The Tale of Two Ricks with Rick Hanson

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Live from the Total Archery Challenge at Terry Peak South Dakota, Ricky has a chat with his good buddy Rick Hanson.

If you’ve ever attended a Total Archery Challenge event, you have most likely rubbed elbows with the likes of Rick Hanson. His contagious laugh can be heard across the mountain as a sure sign that Rick is having a good time. Whether it’s with old time friends, or someone he just met, Rick is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. 

Rick is an inspiration to many as he set out to hike what he coined the Crow Peak 100 in 2020. Rick, among many of his supporters, was determined to summit Crow Peak, nestled into the Black Hills of South Dakota, 100 times in a single season. Without a doubt, he pulled it off. That’s nearly 700 total miles with a combined elevation gain of 156,800 feet of elevation! In 2023, Rick also completed 6 major Black Hills summits, approx 35 miles, in a single day. 

Ricky and Rick (Rick 2.0) discuss how they first got to know each other through a business that Ricky was a part of in 2010, called Pimp My Bow. They first met at a 3D archery shoot, Bowcast at the Bird, at Snowbird Ski Resort in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. After a day of shooting, it was clear that they would long be friends. Rick 2.0 dive into how simply amazing it is, that a bow can bring so many people together, to share in laughter and joy. 

Rick Hanson is the curator of a social media following known as @projectrick. He discusses the purpose of this movement, along with its clever tagline,“Don’t Die Rusty”. Project Rick provides a daily dose of positivity through his eyes, which rarely miss a sunrise, and his words of encouragement have transformed many lives. 

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] Let's talk a little bit about Project Rick and what that is all about. I started Project Rick because you keep on hearing how bad social media is, how it's just always negative. I started it actually after my mom died because I wanted to show how people keep on evolving. I want people to see the positives in life.

I'm not gonna preach that you need to go eat kale and I'm not gonna preach that You need to go lift. I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do and I want you to live life and that's what it's all about to me, that's what project Rick's about. Positive. You'll never see politics cuz you don't need, we all know how we believe.

I want you to see, you know what, let's go on this adventure and let's see where we go. When I climbed the hundred Peaks then you know the hundred Crow peak hunt 100, I called it. The people that I got to meet and the positiveness. If I can put a smile on somebody's face. Yeah. Or if I can have them think maybe I should do that.

That's what it's about to me. Welcome to the [00:01:00] Range podcast. I'm Ricky Bruley, and with me as Jake Hollywood Iversson, join us at the Archery Range where we'll tell stories from the hunt, discuss technical bow shooting tactics in gear, and pick the brains of some of the most successful people to ever shoot a bow.

Whether you're about to shoot that X for the win, or send an arrow at a trophy bot. This podcast is for you.

The Range Podcast is brought to you by Vapor Trail Archery makers of the best BOL Strings money can buy, originators of limb driven arrow rest technology and innovators of Stoker eyes stabilizer systems. So I think that we are live, we are on, I believe if it's working correctly, we are live on YouTube and we're live on the Range podcast on Facebook Vapor Trail, Facebook page, and the Stoker Eyes Facebook page.

But for everybody out there watching, welcome to the Range. My name is Ricky Bruley [00:02:00] and with me today is my good buddy Rick Hansen. And today we are we're doing a live broadcast here from Terry Peak, South Dakota. We're out here for the Total Archery Challenge. Yes, sir. And Anybody who's been to a total archery challenge, most likely has either seen, heard of or ran into Rick Hansen.

Probably more heard. Yeah. From like across the room or whatever the laugh, right? Yeah. But yeah, just thought we'd take this out, opportunity to have a little chat and just see how things are going and I figured I wanted to title this episode, the Tale of two Rick's. Yeah. Rick 2.0 for sure.

Rick 2.0. Yeah. So I thought it'd be fun to talk about how we met and like just the whole deal. Cuz we talked a little bit about that over the last, the course of the last couple of days while we've been shooting. And I don't know, I'll just let you talk. Like what, what just go through like the memory that you have of like, how we first met and how that all came about.

We. We [00:03:00] met on the phone. Yep. We were talking when it was back in the pimp, my Bo days. And that was how long ago was that? We were talking about that earlier. It was 2009, I think. And I guess maybe to give a little background on that too, I was working for Sportsman's Warehouse at the time, and then they shut down the stores in the Midwest.

And I was working with a a guy by the name of Randy Herman. And so he had this idea that we would basically pimp bows. Yeah. And that's exactly what we did. We just took bows and we stripped the old paint off of them. And we did cool anodization stuff and camel dipping and all kinds of stuff. Yeah.

And I had a at that time I had a bowtech destroyer that you guys made really pretty as Yeah. Just a beautiful red ev Everything was just gorgeous on it. And we were talking and then you guys did a. Bo for Bo Cast because it was Bo cast at the Bur before it was total larger challenge. Yep. And you guys took, were taking a bow up [00:04:00] there and we, I, me and a couple buddies, Justin Raburn and Tanner Sealey went down that year and we rolled in two o'clock in the morning.

I slept under, we were the first people in the Snowbird parking lot. And we I think we were the first people to sign up that day. That's before of course tee times or anything like that. We knew we were gonna meet you that day and we we went up to the top of it was at mid Gad. Yep.

And it's interesting because, you come to a boat cast, or total Archer challenge. Look at how long have we been friends then? Since then? Yeah. Yeah. Since it been know, that'd make 14 going on 15 years. Yeah. Yeah. It is just awesome. And we went up to Midgard and you had a little booth there for Pit My Bow anyway.

And then we went from there and we, we shot that day and we became friends at after hours. Yeah. Oh yeah. And we had a lot of fun after hours, we were both [00:05:00] younger. Yeah. I'm still older than you, but little more spry. Exactly. And then we and I just remember the second day, cuz I have if, I don't know who would be listening, but when we were up at Mid Gad, there was a shot that, it was just a cool shot.

And I have a picture of you and Justin Raber. You're just, it's a poster. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yep. And that was a cool, it was just a fun day and. And then me and you came with us to shoot that day. And actually that was the, I think I went out with. Seven arrows and ended up, you guys finished the course without me?

Just, I was just following along like a little puppy, but do you remember that? Do you remember that sheep? That doll sheep where that was behind the rock? Oh, yeah. Yeah. And do you remember, I'm sure you, I'm where the, you hit the rock. It was just a tight shot and it went straight up in the air and we're just going, that is cool.

Yeah. But I think there was people in front of us [00:06:00] that day and the arrow went up and it looked like it's gonna come down towards them. Yeah. The wind started pushing the arrow and it's Man, I don't, that's crazy. What? Yeah, cuz you'd hit that rock and that arrow would just shoot straight up in the air.

It wa And it's and that's what we remember that, yeah. Do you remember any good shots? I your memory serves you really well because that's why I'm, I wanted you to tell some of the story, cuz I do remember, I remember the shot that you took, the really cool one where we were at the steep angle.

And, but like you said it's the misses that makes the memories right? It is. And I, and when we go to these shoots, we have lots of misses, but we have lots of fun. But this is what it's about. To me, it's, I mean it's about remembering these things and we can laugh about these and we'll go have a beer and Yeah.

Those are the memories we remember. Yep. And I enjoy those things, I mean that those were the fun times and the other shots, I don't know if. I [00:07:00] remember more cuz then you guys started coming and you were more in the booth or we didn't get to shoot with you cuz you were taken off.

We were all taken off at different times then. Yeah. But it was just, but af it's the afterwards and it's the, you shot with us a few more times after that. But yeah, it's the afterwards and the friendship that we've had. It's amazing. Yeah. And then just all, what's led into all, we haven't had really an opportunity to have many hunting adventures but just even just communicating and just talking and, hey man, like when I first started hunting South Dakota, you gave me some pretty good leads and got us maybe too good of leads.

Got us into some areas that we killed some stuff because you shot an nice buck in South Dakota. Maybe I gave you too good of a lead. Maybe I should have kept that a secret perhaps. I, IM just kidding you. I, no, I'll give you this though. I'll give you this because. You didn't give away the secret?

No. Which, and I totally get that no. And but it was oh boy, what's his name? Dustin he used to own Bo Sticks. Yep, I [00:08:00] know who you're talking about. He's, he sent me to the spot where I ended up finally getting on deer and then I come later, I come to find out that's a place that you and ears like to frequent as well.

Exactly. Which is good. And but I haven't gone out since since they've tightened things up with non-residents. And I get that, I was a little bit bitter about it in the beginning, but I get it, yeah. Cuz it's just, there was getting to be a lot of people coming in there and, there's a lot of hunters that I mean there's a lot of people out there hunting nowadays.

I reckon that, W I prefer, I would prefer South to go back to October 1st. Yeah. And I, and I'm not trying to get political here, but I do think it's crazy that a resident can go hunt a month before a non-resident. Yeah. It is a strange deal. And I know Jesse was saying too that the, like the conservation officers and stuff don't really appreciate it either, cuz now there's all these new rules and all kinds of different things they gotta pay attention to and Yeah.

But anyway, whatever. Yep. We're here at TSC to have fun and we Yep. How much, [00:09:00] oh, how much foam did we we killed a lot of animals today. Yeah, we did. Yeah. You, yeah. Today. Up on, we did the prime course this morning. Got out there at what? I don't know, what time did we get up there?

Six. It was about five 30 ish. Five 30. Beautiful weather today. It was, just. Took our time, shot our way down, let a couple groups go through, exactly. Couple, let a couple celebrities come through, yeah. Just so we didn't have to Yeah. So they couldn't watch us shoot and make us all nervous.

