I was like, it's still, it caught me off guard cause I wasn't expecting it yet. If it was right, I would have totally expected that, that DR shot last year was coming in on a dough, right?

It's like you start to expect it, but I just. inexperienced, I guess I wasn't ready for it at this point. He charges in and he looks at me for a second and I freeze. I've got my hand, I had already removed my bow at that point. I'm holding my bow and I'm leaning back and I've got my bow like this and it's knocked and I think I had even got my release on and I'm waiting and I'm like, if he starts walking, I've got it.

I knew I had a rock ranged. And I knew it's 15 yards. My bow's already dialed to 15. I'm shooting a single pin and he starts walking. And so I draw and I'm hanging and I'm looking at him and he's he's super worked up. And you guys, if you've hunted enough, like once a deer is alert, they're alert.

And he gets to my spot and I go, meh. And [00:20:00] he stopped and I have anytime I've ever had that they turn their head and you get a three second window where they're evaluating. He starts to turn and I released cause I knew he was worked up and I thought I have to let this go fast and I release and I don't know if he hit, he was very close to that truck smell again, couple yards away and the wind was blowing.

I told you it's going to my left so it's blowing it's moving like this a little bit. So the wind was inconsistent. I think in what I'm telling myself in my head, cause I didn't do anything that should have jumped him. And he sprang and I probably made a bit of a bad shot.

I'm not really sure cause I haven't seen the video yet, but he starts running as I release and it goes under him clean miss. And I see sparks fly cause it hits gravel and he jumps. startles him from the sound, but then he just walked off. And and then all the other deer just huh, that was weird.

It's I, cause I, my theory [00:21:00] and I called Mike Larson cause I, I had to tell somebody and I wanted to talk to Mike about it. I was like I don't know if I blew out my tree because I don't think he's suspicious of the tree because he put himself in his shoes. He smells that weird smell.

That area is really weird. And now something like exploded under him. It's not like he heard anything from me. He may have smelled me. He did come through my wind, but there was a lot going on. And Mike's I'm, he said, from my experience, I would be willing to bet he's gonna associate all this like weirdness with that weird smell that was in there that night.

He said he probably won't be back for a few days, but I wouldn't worry about it. I was mad at first. But I really don't know how I should, I guess I should have waited to see if he didn't run longer and maybe even more so when he was at 40 yards. Maybe I should have already drawn, but I'm like, dude, that's I wouldn't have shot that anyways.

And he was moving so slow. It could have been another five minutes before he got to me at the pace he was going. So I've replayed this over and over my head. I don't know what I could have done differently besides just not shoot. And again, my experience would have told me after the bleat, when he [00:22:00] started to act like he was going to look at me, I would have thought he was going to lock up and he did not.

So I go back yesterday with Jacob, my, not Jacob Knight a friend of mine in the startup community I met and got to be good buddies with and he hunts. And so we went back last night and I felt bad. There's only a couple of trees you can hang from. He brought his climber. And like your options are down here and I'm going to be down there every other hunt I've done there's deer coming out on both sides and they'll come out near that tree where I put him or they'll come out near me and then sometimes they come out near me and go to him sometimes it's like it's been a free for all well last night was the slowest activity we've had from deer volume I put him up in a tree out in the middle and he he had a lot of exposure so not a lot of cover.

And so he gets set up in the best way he thinks he can. We sit there for an hour and a half. There's nothing. I told him like six o'clock is usually when they come in. They didn't come in until 630, but the big older four point came in. It's funny. He's like almost always the first one in he comes in and then that younger one that confused me the [00:23:00] other day, cause I even saw him coming and I got a really close look at him this time.

And I'm like, He is like no chance. That's the same deer. And then another deer came in that I actually thought was him Too, but I recognized him from the trail camera because his two right here are wobbly they're like wavy tines. I've got him on trail camera somewhere. I can show you guys He came in and I was like man If I hadn't seen this big buck, I would totally shoot this thing, but I passed on him and let him go.

I'm like, I don't know. I've got to Dan's point, the rut's going to hit soon and all this nice predictability I've got is going to go out the window. But at the same time, What's interesting, I was excited to tell you guys about this. You've read a ton. I know you've listened to a ton of podcasts, a ton of reading about deer hunting.

Typically I've always heard rattling in the evening doesn't work. You know what these deer have done every hunt? They're sparring out there like crazy. Really? Last night, these guys, all three of them were fighting at the same time and it was going on in front of [00:24:00] me. And they're like getting riled up and then they go over in front of Jacob.

I told Jacob to come down, shooting line was done. He's getting ready to come down and I'm like texting him like no, they're coming back. They start slamming each other. It is so loud I can hear them from a hundred yards away and it sounds like they're beating two by fours together. And I'm like this is interesting because I might be able to rattle or grunt some in.

And last night I did grunt trying to pull them back once they passed me to hoping they would head towards Jacob because Jacob was, he's I'll shoot whatever, man. So I was hoping, but they actually did pay attention to the grunting last night. It was first time they've actually done that.

