THP interns Keith Robinson and Nick Andrews

Show Notes

If you’re a fan of The Hunting Public, you know these names well.  Keith and Nick spent their fall following Zach, Warb, Ted, Jake, and the guys around the Midwest filming and hunting the hit YouTube channel.  Paul and Andrew dive in deep with the guys to get a feel for what filming and traveling the country looking for some good hunting for content creation. Chasing Whitetails, turkeys, and an overall good time is how these guys spent the last few months of their lives.

Around the state, the 2023-2024 hunting licenses are on sale soon.  Get out there and renew those.  Be on the look out for turkey lottery applications as those will be dropping soon.  Finally, the tradgedy in East Palestine has caused a lot of issues for both humans and wildlife.  The guys will dive a little deeper into this soon, but check into ODNR’s website for more information on the situation as it unfolds.

Shed season is upon us, and so far mother nature has been kind with the weather.  Get out there in Ohio’s outdoors and get some of the good old fashion O2!!!

Show Transcript

Andrew Muntz: [00:00:00] What's up everybody? Welcome back to the oh two podcast, the Ohio Outdoors Podcast. Paul and I are tonight or live and in person here. We're in the the Campbell Bunker Man. The Campbell bunker, and it looks fabulous.

Paul Campbell: It's coming along. It's been a slow process, but super busy.

Just gosh,

just like you, man. Your season's here. My season's here. The gates of hell have opened. Oh, they have, man, I saw the first Danny Line. Stop it. I sent you that the other day. Stop now. February 28th, whatever. 26th, first Daniel line of the year. So fake news, Paul. You're fake news. Buckle up. I saw it at Dolls Rightum.

I wanna wish a happy anniversary. To the Ohio Fish Commission, which is essentially now the Ohio Department of Wildlife, [00:01:00] 1873 to 2023. 150 years of service to the hunters Happy birthday. Yeah. What a run. So here's what's, here's what's interesting. A lot of people don't know that the game commissions across the country were started by hunters.

Because hunters and anglers realized that there was a need to control rampant market hunting. There's, rampant poaching that there was, hunters and sportsmen and anglers. They wanted to keep. , the game alive for generations to come. So they knew that there needed to be rules and regulations in place.

So that's how we got the, really the beginnings of the North American model of conservation. So there you say 1873.

Andrew Muntz: 1873. You gotta think about where that was, where our country was at that point. coming off the Civil War. Yeah. That's insane. That's bi mind boggling to think about.

Paul Campbell: Yeah. Fish Commission was the first one. So if you get the Wild Ohio magazine if so, if you buy a, when [00:02:00] you buy your license for Turkey hunting or deer hunting, or when, whenever you do it to, it's five bucks to get this thing, you get six a year. It is a great publication. Hold it up now.

There are some really neat pictures in this thing just from the history of the Ohio Department of Wildlife partner, fish and Game and the division of Conservation is what it used to be called, which is a cool name. Yeah we'll shout out to all the folks, the men and women that work within those organizations and within those agencies and and they put a lot of effort into making sure that we have game to chase, to catch, to kill, to hunt.

To prepare and keep us safe and enforce the rules. Yeah. Thanks to

Andrew Muntz: all those folks out there. And you brought it up, coming from the Odn R You can get that when you buy your hunting license, which part of our news this week is that the 20 23 20 24 hunting license are for sale.

So you can go out there and renew your license. Another question, Paul. I don't have the answer in front of me. Do you know, I think it's the [00:03:00] month of March where they open up the Turkey lotteries. Does that sound right?

Paul Campbell: I think it is. I think it is March, because they award them April 1st. So I think that this

Andrew Muntz: last year when we won, we

Paul Campbell: thought it was, we thought it was April.

April full day. Yep. So keep an eye out for those. I think it is. It's definitely March. It's gonna happen here very shortly. So this show

Andrew Muntz: will release on March 1st, so keep an eye out for that. If you guys are into. The Turkey lotteries and

Paul Campbell: stuff, which, and to do that, to enter those, you've gotta have your hunting license.