That's right. That's where we have learned that's what that's about. If you're, and if you're, we're a different group than maybe some, but we're there taking pictures. We're enjoying the views. Yeah. We're giving each other a little heck about misses and and we're congratulating everybody on good hits. Yeah. And we had a couple, Sam was with us, Sam Soho. Yeah. And professional photographer with us today. Yeah. So we're big time. Oh, it was great. Yeah.[00:10:00]

But no, We let letting people keep on passing through Yeah. And keep on enjoying what we're doing. And we shot the 132 yard mule, moose. Yeah. And you smoked it. Yeah. Lucky. Luckily. No, you're good. I was happy to hit it, but Yeah. I busted, broke my arrow, but that's okay.

Yeah. That's what we're here to do, man. Yeah. Like you said those the misses make the memories. Yes. I like the way that sounds. And those are all the memories. When we go out tonight to the R e F party Yeah. And we go over and maybe start, have a few adult beverages and we're talking the people that I've shot with, and I know it's been mostly a tight group but most of us, Like we were in mineral Basin a few years ago. And here's another one of those things that I, there was a, it was a funny cuz we were just talking about a doll sheep, but they had a doll sheep behind a rock again. And [00:11:00] me being me, I took, we took the shot. I took the shot.

But, and it's funny because there wasn't the, oh, it's just, cuz when I took the shot, I hit the rock right in front of it just I mean like that. But my arrow just shot up and it just kept on going. And all of us, it was ears and Jessie and Heather and me and and we were just like, holy smoke.

That's just amazing. You know what I mean? Yeah. But, and it's just, I don't know. And I'm not, I've do hit my targets, you see that? Oh yeah. But those little you're off an inch. Yeah. And that's what you know. They make more arrows. Yeah, absolutely they do. And I'm here to have fun and I'm shooting foam and I'm, am I trying to shoot the best I can?

I am. But there's other factors that sometimes you don't shoot so well. Lack of sleep because we're [00:12:00] talking and reminiscing and enjoying that and and you just, you go hard cuz it's, it is one of those things. Yeah. You gotta just see that Maybe that's that arrow that I shot. Yeah. It just literal just landed on me.

Just, but we went and we had, we just have a good time. And I can go home. I have 3D targets at home and if I wanna get, get tuned in Yeah. That's where I can tune in. Yeah. Because we have. We have cameras that are like at your nose when you're getting ready to shoot.

We're talking. I try to be DJ every once in a while. Yeah. And get people pumped up. Yep. You always pick the good music. I try to, you get good taste. Yeah. And you wouldn't see that at any other, like a competition shoot. No. It's too serious at some of them. And I shouldn't say too, but it's just, it's very serious and I understand.

That too. I do, and I do too. But yeah, it's just these events are, we're [00:13:00] just here having fun. Think about all, almost everybody in our group that I was talking to, we were all like getting our boats set up last minute. Yeah I was putting my sight tape on in the parking lot when I got here this morning.

I I put the, I glued the last vein of my arrow on at eight 15 the night before, and then hit the road at nine and we drove all night. And same thing with Matt. He was getting his stuff set up. Sam said he, he rolled in and he was just getting his stuff dialed in, and I and I commented, I said that's when you know who the pros are.

We're the ones that can set our stuff up the day before and still kill it all day long. Yeah. Cause when I came in on Thursday, I, I. I had Brody cuz I was getting, I was busy doing other things. Walking around. Yeah. Finding my alter ego shooter blanks up there and I said, can you put the sight tape on?

Which is, this is amazing. I had Brody put on my at Badass, put on my Site tape and I didn't even go take a shot. We went up and cuz I knew where I [00:14:00] needed it Sure. And I knew everything, but he put it on, I went up and shot and hit every target. Yeah. And hit it good. Mean Mel went up and did that.

It was just fun. Yeah. But we aren't taking it so serious that you get mad. Yeah. And it's also funny the how the group works as we come down the hill I'll be talking to you this shot. Then Sam's behind me, then Jessie or Ashley. Yeah. Or Mel or Matt.

You know what I mean? Everybody's we just move around cuz there's no egos there. Yeah. Yeah. In that aspect that we have to be great. It's that we're, we can all talk to each other and have a good time and ask different questions. Yeah. It's, it's cool. Just and how many times do we meet new people too?

Matt and I went out yesterday shot at nine on the Sitka course and it was just him and I and then there was a group coup a group of two right behind us and it's just come shoot with us, and so we shot the whole course with them and got to know 'em and then [00:15:00] got to talking about the podcast and they started following and saw him this morning and chatted with him and, yeah. It's just really cool. Just all the people that you can meet and you may who know, you might not ever see that person again, but it's still Yeah. And it's awesome. Awesome. It's true. Awesome time. And it's funny because like you came in and when we were in, after we were in the bar there Yeah.

You waiting for the Warrior Rising party. And I met those people from Sioux Falls. Yeah. And we exchanged numbers now. It's like you. Know and will we get together? I think we will. Cuz I saw him again when we, I was down at the festival, mountain fest and Yeah. And they said, we'll see you tonight and those are relationships they'll ask cuz you know, who else will you meet? Exactly. Yeah. Ands funny. It was funny too cuz one of the guys that you were talking to, I thought at first was Jesse. Yeah. Like from behind. And so I was gonna come up from behind and put him like in a headlock or something, just be dumb.

And then I skirted around just to make sure I'm like, oh yeah, I'm not sure who that guy [00:16:00] is. And then but I assumed you had known them for a while. No, just met him. And I should never assume that with you. Cause you know, you're like, Hey, I just met these guys, meet them, say hi, let's have a Mexican bull rider.

That, and I was gonna go into that, see. See, how long has that been? Yeah. So I wanted to go back and for some of the listeners, and give you just a little bit of context too, because, so when me and Rick first met, it wasn't total archery challenge, then it was Bo cast Yeah. At the Bird.

And so it was just one of one venue at Snowbird in Utah. And and after we had pimped your bow Yeah. Up to that point, I was a really big fan of Anthony Dixon and Sean Monson. Yep. Yeah. All their videos, the Full Moon Productions. Yeah. And I just, I loved how they like, tried to take an artistic film approach to making a hunting video.

Exactly. And and so I was always like, kind, I was a fanboy, and then all of a sudden, one day I get a phone call from Shawn. Yeah. And I'm [00:17:00] guessing it was through you because I don't know, he wanted to get, he needed to get a bow pimped for that event. Yeah. And so Garrett Armstrong from Elite wanted to get a bow that they could raffle off.

And so we did this really cool splash, it went from red. Yeah. It was cool. And then in the middle it blended into silver. And it was anodized. It was polished. Yeah. I think it was a, an elite. Oh boy. What were the. Models back then. Now I'm drawing a blank. I can't think of, cuz I started shooting When An Elite, when the answer came out.

But then it was before then. Yeah. But it was go, it was a gorgeous bow anyway. Yeah. It was really awesome. And then you had Bay Patrol strings on there. Yep. Yeah. And it was just a beautiful bow. Yeah, we had it. I think we had an arrow rest on there too. I think we did like a red and black splash anodized on a original limb driver.

Yeah. Because the Pro V hadn't even been invented yet. No. It was, a concept in Jared's mind, but either way. And then Thomas boot ended up winning that [00:18:00] bow and Thomas boot was on the Varol Pro staff at that time. That was kinda wild. Oh, he was? Yeah. Yeah. So he won that bow, he had it for a long time and then he was actually gonna sell it I don't know, maybe 10 years later or something like that.

And he offered it up. For me to buy, but I was just like, I just didn't, I didn't have the money. Yeah. So I was like, yeah, just sell it or whatever. But so yeah just for context, so it used to be Bo Cast then, and I'm not, I don't know the exact story as to how it transitioned from Bo cast to Tac to Sean with tac.

But then obviously once those started you were pretty well involved with that and I wasn't really, I was more involved with Bo cast at the time. I knew Sean. Yeah. But, and that's how and I started hacking on Sean probably from day one, that we have a mountain in South Dakota. Yeah.

Yeah. And then I, and it's funny because, and I know I go off track here, but to drive here, to go to a total archery challenge in [00:19:00] Utah, cuz that's where it all, that's the only place it was at that time. Yeah. And then to, and I. Was hoping that he would start expanding and going other places.

Yeah. But I'd say, Sean, we have a mountain in South Dakota, and I don't, I think there's some perceptions about when you get a little further west that South Dakota is flat and farmland and Yeah. We'll watch the, we'll watch Dances with Wolves and this and that, but Out on the Prairie. Yeah. Out on the Prairie.

So then I back off a little bit and then the next year I have 'em out, and then I came up here and talked to the guys at Terry Peak at the time. And I said, because I actually wanted, if I couldn't, if he wasn't gonna come, I wanted to show how much fun this place is to people. So I thought, I know it's gonna be a lot of work, but I'm gonna try to do a shoot like that here.

And I was gonna talk like to the local archery clubs and say, Hey, can I rent your targets? Yeah. Because I didn't have all the targets and I thought, let's just get this stuff going. But then, [00:20:00] Potential spam. We don't need to listen to that. Oh, I was hoping it'd be somebody tool that could jump in on the podcast here with us.

But anyway, but then the third year I've ha I said, Sean and I got the mountain, come out and do this. Give it a look. And he finally said yes. And then he came out here and look what it's become. Yeah. And it to that case, to that point, then there's a lot of pressure on a person.

Because, and not that Shawn gotta make it work, not Shawn's very smart and in business wise, but to have the belief that you can have a successful shoot here in South Dakota in, in, in here, to have that belief to come here. And it's amazing to have. That made me like, like I said, there was a lot of pressure and it made me feel good.

That somebody will believe in you that much, right? Yeah. That they'll come to South Dakota and now we're sitting here having a podcast, I think seven years later. Yeah. So that, [00:21:00] yeah, that was gonna be my next question is the, so the first year was here in Terry Peak? What It would be, I think it was around 15.

