The Most Magical Time of the Year

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In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild presented by, we talk all about the most magical time of the year..hunting season! We open up with Jacob telling us about his first day in the woods which didn’t go exactly as planned. Running late to the woods it seemed like everything was being thrown at him. He tells us about driving through a complete downpour that eased up right as he pulled into the woods, unfortunately it caught up to him and unfortunately ruined the entire hunt so instead he pulled the plug and decided to wait until the next day.

Next up Brayden goes in depth on his saddle setup for this upcoming season. He covers his new pack for carrying in his saddle equipment. He completely changed his setup for this season with a unique way to carry his climbing sticks in so they aren’t constantly in the way which allows him to go in with a smaller pack. He then dives into going over getting his bow back after being completely restrung this summer. He needed to shoot his bow around a hundred times before the final fine tune, can you guys guess how many times he shot it on the first day out? Let’s just say..mistakes were made. The second time out he realized a major difference in his bow that could’ve caused some really serious issues if not fixed before season! Crisis majorly averted.

Dan covers another trip scouting to Land Between the Lakes in Western Kentucky. He saw a good bit of deer sign but not a ton of rubs or scrapes in his first location to scout. The second spot looked a little more promising and he felt very good about it. Natural water sources, and on the edge of an old overgrown field it definitely has all the ingredients needed for a recipe of success.

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] Alright, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Go Wild's Fall, brought to you by gunbroker. com. Let's go baby. It is, as Brayden said, the most magical time of the year. Is this the last day of summer today? Oh god. Oh, like officially? I think. No. The 18th of September? It's always like the 21st. I don't know. It feels like it.

It's close. Leaves are starting to turn colors here. It's getting nippy this morning. Me and Jacob are breaking out our 90's t shirts. Rocking it. Stuff holds hard. I don't know. They both got holes in them too. Yeah. That's the style now. That's normal for you. I think a fat guy owned this before me. I could see cigarette burns. Yeah, I could see the beer gut being out like this and then cigarette dropping right on top of the gut tray right there. The fat guy wearing a medium t shirt? Yeah, he was like 4'7 When you get a shirt like that, do you do some Wikipedia ing in case you run into any sort of rabid fan and you're just not totally [00:01:00] ignorant?

No, here's what happens. I walk in and Donovan goes, Hey, that's that Matt. Kenzeth. I think it's Kenzeth. And I go, yeah. And you go, I just like the colors. No, I remember the car, the DeWalt car. And it's got a mural on the back. There's still a DeWalt car, isn't there? I don't know. I haven't watched since I was a kid.

I fell off the NASCAR train, unfortunately. I'm sure they still sponsor somebody. A lot of people did. Yeah. They're back. Actually Chris from Colpin used to do stuff with DeWalt. He did some pretty cool stuff with NASCAR back in the day. Oh, really? Around that time frame. Yeah. Yeah. In other news, fall time.

So I think we all did fall things this weekend. Something. Y'all did hunt and skip. Something. Who wants to kick it off? I had a little... Spits and starts but I think Jacob had the closest to what we would call a hunting experience. So I think you should start a disclaimer. Your all season has opened.

Me and Brayden's Brayden and I. Kentucky opened first Saturday of September. Archery. And I haven't [00:02:00] been able to get out. It's September 18th, just so you guys know. That's 17 days. Haven't been able to get out. My myriad of excuses every season. Kid stuff, family stuff, travel. Whatever it may be. So this past week, I was gonna try to get out mid week.

School stuff, kids things got in the way. I was like, alright, I'm going Sunday. While I'm coaching my kids, my boys football teams. Yeah. And so games and practices are on Sunday, I'm looking at the calendar, talking to my wife, and it's like, all right, I'm going to not, I'm going to, do you care if I cut out as soon as football's over and go hunt that evening?

Football, the last game should be over by four. Me and my stupidities thinking, I'll get out of there at four, get to the spot, be in the tree, five o'clock, good, ready to roll. As football tends to go, games got delayed. That's the last game of the day. So it's gotten pushed back. Pretty far. I get out of there late and I get off the [00:03:00] highway and it's starting to rain and then it's pouring as I'm driving out.

It's just like one road. Never turn. The whole time I'm driving down this road, it's pouring down rain. I get through the pouring down rain, get parked at the farm, and it's just lightly raining. And I'm thinking to myself, this is nothing, I can walk through this stuff, get out there, get set up.

And it's decent tree cover, so I'm not worried about getting dumped on. I go around to the back of my truck, get my bag, open it up, pull my saddle out, getting ready to put my saddle on. So at this point, I'm like, crap I need to sit down, wake this out, do the whole 20 minute thing, give it some time to go through while the rain catches up to me.

So then it's downpouring. I get back in the truck. I had a door open like a dummy. I'm standing at the back of my truck under the covering and I left my door wide open and so my pistols in the seat and everything is soaked when I go to get back in. So I get back in, I'm sitting there waiting for it and I'm texting Braden [00:04:00] kind of play by play as this is going down and I look at the radar map and there's literally within like a.

10, 15 mile radius of where I'm sitting. There is nothing except right on my dock of where I'm at. And so it's not these deer today. Yeah, it's just not, it goes blue, like the color. I don't remember the order is like blue, green, red, yellow. And it's just right there. And it's growing around me. It starts hailing like pea sized hail starts hitting my truck.

And this is at this point is probably four 50. And I'm like doing the math backwards is why I texted Brayden. I'm like, okay, I know they're there around seven o'clock just because of trail cam history over the last few weeks. But they've been there as early as 440. And so I'm doing this math in my head of okay, I got to get in there and get my stuff on the tree and get set up.

And it's go time. So do I go in and still hunt this [00:05:00] thing? Do I go in and try to find a tree just to hide behind and try to get after it that way, instead of wasting time, setting up my saddle, waffling back and forth between that, and then it doesn't stop until 520. So at this point, I'm a good 40 minutes in setup.

So it's six o'clock. By the time I get in there and do that. So now I'm calling my wife. I'm like, look, I'm wanting to, or this is all falling apart. This is she's five miles away and there's not a raindrop. And so I'm like, do you care if I hunt tomorrow evening instead? She gives the thumbs up. And so at that point I'm like, I'm pulling the rip cord.

I'm getting out of here. There's no sense in me going in there Sunday, yesterday. Okay, so you're planning on hunting tonight. Yeah, I'm going this evening. You thought that if you went in there and only hunted for an hour, you could screw it up for like your bigger hunt today. Yeah. This is the spot where like the pictures of the bucks are coming from, right?

Like you're getting a lot of bucks. You don't want to bugger that up. [00:06:00] This is like five, ten yard shots from the tree I'll be in. And so I didn't want to run the risk of my ingress and egress. I have to go past this one spot that they use. Like it is. It's one of those things where I could piss away the next few hunts by screwing this one up and forcing it.

