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Today’s show dives into everything that could go wrong for bow season as bow season is opening. Jacob starts off by telling a range story of shooting his bow this past weekend. You guys won’t believe what he did with his bow at the range! Listen in to see exactly what he did and what you definitely want to avoid doing yourself. Brayden then goes into a bow fiasco of his own. After having his bow almost dialed in, an arrow rest change reset him to day 1 on the range. Dial into this episode Sponsored by to hear all the bow woes we’ve faced so far.

Next up Arica speaks on her recent interesting weekend and raves about Fit to Hunt’s bow strength program. Having some issues recently getting her bow back effectively she spent some time working out to help her bow strength. She’s seeing impressive results and has her bow dialed in with field points, now she’s working on broadhead accuracy. Hold on to your seats because we go off on a wild tangent about flat earth, warning systems, and if we’ll all be zombies by time this episode hits your ears.

Closing out Dan updates us on his Land Between the Lakes scouting trips for his upcoming hunt. He excitedly goes into details about checking his trail camera, you guys won’t believe what shows up on it! He checks out a new spot that looks super promising on an old logging road running atop a long ridge line. He has a perfect line of sight picked out and a hopeful way to keep other public hunters from coming into the area while he’s there. With good cell reception he’s already receiving photos that are promising. We also go over good practices for dragging out your deer this season safely. Make sure to keep hydrated, keep some calories in you, and take it nice and easy or better yet don’t forget the deer cart!

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[00:00:00] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another episode of the Uncensored Podcast brought to you by gunbroker. com. Go get all your fall firearm needs, or if you just want a new toy or you just want to look, have a little look, just a little look. I love bidding on stuff. Just gets you excited. It's like your form of gambling.

Yeah. Like I like to go in there and be like, Oh, give me a deal. And then it'll be like, you've been outbid. I don't understand all the intricacies of it. Cause I don't play around on it much. But they have on eBay, you can get people sneak in at the very end and snipe you, but apparently they have fail safes in for that where it's 15 minute rule or something.

I don't know if you guys know anything about it. Is that like 15 minutes between bids? Maybe, or if it's the last 15 minutes of the auction, which I think, by the way, they were talking about it when we talked with them. I think that was the gist of it. Maybe there's like throttling in the last 15 minutes or, I don't know, but yeah.

Go try it. See if you can win [00:01:00] something. Get you a little, one of those little desk guns. Desk drawer guns. Yeah, that's what I need. Eric has been eyeballing it. Just sitting it out. Shit,

he just braided. Shoddy. Lots of fall conversations around here. I've told you guys already, but I'll shame myself publicly to dry fired my bow this weekend. That was the one dumb thing that I did, hunting related, got out to the range, chit chatting with a feller and turned around, fired my bow.

I do am a hunting enthusiast. I love that. I'm a big bow hunter. Hello fellow hunter. Watch me shoot. So I'll be going to the archery shop today. So was he within your shot when you dry fired it? Oh dude. The whole county was within earshot of this snap. Yes. Did he like turn around and was like, you alright man?

No. So he had walked back to his car. He's probably [00:02:00] 30 yards, 40 yards. And I turn. He hasn't looked. I'm like, okay, I can get by with this. Go get an arrow. And you tried to shoot, but the peep was messed up and your kisser button. Yeah. It's funny. I pulled it back the first time and I could see. I could see the pin, but the peep was tilted, so I could just see the pin.

It wasn't a circle, it was like a really tight oval. And so I did get one more shot off, and I was like, I probably should put this away. That's bold. I don't know if I took another shot. I don't know if it's bold or stupid. You were just in denial. You were like, it's fine. It's fine. It's fine. No. It's good.

It's good. Were you like, voila! It's lunchtime. I better go. I know it's funny. He probably because he was already there shooting and getting ready to leave and I was coming in and took a couple shots. Testing out a new release. So I was really close. I didn't want anything crazy to happen. And so I shot to 10 yard shots and then this 30 yard shot and then turned around and left.