Correct. So keep that in mind. I just bought my Florida hunting license and my Florida tag, Turkey hunting. Dude, I'll be just curious,

Andrew Muntz: what's the process like for that?

Paul Campbell: It's super easy. They have this thing it's, they, they call it the Turkey hunter package. So it's everything that you need to hunt wild turkeys in the state of Florida, because if you hunt a, I'm gonna hunt a lot of public or private property there, but I am gonna hunt some, I want, I wanna get the experience of a true Florida pro.

I'm gonna hunt some swamps,

Andrew Muntz: The [00:04:00] man who wants to burn his car after he finds a tick,

Paul Campbell: it was, no, I wanted to burn your house today after that demonn insect that you're wife now a pseudo scorpion. That's a real thing, but . Dude, it was just a, it was for the Osceola being such a trophy in the Turkey world, I was surprised that it wasn't more, it was 300 bucks.

For in, in for the full year, so it's pretty cool. Yeah, it was pretty cool, man. So old Parker McDonald, and I will be hunting turkeys March 15th, man. I am. Freaking ready for that. So get you a little

Andrew Muntz: Southern twang down there. That's

Paul Campbell: it, man. While we have your attention, thank you to our partners go wild Time to go and download the app on Apple and Android.

We've said it a hundred times actually. How many times we've said it. Ah, man, it might be over a hundred times for those guys. Freaking love those guys. Great community, great network of people. I wrote an article for 'em. There's the near me feature on Go Wild. You've seen this. So if you're on the app and a lot of you are on the app, you're [00:05:00] emailing us, you're messaging us, you're doing all these things, we know you're there.

Thank you. You click that near me. You can see pose from people that are within like a, like close to your geo geographical region. And so one of the things that's neat, like throughout the Turkey season, the article that I wrote, it's on Go Wild. You can check it out now. It, I talked about like the periods of the breeding season.

That we have in the periods of the Turkey hunting season and how we can use that go that near me feature to understand where, as the warm weather moves up, as the, the sun starts to come up earlier and earlier, we can see how turkeys are responding for other hunters in different parts of our geographical region.

So pretty neat. Check that article out. Yep. Thank you to those guys for the support of our show.

Andrew Muntz: And right now they've got their UTV giveaway going, right? Yeah, they do that thing's

Paul Campbell: freaking sweet. Get

Andrew Muntz: on there, figure out they've got lots of ads and different things about the utv, how to get entered into that, that it would be a dynamite.

Paul Campbell: Dyna win, yep. Yep. And also thanks to [00:06:00] Midwest gun, talk to our buddy Cameron Tinker today. You put

Andrew Muntz: you, you got something coming? We got some stuff coming. We got some stuff

Paul Campbell: coming. So you've picked up something fun, so I'm

Andrew Muntz: not out chasing birds. That's your spring thing.

But I'm gonna head down to Oklahoma for a few days. Yeah. And I decided to upgrade my rifle. We talked a little bit about what, last week or something like that, but worked with Cameron. Came up with one that's gonna work, answered all my questions. It's sick. I can't believe I haven't gotten it out to even.

Just blow a few rounds through it at this point,

Paul Campbell: but I'm a little annoyed that you didn't bring it tonight so that I could see it. Oh, I should have, yeah, he should've. I should've. What did it like,

Andrew Muntz: but they had everything that I needed to get set up with that. I using a little bit, ask a few questions.

Everybody's over there in Missouri, Nate and Micah, but,

Paul Campbell: Did you use our code, Ohio Outdoors? Five to save 5%? You had to bring that up, didn't you? I, cuz I know the answer because, I didn't, you

Andrew Muntz: forgot to put it in. Forgot to put our code in, but the code is Ohio Outdoors. Five. Save you [00:07:00] 5% if you're smart enough to use the code.