Or hold off a day and try to go back in there. So that's what I did. I was, how you get all excited, you're driving, you get the butterflies in your stomach. And I told Erica this morning, like I've been picturing these scenarios because you're piecing together what they're doing from the trail cameras.

Where they're coming, where you're sitting and they're going to come in right there and I'm like. I can feel these deer showing up and the whole shot process starts running through my head. My heart starts raced, like not even there. And I'm sitting in the truck, just super pumped up to be out.

And then it wasn't meant to happen. God literally said no. He's here's some thunder hail. And so did you get [00:07:00] pictures that evening at seven? I did not. And it was talking to Liz about that when I got back. It's I don't want to see a deer show up there tonight. Cause if a good one walks up, I would have missed it.

Regret it. No, it was definitely the right call not to go out there. Like I spent, you said you've had them out there early as 440. Yeah. It's doughs usually, but Yep. I don't want to mess up with them either. You ever imagine you got out there and got all set up and were up in the tree and then it starts de hailing.

So if, yeah. That was the other thing. Football didn't get delayed. Yeah. If football didn't delay me, I would've been out there getting pegged by this. This hail . So there's a joke there. It worked out. Touch it. Don't . Leave it. Gimme here. Leave it. Leave it. Oh, stay. Stay. So tempted. You guys can draw your own conclusions about what that joke was gonna be.

Yep. Yep. So I'm getting after those boys tonight. I'm only shooting a buck. I'm not gonna take a doe. It's this is I see these hunts as very calculated. There's no reason for me to push it. I've got the whole season rest left to go. Yeah. [00:08:00] And it's not like they're still in velvet.

That was the other thing is like they were still in velvet and you're like racing against, it's I really wanna velvet. Oh, they are. Two of them are still in Velvet Snap. Yep. And those boys showed up consistently two days in a row this past week. So I'm hoping they are maybe tonight. That's, I've only seen two left, but it's we were talking to Vukovich about this.

It's like a million, it's like anything with deer. It's like health, like they can cause them to

They can get out of it early. They can stay in it super long. Like one of them was out of velvet in August, like mid August. I remember seeing that. Yeah. It's alright, you get back after tonight. Yeah, run it back. What time are you getting up there? I'm gonna try to get out here about 3. 30, 4 o'clock.

Get over there, 4. 15 or so. Yeah. Tune in next week to hear all the ways... So last year, my first archery hunt, I got up in the [00:09:00] tree with field points. That's right. Field points. So it never starts the way you expect it. Your success, you weren't even up in the tree, right? You were just behind a tree, standing behind a tree.

And a deer walked by. Is that right? Or were you in a saddle Last year? Yeah, last year for that hunt. Yeah. That was the second hunt. I was on the ground. No, like when you got your deer. Yeah. You were on the Yeah. You were on the ground. Yeah. Yeah. For both of them. Yeah. Yeah. Shot two and like I love hunting on the ground.

Yeah. The saddle's fun. Like I enjoy it and it's obviously a better hunting position, but I like chasing 'em on the ground. Yeah. Before saddle you. Pretty much we're strictly on the ground, right? Yeah, I have a climber stand. I've hunted out a few times. I hate them I don't like climber stands. So the saddles like the perfect mix between the way I like to hunt and the better way, dude I got my whole saddle set up ready over the weekend and I've been thinking about it like so I used to use this Badlands Diablo VT backpack and It was sweet because I could take my sticks [00:10:00] and like it had three straps that were on the outside of the pack that I could strap them to.

The Predator platform went right into the backpack and I had like tons of extra space. And this year my goal was to like, like downsize, have a lighter setup and I have this It's the Plateau Pack from Trophy Line, and... Which is like a fanny pack with shoulder straps. It's a, it's called a lumbar pack.

Lumbar pack. Yeah, so it just goes like your lower back, and there's like beefy straps that come around your midsection, and then there's a strap that goes around your chest. And I really liked it, but the problem is I use three step sticks, the Hawkelium, I think they're like 30 inch, maybe? And so they're super long, like a lot of guys use the two step, and I just, I inherited the...

And I actually really like them now. They're heavy, but I like that I only have to set up three instead of four on the tree. And so with that Plateau Pack they're designed really for those two step sticks, because you can set them down horizontally, and they don't come out of your frame real far, and you're not having to struggle [00:11:00] to go through the woods and hitting every tree and all that.

I've been thinking about it, and finally I came up with a plan. For my birthday, Sav got me these little straps that go for my, it's a FHF gear chest rig, and you can buy these attachments that you just, you can take the straps off, like the straps that go around your chest and your shoulders, that make it a chest pack, and then it's just like a floating rectangle, and you can clip on these little things that have these little Other clips that you can put through Molly or you can put through really like any kind of loop and clip it on.

And so what I did was I took the plateau pack, I laid it down and clipped the chest rig basically to the top, at the base of my neck, pretty much. Like all the way at the top. And then this is what you're keeping your binos in? No. No I'm going to keep some stuff. I still have the plateau pack that I'm going to keep.

I'm, I totally changed my whole setup, but I'll explain that in a sec. But. So like you've got the bottom like where the lumbar pack is down by like my low back. And then at the top I have the chest rig sitting there that has molly on the outside. I put a [00:12:00] strap on that. So now I have, I can put my sticks like completely vertical running all the way up, like basically my back.

Yeah, all the way up my spine. I can just clip to the chest rig and then I clip to the lumbar down at the bottom. And so I have those running and the platform pack actually fits into. The little zipper down on the lump, which I did not think was going to. Oh, the pouch part? Yeah. Oh, really? The whole platform fits in there.

Dang. And then you just zip it. Yeah, I did not think that. That's a Predator platform? Yeah, the tethered one. Which is like one of the, it's a smaller, lighter, whatever, but that's what I like. And so yeah, I'm able to run a smaller pack. That's, the Badlands VT is sick, but it's just it's just more than what I need.

Yeah. You didn't normally take that up the tree with you, right? No. And also, so that's where the chest rig comes in is still with this setup is I'm going to leave the lumbar pack on the ground. Cause I have I'm going to walk in with my saddle on. I've got like a. little pouch that goes on the side of the saddle.

And I, it has Molly on it [00:13:00] too. So I'm going to hook the chest rig. The chest rig is what I'm going to take up the tree. So I'm going to leave the lumbar pack at the base of the tree, clip the chest rig off, put it onto my saddle and have all snacks call like monocular, whatever, a range finder.