So yeah, He has a [00:03:00] weird routine, sir. I'm good about 10, 10. All right. There's a road. What type of release did you get? It like a thumb release. Yeah. You've always had the thumb. I like thumb releases. This one has a, it's a sheer type and it's very sensitive. Lots of adjustability though. And I actually like it a lot more because the few times I've been using it, I've been testing it with my little.

I don't know what you call that thing. Trainer? Trainer. Yeah. Shot trainer. And I just have to squeeze a fist and I feel I'm able to concentrate on that versus punching it on the other one because it travels a lot longer on that other one even though It's adjustable like it still doesn't get as tight as this one does So you didn't you buy that one with the intention that it would be your backup Are you now potentially gonna flip flop the new one is now your primary?

Yep. That's exactly what I'm doing. What brand did you get? Stan it's it's a little bit more than the [00:04:00] one I had before, but it's that's a classic. I'm going to get a backup just in case something bad happens when I have a backup. Spends more on the backup than it's original. And I'm just going to, I'm going to go out this weekend, I'm going to take a couple shots with it.

And then you come back and you're like, and I broke my bow, so now we got it. Unrelated to the new release. I'm just ding dong. So two steps forward, one step back. Yeah. Did you take it yet? No, they weren't. They weren't there this morning, so I'm going to take it over there in a little bit. I I should probably go next because I spent time in the boat shop last week as well.

Our seasons have both now opened as of yesterday. And you guys are like, why don't you buy a boat? This is exactly why. It's okay.

I'm not saying it's, you don't have to. I'm not saying it's, I've never, it's wrong to make a mistake. I'm just saying you gotta have deep pockets to get into. Yeah, that's true. I do have deep pockets. You're right Dan. Good call there. You know what, loaded [00:05:00] don't act like you don't spend a ton of money on other hobbies, like the most, can't just throw another one in there.

You're broke person we know is Dan. Yeah. Get into Bow Hunter. We're gonna be playing poker tonight and I'm gonna start. You're gonna, I'm gonna run all your money out and then I'm gonna start coming after your gear and be like, we're going for your kayak on this one. I'll raise you three jigs. Jacob will have like baggies.

That would actually be fun. The rare beaver banger. New name for a bait. Good call. But yeah, so I I was at the bow shop. Just, so I got it re strung, I went and shot it a bunch of times, and then was doing like the final tune they were calling it. Sounds pretty soft to me. Yeah, pretty soft.

And and I get in there, and I shoot it one time, and it's a really bad tear. I'm shooting into paper. A really bad tear, like bottom the, like the field point hole, and the tear is like low. Left of the actual like fletching tear and it's like a really nasty looking [00:06:00] It should look like a bullet hole with the fins coming out of it.

So like immediately I'm like great This is not going well. I Shoot a couple times and then Dallas which it was actually Dallas's last day full time there I was his last patient in his shop and I was a problem child. He shoots it a couple of times and he's sometimes like I'll shoot it and I won't have the same problem.

And then we'll look at your form. It could be something you're doing. I'm like, okay, he shoots it, same problem, shoots it, same problem. And he's we got an issue on our hands here, so let's look at this, and he starts looking, and he's we can adjust the rest, and so we do that a few times, it's getting a little, a touch better, but not by much, and he starts saying there's something here that is like a bigger issue, and we start looking.

So I had the Trophy Ridge VMAX Whisker Biscuit, which, I went from a normal Whisker Biscuit to this, and. It's really cool, it has like just three sections of whiskers. Versus the normal whisk, whisker biscuit goes all the way around, this one just has three sections. It's supposed to be like, less resistance on the arrow, [00:07:00] and minimizes the rest of fletching contact.

At the time, I was shooting a three fletched arrow. Three little spots of whiskers, three fletched arrow, no problem. I switched to four fletched over the off season. And we were shooting those, paper tuned, and he's the rest of fletching contact is wrong here. And he's there's nothing I'm gonna be able to do to fix this.

He's your two options are, you can... tear the one or get the refletch them basically take the floor for fletching turn them into three fletching or You can get a drop away rest and I was like, I don't really want to spend a bunch of money he's like here's some affordable options.