Six 15 I think. Yeah. Cuz I'm pretty sure I was here for that one. You were cuz years. Then you guys drove out I think, didn't you? Yeah. Yep. We came out and And it was just, I was like, if it, if you, if there was never one here, I'd be so bummed out because then, yeah. You know what I mean? Because I can just boom, climb in the car and drive overnight and be here.

Yes. Where all the other events I have to fly to, which is fine too, cuz some of the others, I like to try to get to 'em just because of the the views here are amazing. When we were walking around, it was just amazing to see. Even though there's all that smoke that's coming in from the wildfires, you could just see the layers of hills and mountains, but then you get into a place like Big Sky or snowbird and it's like whew.

Exactly. And those views are incredible. But going back to what you were talking about, how tonight at the RM e f party, we're gonna have some [00:22:00] adult beverages and some of the memories that. We are constantly making new memories at every tac because of this drink that we created.

Yes. At Snowbird, it was the second time that I was there ERs and I went up for Vapor Trail and I can't recall exactly what year that was now. I don't think we would if it was just the evening part, we will never remember that part. Yeah, but cuz that was the, you, do you remember that ears had that cut on his leg? Yep. Yeah. And we walk in and I said, just you're hockey player. Tough it out. Yeah. What I mean? And he got it all wrapped up and stuff. And then we go down to the tram club. Yeah. And then we had the Minnesota South Dakota Pool Championships.


You know what I mean? That was and then it was $5 pbr. And it was the cheapest tequila wells, right? It was a $5 [00:23:00] special. And they had a number of tall boys. Yeah. So I think you had your choice between like Coors, pbr, Bush light, whatever. And then, so it was a mix and match deal.

So you could, you choose your beer and then you choose your shot Yep. For five bucks. Yep. And at that time I've always really been a tequila guy. I just I was like, you take a couple of 'em, get primed for the night, and then you just coast the rest of the night on beer.

That night, that was not a primer. That was a, there was a start. That was a all, it was a start. And we'll say, yeah. Yeah. And we, I, I know we talked about this, but I can't remember who coined the name of it, but we were ordering PBRs Yep. And shots of te and a shot of tequila.

Yeah. So we called it the Mexican Bull Rider. Yep. And and we had Brandon Van Dyke in there with us. Yep. And we had Eric Welsh. Yep. With us, the DIY Bow Hunter, yep. Yep. Which Great to see that he's doing better. Yep. He had some health issues and now he's doing good. So [00:24:00] really good to see that.

And then we have Brian Robbins. Yep. And ears. Yep. And I liked, I'd like to proclaim that ears probably is the one that came up with that name, if I would say so. Probably. But then I, when I think about, it's Eric, you, I don't, I have no idea. I probably, I don't think it was me. I'm not, I, no, I know it wasn't me, but I know I, I can be creative, but I'm not like with the quips like that.

No. I'll think about it three days later. Yes. Yours is yes. Like that. He's right on it. Yeah. But yeah. So now here we are, we're, we're gonna be having some Mexican bull riders tonight, but that's where we are. I was gonna go with this. So every time me and you, like any, like I, we were at ATA and Louisville.

Yeah. And I'm with ears and. No, there was a Mexican bull rider right there for him. They didn't know I was there, but it was funny cuz it was just, they just, it was just sent to him. You in the, and it's funny cuz it was in the, was it the [00:25:00] PBR bar? Yep. PBR Bar, and those are things that happened.

Oh, last year, Eric Na and I were, and my wife and her son and girlfriend and we were in Cody, Wyoming and had a shoot K bar Z shoot, and Cody. Oh yeah, that's right. And we're the's, no place to eat. And Cody. Okay. This, we got back from the shoe to slate and we went to Cassie's and they said there's no place, there's no room to eat.

We said, okay, but we are. So we're walking out, my wife is trying to find a place to eat on her phone. And I stopped and she kept on walking out the door and Eric said, He sat down and I said, let's have a bull rider. Yeah. And we, so I lined up to bull riders. Yeah. And everybody had a bull rider there.

And then they could see that we're having fun. And bartender came over and said, are you guys waiting for a table? We said, no, you're full. We were just having fun. And she said, hold on a second. And she went over and got us stable. [00:26:00] But then, yeah, I love that. And then to go from there. So we're there, and then we go to yesterday.

And the people I just met from Sioux Falls. Yeah. And we lined up a bull rider LA yesterday. Yeah. They all jumped in. What was it like six? Six of us. Six of us. Yeah. And it's just, I don't know, it's for us, it's been something. It's one of those things. Who knows what other groups have things, but Yeah.

It's expand, it's expanding. And it's not, it's just one of those loosen up, let's have fun. And you don't do any salt, you don't do any lime. You just put down the tequila, you have the PBR and you chat and you have fun. And you get to know people. Yeah. That's what you do. And who knows where that goes.

Yeah. And that's the fun part cuz we were talking about this earlier, I don't know. How many bull riders we, I had that night. But there was a girl in the bar there that she had a little too many somethings and and her last thing was Party on dudes. And then she was out and done and passed out.

[00:27:00] Yeah. Took out. It was a fun time. Those were fun times. Those were young, fun times. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. And then there's the the story that Brian Robbins told about the, him impersonating the deer and the hunter. And I wish I could go back and rehearse it again or redo it cuz I, it was it had the whole bar up and everybody was just uproar.

It was, and the funny thing about that, how many people were in that bar that night? It was a tram club and there was a ton of people in there. How many people were talking, it was all quiet cuz everybody's watching this show. And then cuz first it's the mule deer. And then it was a hunter.

Yep. And it was just hilarious about he was telling about what the deer was going through and then he went through the hunter and it was just, it was, but everybody's quiet cuz it was just so funny. Yeah. Yeah. And then he went hopping outta the bar like a springing, like a mule deer. Oh my gosh.

That's so funny. No those are, we have all [00:28:00] those memories and that's one thing that'll never be taken away from us. Yeah. It, we'll go to our grave with those memories. Absolutely. Absolutely. So happy that I was able to make things work to get out here. Yeah. It's just I love this crew.

All you guys are awesome. Just to, give you the shirt off my back. Take a bullet for you. Yeah. Kind of people, and like you said, the conversations that we have just. From Target to Target, and just, and you mingle with everybody a little bit. You do.

It's, yeah. I don't know. It's, and you can make like everybody knows, most people know that I can make fun of myself, we have little things that I probably do stupid things out there sometimes, no say sleeping things, but No. But we have fun, and like you said, we, I just love that camaraderie.

Yeah. And this might be the last time I see you this year. But we could come back next year and we're sitting here having a conversation just like this. Yep. Yeah. It's funny you say that cuz it is, you're right. It could be, and[00:29:00] we definitely want to get out here more, and I think Susan and Cindy get along really well too.

Yeah, they do. And so I keep trying to push Susan into coming out here for that festival in the park. I know it's the Buffalo run. Oh yeah, the buffalo round up in September. Yeah. Because there's a big art show. Yes, there is. I was told about. And that'd be cool cuz I've got some stuff, that I like to use like natural materials and deer antlers and deer skulls and stuff like that to make art and then Susan's got her watercolor stuff, but so let's talk a little bit about Project Rick and what that. What that is all about as far as what's the mission and tell the people like what you want to get out of it. We'll be right back.

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I started Project Rick because I. I've heard you keep on hearing how bad social media is. How it's just always negative. Yeah. And my thoughts on that was and I started it actually after my mom died. Because I wanted to show how people keep on evolving. Yeah. But when I was doing social media before that, it was just so they could see my adventures.

So [00:31:00] then I turned it into a project, Rick, because I wanted, I want people to see the positives in life. I'm not gonna preach that you need to go eat kale, and I'm not gonna preach that you need to go lift. But I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do and I want you to live life. Yeah. And that's what it's all about.

To me, that's what Project Rick's about right. Is to, and Positive. You'll never see politics cuz you don't need, we all know how we believe. I don't need to keep on preaching that this guy's bad or that bad guy's bad. We can form our own opinions in that. Yeah. But I want you to see, you know what, let's go on this adventure and let's see where we go.

And I do little adventures. I do big adventures and I just don't set steel. And I try to like, I mean it kinda, it's before Project Rick, but it was in my back of my mind for a long time. But when I climbed the Hundred Peaks,[00:32:00] the hundred Crow Peak 100 I called it. The people that I got to meet and the positiveness, if I can put a smile on somebody's face Yeah.

Or if I can have them think maybe I should do that. And that's what it's about to me. I did six peaks with ears this year. Yeah. In one day. In one day we, in South Dakota, it was 35 miles. It was roughly, I think we were close to 8,000 vertical feet by the end. We started at three 30 in the morning.

We did, we in South Dakota, we did Black Elk Crow Peak. I mean we did blackout, then we went to Crazy Horse. But oh my God, that was a race. Cuz there was like 500 people here. And if you wanna hear, so I'll tell you the rest of the, I'll tell you the peaks. So we did Black Elk. We did Crazy Horse, then we went to Bear Butte, then we did Lookout, then we went to Old Baldy, it's called.

And we ended Crow Peak. And Ashley got a cool picture of me on Crow Peak. [00:33:00] But I have this picture of my mom and dad that I take overtook on this adventure. I take him with all on most, all my ventures. So they're always with me. Yeah. And that came from years. And I just got done registering and I went to the Porta-Potty and I had it sitting here so I wouldn't lose it cuz we went up without a pack on Crazy Horse.