And that'll just go up the tree with me and I'll be able to leave everything else down there. Did I show you that? Brunton, I think it's Brunton Monocular I got when we were testing out. A new vendor on the site and I ordered one. No. I did have to show it to you, it's pretty, from a monocular, it goes to what, 40x or something?

It's cool. Oh wow. I'll show it to you. Yeah, mine's just the, it's the Vortex Solo, I think. Yeah. That's a good one. I like it. I have those Athlon binos too, but I don't know what I'm going to use more of, really. Yeah. It'll just be my first year season with those. Yeah. But yeah, I got the whole setup done and.

I got to shoot actually a shot Friday night with Phil, and we went out. I was actually telling Jacob this whole story, but I'll tell it again to y'all. I got my bow completely restrung, [00:14:00] and it's like this is my third season using it, and I shoot it a decent amount, so it was just, it was really starting to need it.

And got it back, and went out to the range, I think that day, with Jacob and Derek. And... Dallas was telling me like, Hey man you need to shoot this thing a hundred times and then come see me and we'll do a final tune and you'll be ready for the season. I'm like, okay, cool. So I go out to the range and I shot it 43 times.

Yeah, it was stupid. It, for me not being an archery shape, like that's really dumb. Some people like, it's no big deal, but like I'm usually like 15 ish arrows and I'm good, but I was trying to get through that a hundred and I was just like, not really caring where they're going and I'm shooting and dude.

My shoulder was wrecked. I've never felt before. And I was like, oh man, I think I might have tore something. I'm still sore from it. It hurt really bad. So then I'm shooting again Friday with Phil. And I waited. I had a vacation in between then. So I didn't shoot at all between then.

It was probably ten days. [00:15:00] And we're shooting and like my shoulder is still hurting, I'm not saying anything because it's just it is what it is at this point, like whatever, just shooting. And Phil looks over and he's dude, your field point is basically in your rest, like it is right there.

He's like, when you put a broadhead on that thing, it's gonna, like it's not gonna work, like it's literally gonna be resting. And I'm like, wait, like these, I, there's, is this arrow cut wrong? What's going on? And we're looking, and I'm like, no, all these. Like it's the same as last year. I don't know what would have happened.

I was like I got my bow restrung and we're like, what things did they do in this? What do they take apart? And we started looking at it. The string stop screw they just put in the wrong spot. So instead of it drawing to my normal trawling, it was back an extra inch. So I was pulling it back a whole extra inch and it was just like that, just that little amount going back, that ergonomics.

And it was the full let off, which is nice, like all the way let off. And I could just sit there and hold it forever. But I was in a really bad [00:16:00] position for my shoulder. And so we fixed that and actually over adjusted it once. And it felt like I was shooting like a trad bow. Like I couldn't, like there was no let off.

And then I went one more step and now it's back to normal and feels good again. But yeah, so caught that right before season trying to get my boat ready. And then so that's good. And then. We're gonna go out youth season Saturday with Phil's brother we're not sure where yet because of the wind, but we have a he got a crossbow for him.

And so he was sighting that in yesterday and getting that thing ready and I was actually talking to Brad in a meeting this morning. I was like, dude, I was sitting there having a hard time making an argument to myself that's not the most ethical way to kill a deer. I was like and on top of that, so the argument.

As a compound bow hunter. Are you talking about crossbows versus compound? Yes. Okay. And the argument is it's cheating because it's during archery season. It's not fair chase or whatever. This bow, this crossbow is 330 feet per second, which [00:17:00] is what a compound bow does. It's going to be more accurate because you've got like a digital sight and You can rest it.

More accurate. You're usually shooting it off of a gun rest or whatever from a stand or A tripod or a bipod or whatever. And I'm like, man, I'd... It shoots mechs really well, like you, you don't have the same type of problems usually with a crossbow from what I understand. I've never done it, so don't roast me here.

I'm trying to learn about it, but like from what I understand, they shoot mechs really well and they perform super well out of a crossbow versus there is an argument against them for compound, teach their own. But I was just trying to make the argument to myself that's not the, the best way to kill a deer.

Not the best, but like most ethical, it's like there's more room for error with a compound you can get a crossbow up to way over 330 feet per second. So now it's like a gun, but you're doing less of the internal damage that a gun does where you're losing some meat. You're going to lose less meat with a crossbow.

I still love a compound bow. I'm [00:18:00] still going to compound bow hunt. You could just make the argument that a gun's the most ethical way. You lose more meat. That's not ethics. If you're thinking about for the deer though, like for the deer, if about for the less margin of error.

It could really just be like how much work you put in as a hunter. Yeah. I think the ethics are just. You're right you, you're more accurate and have a wider range of success with a crossbow, but the ethics just come into if you are going out and practicing and the best I can do is 20 yards with a compound bow.

Then if you're within what you're comfortable with, I think that's ethical. Now, if you're trying to stretch out to 40 and you're, you know in your head, Oh, this might be an unethical shot. I'm sure it's the same thing with crossbow. I don't know. What would you say the range on a crossbow is? 80 yards?

100 yards? I honestly don't know. You could take a shot that far. Yeah, I feel like a lot easier than with a compound bow. Yeah, 330 foot per second [00:19:00] crossbow. No, you're not gonna shoot So there's still the same ethical there's a limit to the crossbow if you're hunting over a field or something like you're gonna take a hundred Fifty yard shot or no a hundred yard shot not with this one in particular No, there are some that can do that can perform like that.

But yeah, I don't know I'm not like having a moral dilemma over here. It's just like I had that was the first time I really had I've been around a crossbow being shot a lot and I was like, huh, did you shoot it? No. Oh dude, they're fun to shoot. Yeah. He was sighting it in and he had a full set up.

I was just hanging out. I think if you're going to introduce somebody to it, especially youth that is the path. Exactly. There's no recoil. There's no bang. There is a little bit of recoil with it, but not like a firearm. No. And it's It's especially more ethical for some, like a younger dude, who's like in school, plays sports, or has a job, or whatever, there's, you're not gonna spend as much time shooting a compound bow, more than likely, like this guy, in particular, is not, he's not practicing that much, so the ethical issue is like, he's not great, with a compound bow, get him in a crossbow, teach him how to shoot this [00:20:00] thing, get it sighted in, and I mean it's, Steady it.

Shoot it. You're good to go. So is this youth only archery? No. So you can use whatever? Indeed, you can use a gun. Yeah. This weekend. You can use. That's early. That's great. Yeah. It's always the weekend before bow season opens. Sweet. Yep. But yeah, that was all the stuff I did. What'd you do, Erica?

I did a lot of things, but you were talking about, so do you think if you adjusted it, your bow, like you, if you had done the 43 before you figured out what was wrong, you would have been fine with your shoulder? No, I probably would have been sore still, yeah. Oh, okay. I tried to get in shape before, but I wasn't like shooting my bow as much because my string was messed up, and so there was a period probably, That's probably two weeks where I didn't shoot it at all and then went and shot it 43 times.