So I got a QAD I think it's a QAD pro hunter or extreme hunter or something like that. It's just like a pretty entry level Yeah fork with a little Retainer. Yeah retainer on top. I've never used drop away rest But get that put on and come back and get it and he's that fixed the issue now You just need to recite in your bow and then [00:08:00] broadhead tune.

I had already had it sighted in ish It was not consistent. I was not feeling great, but I've also been having shoulder problems. It's been a whole thing This is all leading up to this was like on a Friday, and then a Saturday, and then open season was yesterday, Sunday. I tried to get it all ready, but it just didn't work out, and I'm still I've still got one more session of broadhead tuning, because I got new broadheads this year, because I shot my other ones last year, and they are out of commission.

There's just been a lot of change up this off season and on top of all that, it was a bad irregular wind and it was 84 degrees yesterday. I was like, all this is stacking up to me not going out, and I ended up not going hunting and just working on my bow and trying to get, Phil helped me yesterday a lot on on broadhead tuning and getting it pretty close, but.

Did he go out? No he's a pastor now. So he he doesn't have Sundays to go hunt. Yeah, he, his weekend is Friday, Saturday. So yeah he never was planning to go out. So [00:09:00] yeah, that's why, that's my excuse for why I didn't get out. What's your excuse, Erica? She's got a better one. Oh I had a wedding at my house.

On Saturday, so I was exhausted on Sunday. I... So if you want to have a new venue out in Indiana, you go to Erica. com and book a venue. Weddings. Wait, don't go to Erica. com. Weddings. Weddings. Weddings slash bouncy houses. I will say that... I said I wasn't going to talk about this. Sorry, I led you into it.

But Brandon did it. Okay had a wedding at my house. We don't normally do that. No? Okay. Nope, never done it. But it was a great time until the groom did break his leg. The whole leg broke it. Fibula and tibia. Tibia? Tibula? Tibula. Fibula. Fibula and tibula. Tibia and fibula. Tip.

Liberty Biberty. Beboo. That one's a new one. Yeah, big fan. That happened, and it was great, but Anyways, [00:10:00] so I was exhausted on Sunday which was opener, but I also, I think I talked last time I was on here that I didn't feel really good about pulling my bow back and I don't know. Anyways, but a little promo here for Fit to Hunt.

Fit to. Number hunt. com. They do like fitness for like your elk hunt and your bow hunt and there's this guy He's in our app Jeremy Kerber he I just did not feel good about like really pulling back like my draw weight and then Holding my bow like without like really shaking Anyways, he gave me this they have an archery program and it's a six week program and I've I'm two weeks into it.

And so yesterday I did, I was like, get up off the couch, go do something. And I did go out there and shoot a little bit and I'm not kidding you. I really did feel like stronger. Nice. Like right here underneath. Yeah. I don't know what that is. The try this lat. My lats. My lats. My latitudes. [00:11:00] Yeah. Your latitude.

Saddles. . What are they? I think it's lats, right? I think they are lats. Oblique. My lats. What's that? Your obliques are in your stomach? No, that's your, it's down. Heres. I don't have side abs. Anyway, it's not like I've never worked out before, but like I had been working out and really still had not anyway.

Yeah. Like I really, I was like, Oh, I'm so strong. So I felt really good about that. And then I put, so I was hitting where I wanted to hit and then I changed it to the broad heads. And it was going a little bit down. Yep. Which I knew that it would, I just hadn't thought that far. Yeah. So now I think I need to go out tonight and adjust my sight.

Rest. And then, rest. Huh? Yeah. Usually when you're broadhead tuning, you're adjusting your rest. Oh. Yeah. You're just the flight of the arrow. YouTube. And us. We could help you figure it out, but. Okay. Yeah. [00:12:00] Yeah. I have the same rest as you now. The VMAX? No, I don't know. It's like the drop away. Oh, yeah. Yeah, you have the drop away. That's right. I have a drop away Yeah, so you just yeah, it depends if you said it was low So then you just need to adjust the housing of that rest and dealio There's a little micro tuning thing on a lot of them you can use. Okay. Yeah, Tim I keep using the what are those?

