The Post SHOT Show Whirlwind

Show Notes

Today’s show opens up with the crew breaking down their crazy week recording episodes for The No Lowballers Podcast at the booth during SHOT Show. With thirty-six episodes recorded it was a heck of a week! Some of the guests included people such as Donald Trump Jr., Jim Shockey, Tim Kennedy, and much more! It was an absolutely awesome week and we could not be more excited about the content coming out of this trip. Make sure to follow The No Lowballers Podcast on whatever streaming service of your choice to hear all of our new episodes Sponsored by coming soon!

Jacob asked the crew what was their favorite thing they saw on the show floor this week during SHOT Show. Brayden tells us how cool it was to get his hands on his grail firearm – the Maxim Defense PDX. He also went by the FN and Springfield booth to see some really nice firearms that he’s had his eyes on. Dan’s favorite had to be hands down had to be all the tactical lever action firearms he got to see at SHOT Show however, it was a close between that and the lobster rolls!

Closing out we talk about Logan having to film the Donald Trump Jr. episode with no co host. Brayden was nervous as all get out not being able to monitor the audio levels during the recording but thankfully it all came out exactly as intended. It was a fun time recording the episode and you can check it out wherever you listen to podcast, we’re super excited about all the upcoming content for The No Lowballers Podcast. You’re definitely not going to want to miss it!!

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