We were just gonna fly up and fly down. Yeah. And I had it here cuz I wanted to get the picture, yeah. And I went to the bathroom and when I did it, there's a little crack in the porta potty, there's right beside it and it fell with my luck cuz it. If I don't have bad luck, most of the time I don't have any luck at all.

It went right through the crack. Oh man. So there's guys standing outside waiting to come in to go to the bathroom and I walked out and I said, man, this is a crazy request, but can you push the toilet over so I can put my arm around underneath there and get the picture? And he [00:34:00] said, what are you talking about?

More or less? And he said, so he did it though. And I reached out and got my mom's picture. Nice. And then we took off, but I bet we passed 500 people that day. Oh, I bet. Yeah. But it was one. So we did that. So you wanna know the positivity. Then we had Jane and Frederickson, she came with us. And then at the end Ashley and Jesse came.

And Troy Nehouse was with us actually four of 'em. Yeah. And, but, and he always was out at Bo cast. He was there actually the night of the bull riders too. Yeah. And I was just gonna say, not to veer off, but I, he's not here, is he? He's here tomorrow. Oh. He will be him I'll up for tomorrow.

Dang. But he, but anyway, in the end we were doing old Baldy and it's starting to hit us cuz so we were getting tired and dehydrated and maybe a little bit. And but there was always a smile. There was, except probably our last, we'll say half last [00:35:00] mile at Old Baldy. There was. A lot of quiet. Yeah. And we hopped in and ear and we were driving down and we get to the Crow Creek parking lot and Ears did a little video.

I said, we're ready to go, and it's funny cuz yes, I'm, I usually drink good stuff, like I was trying to treat like stay hydrated and stuff. Yeah. And we'd get to the parking lot and I did it. I had a Red Bull and it did gimme wings for a while, but yeah. But we're getting to the top and this is the same thing that happened with ears and I, it roughly not the same, but when on my mountain goat hunt, the last probably quarter mile years is way ahead of me.

And he just let me cuz take in the hole what all happened cuz I have never ever got so emotional on a hunt until that, till we got to the bottom of that mountain goat hunt. But we're climbing up Crow Peak and we, I'm legging behind. And cuz I'm the [00:36:00] oldest person there anyway. But, so I'll use that as an excuse, but I'm like getting behind.

But I'm thinking, and we get to the top, I mean get to, there's probably another quarter mile to get to the top, but I just get to the top where the hard part. And ears is standing there and he said, look up in the sky. And I said, I was looking up there cuz I'm mentally tired, and he said, you said it is a beautiful full moon. Yeah. And he said, your mom's looking down on you now and you're making her proud. Yeah, man. Yeah you are. Yeah. So sorry about that. No man. No, it, that's an awesome, that's awesome. It's a fantastic moment. I thank you for telling that story. I love that.

That's a positiveness Yeah. Of. Being with the people you're with. Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. And and it's really cool that in that moment he took that, cuz you know, [00:37:00] him and I have been on a lot of adventures and us as guys too, right? We, we don't wanna show our, we don't wanna peel away the layers, right?

No. Like we're rugged and we're now, and we don't talk about our emotions too much, but when you ha when there's those moments, I've had a few of those with ears too, where it's just oh of a sudden you're like, oh man, I didn't know I guess I didn't know you had emotions.

Yeah. You know what I mean? And probably vice versa. But yeah. But no, it's super cool and. Go back to talking about the, so you guys did the six peaks, which is unreal. Yep. In one day. And it was really fun to follow along and watch you guys. And I, and admittedly I was a little jealous.

I'm like, man, I wish I was there. I wish I would've taken the time to maybe try to make an effort to be a part of it, yep. But then, was it last year you did the Crow Peak 100? It was actually, it was covid year. That's right. Yep. It was Covid and it, and I didn't know it was co going to happen, but it was Yeah.

New Year's Eve when before things really started going. Yeah. And I got to the [00:38:00] top of, I usually, I, cuz I like to challenge myself. And I, so I go up there, I, this is fun. This is probably a Rick Sentimentality thing or something. I don't know. And, but I usually go up, if I get the chance, I go up on New Year's Eve.

And watch the sun go down. And then I go up, I go back up New Year's Day and watch the sun come up. Just, I don't know, it's like a rebirth or something, yeah. And I've, when I went down, when I was up there on New Year's Eve, I thought I need to challenge myself to something this year.

And I thought, let me see, what can I do that is realistic in but hard? And I still should be able to attain it, but it's gonna take some work. Yeah. And I went home and thought about it and I talked to Cindy a little bit about it and I said I think I wanna climb [00:39:00] up. Pic a hundred times because the joke is Jesse said, because everybody knew I'd climb Crow Peak cuz it was just one of my deals.

And Jesse said, how many times have you climbed it? I said, I don't know. So I decided I'd climb it a hundred times. Yeah. And I did it, I started out doing it and then I put it on social media and I was like, holy moly, now I gotta do it. Yeah. Or I'm gonna look like a candy ass, and, but when I got it, it's funny that I didn't even know who was following this.

But people started really like saying, this is cool. Yeah. And you're going you're keep on you're giving us a lot of emotion, you're showing us what we can do. You know what I mean? Inspiration and Yeah. Maybe it was a respiration and who knows inspiration you go.

And I started taking, I. I took up probably 15 different people throughout this whole thing. And Bella or my, [00:40:00] the, it's a chocolate lab. She came up with me 65 times, and then she cut her foot, and so she didn't come up for about a month or so. We let it heal up, but we were up there 65 times.

But anyway, it was the people that kept on following this. And I was here at, I was here at Total Archer Challenge, and I'm in the fest, the up there with the, all the booths. And walking around, this guy walks up to me and he says, I've lost 30 pounds because of you. Oh, man. That's awesome. You know what I mean?

Because he said, if you can do it, I can do it. You know what I mean? And I, because I've not, like I said, I'm not the preacher. I'm, I just wanna say, you can do this if you put your mind to it. Yeah. And I went, now that is cool. Yeah. And I went up with. And at that time, everybody's kinda scared cuz it was not me.

But other people are scared of COVID at the time. We're climbing up and down. I met some people from New York and they had took their daughter, [00:41:00] granddaughter and we had a little chat about life and where they lived and stuff. And then I took up a guy that had one kidney, which I didn't know before I took him up, but it was fine.

But we had to have a lot of water. Yeah. And he had to take rest and it, and at that time I was in like, I'm, if I was speeding through it, I was doing it in an hour and a half. If I'm taking my time and taking pictures. Cuz it's a beautiful day and I, it was it was probably an hour and a half. But with him it was six hours.

Yeah. Wow. And it was you get a guy like that to the top, and then you get to see that view. And you get to look through his eyes. Then you go, this is well worth it. Yeah. And that's what projects Rick's gonna is about those kind of moments. And you've gotta live the moment.

And right now we're in a society that needs stuff right now. We are out here doing this podcast in the, [00:42:00] on this deck. And we were just on a mountain. Yeah. We're, sometimes the sun comes out, sometimes it doesn't shines on her face. But we're out here smelling and we're seeing in the view.

And when we go down the mountain, you see the flowers, you see the view, you see the butterflies, and we all see that stuff. And that when I go up on a mountain or go, like Mel was the first time I ever met her melissa. And Frank had called me and said, do you wanna go down with her the other night?

And she, and I'm watching her because I watch what kind of person you are. And we're just looking at the flowers. We're looking at what's surrounding us as we shoot. And when you can take in more than just having that focus of, I, you gotta have the focus to shoot the target. I'm not saying that right.

But I'm saying we're looking at the little things around us. I took [00:43:00] up, I was talking Brandon Lilly, he's the Sorin X, he was a world champion power lifter. And I took him we were I didn't take him up, but he, they went up with us at big Sky. Burke Soren and Brandon Lilly.

And we're shooting and I'm getting on the ground cuz the wild straw buries were awesome. And I talked to Brandon actually at Tack at Big Sky this year, and he says, that's one of my favorite memories is we were eating those strawberries all the way down. Yeah. You know what I mean? And those little things, you start seeing that and then you can pass that on to people about stuff.

And we all talk about the views of our, how our world, but you can have a different view than I do. Yeah. But we get along. That's what I want to be projecting out there. You know what I mean? Yeah. I want, there's so much me or. I, or [00:44:00] whatever it is, and they want quick satisfaction.

And to me I, this is funny, but in college I did a paper on the difference between pleasure and happiness and that, I don't know where I picked that up. But I'm I've read an article or read a book with about the Dalai Lama that talked about that, and he said that talked about the differences between pleasure and happiness.

And then in probably two years ago, I wrote, I read they did the Book of Joy with Desmond Tutu. And I am trying to, I'm trying to find where that joy is. I want you to find that joy in your life. And this isn't a spiritual moment here, but it's about finding that joy. What makes you feel good inside?

What will keep that energy inside you? We talk about pleasure in a [00:45:00] different manner as it, it's short lived. Yeah. It could pleasure turn into a happiness. We could have a bowl of ice cream here and that's pleasurable to eat, but is that making you happy? And you can be happy and then you can go into, you can be I'm happy, but I'm not always joyful.

But what will make me joyful? So if I can put up in Project Rick or on my adventures and I can show you that I'm having I'm doing these adventures and it's making me joyful. Yeah. Then maybe you'll pick up one little thing. Yeah. And maybe you'll say, that'll make me better. And that's where I'm going with that.

Yeah. It, I'm not trying to be, I don't know. I'm just saying that's, I have these thoughts and I hope that I can express them to people. Yeah. And they enjoy 'em. Yeah. And I think, we talked a little bit about that, as we kinda get older and stuff, and you're having these thoughts and you're you [00:46:00] have all these experiences.

You, there's a. There's a nudge, there's a pull from, I don't know if it's God pulling on your spirit or what it is to say Hey, you get, let this stuff out. The people need to know about this stuff. You know what I mean? And so I think it's good to get that kind of stuff out.