The monkey wrenches? The allen wrenches? The allen wrenches? The monkey wrenches? Is there a monkey wrench? I don't know, is a monkey wrench an actual thing? It's an adjustable wrench that's usually used for plumbing. Yeah. So not an allen wrench. A twelve inch long wrench. Yeah. Tim keeps being like, where's the Allen wrenches at?

And I'm like, Oh, they're in the bow case. Where they should be. Anyways, that's all I did, but I feel good about it. I'm going to try and go this week. I think that so far, what I've seen is feeling more confident in your bow is a huge part of it. Yeah. If you don't feel ready to go, don't go. That's. [00:13:00] That's my excuse.

Yeah. And dude, we shot a lot more 3d last year. I feel like I was a lot better shot last year. I didn't, I haven't shot as much probably like at longer distances and like technical shots and stuff like that. I just been shooting like a block. And so I was feeling pretty good last year.

Yeah. I feel alright. Time on the bow. Yeah. Once I get broadhead tuned, I'll be okay. But it's still been like 80 degrees, mid 80s. Yeah. I think the end of this week is supposed to really dip down. Yeah. Yeah. It's looking we're like, we're here. Like this week, the highs are like, 58, 60, stuff like that.

And hunting the evenings, it'll start getting down. You look out the window, and it's leaves are falling, acorns pinging off of everything, and they step outside, it's 85 degrees. I know. You're like, what? It's supposed to be done. Overnight temps are good. Yeah. Y'all both got bucks on camera, right?

This past week. Yeah. You had three roll through, [00:14:00] right? Yeah, I think it was like Harvest Moon. I think they were like, I actually don't know what they were thinking. Time to go harvest some acorns. Yeah, they were like, ooh. Put their overalls on and went out there. So is the moon thing, the moon activity just because of the amount of light?

That's what I figure. That's what I've heard. Yeah, I haven't done a deep dive into it But I mean there is like gravitational pull and all that stuff like the I don't know. Does that change? Is it different? Yeah, because the moon is close. Yeah. Oh, no, we're making ourselves look evil. We're exposing how dumb we are.

It affects tides. I'm sure Yeah, how do the flat earthers explain like hunting phases and stuff like that do they go You would know. What do you mean? Do they talk about hunting at all, or? No. Cause they don't deny that there's a moon. Oh. I thought they would. No. I think they think the moon orbits above the flat earth.

Yeah. And then the [00:15:00] sun orbits a little higher above the flat earth. So how do they... Flat earthers do not believe that the earth rotates around the sun. They believe that the sun and the moon rotates around the earth. Which is the disc. Yes. Yeah. Cause it's a flat disc. So then what causes the shadows and the phases of a moon?

That's what I was trying to say. There, okay, there is a wiki, a Flat Earth wiki. Go to FlatEarth. com and they do have a lot of it. I'm, okay, for the record, I am not a Flat Earther. Anymore. Okay, no, stop. I got into Flat Earth for about a good 30, 30 minutes. COVID was weird, okay? This was before COVID.

Oh no, you don't have an excuse. I got into it, there was a dollar bill. That I found in my wallet one day and it was like flat earth is real and I was like what and like I'm the person that actually went to in like Google flutter and I was like, huh, they do explain a lot. Why do Yeah we just believe that Flat Earth was, or the Earth was [00:16:00] round because people told us ewww. Ewww. that does make sense. But they do believe that you could just walk off the edge of the Earth. Yeah, that makes sense. But there's also ice caps around the edge of it. Your YouTube algorithm is probably an absolute blast. I would love to see what kind of YouTube videos you're getting served.

I just saw on GoWild, someone posted something, and it was about that upcoming, this week there's going to be a nationwide emergency alert test, I don't know if you guys have heard about it on the last day. And this person posted this thing that was like, it's so the government knows where you're at.