I didn't my apologies or whatever, but pretty excited about that and it's totally an easy process. I was never, I wasn't really sure. Ordering a firearm online. Never done that. And you helped me with that. We went, I went and used Josh over there at Tackle Outdoors and

Paul Campbell: Taxi Outdoors.

Newark, Ohio, Josh SN Grass. Great. Shout out. Great shop here at Central Toronto. Shout.

Andrew Muntz: Yep. But the it was super easy man. You just go on there, you order it, you pick your f ffl, they send it in. Yeah, it was

Paul Campbell: Pay for the transfer. There's always a transfer free. Yep. It's pretty nominal. Yep. So don't take

Andrew Muntz: your kids with you cuz then they

Paul Campbell: tell your wife.

Oh, good point. Yeah. . So thank God she didn't listen to this show. So thank you to our friends at Half Rack, half dash rack. You can find them on the gram. You can find 'em on. Go Wild. Tons of really neat products. Dude, I'm locked on that Bo. I freaking love that they get a couple other gun slings. That's honestly, like I I've had 50 gun [00:08:00] slings my entire life.

That's one of the better ones that I've had. Yeah. And for the price, it's an awesome leather sling. Got the little half rack logo on it. That's just in Boston. It's pretty cool, man. I like how it adjusts real nice, real happy with that. And you're

Andrew Muntz: in a, we're in a weird spot here where there's not a whole lot of hunting going on yet, and so this is a great time.

Go look at your gear. What needs to be upgraded? What can you use and check out half rack because their stuff is legit. And the people there are second to none. Yeah,

Paul Campbell: They got some good stuff and our buddies at first light out there in Idaho, man, they just released a new product.

It's all brown. It's Tara. They got a couple. A couple different options on there. I think it's a little, it's they're speaking to the Turkey hunter

Andrew Muntz: man. That's what you were all excited about it too. Yeah. Cho, it's like a chocolate color. Not, it's

Paul Campbell: the same brown that's on your, in your spec. Yeah.

But I dunno.

Andrew Muntz: It's

Paul Campbell: definitely right up your alley. It's inspector, it doesn't match material .

Andrew Muntz: It's, I don't love the color brown.

Paul Campbell: All right. Enough of that. Yeah. First light [00:09:00] l i t Check them out. Some good stuff. Get you geared up for Turkey season. Man, I can't speak enough to the quality and what.

Like when I bought the stuff that I've got last from last year. I love it. I really do. And the Turkey season you put it through through its paces. And one more. Shameless plug Turkey That is a new project that I've got going on. That's Sucker Goes live March 4th.

Check it out Turkey You get, check out the the Instagram, the Turkey season on Instagram and

Andrew Muntz: you're

Paul Campbell: How to hunt Turkey podcast. Yeah. How to hunt Turkey Podcast. Dude, that thing, I can't up, man. I can't believe. And it's the season, right? It's, dude, a ton of people are listening to it. I love it.

I've forgot a lot of really good guests and I know that there's gonna be a point where nobody listens to it because it's not Turkey season, so I get it. It's been a lot of fun. The guests have been great. Really. Really just happy with the reaction and with the questions. I've met a ton of new people, so if you haven't listened to it yet and you wanna [00:10:00] listen to it, how to Hunt Turkey's podcast, you can just search it on whatever platform you listen to.

Andrew Muntz: It's on all of 'em. So I feel weird because I listen I talk to you enough. I'm like, do I really need to listen to Paul Talkie anymore? Yeah. But the content is really

Paul Campbell: good, dude. The guests are amazing. I got an episode going live tomorrow. I got Team Wing Bone. It's a group of guys from Louisiana talking about family tradition.

The first Turkey that one of them killed the patriarch of the family. He's, he passed in 2013. He killed his first Turkey in 1933. Been Turkey hunting. Someone in his family has been Turkey hunting since 1933. That's insane. And all of those, like life experiences, all those hunting experiences have gotten passed down to multiple generations at this point.