And I'm really been having a great time at, like the last podcast we did with Josh Wells. I was talking about how much I Love to write. Yeah. But I've always, or I've never really felt like I'm a good writer, but I just, and, to do all the inspirational stuff, it just, I'm too much of a perfectionist, so I would spend too much time on it, and then I would just end up scrapping it.

So I have all these things written down and I'm starting to come to terms with the fact that it's like, this stuff is, it's just stuff that you want to get out there. And if I don't, if people don't like it, so what, or if they do, hopefully it can resonate with one person or whatever, and perfect example is, you're wearing the shirt, don't die Rusty. Yep. And that's the, correct me if I'm wrong, but it's like the slogan for project. It [00:47:00] is. It is. And when I first saw that, Because for me, when I see a Project Rick poster, I see a Rick Hansen post. It's right away in the morning.

I'm like, it's like the first thing I see when I get in there and I'm just like, man, here's my daily dose of positivity. Yep. And there's been a handful of times where I've had to share it with everybody. Everybody, and say, Hey, here's your daily dose and if you wanna get it, go to Rick's project, Rick. And when you first, when I first saw the Don't Die Rusty shirts, I immediately I dropped everything I was doing and ordered it, and then was like, everybody go order this.

Just because, it could mean a lot of things. Me knowing you. Yeah. I know exactly what it means. Yeah. But at the same time, like I said it, it could have different meanings for different people, but maybe talk a little bit about that. Don't I, rusty is not just about. Moving your body.

It's about moving your mind. And it's actually, it's funny that you just, what you just said about the writing part, cuz [00:48:00] in my, I have those quick little rants. They, I try not to make 'em long. I wouldn't call 'em a rant, but it's one of the la I've we all have to have that flame.

And if your flame is dimmer than my flame, we're making the world a little dimmer place. So I expand on these writing things. It's funny how you were talking about this cuz sometimes I wonder if we are 2.0. Yeah. Because I thought, you know what, I'm gonna start expanding on these. I, at my, on my computer home, I have expanded on my thoughts that I have.

So I can maybe someday put that in a blog or whatever, where that goes, but don't die Rusty is, I don't care. If we have a troll that's gonna knock me down or try to but you aren't gonna knock me down. Because I'm gonna keep on moving and I'm not gonna die Rusty. I'm not gonna stop because you think that I, you don't believe in what I'm writing.

And I'm not gonna write anything [00:49:00] that's gonna be judgmental or I'm writing things that are saying, you know what? I'm gonna go do this stuff and I'm gonna, I cuz I'm gonna do Rick and don't die. Rusty. I read, I probably read Reed probably. A book every two months maybe. Because I'm writing, I'm analytical and sometimes I see this quote and I said, this can go into a post or something. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yep. And so I read a lot that, so your mind isn't dying rusty. You go on these adventures and your body might start wearing out a little bit. I'm 55, but I can do a lot of stuff yet, and I don't I don't wanna, I don't wanna go to the grave knowing, wishing that I could have, would have, but cuz I could have I'm only gonna take my memories with me. Yeah. And money. I'd rather go on that adventure. [00:50:00] So in, hopefully someday in. We talked about this a little bit. If I win lottery or if I came into a bunch of money somewhere, I would like to take people on Rick Adventures. Yeah. And I would like to say, look through their eyes and I'm gonna say, see, I, this is what you can do.

Yeah. And it doesn't have to be, this doesn't have to be like, we don't have to go climb out Everest. But we can go climb Crow Peak. We can go, look at the other day at that we took Ash, the gray is going to climb all the highest points in the 50 states. Yeah. I went with him to Harney Peak and then we're up there and he's playing a piano up on Harney Peak.

And these older people are going, this is awesome. What did we do that day? We, they aren't dying rusty either, cuz they're up there. Yeah. So I don't want us to become stagnant. Yeah. I don't want us to look at, I don't want,[00:51:00] there's a lot of people. That will look on a computer or search things and they can go to Australia or the New Zealand or the wherever they wanna go.

And say they've been there, but until you go and experience it, you've never been there. Yeah. Yeah. You come for the trolls or whoever that says, TACS sucks. You've never been there. Yeah. If you've never been there and you haven't experienced the fun and the camaraderie, you've never been there.

Yeah. And so I want project don't drive, rusty is going to be my mantra for till I die now. You and I want other people to. See that. If they want to believe that, then they can. But I'm gonna be a hundred years old hopefully, and I'm gonna still be moving. Yeah. And those are I know people that are my dad, he has, he had two knee replacements [00:52:00] and he's walking three miles a day.

He's 80 years old. Yeah. He's not, that's incredible. It's one of those things that are amazing to me because he, and then what he does he, he keeps moving. Yeah. And that's the way I guess that's the way I grew up. Cuz my dad was always moving, and we're always doing stuff.

So that's where I want to go. I want people to experience life and don't die rusty. Don't think that you can't. Yeah. So here's another example from my perspective. Last week we went to Casper, Wyoming to my wife's son lives down there. And we went he's a paramedic and he goes back and forth from Pierce, South Dakota to there and his girlfriend's doing, she's gonna be an occupational therapist, so she's she was away and we went sit, they, we went down and checked their mail cuz they had, they couldn't get back there. And they're coming to tac and we're gonna be here. So let's go on a four hour adventure and we'll just go down [00:53:00] there and pick up their mail and get a few things for 'em and this and that.

And so as usual, I get up in the morning and say it was a little before then, I have to say, but we'll get up in the morning. We're gonna, I gotta do my sunrise. And I said let's go to Colorado Tech. I don't have a bow, but let's go. Yeah. Why not? So we jump in the, we jumped in the vehicle and we're heading to Tack and it's not, we had a tent and we had a sleeping bag in the back, sleeping bags in the back.

So we didn't know exactly where we were gonna end up. And we go to Colorado and we walk in and I have to admit, ears was there, so I knew, I'd get to see him. I hadn't seen him for a long time. Yeah. And other people, and we walk in and it's it's just family, then Yeah. See Russ and Kelly, I see, I see Brody, I see years and Heather and it's. I meet people that have been following this and they're saying, you know what, you're doing good. But it was, that was just like, boom. But we can [00:54:00] go on that adventure. We saw elk, we saw the wildflowers up there were amazing.

Frank took us up to the top just to see the wildflowers. And then, so the next morning Frank and I get up and we go up and take pictures of sunrise again. Just me and Frank and I, we get to sit there and meditate and look at the world. We not really meditate, but we sat there and we just enjoyed the view.

And then we hopped in the car, we drove to Steamboat, had lunch, and we got home at nine 30 that night. And I'm working Monday morning. That's all on a Friday after work to a Monday morning. You know what I mean? Yeah. And anybody can do that. Yeah. You don't have to, you. I'm cheap in the aspect that I'm not gonna buy a camper and I don't have kids, so I don't have, I don't have little kids.

I don't have to worry about that. We can throw, we did throw the two man 10 in, but Cindy's getting a little if we're gonna really go on an adventure, I have a big six man cabella's outfit or tent, and we have an air mattress. Yeah. We gotta have that, Uhhuh. [00:55:00] But this time we didn't know exactly where we're going.

We just threw in, I have my two man hunting tent that I usually use and we go that so are we aren't at, we don't have to pay for lodging. We're going to eat at home anyway. Yeah. And the only thing that's probably gonna hurt is our butts driving, but. We got to go to Colorado and we got to see mountains and we got to see people that we love and cherish.

And then we get to drive back and you're feeling like you've filled something and you know what the other part is? You probably know this too. I don't know if it's still the 2.0 thing, you will know this. But you get in a car, you and Susan or me and Cindy, there's nowhere to go. So you talk Yeah.

And how does that build a relationship? Because you have to talk. Yeah. There's nobody else in the car. Yeah. And if I'm alone, I probably have the music up louder than Cindy likes. But so she turns it down so she doesn't have a choice. If you're gonna turn down the my radio, you're gonna [00:56:00] have to listen to me.

You know what I mean? Yeah. And I go to the, you or either that, or we plug in a range podcast and we listen to that. There you go. There you go. Yeah. Absolutely. But there's also, music can do that to you too, like Absolutely. Yeah. There's songs that can mean a lot to you and they can influence you like in a couple weeks, we're going down to New Orleans. Cindy's daughter's interning at Cargill. Oh, right on. Yeah. In New Orleans. But she has to be, she's also in the Naval Reserves. Okay. Which is, this is now, don't laugh, but her Na, her Naval Reserves Center is in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Oh. I'm just, that, just, but it's funny to me, but she, we're gonna fly in Friday and we're gonna drive, we'll probably be there two hours and we're heading to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

She has to be there Monday morning at eight o'clock. But speaking of songs, so I'm a big Whiskey Myers fan. Yeah. [00:57:00] And I'm looking at her route and we're gonna stop at the timeout off of 1 55 to take a picture. Yeah. But it's about the story. Yeah. Broken window serenade.

Yeah. And it's about the story. People I've, I see trolls say, why would you wanna stop there? I don't know. It's because I feel like the boyfriend and is looking at his girlfriend or want who we wanted to be his girlfriend at the time out. I can take a picture. Why do people stop at the corner of Zel, Arizona?

Yeah. It's just one of those things. But that's, that has influenced me. I don't care if you don't wanna stop there, but it's one of those things that this, the picture of the song will be in my head. You're not dying rusty, because you know that's one of those things I wanted to see. Yeah. Some people might wanna see the biggest spool of yarn in the world and that's, Hey, I'm not gonna shame you for that.