I would for sure be sore. Okay, because that's what I feel like my problem is that I've been out there practicing But [00:21:00] I feel like after maybe seven I'm like doing some weird stuff to try and get it like pulled back. Yeah, and anyways, I Ended up texting Jeremy Kerber with Fit2Hunt, and I was like, hey, do you have, we were texting about some other things, but I was like, hey, do you have any good back or shoulder what's the one thing that I can do to help me get that up?

Cause I feel like I'd be more. Consistent. Yeah. And like I'm not sitting in my tree and like doing all kinds of wonky stuff and just spooking them out. And you just gotta draw one time in that scenario. I know. But but if you can practice more then it makes you better. You just, I, you guys know me.

I worry about everything. Like I'm just gonna sit here and worry about me doing crazy stuff. And he was like, oh I have a whole archery program. Yeah. And I was like, oh my god. Anyways, so he sent it to me. And then, you should do it too. I'll look at it. Who is Zach? I think he might do it. Yeah, he commented on it.

Anyways, go all 10 at fit to hunt. com fit number two hunt. com. They have archery program. [00:22:00] Anyways, I'm going to do it. It's only three days a week. And then for six weeks, and then I feel like I'm just going to... What does it consist of mostly? Is it like a lot of body weight or is it like weights or bands?

No, there's some bands, there's a couple of weights, there's like using your own body weight for a couple things. It's like real, real easy. It's not going to take you an hour a day or anything like that. Alright. Anywho... You're selling me on it over here. I'm working on that. But then a couple weeks ago, I went out and last year I talked about how...

I didn't love my tree stand position. Like I put it there in the beginning of the season, felt really good about it. But then during the season it was clear that this one particular place that I didn't have a shooting lane was where they were all coming from. And I wish that I could have moved my ladder stand or I wish that I had a saddle set up that I could.

Just go move anyway. So this year a couple of weeks ago we went and moved it. And then this [00:23:00] weekend me and my husband and. A friend went out and helped me cut some shooting lanes into that area. And then also scouted around a little bit and saw another spot that I really like for specifically for bow.

It's like really clear, but has a lot of tracks and it goes down into this like swampy area. It goes to a pond, it goes to the food, it goes to, it's like a pinch point. And yeah. Kiss noise from my bottle. I was trying to do that quietly. Jacob's over here just going... I can imagine like the YouTube video the camera's just cut to Erica talking and everyone's just thinking that we're like making out.

We're keeping it cool. But anyways, in that like little pinch point area that's clear because I used to log it There's this big tree that's down with a bunch of limbs and stuff over it, and we're like, you should just set up here without a tree spin. Anyway, so we went [00:24:00] out there to clear, and I was like, I have a blind, why wouldn't I just put this here?

And they were like, yes. Yeah. Go get it. So they ended up leaving and I brought the blind down. I found a chair that I had. It was like, it's a little swivel chair. And he was like, it's super comfy. But in that box that guy gave me last year with the bow, it had a chair in it. And it's nice. It's like neoprene.

Anyway, so I set that up. Cut to Erica sleeping in a blind. Good night. This is actually just me like. What'd you see out there? I'm just escaping my kids and sitting in this blind. Anyway, so I like cut some stuff down and made some shooting lanes and your buddy heater in there too. Ooh, you know what I should though.

But I'm afraid that the propane smell might. Oh, do you think it will? They make, I've never had one. They have one for hunting. Now that I have a blind, how they work, but I know that there. You can. Use them in enclosed spaces, like there [00:25:00] isn't fumes coming off that'll give you carbon monoxide. People do this all the time.

I just don't know which one it is. Yeah, I don't know if there is a smell. I don't know. I honestly don't know. They're propane, but maybe they like totally burn it. I don't know. I don't know. The idea is that this is... Cut to Erica dead in a moment. It's just burning. Was this a meth lab? What was she doing there?

The idea that this is mostly for bow season. Yeah, this specific spot, the tree stand, I think the tree stand is more like my primary location and the neighbor guy that has been like really helping me scout and identify some areas and trails and like strategy wise, he was like, this blind here is a good spot, but I think that your tree stand is where you're going to get More of your success.

Have you practiced shooting sitting down yet? No, so now that I know that I have the chair and the blind now which that all came through this weekend that's what I'm going to go home and do today and this week is [00:26:00] like more practice and then do the sitting down spot. I'm excited. Heck yeah, dude.

But this is me always at the beginning, I'm like, oh my god, I'm going to get a pen. I'm going to get something. And then we're like. A week into rifle season having opened and I'm like, I don't know what to do anymore. Is your you're talking about two different spots. Are they, you're gonna have to hunt like the same wind for both of those?

Or is one like an east or one, like you could, do you have options? If it's a bad wind day for one, could you hunt the other? Yeah, I think there's options there. Nice. Cool. That's great. I'm excited for you. Quick break. Yeah. If we want to get this on camera, we are at time limit for that. We should probably restart.

That's literally what I was going to say, I'm like, do we have time to talk about? Oh yeah. Sure. Go ahead. I think it's excusable this time of year. Yeah. Go ahead. Leave that rolling. Okay. Yeah. Just go ahead. We'll do it live. You don't need to cut this out. Dwayne. Cut it. Count it down. [00:27:00] Ready? Okay. Okay.

Three, two, one, go. Do we have to clap again? You have no natural rhythm. We can clap. Clap. Yay! I said three, two, one, go. It wasn't a four four count though. It's a good thing you guys aren't hunting with each other, trying to shoot two turkeys at the same time. Wait, two? On two? Three, two, one, go. I made sure I said the go this time.

So you win scouting. I want to scale you got out there, too. Yeah, so Drew quota hunt for land between the lakes, which I'd never been to I've never even been to I Never even been to Western Kentucky and so I saw I already forgot the name of the guy that head of the confederacy, his monument, what's that thing called?

Robert E. Lee? No. Oh. Oh. What? Smith? It's he's got a huge obelisk out in the middle of some field, it looks like the [00:28:00] Washington Monument. Oh, I've seen that. I've seen this. You're like, what is that? It's the monument to the head of the confederacy. Like the political head. Yeah, me and, I think me and Derek drove by.

And looked up what it was and we were like, Ugh. Oh my god. It's just a big white column in the middle of the field. It's got like an elevator inside of it. And you can go to the top of it. I forget the guy's name, which is a good thing. We should not remember his name. No, it's good to remember. You don't want to forget that.