And it is phenomenal. I'm telling you what man. They're putting out some really good content on YouTube. Unbelievable interview. So one of the best that I've done, I'm gonna take, we've done a lot. I'm gonna take

Andrew Muntz: your 1933 comment. Yeah. Now I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm stealing this from, as we've had a couple funerals in the family here over the last couple weeks.

Yeah. But the [00:11:00] 1933 killed his first Turkey. That means they saw

Paul Campbell: World War ii. Yeah. Korea,

Andrew Muntz: Vietnam, jfk, Martin

Paul Campbell: Luther King. Talk about the transition, the evolution of, yeah.

Andrew Muntz: And the Cleveland Browns is still not one

Paul Campbell: Super Bowl. Oh God, man. God. Damnit, . It's disgusting. What a But all that time Browns, you see the has spot the Bucks, Milwaukee Bucks today.

Jimmy and d you know how much it costs? 3.5 billion

Andrew Muntz: with a B bucks. 3 billion bucks. Oh, that's pretty

Paul Campbell: good. Another dad, Joe, coming around here. So is that logo for the Milwaukee, is that a stag? That's not a bug, is it? No. Maybe, you know what they do? They need to pay our buddy Dustin Huff to use Moose.

A video of Old Moose, Southern Indiana Moose. Get him out there. That's great. So what do we got, man? What else what news we got? We got some cool stuff to talk about today. All right, so besides

Andrew Muntz: renewing your hunting licenses and stuff, hunting licenses and stuff, such [00:12:00] couple other little things tax donations.

Your tax donations help protect Ohio's wildlife and Nature State Nature preserves. I'm having trouble with that talking thing again, Paul. That's great.

Paul Campbell: It's all the, it's all the Bud Light seltzers. You've had some great,

Andrew Muntz: So take that in consideration when you are donating there. It looks like the 2024 wetlands habitat stamp will feature the American widget.

So that's that's some nice happy news. Now, one thing I want to talk a little bit about, just a little bit, because I don't wanna speak out of turn. OD n r did come out with an update regarding the East Palestine train derailment and how it's gonna impact the wildlife. We're gonna cover this a little bit more in depth once we.

More information

Paul Campbell: and yeah, there was a media summit the other day that I missed that I had some friends that went to, we're gonna try to get Yeah, we, that's obviously

Andrew Muntz: a huge situation. And actually we had friends [00:13:00] from Louisville asking questions because they're downriver.

Paul Campbell: I had people in Nashville.

Yeah. That have never been to eat or even heard of it. And they're like, what's going on in Ohio? I'm like, it's crazy, man. Yeah. So if you were in that region, and you're listening to this, seriously, our heart's out goes out to you guys. It really does

Andrew Muntz: reach out to us. I wouldn't mind talking to somebody on the ground up there.

That's not where we're at. And I don't get up that way very often, but, I want to hear what's going on. We, the OD n r did have a, basically a press conference. Last week, Paul said, and we'll get some of the details and be able to give those out to you. Soon we're gonna try to see, maybe if we can find somebody from Odn R to come on and talk.

At this point, I think that's they're leaving into these pressure leaves releases. Yeah. But

Paul Campbell: the impact of wildlife I wanna say it was like 38,000 fish were estimated to have died already or was that confirmed? It might have been confirmed. Estimated. Estimated, okay. And if it's 38,000, it's probably more so [00:14:00] you talk about a human tragedy and environmental tragedy.

This is it's tough to hear, man. And I wish the people in that town. And man whatever recovery, you can get to. I hope you get to it quick. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely.

Andrew Muntz: Outside of that's the news I got this week. Have you been out.

In the woods at all. Done anything?

Paul Campbell: No. No, I didn't. I went to the the maple syrup tour at Doz Arboretum yesterday. That was pretty cool. Took family out there. My buddy Justin brought his family and saw how they make maple syrup. What are you laughing at? Something funny. Just popped up on your screen.

