The October Lull: Fact or Fiction?

Show Notes

Opening day is in the rear view and for many, early season aspirations have turned to broken dreams. Now the deer movement seems to have dried up in all of our tried and true spots. What happened? Is this the (cue the ominous music) OCTOBER LULL?! Well, yes and no. Studies Show that deer movement increases throughout the month of October with no decrease. But the experience of many hunters is that deer sightings by mid October have slowed to a trickle. What's going on here? 

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer Podcast, Josh talks with Sam Bilhorn, Jake Hendrickson, and Greg Kazmierski of Whitetail Partners about the dreaded (or nonexistent) October Lull. The guys talk about what goes into hunters' perception of a lull in deer movement and how they would adjust to target a mature buck during the middle of October. 

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Show Transcript