Summer Public Land Trail Camera Strategies

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Trail cameras are the topic of today's discussion. In particular, I'll be talking about summer strategies on public land. It seems like much of the info we hear on summer trail cameras focuses around putting them in high visibility areas, along field edges, fence rows, or next to minerals. Well, what if you don't have access to agriculture? What if minerals or other feed is illegal on the land that you hunt? What if you're afraid of theft in high traffic areas? Well, today I'm going to outline some alternative strategies that I'll be employing throughout the summer to try and inventory several different pieces of public across multiple states to get a good preparation for the upcoming season.  In addition to discussing what some of the higher odds locations to place those cameras might be, I also talk about camera density in an area, how to minimize false triggers, maximize the number of true triggers, and how to keep those pesky ants from destroying your camera electronics. DIY Sportsman is Powered by Simplecast

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