Yes. What was it? I'll show you in a second. No, you tell everyone that's listening to the show, he's not gonna do it. He's not gonna do it. Chicken. Chicken. Shit. I just, I got a

Andrew Muntz: text from our guest tonight and I'll showed it to you.

Paul Campbell: So we've got a, we got a really fun show for you guys. We got

Andrew Muntz: the two T h p interns that's Nick Andrews and Keith Richards.


Paul Campbell: Sorry, Keith. No, Nick Andrews. Keith Robinson. [00:15:00] Robinson, I just stared

Andrew Muntz: up for now. I know. Screwing this up. Hold on, edit

Paul Campbell: this out. We look like assholes. Sorry. Edit that out. Two star comment there. , please forgive me. Yeah. Great guys. Man we get the get Robinson, Keith Robinson. See, get their experience from being t h p interns, how they got there, some of the behind the scenes stuff that, that a lot of us have questions about.

It was really cool, man. And they talk very highly of the t h p crew and just how down to earth they are. And I think one of the things that th h p has been successful at is that their personalities are genuine. , there's no bull crap. They are what they are.

Andrew Muntz: And just to back up, because I hear people talk about internet personalities and stuff all the time, and I'm not always a hundred percent on it, the hunting public, right? Is T h p, I'm sorry. Yeah. Years ago, a couple guys got together and started doing this hunting stuff out on public land.

They've gotten to the point where they're huge. Okay. Check out their YouTube channel.

Paul Campbell: They've [00:16:00] put videos out all

Andrew Muntz: the time. It's amazing how much content they put out. But it's mostly, I would say there was like one this year I know they got permission on some private land because they were having a real tough go at it.

But it's pr public land hunting. It's across the Midwest, mostly different species, all that kind of stuff. And these they hire these interns. To help follow 'em along and film things. And the interns get to hunt as well, they'll talk about that. But it's really an interesting experience and it's almost like a frat house type of feel, right?

It's very, they're not driving around at, a hundred thousand dollars trucks and they, aren't, it's not guided hunts, it's, these guys are on the ground doing what they can. Yeah. And some of the stories that they have

Paul Campbell: are incredible, and they are, man,

Andrew Muntz: some of 'em are frightening to be honest with you.

But it's

Paul Campbell: it's good stuff. So it is great interview. So thanks to Nick and Keith for their time tonight and good luck to those two guys in the future. What a show, man. You gonna, you're gonna enjoy this one. Find us on the [00:17:00] internet o the oh two Find us on Instagram, the oh two dot podcast.

Thank you. I had go wild. Those one of those podcast Bud Light seltzers was coming up. Yeah, go wild. The oh two podcast man. What a show. Yeah. A lot of fun. Appreciate

Andrew Muntz: you guys. Feel free. Leave us a review if you can. If you know what I heard Josh say this the other day Rayleigh up there in Wisconsin.

If you don't like what we're doing, that's cool. Tell us how to fix it. Give us some advice on what you think. You wanna hear better guests, whatever it comes up to be, and we'll do our best to keep it relevant in Ohio and bring you some good content. So good stuff.


Paul Campbell: Thanks. Listen guys. Yeah. We really appreciate you.

Keith Robinson: Yep. I just sent him a text and said he's got the link if he wants to hop in.

Paul Campbell: So THP intern what the hell made you want to be a THP intern? I, it's, it seems like a lot of work. When I watch it,

Keith Robinson: It's a, [00:18:00] different story from, for like me and Nick, cuz I had been doing stuff with them for a while.

And like you said, I had known Zach since, since I was born, our parents were friends through high school and through college and stuff like that. So we, they knew each other, I knew had known Zach my whole life. We had been filming and hunting and stuff since I was in my early teens. I started picking up doing that stuff with my oldest brother, Ben and Zach mostly.