And I was reading through, on this article that they linked to, I was reading through the comments, and the top comment was The emergency alert is going to activate the chips and the COVID. Ah, yes. 5g network. Now we can't publish this video anywhere. I just get shot.

There's too [00:17:00] much. No, but yeah, no, there's some good Good conspiracy theories out there. Wait, there is an emergency alert? There is. I think it has to do with the Maui wildfires. Because their alerts didn't go out. They were like, we tried to send alerts to people's phones about the wildfire and they didn't go out.

God, Hawaii, do you remember a few years ago when they accidentally had that emergency alert that was like there's a bomb dropping? Or a missile coming? Yeah, and it like went off and people were just, can you imagine if you got an emergency alert that was like a ballistic missile is I don't know.

Could you imagine being on an island and it's I don't know where to go. Nowhere to go. I think part of the Maui thing was they didn't sound, they purposely didn't sound the alarm because they were worried people were going to go up the mountains. They didn't sound the tsunami siren.

That's like a tornado siren because they're like, yeah, it would. Push them to the only time we use it is when there's a tsunami and theoretic, everyone's we would know [00:18:00] tsunamis because They take, hours. There's an earthquake out at sea and they're like, in four hours there'll be a tsunami.

But you could see the argument that Yeah. I think the big thing was they were just trying to wake people up. Sound the alarm so people wake up and look out the window and see fire. Yeah. And then can react. But now this is the cell phone thing. So the cell phone thing, you can program it to say, Whatever.

Alien invasion. So we're gonna get an alien invasion alert Wednesday? This is just a test. Yeah, we will get a test. Everyone with a cell phone. Aliens are coming. That's on. Should get the test. It probably will fail in some way. Okay, we should probably go back to talking about things we know a little bit more about.

We started wading into the Maui fire and I'm like, I think the reason they didn't sound the alarm is because by the time this episode airs, everyone's COVID vaccines will be activated, their chips, and then they will become lizard people and walk right off the flat earth. This episode will never air, no one will ever hear it.

Yeah, [00:19:00] I was about to say. We're this point. I don't know how we went from the moon to flat earth to... Oh, I do. All those dots connect. Yeah. Yeah. Did you do anything this weekend? I went out and got my trail camera from the... We actually... I drew the border of this hunt area. It's 11, 000 acres. You drew it?

On the onyx. You know how you can put in the borders? Oh, I still imagine a spreadsheet of no. So on onyx did the borders and then, cause I didn't know how big the area was. 11, 000 acres is my hunt area on Land Between the Lakes. That should be enough. Which, this is one of 14 hunt areas and they're all about that size probably a hundred thousand acres or something. It's laying between the lakes. So a big hunter area. Most of it doesn't have cell phone reception. If you're on a ridge line, you can get cell phone reception. As soon as you go in, you lose cell phone reception. So I had a trail cam set up. [00:20:00] And didn't get cell phone reception.

So I knew I'd have to come back out in two weeks. And now it's two weeks later. I didn't get one picture from it of a squirrel. So I was excited. To go down and pull the card, eight pitchers Four of them were me walking up to the trail cam like five minutes ago and then four of them were squirrels No other hunters, no deer, no nothing.

So that spot is no bueno so We went to where I was thinking of camping Drove on the road camped and there's the, like this logging road that I had tried taking my truck down before, but I'm like, I'm going to get stuck because this is an unmanaged road. So I backed up. This was two weeks ago. So this week we parked there and I'm like let's walk down it and see how it is.

And probably about 30, 40 yards from where I parked, there's a huge tree blocking the whole road. Fell over blocking the whole road. So I'm like, Ooh, no one can drive down this road. [00:21:00] And it's a long road along all the ridge ridgetops. And there's just acorns everywhere on this ridgeline. So me and my buddy walked down it and we walk all the way down to that.

And it's about a mile and a half to the end. And it just turns into woods. The roads just end. So I'm like, Oh, no one can, there can be no car activity. And if I park at the head of the. Road. This is like the only way you can get to this part of the woods. They like, you can't hike in from another road.