I didn't get them to move, but they like were they looked up and they gave their look at it and they didn't see a deer. So they didn't come, but. It gave me some hope that even if the rut gets here, I might be able to pull even in the evening, like evening, usually they tell you like, that's a harder they've been fighting all day.

They may not want to even feel like breeding, like all those calls you think are advantageous kind of wear out. But I don't know if it's going to be true with these guys. I don't know if this like urban hunt is a little bit. a different [00:25:00] scenario or whatever, but, or maybe deer just spar like that. And in the evening, sometimes I could just be catching a one off, but I've seen it.

I've hunted five times out there and they've sparred 60 percent of the time that I've been out there. So it was pretty cool. But maybe I'm dumb. We'll see. If I end up getting the big one, it'll be smart. If I don't get a good one, I'll be an idiot. So it's like one of those things that's like total chance of if I see him again, but the one I saw last night, I would be very happy taking that deer.

I'm just kinda rolling the dice and hoping that I get enough looks at him. You're like the coach calling the fake punt on fourth down on like your own 45. Yeah. If you get it, you look like a genius. Yeah. If you don't, you're probably gonna get fired. Yeah. So are you going back out this weekend? I don't know, man.

I haven't even thought past today, to be honest with you. Are you going out today? I have my car loaded and ready to go at all times, but I can't go today. I'm podcasting with Matt Ranella tonight, oh, Lord. Yeah, [00:26:00] that'll be fun. I'm sure he would have an interesting take on my hunting Suburban cause he says if you hunt at least you might as well just go to the store and buy it, ooh, I can't. Not if you pass on everything yeah, I am. I am gonna end up buying it at this rate. Might as well just go to the store and pass on everything. There's a grocery store right down the street. It's weird. Jacob was laughing about how odd it is. There's, we had last night, I had more noise last night than probably any night I've been out there.

There's kids screaming. Some woman was out in the backyard talking. There was another set of kids screaming. These two dogs were going ham the whole time. Deer are just used to it though. It's just like they get used to farming equipment. These deer are just used to all the suburban noise.

What, how did they react to the spot where the truck was last night? So what was interesting, they were out there again on Saturday. No Friday, cause I hunted Thursday and then Friday they were back out there. And I sent Mike a picture of it. I was like, Oh God, they're back. Cause I need that spot in my mind.

I needed it to rain and wash that out. And Mike's honestly, man, like. It [00:27:00] doesn't necessarily work against you because it might just, if it stays there and they're trying to get in for that food, they will just accept that smell is a part of the deal and it's not you could smell diesel fuel and stuff once you get up around the barn.

That's those smells are always there. But Mike was saying that Because they spent, I had to turn my camera, I was trying to turn my camera off remotely because they sent me 50 pictures on Friday and I was like, man, I'm burning through my allotment here. And I screwed up when I was trying, I actually, you have a window to leave it on and I actually turned it off during the window.

I wanted it on. So I was an idiot. But I, so I didn't get any pictures all weekend cause I had my camera settings screwed up. But I'm now, what was your question? How did they react to the truck spot? Oh, and then I knew I was going somewhere. So what they were doing though, they had brought out these big landscaping stones and moved them around.

And the deer, every deer that walked out, recognized that those weren't there before. And they would hang up looking at them, deciding if they wanted to proceed or not. [00:28:00] Which is why I told my buddy, He's you can put a blind up. I was like, I don't think we should do that because even with these deer that have stuff moving around like stones or those pots they're used to seeing move around.

But if I show up with a blind, even if it's camouflaged, I think it could blow them out. Like from that good spot. And right now. My stand is in the absolute primo spot. 60 percent of the time my target ears are coming out right there. So there's, I wonder that nose jammer stuff.

It's like synthetic vanilla. I almost wonder spraying that spot with that for whatever reason. I was reading about it. Like I have their windicator. So it's it still smells. That's, it's like that vanilla smell. And I was like, what is in this? It smells like vanilla. And it's it's fake vanilla, like vanilla is supposedly at Overload overwhelms them well, and they can't like their olfactory like a beaver butt claim No, it smells like that, but it's not it's like it's synthetic Vanilla is really what it is and I've read you can like you can make it yourself and stuff But I don't know at what point it's considered baiting which you all can [00:29:00] do I guess in Kentucky I'm not baiting on this property.

I know but like I'm private. Can you spray? You can bait on private. I know, but like for, I'm in Indiana and you can't. I was just wondering, I was reading about people saying they spray it on the ground and people, like deer come by and smell it and don't freak out. I wonder if you could spray that on that gas.

And I don't know, deer, deer can smell in layers, so I don't think you can really cover something like that up. But, and I also don't know exactly where it is. We were talking about an area that's bigger than this room. And every day, I'm sure that trucks, they are every other day, dripping diesel at a slightly different spot.

It hasn't been there, but they have a side by side, they had some kind of like bobcat thing out there the other day and moving those rocks around, I'm sure. And cause they had been all like 130 degrees around my tree was all moved around. Which is. Part of what is making this challenging. Like it's obviously I have a good thing and I joke about Oh, the deer won't show up before six, which makes it a little more predictable than normal.

