The WWA's Public Land Restoration Initiative

Show Notes

Early mornings, cold fingertips, shots ringing out over the marsh, and a limit of ducks on the strap might feel like a lifetime away right now, but in the words of Wisconsin Waterfowl Association's Executive Director, Bruce Ross, "If you want birds in the sky in the fall, you have to put them on the ground in the spring by creating good habitat." The key point there is, "creating good habitat", and that's exactly what the WWA is setting out to do with the launch of their new Public Lands Restoration Initiative!

In partnership with the DNR, the WWA is setting out to help identify, evaluate, plan, and implement restoration on historic wetlands across the state that have been impacted by agricultural drainage and/or development, and this week, Pierce sits down with Bruce Ross to hear all about this new initiative, and how they plan to get it done. It's a fantastic conversation that will leave you searching for the sign up link to join WWA, as Bruce shares what the WWA is all about, what they're doing to help protect and restore wetlands, how they're going about educating hunters and non-hunters alike, and so much more. Whether you're a lifelong waterfowler or someone who's never even thought about it, this episode is for you. Go check out the WWA website to learn more about all the awesome work they're doing at, and mark your calendars for Saturday, August 24th to attend the Waterfowl Hunting  Expo in Oshkosh!

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