That's what. And I [00:58:00] know I get off track here, but those are things that I see. Yeah. And I wanna live life to the fullest and I wanna experience these places. There's, and some of those are in songs. Yeah. You know what I mean? And some of them are in books. I don't know if we'll get to this, but I wanted to, when I was younger, I wanted to I'm a big Hemingway fan.

I wanted, the sun also rises. I wanted to travel his path that he took going to Spain. Yeah. And I never did that because I went to Australia and did other things there, and lived there for a while and this and that. But those are the things that can influence a person, a book, music people. So you.

Don't die rusty. Yeah. Yeah. And I like I really, the first thing obviously that I think comes to people's mind is, stay active, stay physical, especially if they know you. Yeah. But I like that you [00:59:00] said don't let your mind go rusty either. Yeah. And it is interesting that I did a, when I was in the boundary waters last year, I was kinda losing my mind.

You get into those solitude moments where you haven't talked, you haven't spoken to anybody in days. And you just have these random thoughts. And so I just really felt like I had to get it, get this thing out. And I've had this like epiphany about the gray hair hairs in my beard.

Each one that comes in is like more knowledge and all the other. Ones that haven't turned gray yet are all the knowledge beards that I have yet to learn. Yeah. And I just thought it was profound for some reason. And whether people think it is or they don't, doesn't matter. But I guess the point is that.

You should always be learning. Yes. You know what I mean? I look at back at my folks and I don't think they hit a point, and then it was just like, coasting through life. You know what I mean? They didn't go on adventures, they didn't do anything. They didn't do none of that. Me and Susan and the kids.

We live that mantra. It's [01:00:00] like sometimes it's to the point where we go, man, we almost have to force ourselves to take a break because it's like, we're always like, okay, let's do this weekend, and then we got an art show, and then Rick, you're going to tac and oh, now I got an art show that weekend too.

So we're scrambling to try to figure that out. And then, now we're, we're planning a a four day trip up into the boundary waters with the kids, and then I'm gonna go to the boundary waters for a week by myself. So we're just, it's just constant, that, those are the things that kind of fill our bucket.

And at the same time, we're getting exercise. We're constantly learning new things, so we're, we don't want to die rusty, man. No. And I love that. And no and you don't have to go on those, as you were, we were talking about our parents. And my parents. I grew up on a ranch.

They were farmer. My dad worked, was a ranch and a farm and stuff. But it's like they. Accepted, that's where they're [01:01:00] gonna be. And they didn't want anything more because they were my dad's happy doing what he was doing. I'm not saying but I always wanted more. Yeah. I always wanted to smell thero or see or do or whatever.

And that's why I wanted go. But then, like I said it's amazing to me that they supported my adventures. Even when I was young. When I was young. This is, I know this is off base maybe, but I always wanted to climb Everest. Okay. Yeah. In Central South Dakota, we get blizzards and they'd get cold and my mom would get so mad at me, but I would go out, it's 10 20 below, and I would go out and with a headlamp on and I'd walk down.

I'd go for a long walk like it was. Probably a mile or two in this cold to say, so I could experience this kind of weather. At least I may never be able to climb [01:02:00] Mount Everest, but I'm in the, I'm in the weather, I'm experience some something and that was an adventure. And then when I didn't know what I wanted to do in life.

I went and lived with my mom and dad, and I saved up all my money. I got in this it was a ranch exchange. Farm exchange program. And I went to Australia and for the first six months I worked, the second I did other things, I got to experience life. And all I ever wanted them to do was be proud of me.

Yeah. And they got to live those adventures with me. And Anybody can do this stuff. Yeah. If you put your mind to it, what do you want outta life? I'm never, Cindy and I have only been married three years, but we dated for a long time. But we had a little land on top of in Spearfish and we were gonna build a house and we had, [01:03:00] we found this other house, so we sold the land cuz we don't wanna live for a house payment.

I wanna be able to go do things and so does Cindy. And then she's, and it's funny cuz our relationship is, she's the, she's more the, probably she'll like this, but she's more the, she's more the probably has more sense of. Not being as so spontaneous as me. She's probably smarter cuz I have this headset on and I don't know, but I'm bold mostly on this topic and most of that is because I said, why the hell did I do that?

You know what I mean? But I came out of it a lot. Yeah. So we're all right. But she's probably has more common sense in that area of life than me. But I've taken her places that now that she would've never went before. Yeah. She's coming up, this is funny. She's probably over there at the mountain fest right now.

Yeah. And she's making friends and she has friends, but she's making friends and doing stuff. She [01:04:00] would've never came here and Right. You know what I mean? And her son's over there shooting with his friend. And I just think that in, in life I just have this passion and I wish I could, I really wish I, this is, I just have this passion of everybody you can do stuff.

Yeah. You know what I mean? Just dream some of those dreams may never come true, but you can have those dreams. Like when I get a lottery ticket, you say, I bought it on a, I have two days of dream about what I would do with that lottery ticket. You can still dream big. People say some dreams aren't gonna be attained.

Maybe they won't, but you know what? They're always gonna keep your mind going. Yeah. What would I do if I won the lottery? Especially now when it's, I saw, I think I saw it was 875 million. What would I do? You know what I mean? It'd be like, What would I do? I, like I said, I'd take people on adventures and we'd go on a hunt somewhere.

My other buddy, Ben from [01:05:00] home, we're going, I'm, I'd force him. I don't think it'd be a big force. I'm gonna go get a Marco Polo. That is my top. If I could go hunt any animal in the whole world, it'd be Marco Polo. Oh, really? That's cool. I don't care about Cool. I don't care about Africa. I want a Marco Polo.

Yeah. And it's not because I don't wanna go to I figure you're sitting in a tree stand and, or, and not a tree stand, but a blind in Africa. It's where they live. Yeah. You know what? It's testing yourself. You're not dying. You're moving. If you're in the mountains looking for a Marco Polo. Yeah. And I. I don't know.

I've just always had this dream of shooting a Marco Polo, and unless I win lottery, I'll never do it anyway. But that's dream, right? Yeah. Yeah. You know what? And I can live vicariously through dreams like last year this, I got lucky, I'll say I got lucky. Jason Mattsinger went and shot his doll sheep.

Yeah. I may never, ever go [01:06:00] hunting a doll sheep, but last year at TAC in Big Sky, I got to eat some of Jason's doll sheep. Oh, you did? Yeah. The foot flap guy was cooked up a shoulder. Okay, nice. Did I, so he has his stuff coming out about the DOL sheep hunt. Yeah. Selective. Selective. And guess what? I may not have experienced that hunt, but I got to eat part of that DOL sheep.

Yeah, it's just amazing to think about how many people's lives are impacted by just something as. Simple as that, yes. And here's the funny thing, would, Jason probably doesn't even know that I feel like I experienced this hunt with him by having a little of that sheep. Yeah. Yeah.

You know what I mean? These, he influenced me. You, you guys have everybody around, influences somebody somehow. Yeah. For sure. You know what I mean? And as long as it's good, I can watch, [01:07:00] I guess I shouldn't say as long as it's good, but what if as long as we learn that there are bad things and bad people in this world, and we keep on trying to make the world a better place, that's gonna be the best because me and.

How do we make the world a better place unless we're better. Yeah. And if we can keep making people better, let's do that. So don't let the world rust. Yeah. That maybe that'll be another. Don't let the world rust. There you go. But there you go. Yeah. Because we need to keep moving. We need to see that there's life out there.

Absolutely. Yeah. I know. I'm ranting. I'm sorry. No, you're good. It's, no, this is per, this is perfect. And it, it blows my mind that there's people that haven't really explored much of the world, and I'm, and it, and I go I just think in my head like so what do you do?

What, or, and you got people that play video games and do stuff like that, and that's their thing and Yep. And that's okay. Yeah. [01:08:00] But it's I just, I don't know what I would do without, Shooting a bow and being outside and it's done.

It's just crazy to think what a bow ha how it has steered my life and my friendships and my relationships and everything that I do. And with Vapor Trail and with all of that, just constantly, always every day being immersed in it. And sometimes it saddens me to think that if, if that ever changed, you just, you just never know what kind of stuff gets thrown at you in life.

You know what I mean? It doesn't mean that I would ever stop shooting a bow. I'm just talking about like with my career here. Yeah. Here. I'm sorry for, but here's another example. There's a, I don't know if you'd want, I'll say Bob is his name. He won the habitat hunt here in South Dakota that you get to shoot an Alka Deer in an antelope.

Oh, wow. And he is, 83 years old. Wow. And [01:09:00] he called me, he got my number from one of my friends and he I didn't know this, but he was like a month from turning 84. And when we talk about having the bow in the hand. Yeah. So I took off time from work just to go hunting with him cuz I thought this is gonna be awesome.

Yeah. And which it was. Yeah. And me and him had so many great conversations and he said he, and he wanted to get a six point bowl and I had a five point bowl. I mean we had a couple opportunities at six point bowl, but being 84, you're a little bit slower. You know what I mean? Yeah. But he had his bow in his hand.

I said, so I said, and we were talking and I said cuz he can hunt anywhere in the state and. We have places that he could get with a rifle and he says, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna do that. If I don't kill a bull with my bow, I'm not going to shoot anything. That's just [01:10:00] incredible. I love that.

And you know what, but, and I think to myself, he's 84, gonna be 84, and he will not put down his bow. But I had, like I said, I had bowls, I had, I have a few bowls that were, it was if we just need a little more movement. And then I got I got really mad at one guy, cuz I don't know if he knows what a indicator is.

And he's out scouting and taking pictures. And we're on this bowl, me and him, and I could get three miles. And then, and I think this is another thing that why he liked hunting with me is because I, he, I could get a good three miles out of him a day. And then we'd usually do the a. Hunt in the morning and then we would put him in the blind in the evening.