It's history. History will repeat itself. You gotta remember that stuff. It's good to remember there was a guy, and it's good to remember the confederacy. It's not good to remember the guy's name. The leader of the confederacy. Doesn't mean you celebrate it. No, I guess that's true. Anyways, the leader of the confederacy.

So anyways, yeah. Finnis, is his middle name? Yeah, Jefferson Davis. Oh, Jefferson Davis, yeah, I know Jefferson Davis. Yeah, which sounds very American and pro oh like you recognize the name, you're like, Jefferson Davis, oh, was I a fan of him? Close to Thomas Jefferson. Yeah, and then you grew up. Yeah.

Ugh. But but no, [00:29:00] so it went out to that part of the country, and for those of you who aren't from Kentucky, Land Between the Lakes is literally... Land between... lakes? Land between Lake Barkley and Lake Titicaca. No. No. What? I think that is it, though. Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake? Yep. Oh, I thought you were for real.

I was like, I've never heard that. Titicaca's in South America. That's the Tennessee Kentucky border. Yeah. It's It's a vertical peninsula that's man made, and when they flooded to make those two lakes, they did not develop the land in between. So it's this huge, I don't know how many thousands of acres.

There's a wild amount of cemeteries on that map, too. Yeah, a ton of family, a ton of family cemeteries, I guess because it was the natural high ground. You always wanted to have your cemeteries in. The highest part where it wouldn't flood. Yeah, you don't want to see your family members floating.

So when they, yeah, so when they flooded it [00:30:00] They, if you had a family cemetery there, they kept it. So there are a lot of cemeteries and a lot of forest service roads, a lot of very remote, undeveloped land, so when scouting, It's split up into multiple hunt zones, some of them are in the Tennessee side, some of them are in the Kentucky side, I'm obviously true for the Kentucky side, and got a zone that does not have a lot of clearings, does not have a lot of water other than obviously the lakefront water so it's trying to Do that public land math of where is the most likely spot for there to be deer and the least likely spot to be other hunters and then diagram that with And is easy enough to get to, to be able to drag a deer out.

Do you have a spreadsheet? Venn diagram. Did you draw the Venn diagram? I support this Venn diagram analogy. I knew you were going to talk smack about it, but I like it. It's good. It's just a Venn diagram. I support it. It is 100 percent the right way to go. You just[00:31:00]

ignore it. No so we got ready to go out. I learned something about that trail camera, because I got it working. You did get it working. Which one? What was it? A Tacticam Reveal X Gen 2. Okay. Which came with 18 Team Verizon cards. Yeah. And at my house I have Verizon. Super strong signal. Would not connect to the Verizon.

Yeah. Network. Just got the red bar. Came, brought it into work, super strong Verizon signal, would not connect on Verizon. Now, it's not giving the flashy red bar, like the SIM card's bad, it's just this can't find a signal. Yeah. So I was Googling and someone said, and they had called Tacticam about it, and said, hey, I have really good signal, I'm on Verizon, but I don't get any.

Signal on my trail camera and they go oh sometimes Verizon will pay rent on an AT& T tower to use that tower but our trail cameras aren't that advanced so if it's an AT& T tower that's close [00:32:00] enough to you then the AT& T card will work even though your phone you're you have Verizon as a service provider like oh I have signal Interesting.

It doesn't matter who your service provider is, who physically owns the tower. And AT& T might own the tower, but they're renting it to Sprint and T Mobile and whatever. Like I knew that stuff happened, but for some reason I thought the AT& T and Verizon's were like... That's what I thought too. They didn't rent from each other.

And especially just, I thought Verizon surely, in downtown Louisville, in this business park in downtown Louisville, would have a tower that I could get signal on. I put in the AT& T card and it instantly connected. Picked it up. Picked it up. Went scouting. It was actually a fun day.

Land between the lakes. Stopped off at the gun range first. They have a 150 yard outdoor range. Zeroed the rifle. Lot of... What are we shooting? 30 30 lever action. Oooh. Yep. Zeroed it to at 50 yards and had one inch groupings at 50 [00:33:00] yards. And I'm like, that's about as good as I can do and this gun can do.

I'm not, shooting gnats. Cool. Then drove down the road. They have an elk and bison preserve. And you pay five dollars and the gate opens up and you can drive through this big preserve. And man, I've never seen so many jeeps of, they were all exactly the same. Super kitted out, off roaded, kitted out, not a speck of mud on them.

Dude would get out, jean shorts. White New Balances, Big Ol Belly, those sorts of people. And they were just... A man and I were crawling three miles an hour through this looking, stopping, looking for motion, scouting the area. These jeeps, we constantly were pulling off and letting jeeps go by.

And we saw elk, a bull elk with a calf. Oh, cool. Saw wild turkey, saw all this stuff. Are they rutting this time of year here? I know they do out west. I don't know this time of year. I'm worried if it's weather [00:34:00] dependent. It's colder out there than it is here. Yeah, I don't know. Yeah, rut is different in the south than it is here for whitetail, so it makes sense that...

Maybe it's later. I didn't hear any like bugles or anything. It's loud and obvious. Yeah I would guess not. But anyway did that, saw a bunch of wildlife. We were like getting ready to go. We were pulled off and we were literally just stopped on the side of the road, just looking in the field. And she comes up as y'all seen the elk?

And I'm like, yeah. And they're like, we haven't seen any.

Oh, all right. Great. So scout. We had a couple spots picked out. Part of the scouting was scouting the forest service roads, how rough, and some of the forest service roads were paved, some of them were gravel roads, good condition, some of them were way overgrown, and we'd go a little ways down it. Huge tree across the road, have to reverse out of it.

So it was a good trip, but You just marked it on Onyx, like all your, Yeah, on Onyx, all that stuff. Like this trail's good, that kind of thing. This is one spot, there's like a road up going on the ridgeline, and then you [00:35:00] drop down into a valley, and I could see on Onyx that there was a little pond, like maybe on a hundred foot by a hundred foot pond and so I pull off to scout and Amanda gets out with me and a jeep bro, two jeeps pull up, dude gets out wearing his jeep bro outfit tucked in shirt and his jean shorts with his white new bounces.

Dan has this new thing where he tries to piss people off. Yeah, I know. We just published a short of you saying, you're like AFP. This state sucks, and this state sucks, and everyone's what the heck? You like, hate it on Little Rock. You're like, they're a bunch of hippies.

So now he's just trying, I like it, it's an engagement hustle. And this is part of the reason why, you'll see, I have a little bias for it. So I get out and we're putting on... Binos, and I've got my backpack with the trail camera on, and we're gonna go down and look at this. Cheap bro gets out, and he's on his phone, and he's looking the other direction, just looking at his phone.

