Tennessee Velvet Success Pt. 2 - Three Year Public Land Pursuit

Show Notes

Over the last couple of years, new opportunities to chase velvet bucks have opened up for southern hunters. One of the earliest is found in the great state of Tennessee. Each year, hunters have the chance to hunt velvet bucks in August on private lands with archery tackle or on some select public lands within Tennessee's CWD unit. While the conditions are anything but pleasant, unpressured deer with a more layed-back August temperament make the hunt worth while. 

In this episode of the Southern Way Hunting Podcast, Josh talks with Taylor Philpot and Justin Grogan of Revive Outdoors about their TN velvet hunt success. Both guys were able to fill their tags with velvet bucks, but that's where the similarities in their stories end. For this episode, Taylor shares the story of how his three year public land velvet pursuit came to an end with a beautiful Tennessee bucks. 

If you missed part one of this conversation, listen to last week's episode where the guys discussed the mission of Revive Outdoors and the story of Justin's buck. 

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