There's no other roads close. I'm like, there's a pretty good spot. We find this part of the ridgeline where there's two valleys and these are like mature oak valleys with very little underbrush. So I'm range finding and I'm, I can see across the valley, 100, 150 yards, which for Kentucky deer woods, that's a pretty good distance for a shooting lane on both sides looking down into two valleys.

So I'm like this is a spot. So I set up a trail cam there. And I get signal, because it's on a ridge line. And then I set it up Saturday, and then Sunday I got a [00:22:00] picture of a doe. So I know there's deer in the area. I bet they're not feeding up on the ridge line right now, but I bet once the rut happens, that'll be a buck highway up there.

Because it connects, it's a mile and a half, connects every single valley and ridge line. And... Even though it's a unmaintained road, it's still remarkably clear. So there's no underbrush or anything. So a deer could just jet right across it. So I'm excited as it starts getting colder. I think I'm going to get some bucks on camera and the location, with hunting public is dealing with other hunters.

And if my truck's at the top of that road

Anyone who comes after me, because I'm going to camp out, so I should theoretically be out in the woods before anyone else would even come up. They would see my truck and be like, oh, someone's here. If you wake up for your alarm, of course. If I wake up for my alarm, which is... Deep cut back to the one time Dan didn't wake up for his alarm.

Which is a crucial part of it. Or maybe [00:23:00] I'll just do afternoon hunts only. He wakes up at five, four or five, and he's I'm so cozy my sleeping bag in my hammock. Surely they're not moving right now. There's no deer out here right now. Yeah The other thing that's nice about this road is it's pretty There's very little underbrush and I feel like I could sneak along it pretty stealthily.

So if the winds right That might be a little bit more mobile than I've been In past hunts, where I'll just hunt the same spot morning and in the evening, and I'll just sit out all day in one spot. This might be one of those ones where I relocate midday. Can you see pretty good? You can see probably around you oh gosh, there's, I need to move over there because that's where I see them at.

Yes, I can see really well. I 150 yards. Okay. It's, and I can also hear really well. So where it's at, we were hearing acorns dropping way down in the valley because they dropped down in the valley [00:24:00] and rolled down the hill. So I feel like it's a pretty primo spot.

The only thing that would have been better is if it was like on the edge of a field or something, which I feel like would get too much pressure anyway. So I'm feeling confident about it. Okay. I'm feeling real good. Is there anything out there that is this is, there's a reason that the deer would move, cross the highway and move along the highway?

And this particular, like a pinch point that you can narrow in on to say you're, I mean you're shooting a gun, that's a little different I guess than bow hunting, but. Yeah, so my, the spot I chose was two open valleys on either end, one has a creek bed at the bottom of the valley, and. I've got good sight lines.

Is there water in the creek? No. Not. There's mud. That's, that was the other question I had. It hasn't rained in forever though. I was going to ask that was on the slogging road there's old tire tracks that have stagnant, three inch deep puddles in it.[00:25:00] Is that enough water for a deer?

Would a deer be like, Oh, that's good. I was getting a couple of licks of this. If it's not that slurry mud oil looking stuff, I'm sure they would. Yeah. They get a lot of their water from vegetation too. Yeah. There's some bucks that live out and there's it doesn't look like there's water anywhere around, but you got to think like they're eating leaves, there's puddles, there's leaves that fill with water.

They're opportunistic with that. So that's good. I still didn't see any sign of deer as far as rubs or scrapes or anything, but it's still early in the season, so We'll see how well my camera battery lasts. I might go back out in two weeks just cuz That's a long drives three hours each way.

Yeah, you get one of those solar Things to go on them so you don't have to keep going out there and change the battery. I went out there last time And I only took eight pictures, so the battery was like 90 percent full. Yeah, I would think with yours, as long as it's not polling so much for signal that it's draining it, if it's not sending a ton of pictures, you'd probably be [00:26:00] fine.