And I [00:36:00] yelled at him. Not like yell Ah! Scared the crap out of him. Shouted him, because he's a distance away. And I'm like, are you guys here scouting? And they go, no, we're geocaching. And I'm like, oh, okay, good. I would have been upset if we were both scouting for the same spot.

And he's nope! And then they turn around and start walking towards the lake. And so Amanda and I go into the woods, and we're far apart. But sure enough, they're ahead of us. And we get to the little pond. I said lake, but it's really a pond. And there's a geocache spot. Literally on the edge of the pond.

Oh, that's funny. And there's so much sign of deer. We're seeing in the, It's marshy at the bottom. Tons of prints. A lot of poop. Yeah. And so it's in the... Maybe. Category. If all else fails. You need to find a nice oak close to that. Yeah, I was gonna ask, do you have the oak, the nut bearing trees layer turned on in Onyx?

I do. It's the whole area. It's everywhere. Did you see them on the ground? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. All over the place. So then... You would [00:37:00] think that geocachers would be wise that don't come into this area during rival season, right? Yeah, I mean you would also think... The park closes some of these days. They might close them.

They might close it, but I still feel like... People. You would think people wouldn't wear jean shorts while walking through the woods. But, this guy was. Around that, Mike Larson's WTF philosophy, it's like water, testosterone, food. Yeah. water, you've got a pond, you have food because there's oaks everywhere, but it's insignificant because it's freaking everywhere.

But to wrap that point up, there will be testosterone the time you're hunting there. And so you're going to be looking for wherever I am, wherever you are. But when you're down there in November, testosterone. In the, in November, that spot, if you could get off the water source into the woods, like you're around oaks, you're gonna look for, you need to scrape and then hunt around that scrape.

Yeah, and I was gonna say, I didn't see any scrapes, any rubs, [00:38:00] any... You probably wouldn't. You'd see some rubs, probably. That's old stuff. They're rubbing, yeah. That's what I was hoping. Are there smaller trees? Yeah, there's saplings. And you didn't see any? No, and I was looking pretty hard.

I was seeing Sinodeer a lot of hoofprints, a lot of game trails. A lot of does, though. In November, it changes the game. There might not be ropes there, but if the does are going to the water, and even the acorns around there, they can find us. So went to another spot, another... There is, I don't want to give away my spot, because I don't want people to, for obvious reasons.

But, there are, they're just going to dial up the geocache route. Oh boy, Dan only hunts geocache locations. He's multitasking, he's oh sick, I'm going to go hit this geocache and then get up in a tree. No. So there are certain areas of this park like the elk and bison preserve. And speaking of dumb people, and you wouldn't think people would be out walking during hunting season.

You would not believe how many signs were at this elk preserve. Please do not get out of your car and [00:39:00] approach the elk. They're like all these diagrams of like people getting tossed in here. There's all that stuff out there about the bison and stuff, people going up to them in Yellowstone.

When we were in Rocky mountain during the elk rut. We accidentally got close to them, but there were people that were seeking them out. Those are massive animals. Natural selection, man. I say we just let them do it. If you're the type of guy that wants to go do that, you deserve to not have children.

Yeah, but then those are the sort of people that sue for 50 million dollars and say, You should have put a sign up, I didn't know. And then the next thing you know. I didn't know the coffee was hot. Yeah. So I went to another spot that, And I should say, this Land Between the Lakes has a ton of different zones, like that Elk and Bison Preserve, which obviously is no hunt, it's high fence.

There are wildlife reclamation zones that are... Cut to Dan wandering on it. I checked. An elk! Yeah. Oh my. He was sighting Now, technically, this is in my quota [00:40:00] zone, if I'm outside the fence, shooting in, is that still frowned upon? Oh,

no. It's not only frowned upon. No, but there are some areas some campgrounds and stuff. So my other spot, which I felt good about, also had at the bottom of a big hill, a little natural water source. This was on the edge of a one time cleared out field that's now overgrown. Tons of oak, and it backs up to a campground that's restricted.

You can't hunt this area around the campground. And so we're driving up there and I see baby deer just chilling by the side of the road. So I'm like, okay, so there's deer in the area. Tons of poop, various animals including deer. Tons of sign of deer. So I go down to this spot, and I'm just scouting around, and there's a climber stand on the ground.

On the tree, but at ground level. Saying, I'm gonna hunt here. And I [00:41:00] go up and look at it, And I take it. I see, which one of these bolts can I loosen? Oh my god! All this stuff. Somebody out there's got a camera running close to where you were. Oh, a hundred percent. But it's a little, it's a newer climber stand, but it's a little overgrown.

There's a vine going over it. There's a branch that's fallen on it. So my guess is... Someone used it last season, maybe dragged out a deer and was exhausted because it's at the bottom of the hill. So they would have to drag it up, up this hillside and was like, I'll come back for it and didn't. I don't think it's someone setting up for this season.

Plus it's a koda hunt. So what are the odds that you would draw the same zone twice? But then I'm thinking this is just some guy. Poaching, like how many people are like, Oh, I didn't get drawn for the protohunt, I'll just go out. And if anyone said, they're not going to know whether I was drawn or not.

Dude, it's crazy how much of that happens. I [00:42:00] used to, I was naive. There's so much poaching. Yes. What would you okay, you kill your deer and you have to put in your no zip code and stuff. I bet a lot of people don't telecheck. Yeah, they just do not. That's what poaching is. Oh, they don't even tag it.

No. Yeah. If you're sneaking in to shoot a deer, you don't care about the rule. Tagging it. You're just taking it home and eating it. You're just a deadbeat. Yeah. Or just leaving it in the woods and being the worst, oh. And those are usually like, when you read about the poaching people that Fish and Wildlife go after, and they're just like, oh yeah, they've killed There's some guy with turkey.

That's right. He killed like 200 turkey in the last year or something. Why though? He kept all the shells and put all the dates. Like Jeffrey Dahmer ish kind of stuff? I don't know. They just like to hunt. I mean it's, they like to hunt. But they're also like, they're not thinking conservation.

They're just trying to kill things. They're not even taking. There's a screw loose there for sure. Yeah, there's a screw loose. But they definitely enjoy hunting a lot, but they're like, the one, that guy you're talking about, saved all of his shotgun shells and put the date and like beard length in.

Just in the [00:43:00] shell. And just line him up on the dash of his jeep. No! No. As I know. But no, so I'm thinking... If there's, if someone hunts there last year and left their stand there and maybe they're successful, is that a good sign for my success? If someone else's stand is there, does that mean that the chances of me having another hunter choose this spot?

Because there's not a lot of water. On, in our zone, that's it. Right now. It's really dry right now. So I got down there with the trail cameras. And down in the valley. And no signal. So all that work to get the trail camera working, no signal. So I gotta go back in two weeks. And it's a three hour drive one way.