And, he enjoyed that. I had the belief that he could go walk these mountains at 83. Yeah. And he was hunting here in the Black Hills and we were having a good old time because of a boat. Yeah. Because he, they, the friend that [01:11:00] told me about him he didn't live here, but he just said, you might wanna talk to Rick.

And I got this phone call and I was like, you know what, I'll take my vacation time to go hunt with you. Yeah. Because it's an experience. Yeah. That's unselfish to, I'm not trying to make myself, but it's unselfish, but maybe it was selfish because I learned a lot from an 83 year old fella. My dad was 79 and I.

This is, I know this is a funny hunting story. I don't know if I told you this one. Tell it. And my dad, I hope my, but this is the funniest. So my dad was 79, I think he was seven. Yeah, he was 79 when he had his, and he has a crossbow. Okay. And I took him out hunting. He drew his TA in South Dakota.

And where the first day, this is the first day I've, and my dad can't hear like real well, okay. He can't hear the bugles. Oh, okay. Cuz they're high [01:12:00] pitched or something. Yeah. I don't know. And we had elk coming across in front of us and we had this and that. It was just one of those exciting days.

We're seeing bowls and they're bugling and I'm going, they're over here. They're over here. You know what I mean? Yeah. I'm all excited just trying to get him excited. And so we went, we snuck through the woods and he, this is I think it was maybe a month or month and a half before his first knee replacement.

So he, he has a hurt knee, he can't go very fast and very far. And I got him down into this little area and I said, sit here, just stand here and I'm gonna go back about 40 yards. I'm gonna put up my Montana decoy and I'm gonna start calling. What? What state were you in? We're in South Dakota.

Okay. And he said, okay. And he got all set up and ready to go. And there's this big pine tree. It's about this big and it's right behind. He has his head just in front of it. And I start bugling and calling. And all this is probably a three 20 [01:13:00] bowl. He is running in and my dad can't see it.

Because his head, he doesn't have peripheral vision. Oh. In that aspect. Cuz of the trees in his way. And I'm going, and then I, he's coming in hard. He's like just about running in to come and bite me and my dad, I'm making, so I'm seeing that my dad isn't seeing this and he, and I'm making the worst bugles you can ever help.

Just trying to get his attention. Cuz I don't want to yell and that, and I'm thinking you know what? This is gonna be exciting. And he got, I'm gonna say he got probably seven yards from my dad and my dad. Then my dad had saw him and he didn't know what to do. It was like, do I move or not?

Because then all of a sudden the bull just went and this is how close he was. My dad finally heard it because of the footsteps. Not because of the puy and Oh man. And the elk took off and he so he stopped and my, the elk was like, this is not right. And he [01:14:00] swung around and my dad swung around and there's branches and way he couldn't get a shot.

My dad's kicking himself. I just screwed this up and I'm being all happy and, and I'm trying to be positive. Yeah. I should say. And I'm saying, you know what, we'll get, it'll happen again. And we went and sat at this pond that, that afternoon and. And my dad actually said, I said, do you wanna go back to cabin and sleep?

Cuz my uncle has a cabin close where we were. And he says, there are no elk in the cabin. I said, that's very true. So the next day we get up and I wanted to check out a couple areas and there's people there and I felt like I was wasting time. And then we got to this other place and we're here.

There's a bull ran right across in front of us. And I went, we tried getting on him and it didn't work. And then I said, then I we moved a little bit further down the road, then we started walking a little bit and I said, There's a bunch of elk down here and I can't hear 'em. Okay. So I said, [01:15:00] same scenario here.

All right. So here, so the next, so that day, so that morning we go in and I said, dad, go down here and sit down. Sit here, but don't put your head behind the tree this time. And I started calling and here comes the herd. And he had spikes, he had cows, he had rag horns. And the big bull was just staying back a little bit.

And he is, I called him in and they're surrounding him. And he thought, he said, you know what? I thought they, they were gonna get nervous and leave. And he shot a rag horn bowl. And that was probably the happiest time because he actually heard the bugles this time, cause they were close enough.

And the little, the little rag horns are buccal in. Yeah. But. He got to hear and see he got the, at 80, at 70, about 80 years old. He gets the full effect of a archery elk hunt. [01:16:00] And he, it was just one of those I mean I'm not being, but it was a magical moment. Yeah, absolutely. For sure.

And I got to and those as we talk Yeah. I'm gonna take that memory with me cuz we aren't videoing this stuff. Yeah. I mean I wish I would've had the video of that elk when it got close to him but we have all these elk around us. Him and he got to experience that and probably won't get to do it ever again.

Yeah. For drawing a tag. Yeah. And those are the things that a bow does cuz I have had adventures and I have had. I've shot a mountain. Good. I've shot a 200 inch white tail. I've done stuff and I've shot elk and I've all with a bow. Yeah. And there's days that you want to throw that bow down because you screwed up or something happened.

Yeah. But you know what? You got to experience that and you get to go back tomorrow and you got to try to do it. And that's what I was trying to say with my [01:17:00] dad. The day before he had that bowl right next to him and he, but the next day he got to experience the whole thing. Yeah. You know what I mean?

And that's the life with the bow. Because I think when we, and you got together, started really talking, I had when I shot my 200 denture and I never sat in tree stands this. I hate tree stands. Yeah. Just because I just hate 'em. Yeah. But I'm in a tree stand cuz I had no choice because of the way the crops were where I was hunting. And I had a, and I know that cuz I saw the buck that's 152 inch buck was coming in. And I, I mean I, we were talking but I really don't miss and I had him, I was gonna say, how am I gonna have him mounted? And I'm getting overconfident here. Uhhuh. And I missed him cuz I was twisted around the tree and I was like, and I missed him and I go home and I am pissed.

Yeah. I am just like, I'm livid with myself [01:18:00] cuz Yeah. I just screwed this up. Yeah. And my mom said, you miss for a reason. S And so the next few I had I thought you know what, maybe I did. So I went and I hunted. I had two or three more days to hunt and I got to a, it's funny cuz I hunted hard and I saw a few more deer, but nothing I really wanted to shoot.

And I'm still pissed about that. And I thought I'm gonna burn out this tree sand, so hopefully it comes in. Yeah. And that day I, it's, it was like a Sunday afternoon, it was late. And these pheasant hunters go by my vehicle and they come in and start shooting. So you wanna No disappointment with your bow.

And I, so I left. I'm mad cuz. Tons of shooting. Yeah. And I wa you know, you feel like you're wasted your day. And I'm driving around road and where I live, I had permission to hunt land and I all, and I see this buck out in this [01:19:00] field. And I I'm a spot and stock whitetail hunter, and that was making me feel good because I could go spot and stock this whitetail.

And I thought he's a good buck. He's gonna go one 60. And he was chasing three doughs, but there was a little buck chasing the dough too. And I jumped out and I, like I said, I had permission for the land and it's this hayfield and I'm running, crawling, and I get out there and as luck would have it, the dough, there's, we, there's ba bale stacks out there.

Okay. And, The little buck, the big buck chased the little buck just enough and the dose come out and I'm saying they're 25 yards away. And I said, so I'm ready. And here comes the buck. And I'm saying to myself, pick a spot. Pick a spot. Yeah. Don't look at the horns. Pick a spot. Yeah.

Yeah. Because I knew he was good. And I shot him and I, it's funny cuz I shot him and he stopped right in front of me and I was already drawn, picked the spot arrows on the way and he he took off [01:20:00] and I ran up to Bales just to see where he went. And he went into the shelter belt. And I so I'm thinking this is pretty cool.

Yeah. And I went down and got the arrow and I went, it was a good shot. Yeah, I know. I made a good shot. Okay. But there was just drops of blood. Just drops. Yes. And my dad's out combine and he said he needed a couple hoppers full before he filled up a semi. And I called my cousin who had just, actually, I, he shot 183 inch her and I thought, this is gonna be the biggest whitetail I've ever been on.

When I went and helped him find him. And or, and then he actually found it before I got there. But that's besides the point. But I called him up. I said, can you guys bring out when dad gets home, we'll get out spotlights. We'll go try to find him. Cuz I said, I know I made a good hit on him.

So I drove back to my mom and dad's just to. Yeah. I thought if I don't, I'm gonna wanna go after him. And I know I made a good hit, but I'm questioning myself then. Sure. So we go back out [01:21:00] and my dad said, where do you wanna start? Cuz I wanted us all just walk down and look for blood.

My dad swung around and there he was laying awesome, but his head's behind a plumb bush. Okay. And then we see when he jumped over the fence is there's fat that covered his holes, that it was a complete pass through. Okay. And it looked like a war went off. There's blood all over. If I would've known that, I would've called anybody obviously.

Yeah. So I jump over the fence and I look ba I go behind the tree and I go, oh my gosh, this. And they still haven't seen the head. And then my cousin comes around and went, holy smokes. And, and it, and that when. Ultimately went 2 0 1 gross. And what I'm saying get but the point I'm getting to is I had bad experience with the bow three days before because of my overconfidence and whatever was in my mind.

And [01:22:00] three days later with a bow, I shoot a 200 inch. And how many people dream of that? How many people dream of shooting a 200 inch whitetail? And I would say probably everybody that hs them. And are you, and not everybody's gonna attain a 200 inch whitetail, but they're gonna, they're, you can dream about it.

That's don't die rusty right there. Yeah. That's what the bow has done to me. You know what I mean? The bow is, if we were shooting rifles, this is how we'd look. Cuz we have to have ear protection up. And I, but when we're shooting bows, we get to talk to each other. We get to experience more.

