The Unfiltered Vasectomy Session: The Pre-Rut

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles deer hunting podcast, Dan recaps his recent vasectomy and talks about early November and the pre-rut timeframe. To kick off the episode Dan takes you step by step through the vasectomy process, where he encountered the pain and what it felt like to have his newly cut scrotum jumped on by two of his children.

While icing down his balls, Dan was looking at all of the deer he has killed over the years. He talks about trends he noticed as to where there deer were spending most of their time during that pre-rut timeframe, and that just because it's November doesn't mean that it's the run. Dan feels that many apply rut hunting tactics during the pre-rut period and that may result in additional pressure to the deer population. This is a really good episode, especially if you ware interested in getting a vasectomy.

Show Transcript