Did you take it to Verizon? You still hung it. I still hung it. You just picked a different spot, or you put it there, and you... I put it there because that's where all the sign of deer was. So I'll go back down there in two weeks and scout out just that specific, a mile in every direction of that area.

So if someone else sets up, or I need [00:44:00] to move... You can still pull your card. You're gonna pull your card, right? Yeah, so I'll go back down two weeks with my laptop and just chimp out in the woods. What Question there on the stand being there. Let's say that there is a guy or gal up in that tree when you get there.

For you all, what's the rule on distance? If you want to hunt the same area, are you, do you vacate the whole area? Are you... I don't know. I feel like, so my plan's to go down there the night before the season opens and camp out. And I might even go down and hang up my sticks the day before. I feel like I would see, cause the road that leads out there, you keep on going down it and there's a tree fall.

So there's no through traffic on this road. So I would see a truck and know someone's in the general area. Yeah. And one side of the road is a campground laying in their signs, no hunting. So I know the person would have to be down there. So I'd probably stake it out. And honestly, probably when I go down there and...

Two weeks I'll probably put like a little Limb across the tree [00:45:00] stand or something So if I come back the day before the hunt opens and that limbs gone, then I know oh, he's been here He's you know getting ready or whatever Put a bear trap with it. I Got him Honestly Dan's last First and last quote. I feel like, I thought everything was fair game.

I feel like if we go, if we're going down there like we're far enough away that you wouldn't really be able to see each other, but if we're going in, when it's still dark out, you would see flashlight lights. So I'm hoping he would holler at me or flashlights. And honestly, I'd probably talk to him and be like, what direction are you hunting?

You're going to be here. It's a three day quote on are you gonna be here the whole time? Yeah, just help me out though on this That's who I'm there's not a rule that I know there's not you could do whatever but like it's there's like it's like golf or fishing or whatever. There are unwritten rules gentlemen's rules.

Yeah, what? I've never [00:46:00] come to this situation. I've run into maybe two hunters ever on public land. Like we're just in weird places. So we've seen them at the parking lot, but same thing you're saying, like, where are you going? Okay, cool. We're going to go this way. We'll avoid whatever.

But if you're out there and you've scouted a spot and maybe you just digitally scouted it, or you did it, you scouted it in January or something or February when there's nobody else hunting. If you run into somebody out there in October or November, like, how far are you guys setting up? Or do you completely?

If we're fishing, Jacob will go right up in a guy's stream and fish that in his pocket. In his pocket. That's a good one. No. I think. If they're, if you're on public and they are managing a field or something, they have, they planted some corn or something, you know that there's going to be multiple people looking at that field, shooting at a deer.

Yeah. And so I think it depends on where you're at. Yeah. For us, we're that spot's kind of in the mix of, Hey, you should not be surprised if someone else is here, and you should not [00:47:00] be surprised if two people are shooting at the same deer. But it's right on the edge of... of being remote enough where it's dude, it's a big stand of trees.

You could go somewhere else. And if you know the wind direction and you know where they are and you could position yourself in between, it's you almost want to get out there last. Yeah. You're hoping they know you want to get out there first and hoping that these other people are bumping deer towards you.

No, for the morning, especially like if. If you set up somewhere and the wind is going whatever direction, that person could then say, Oh, okay if they're there, I'm going to go get ahead of it and I'm going to go set up to where if a buck was coming to you, it's not going to have to pass me here.

You can, they're going to plot out, if this is the route. That's a good question. I always thought of it as you want to be. The first in furthest in and then when people are coming in that's after you they're bumping deer towards you Yeah, and I guess it's the opposite as true as the evening of if you [00:48:00] wanted to get the closest to the exit route And then all these people coming out.

Yeah now the thing that's percent for sure as far as ethics of sharing the woods is that guy is not calling dibs with that tree stand. And if that guy comes out say he doesn't show up the first day of the hunt, he shows up second day of the hunt, and he's my tree stands right here.

This is my area. It's dude I don't know if, you might have just, and the guy might have just left the, he might hate that tree stand and it's this is now, belongs to the woods. I'm never coming back for this. Scumbag literary. There's a lot of people, Kentucky publishes all the quota numbers and it'd be surprising to see, especially in the late season quota hunts, 50 percent of the people that were drawn actually show up for the hunt.

You had to pay for it, right? Yeah, I think I'd pay like 8 for the draw. Oh, that's not enough. Like when I did Taylorsville Lake last year, you do have to check in at a station before you go out. So hey. That's not enough to get people out there if it's snowing. That aren't like. Yeah, if they're [00:49:00] snowing or if they had.

You know already killed a buck, you know earlier in the season and they're like now I don't really need to go in the code when you check in. Do you have to tell them exactly like about where you're going? No, okay, I didn't know if you could ask them Oh, I did well from my Taylor's real home. I said, this is where I'm planning on going.

What do you think? And I screwed myself on that one because I didn't scout it super well beforehand and it wasn't as, it was much more overgrown than I thought it would be just going off of the satellite mapping. All right. So to answer Braden's question, the, if you walk in and you see somebody, how far away are you going?

To me, it depends on whether it's archery or rifle. Okay. Because I want more of a buffer. I don't know. Depending upon which direction they're going to shoot. I would feel a lot more comfortable if I could see someone. If I could... You would want to be able to see them. To know which direction they're shooting.

I would feel much more uncomfortable. Say there was [00:50:00] someone... Say you're on a tree on the edge of a field, and someone walks up and is like, Oh, I was gonna hunt this side of the tree, I guess I'll go to the other side of the field. And then they just disappear off in the woods, and you have no idea where they are.

You have no idea what direction they're shooting. Yeah, but that is, that's still the situation you're in at all times, though. If you don't see anyone, you don't know where they are. Like, there may be someone there, there may not be someone there, and you're just making a shot that you're not gonna skyline a shot.

I just feel like it would be safer if you, I'm not saying you're within shouting distance, but you get your binos out and you can see the person. Yeah. And then you both know your shooting lanes. Okay, this guy's looking this direction. I would be pissed if I'm in a tree and I see a cat go by and I go, and he looks up.

And he goes, waves, and goes, and sets up a hundred yards and I can see him. I'm going. Yeah. I think it depends. I'm saying for this guy specifically, if he has his climbing stand set up there on this tree, and that was the tree he was planning on doing. [00:51:00] That's different. And I'm there first and I'm already up in the tree, I'm not going to expect him to be like time to, good point. No, but if you get there and he's up in that climber stand. I'm depending upon the landscape is dictate some of that to you. Yeah, what distance can you put in between you? I would say it'd be the same if you and I were going rifle hunting together and We both want to have our own space.