Yeah, so it might just be, just cause it's got nothing going on a Saturday, drive out there and walk around some more. There were a lot of game trails going across, not where I'm setting up, but trails going across, but they didn't have... Great shooting lanes. So an archery season is open in there so if you were going down you think you would see hunters in the spot if Yeah, you would think I didn't see I haven't seen this second time.

I've been down there. I haven't seen anyone hunting You didn't did you see the climber stand again? It was there. It was still there, but I'm not hunting that area because oh That was the first area where there was nothing on camera and that was the other thing was I felt like that Pond, which you can see on the satellite mapping, and it's only one of two ponds outside of the Lake Beach coastline.

I'm like, oh, there's going to be a ton of hunters coming down here and scouting. I didn't get anyone else on cam. That's not [00:27:00] like I don't know I don't feel like it's that surprising with a giant body of water being there like I don't Think that a lot of hunters would be like I'm gonna go look for a water source.

That's alternative to like I get The theory but it doesn't seem like most hunters would be thinking about that. Yeah, I don't know I'm excited though. It's gonna be good. Yeah, man. You got a good setup well, I Friday we talked about your Dead deer sled that you bought your snow sled, which is pretty sweet.

Have you ever seen one of those? Jet sled. In person? Yeah, it's like the same. They're really stout. Yeah, they're really stout. I was expecting to be more flimsy, but a sturdy thing. So anyways I do not have the type of drag out that you guys will have on these public land hunts. But last year when I was dragging that buck up the hill like it Killed me.

It was heavy and it was hard to get up there. So I started thinking about what I'm going to do to help me drag deer out. If I have to do it by myself. And[00:28:00] I started looking at deer drags and DIY deer drags and how to build something myself, cause I don't want to spend 60 bucks on something that I can just build and I somehow at our house, I don't know what this goes to.

I'll probably find out at some point when it's necessary and I don't have it, but it's a section of like seatbelt material. That already has loops sewn in both ends. And so I took a one inch dowel rod that just perfectly fits in those loops, screwed the seatbelt on there, and then I took old bike inner tube and wrapped it around that handle.

So now I've got a deer drag that's, I don't know, it's probably four feet. So I'm hoping my feet don't kick the deer as I'm dragging it, but you just put it around the antlers, loop it, loop the handle through, pull it up to you, walk behind it. It's great. I was thinking about that when you shared that.

I wonder if. there'd be a way to attach a rope or something to your hunting saddle. Yes. I read some [00:29:00] like forum posts about that actually, where people are doing that, just rigging it up so that it attaches to you. Yeah. The issue with mine, my saddle belt loosens with time and me sitting in the tree moving around.

And if I get out of the, get out of the tree and hike back to my truck, I typically have to tighten it once or twice before I get back to the truck. I don't know if it's just. Not looped through the buckle correctly. I haven't figured out why it loosens like that. So yes, but it would pull right off of me.

I'd be having around my knees in a second, but yeah, that's inventive. I like it. I cheap redneck ingenuity. Yeah, baby. Save you some money. So yeah. Anybody hears this and has questions about how to do it. Send me a message. It's super stupid. Simple. Obviously we don't have seatbelt material. You can break up some other kind of rope, but I just, I've been working out preparing myself to drag.

Hopefully, because last year was so tough getting up that hill, [00:30:00] that I'm hoping this thing makes it a heck of a lot easier. Dude, every year a bunch of people die trying to drag their deer out because they have a heart attack. It's the only... What? Yeah. It's a very common thing, yeah. Because people don't do anything all year long, and then they go out and they sit in their stand, they shoot a buck, and then they try to drag it.

Their heart rate gets up so high that they're not accustomed to it, and it's just one of those things that like... There's nothing to it, but to do it. And most people are physically capable of dragging it a little bit, but it's like a, it's like a long, grueling exercise. And if you're not in some amount of cardio shape, then yeah, you just have a heart attack out there.

And since you're out in the woods by yourself, yeah, it happens every year. Yeah, I guess like the whole deal of shooting a deer taking that shot, you're already. That's true. Yeah. Yeah. Crazy. And then you. Let it die down adrenaline, then yeah, go get it. And then you pull, go back up and your heart's oh man, it's too much fella.