But at the same time I am dealing with a lot of human interaction that [00:30:00] is unpredictable. Like that truck, I would not have thought about that blowing that deer up like that. I've never seen a deer do that. I would have thought he would have left by the way he came back in, but it was like such an overload for him that it blew his brain of, oh my god, what is going on?

And he belly flopped. I wonder, what are they do they show up at the same time on the weekends when there's no human activity during the day? So they're just sat, last night, we were there last night and They showed up at, they showed up late last night. It was like 6 30 before the first one came in.

Cause I, I sent Jacob a text. I said, maybe the bus doesn't run on Sundays. I was wondering is it different if there's no human activity? I've seen one photo of a deer out there in the morning. on a weekend, but otherwise they're not out there. But that part of it makes it a little more predictable, but they're still, you're still trying, I'm still trying to kill a mature deer that is very good survival genes.

He got hung up on that weird smell and it saved his life, yeah, one way or another. Yeah. He doesn't know why. No. That belly flop thing is wild. I'm gonna try to find some videos of deer doing that. It looked like a belly flop from my [00:31:00] position. I can't wait to get the video and see if he actually did, because, you're in a stand.

I couldn't really tell how low he got, but I did see his legs kick out, which was pretty interesting. That's weird. Instead of just running, he dropped. So when you say get video, you mean from your trail cam? Yeah, I can't pull it to my phone, so I'll see those when I, why not? What cameras are you using?

I think you have to have a premium account, and I'm cheap. Oh my, I don't have the premium account and I can request videos. Really? Yeah. Have you done the, I thought there was like an upgrade or something. They cut the charge of five bucks for 50 videos. Yeah. I don't want to pay five bucks. Oh, you're paying 10 cents.

Why would I, but I, I don't need it's not good. I get it. I get the value of it, but like I'm getting the photo, I have it set to do two photos before the videos are cool, but I'll just look at those later when I pull them. So you get the video on the SD card, even if, Oh, really? So that's why I'm not going to that's why I'm saying I'm not going to pay to pull it because most of the time I'm just looking to see which deer is coming through.

You have to set your camera to do picture and [00:32:00] video or it won't do it to the SD card. You might be able to change this, but mine does two photos before and then it starts recording the video. So where that's been helpful is on the times that like it got a half of a buck and the video caught the rest of it.

And then I've got some cool videos of them sparring, yeah, that's what ours being out like I like the video pool for being out somewhere that we don't want to go, but I the way ours is set up a lot of times we'll get like a picture of the back half of the deer or whatever and then you get the video and you get it like fully walking.

Yeah, that has saved our butts. Those transmissions though do run out your battery. That's the other. That's the other thing I don't like about that. Like you every time you pull the cameras working to push That file. Yep. Which I have mindset to push as photos happen right now. It doesn't, it just, cause I'm always like excited.

It's not like it's informing me. It doesn't give me any hunting advantage in my opinion. I've heard of people turning that off if you're like on property and your other camera's falling off cause there's a deer there. And it's that's getting to be a little reasons. Yeah. It's like it's [00:33:00] getting to be a little unfair.

But I'm not like if I'm there, I'm behind the camera. I already know what's there. So yeah. Anyways, we'll see how it goes. I'm going to try to get Jacob back out because he's hunting. He said he's hunting just his house. It's one acre right now. And he's I'm not seeing anything. So if I can get him back over there, I will.

But yep. Going out Friday and Saturday again, maybe Sunday. We'll see. Yeah. I haven't thought that far ahead yet. I got a. A lot of kids activities. They are coordinated around going scouting this weekend with a buddy. We're in a camp out. So Saturday, Sunday, that's fun. Yeah, we did a camp out. I'm exhausted right now.

We did a camp out on Saturday and it was a full day like from morning until Sunday morning. And I walked 10 miles at the cub scout camp here in Kentucky. Just my son got to shoot BB guns, archery. He shot a ton on the archery at the end of it. We showed up and they were just letting him rip cause nobody else was in line.

He shot like 50 arrows on the second time. Like a trad bow or? It's like the kid's bows. [00:34:00] 47 before his arm gives out. Yeah. Check the YouTube comments on that video. I'm getting blasted. I'm going to the doctor today for my shoulder by the way, I'm a wreck. It's those little junior bows like a trad bow, but they're synthetic.

He was. Just working on form and I was trying to help him with as much as I could yeah by the end of it He was hitting target every time he was super pumped. He got One just outside of the bullseye and nice. Yeah, that's cool Cuz it's like that instinctual shooting or whatever like that's a cool thing to learn at a young age.

I feel like yeah I never shot a bow at that age. So yeah I know a lot of kids start even younger. Probably some of our listeners have kids that they've started younger. But my son has been shooting at a summer camp that he does every summer. And so he's gotten some interest in it.

And I think that's going to be what he wants for Christmas this year. Cause he wants to do archery team next year. Yeah. That's sick. Yeah, I love it. All right. Thank you all for listening to this episode of uncensored Thank you again

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