With a bow, and we get to go a lot of places that makes it hard. But if we make a, if we make it a hard hunt is a memorable hunt. Absolutely. And that's where the adventure comes in. Adventure doesn't come when it's easy. Yeah. And I've said that before too, where it's like nothing good really comes easy,[01:23:00] yeah. And that's just from experiences in life. You know what I mean? I look back at some of the hardest times in life when you're, down deep in those valleys and you're questioning what's going on? What's the deal? Why is this happening? And then you come out of it on the other side and you go, okay, all right, I see what's going on here.

I'm looking up, up. Picking up what you're laying down there. Yeah. And and yeah, I think it applies to anything and everything, just part of the reason why we put ourself through the suffering of sitting in a tree, stand for hours on it and freezing our butts off, or climbing, over the next ridge.

Yeah. Or, whatever that is, for everybody it might be a little bit different, but, yeah. I wanted to say something too about when you were talking about hunting with your dad, and now obviously the bow has steered our lives and in a profound way, right? Yeah.

But not even just that, just hunting in general. Like for me, when I was a kid, my dad, he worked, constantly all the time. [01:24:00] And he did the, the, for on four off four, that kind of stuff. But then he had a, a side business. So on his days that he was off, he was doing the side business, and then it was like, hunting with him. We didn't bow hunt we rifle hunted. But hunting with him was the only time I got with him. It was the only time. And we didn't really talk much either, honestly. But we didn't have to. Nope. It was just time spent. Yeah. And and so just being able to Melissa, for example, today being an adult onset hunter.

Yep. And just starting it's so fun to have somebody like that in our crew because, and especially with her type of personality, because she's not afraid to ask questions either. Not yeah. So it's just like now we have this opportunity to spill out our knowledge. Yeah. You know what I mean?

And say, Yeah, shoot this kind of rest. Or even with Sam, yeah. He was like, these are the things that you're gonna want when you're in Alaska. Maybe these are some things you don't need. And just, so those kinds of things too. And just to see the joy that this puts on a person's face, [01:25:00] who, all the way up through their life.

Just started shooting a bow last year. Yeah. And is now going on in these incredible adventures to Alaska, or, so it's just the bow for sure. But just hunting in general also is just such a huge, profound thing when it comes to the human connection and like you're saying, how did you feel like she's asking us all kinds of questioning and we're pouring out the knowledge.

We're pouring out what we know. And not that everything we know is. The, somebody else might have a different perspective. But she's asking questions. Yeah. And it makes you feel good that she's like a sponge. Yeah. Yeah. And she's, oh, this is why you do this. She was looking at all of our bows.

Yeah. And she's looking at, and she's asking questions that a lot of people wouldn't really ask. And then she talks to Sam about what does she need to take to Alaska and and food. And to me that's if [01:26:00] starts feeling youthful I don't wanna live a field life. I wanna live a fulfilled life.

Yeah. And that fulfills you inside, that somebody is taking and has the energy to, and you're helping her. And just like what we talk about with Jason's doll, sheep, If she goes on and gets a big animal in her hunting as an adult onset hunter maybe we were part of that. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe, so we can be fulfilled. And the relationships that we have now, we're gonna know she got that because she'll probably text us or call us. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. Just such a cool thing. Just super grateful that I was able to be here. My poor wife is back home, just, she's getting slammed right now at the Minihaha Art Festival.

Which is good. You know what I mean? Cuz it's that, that, again, going back to, the fulfillment, but then also just the verification of knowing [01:27:00] that she has talent. And people want it. You just gotta get it in the right place. Exactly. And it then that may makes me think about too, what you said about when you went to Colorado.

And you walked into that room and there's your family. And everybody there is giving you some validation saying the don't die rusty thing is great. You're doing a good job project, Rick. Keep it up. Keep it up. Keep it up. I wish people would do that more. Oh yeah. You know what I mean? I wish people would do that more.

Cause I wonder like that with the podcast too, I have no idea if who's listening to it. I don't. I have no clue. I do know some people, will make some comments, but Yeah. I know how many downloads it gets. But there's not much feedback. Gimme some feedback people. And you and I would have to say that I'm I'm probably guilty of, cuz I like listening, but I don't really say much, but I am too for sure.

Sure. You know what I mean? I need to take that advice as well. Yeah. Cuz I, I try to support friends and I try to support everybody I in that [01:28:00] situation. But I don't think, I'm going, what am I gonna say? Cuz I liked it, but what am do I have to go any further than that?

What, do you know what I mean? And Yeah. And I and it's funny because I tell you, oh, that was a good podcast, but I don't write it down. Yeah. And that's okay. No, I, but the thing, but but it helps you. If I would write a comment, oh the commenting thing, that's just what, what it comes down to social media.

That's just it. It has more weight in getting more reach. Yes. I guess as opposed to just getting a quick or whatever. Yeah. But either way, it's, so now I find myself and since I've gotten into the marketing side of things and I've been doing a lot of the posting and stuff on the Vapor Trail and Stoker Eyes pages, actually Damon Wolfe from All For One Creative does the posting now.

I just oversee it, but since I've immersed myself in all of that, as I'm scrolling, it's like bam, I'm liking everything. Yeah. You know what I mean? And sometimes I don't have time to read like the full [01:29:00] caption, which is unfortunate. Yeah. Because that's the other thing too, is like people don't really read captions much anymore unless you give them like a call to action and say Hey, make sure you read this down here.

Yeah. There's some important information that you need to know. But yeah, and that's where like some of the posts I've been making, I I wanna get people to read stuff cuz I wanna change, at least get them look at a perspective. And I think once I start, once people start commenting on it, cuz some people do read them.

And then people, other people start reading them and that makes you feel good that now maybe we're getting somewhere. But let's just, keep that flame going. Yeah. Let's keep that fire. It doesn't have to be a bonfire. Let's keep the fire going inside us. Absolutely. And let's help each other out.

And let's say, you know what, Ricky, I like ya. You know what I mean? Or let's say, are you having a bad day? Those are the things that were, earlier on in this podcast, but people don't say that as much [01:30:00] as they should. Yeah. Yeah. And that made me think of another thing too.

And My wife has helped me out with this a little bit too, where it's, you always, when you run into people, you always have that, Hey, how you doing, man? Oh, I'm doing great. And it's and then that's it. And then, but it's no, but really, like, how are you? You know what I mean?

I don't think people do that enough either. Like, how are you doing? Yeah. What? Spill it out, man. If you gotta, you, I'm your verbal punching bag right now, get it out. So those things too. And it, going back to what you're saying, how it's just like this instant gratification, like we've gotten to this point now where we, we just simply don't give ourselves the time to do that kind of stuff.

Or even in some cases, maybe, I don't want to, I don't want to burden you with all of my stuff, but I feel like if somebody was to say, What's, lay it on me, man. Yeah. What's going on? And you don't always, you don't necessarily have to lay out all your junk on somebody, but at least it gives you, it [01:31:00] lets you know that it's man, they really took the time to, to want to know what's going on with me and how many times have am probably in the last few months.

Really. I call and ask for advice Yeah. About things that I wanna do. The, and I'm gonna say though this has been going on, I, in my head while we've been talking here. But do we really want our wives to get together?

They both are hippie-ish, yeah. We might not live this down. Yeah. Crystals in our, I already have crystals oils and crystals and all kinds of, can you imagine if we were, oh, Jimy Christ. Funny. I guess we just have funny, we just let 'em go. Do, yeah, they go do their thing and we'll be over here shooting our bows. There we go. Hell, heck yeah, man. I, we could do this for hours. We could, we [01:32:00] really could, but I think we should.

Yeah. Yeah. Probably cut it short and Yeah. Get our butts up to that. Call the Army Yacht Party. Yeah. The total, the festival, the Total Archery Challenge, I think is what it's called. Something like that, I think. Oh, is that what it is? Yeah. And there, there's a, I think called, it's called the Mountain Festival.

Yes, probably go check that out. Bring our bows up there. Maybe try to shoot and win a truck or, oh, yeah. Something. I don't know. I think there's a, like an Africa trip being given away. Yes. So yeah. That should be fun. Yeah. R e f party tonight. Have a few Mexican bull riders and just enjoy life. Hey man.

This has been awesome. Yeah. So if people want to find you your Instagram, Facebook what, where can they find you? Rick Hansen 24 on Instagram. Project Rick on Instagram Facebook. It's Rick Hansen. And it's also Project Rick too. Yeah. I'm working into getting more I'm trying to get more content on Project Rick because I want people to go there.

But if you wanna see every day, I try to get something out positive every day. And it starts in the morning. Yeah. [01:33:00] And for the t-shirts. So if they seek out your social media channels, then will they be able to then find out where they can get the T-shirt to? Yeah. We're working on that one too.

Okay. I put the cart before the horse and a few situations, that, but Sure. But we're, I'm working on getting things a little bit easier and then hopefully down the road here, I'm gonna have a couple different designs that don't die rusty. Sure. And we'll go from there. Yeah. So I'll be sure to get a couple of the links up on the banners and in the description on the YouTube video.

Now we're in trouble. Oh boy. Oh, they're back. Here comes the wife too. She looks mad. I bet she does. Should we keep it going so that she can come in here? Come on outta here, dear.

Oh, she does have a smile on her face. She does. That's fantastic. Cause she, she knows that she's gonna get some of Susan's art. Yeah. Oh my. I can't wait. Oh, there we go. Yeah, for sure. Order. All right, let's close this [01:34:00] up. With that, we are gonna pack up our bows and arrows and we are gonna leave the range.

Thank you for joining us, everybody. Have a great day. Thank you. Vapor Trail is now offering an exclusive discount to the Range podcast listeners. Enter promo code T r p 15, that's t r p 15 at checkout for 15% off Vtx Boings and Vapor Trail and Stoke Rise, branded t-shirts, hats, and other gear.