Yeah man we gotta give out, whoop. Yeah.[00:31:00] And last year too, I lack of preparedness, whatever you wanna call it. I just don't eat and drink a lot and so when I'm sitting there , actually, last year I was in between properties. I had a handful of almonds, handful of jerky. Drank a little bit of water and then, sat down for the hunt and all the work started.

And so I was like way low on calories to have energy to do this dehydrated, cause I haven't drank anything. And so then you. Take that I didn't go get something out of the truck in between shooting the deer and gutting the deer and dragging the deer And so I'm like depleted of everything and then trying to do that and it was just gassed completely gassed Yeah, so lots of lessons in there.

Keep yourself full while you're hunting. Yeah I never think to always imagine like the hunt in a shot, but I never I do think if it starts to get close to shooting light, or yeah, no, the end of shooting light, I'll say, I'm always like, do I last year, cause I had not feel dressed on my own before.

And [00:32:00] so I had a couple of people that were like, if you get something, just call and we will help you with it since you're not super confident. And I was like, great. So it would be like very close to the end of shooting light. And I'd be like, Oh, but if something does come through, like by the time it, I'd always think about that.

By the time it like rests and like stops, then I'm gonna have to call him and it's gonna be like dark and I'm like, hey, so you, so I know that it's very dark now, but can you help me find it and help me food dress it? Yeah. So anyways, I feel good this year, but I don't usually. I hadn't thought about dragging all the energy you're gonna put in.

Yeah. Yeah, like I don't feel dressing. I'm like it's work Yeah, I don't put water in like snacks for afterwards, like I dehydrate myself and I don't eat Yeah, and then but yeah last year it was a lot of if you've got no calories in your belly to burn off I mean you just gotta think about putting yourself in a hole Yeah, and the adrenaline dump and all that, like you're [00:33:00] already kinda on the edge, a little frayed.

Having a snack and some water is probably a good idea. But, dude, I don't know how many deer me and Phillip shot together and he has a deer cart and we've never used it. Why? It just like just so happens that hunt when we go kill something we forgot it or it's in his truck It's like you don't have the net don't have the fish net you catch a big fish.

Literally. It's like it's exact that exact We've he shot a buck. I don't remember how long ago. It was a couple years ago, maybe And he had to drag it I don't even know, it was probably a mile and a half. And then the last 500 yards, I was able to hike out with his buddy and me and then all of Phil's gear.

We hiked all the way out, got to the truck, and then drove the truck down and met him at the bottom where he was dragging this thing out. And then I wheeled the deer cart all the way to him, and by the time I got to him, He was like five or 600 yards from the truck. So we rigged the thing up and [00:34:00] put it on.

So that's the only time we've ever even used the deer cart. That's supposed to make dragging super easy. It's just, we've never actually had it on hand and had a good plan to use it. Yup. My lessons from gutting deer is stretch your hamstrings. And have food and water to keep you filled up.

I bet all the cavemen out there, that are listening, from centuries ago, are like, You guys are idiots. We're talking about, we had to prep for it. You ever seen a gazelle stretch before it runs? I don't know. What's that from? That's from something. I don't know. I've said it. I probably saw it somewhere.

He made it up. No, I didn't make that up. It's like how Brad invented yee. Oh yeah. We came up with it, but it's yeah. It's a contested argument. No. Season's open. Let's go get them. Time to get to work. Yeah. By the next episode, we'll all have been in the woods. Yeah. Multiple times. Tune in for next week.

Yeah. [00:35:00] That's up for me. I'll have to wait until November. Yeah, you haven't, but Andrew shot two does already, so he's ahead of us over in Ohio. The group tally, up to two. Yep, we'll add to it this week. All right y'all, make sure you log the show and go wild, get your points, get ready for those rewards coming out soon with Gunbroker's a pretty sweet one, so make sure you have some of those ready to cash in and we will talk to you all later.

Bye. Bye.