How far away would you be? Yeah, but that's different We're team hunting So then I would set you on a route and I would set me up on a route and I would sit I would be Jack if you shot A buck that we've been trying to hunt or whatever, like me and Phil do this. This is what we do. We don't, we can see each other most of the time, but it's strategic.

It's not like sometimes we're in the same tree and it's you're the shooter, I'm a shooter. If he comes this way or that way, like that's how we first started hunting. But now it's different, but if it's a stranger, but imagine you and Phil now you and Phil are going out hunting together and you get, you're like, Oh, this tree looks good.

I'm gonna get up. In this tree, and Phil just goes, Okay, I'm gonna be somewhere around here. [00:52:00] And then you're like, what? I don't know, I don't know which direction you're looking at. Yeah, that would be irresponsible and unsafe. So I think it'd be the same thing with a stranger. You're in a tree, someone walks up and says, Hey, my tree stands.

a hundred yards this way and then I would say, okay I'm looking this direction and I'm hoping something comes down this way. What are you doing? He's okay, I'm looking at the field, whatever. Okay. I'll make sure when I leave, if I leave for lunch or whatever, I'm not going to go that way.

And whatever. Yeah. You're, you are thinking that everyone is nice and being like, they're giving me the benefit of the doubt that. They're going to be like, oh yeah, this is my lane, this is your lane, when probably most people that you're going to come into that's going to set up that close to you, is going to just take, they're going to cut you off.

Yeah, that's the difference. And the entire reason you're scouting is then boy. I think there's, going to be local people who think that it's their woods and will be really aggressive. I think if it's someone like me who, [00:53:00] Has driven hours to get there and wants a successful hunt and wants, doesn't want to screw up someone else's hunt.

That common courtesy of where are you posting up. Even just so that not to walk through that area if you leave or if you're coming in late or repositioning or whatever. I think you gotta communicate that. Now. I'm going to be there before sunup. If someone walks down through my area at nine in the morning.

That is always, it might be a little bit of a different tone. Never be that guy. And it's another thing if if I pull up on the side of this forest road and there's no trucks there, and then someone walks down through my area, and I get up to my truck, and he's parked five foot away from me.

It's dude, you knew that someone was out here. I don't know. What? Okay, so this is rifle season. Yeah. For you. Yeah. Okay, so in November. Yeah. Okay, I can't wait to [00:54:00] hear what happens. Yeah, the other thing is that guy specifically would be in a tree stand, so I guess as far as safety is concerned, we'd both be shooting at a downward angle.

That's why when I did Taylorsville, I was At the edge of a field, on the top of a hill, and the hill was going up. And at about 10am, a guy comes walking up the middle of the field, Pops up a ground blind, and sets it in a little stand of trees, Directly in front of me. And I've got my flashlight, but it's 10am, so I'm just like hoping, like a signal mirror, At 10am, he did this?

At 10am on a Saturday. What a punk. Sets it up, gets in it, and I'm just... SOSing him for five minutes and then I guess he finally notices he doesn't acknowledge me at all But just gets up packs the ground line up, but literally yeah. That's cool that he did that He buggered your hunt.

He knew that My gun was pointed directly at him. Like he was exactly where I was hoping a deer would be Crazy town that somebody would do that. I know some [00:55:00] I have talked to a guy I That I know, and his strategy is on rifle. He also bow hunts, but if he hasn't got anything by rifle, he will go in about nine or 10 o'clock because, and get set up because he thinks that when people come out for lunch, he's, they're all bumping.

Like most, you don't go in, you go stay close to the entrance and exit. Yeah. He doesn't go in super deep. Yeah. Yeah. That's a good point. If you're going to go hiking in at. You're gonna go hike a mile in at 10 o'clock, you're gonna walk past hunters and they're gonna be like, dude what the heck?

Yeah. And the other thing that's crazy to me is that people would commit, and maybe if you're local, it's different, but people would commit time to that and not try to be as successful as possible. You have stuff that happens. I get it. You want to get out into the woods, but dude, set up your ground blind the day before, yeah. But [00:56:00] it, there was a dude. He was like. This exact thing happened to me and Phil. Dude walked by and then we saw him at the truck later. And, I don't remember if it was turkey or deer season. It was turkey. It was turkey. Okay. I think. Did I tell this story? And he was like he's I'm sorry about that guys, like this is my only day off in three weeks and my alarm didn't go off.

And I feel really bad, but I really wanted to get out there and hunt. And I was like. Still a tool move, but only day off in a few weeks and you've got you only your only access is public It's public. I'm on public. It's not mine. Like I don't it's the risky run when you're going out there It's like you don't want to be too much of a jerk Like I mean we remember when we went scouting I forget which WMA it was But we went scouting that one time and as we were walking out We were like 50 yards from the car and there's just that big boy sitting on a five gallon bucket Yes in on a five gallon bucket in the middle of 10 yards from the parking lot.

Yeah. Middle of a valley. With just people walking in and out by with a shotgun on his lap just sitting there and you're like taking a [00:57:00] break No, he was a he was probably 400 pounds. He was a big boy But he probably just enjoys sitting out in the woods Like he like if you ask him what are his odds of success, he'd be like 2 percent but that's not why he's going out there Yeah So yeah, you just never know what you're gonna See, that's why I can't do public.

I'll accidentally kill somebody, accidentally get myself killed. It just scares me, especially with a rifle. You know what if I see someone set up a ground blind or something, get on my phone, see a cash pin right there. Send a bunch of people to it? They just see like zombies, jean shorts, zombies, with their phone out.

I'm gonna get myse I'm gonna find a trinket in this stump. It's just a guy. He's sitting there waiting on it. We're gonna... piss off everyone. We should probably wrap this up. Yeah,

if you've been a long episode. I love it. Yeah,[00:58:00]

yeah. This UnderTheWild. All the Jeep lovers. All the people that used that F U earlier. Yeah. No, I'm sure there's different types of cheap people, but... Pavement Princess is what you're talking about. Yeah. Yeah. Nothing wrong with that. If you've listened to this episode, please let us know how many ducks you have on your dashboard.

Yes. And if you're a geocaching jeep driver, yeah, we love you. All right. If you stuck with us this long, make sure you give us a review. Let us know what you think about the show. Let us know how your fall planning is going. Log the show and go wild so you can get some points. We're gonna have some cool stuff coming from Gun Broker here soon, some new rewards popping.

So make sure you're checking those out and get after them quick because they disappear. Yeah I want to get that sample hat. Yeah, I almost asked, I was like, it's too early, but you just told him it's a hat. There is a hat. Who invited him? We're going to shut this down for Dan Runzenmore.

See y'all next week. Bye. Bye.[00:59:00]