The Worst Hunting Pocasters

Show Notes

Today’s show opens up with Brad diving into his recent ground hunting adventures. He saw 8 deer in a couple hours but unfortunately most of them were outside of bow range. The odd thing is the two small bucks were fighting in January, which is definitely odd for this part of the country! He thought about making a stalk on them while they were tied up but decided not to make the push. The deer are showing back up to the property now but very sporadically, with the season winding down he’s on the clock to put a deer on the ground this season. We then swap over to Brayden who tells us all about an interesting deer trip. He went back to a stand where he killed a couple deer earlier this season. With an injured shoulder he decided to use Phil’s crossbow to make this bow hunt a little easier for him. With a very deery morning deer activity was almost assured. Mid-morning a nice buck shows up and starts coming his way, make sure to listen in to this episode Sponsored by to hear what happens with this buck!

Closing out we go over the unlucky breaks we’ve all had this year. While a few of us have redeemed ourselves over bad shots we’re quickly running out of time for the rest of us to put a deer on the ground before the season is over! Make sure to listen in to the next few weeks to see what happens with the crew and if we manage to get a few more deer on the ground!

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