And once they broke off and started doing their own thing, I was filming with Zach couple times a year at least. And then I would do some Turkey, like a good couple weeks of Turkey hunting with him every year since 2018. And then I graduated and I was like, oh, it's the perfect timeframe to. . If I don't do it now, I know I'm not gonna do it after this point.

So I just send an application and talk to the guys and they agreed to have me on for the fall, which was nice. And it's a, yeah, it's like you said, it's a lot of [00:19:00] huge time commitment and it's a lot to think about for it's a six month time of your life to put into that. But it was, I think it's a lot, I think it's very worth it to anyone who would be considering it just apply.

Andrew Muntz: Yeah. And that's a pretty cool story because you told us you're from Knox County and then Zach is what? Alays County or something, so , they're not like right next to each other. The fact that to put that all together and totally different terrain types. I spend quite a bit of time in both areas for work and stuff, and they both have their ups and downs.

I, but yeah, it's just different western Ohio versus kind of that central eastern Ohio

Keith Robinson: field. . Yeah. I've fallen in love with just being down here in Athens just as soon as the first time I came down here to the southeastern Ohio, it was just like, I don't really, like you said, I don't feel like I really wanna leave Athens anytime super soon.

There's a lot of land to run around and just, it's a good place for someone who

Paul Campbell: likes the outdoors. Heck yeah. So [00:20:00] we're having a little technical difficulties here with Paul's. I don't know what's going on, but yeah, we're a mess.

Andrew Muntz: So how does this whole all start? You put the application process in obviously you, you knew Zach.

Did you know the other guys going into it or?

Keith Robinson: I knew them through Zach. So I had been out there. I filmed, I would always go out for the second gun season in Iowa and filmed Zach from started, or I guess the first year was 2017. It was the first year T HB was making videos and I went out there then.

So I met Jake and Greg and war at that point, and then I guess that was before Ted and then the year after, I would've met Ted doing the same thing. So I had known them from. From passing and then I hunted with 'em in 2021, spring of 21 and did like a half internship thing where I just filmed them and edited some stuff and had 'em sign the offers, school internship hours.

So that was just another way, just [00:21:00] building experience and meeting everybody. But did any

Andrew Muntz: of your professors give you grief? Wait, you're doing what for your internship? They

Keith Robinson: didn't even ask any questions. I felt pretty oddly removed from the classroom in general, just cuz like there's not many people out there that are.

You really like going into the outdoor media industry? So it's not like anybody really had any similar interests, I would even say like within classes or school or anything. So that was just like a totally different part of my life. It felt like we're back,

Paul Campbell: man. What a what? A what a mess. Okay.

We're not, yeah, we're not gonna edit any of this out. This is video. This is like missing. This is like shooting and missing the Turkey. . Yeah. What a, all right, so what are we talking about? Where do I need to dive in? What are we, I literally I was under my desk plugging my stuff back in. I kicked it with my foot unplugged, everything.


Andrew Muntz: the internship process and how we got involved with it. So back in 20 17, 20 18, [00:22:00] started filming with all the hunts, all that kinda stuff. Okay. So when you guys get out there, what We see it as a consumer and it's like, all right, the interns are here for this year. What is it actually man, it looks like it's pretty rough and it's like, all right seems like we're gonna send some of you guys that way and some of you guys that way and it's gonna be like three degrees over there and maybe a hundred degrees over there.

But how does that

Keith Robinson: pretty much work much? You pretty much just show up with whatever you got like camera wise and everything and they're just like, pack light, cuz we'll like, hopefully just have the things that you need for, like you said have your right clothes for the right temperatures, but you never know where you're gonna be type of thing.

But it's pretty loose. And it's like a very much a, you get out of it what you put into it experience. So there's a lot on the table. I would say going into the fall, there's just like a lot of opportunities you can get yourself into. Just because it's so loose and it's just yeah, I'm gonna, you have the option to be like, yeah, I'd actually rather [00:23:00] go over here and film, whoever over here, cause I want to have this experience, or I want to try to do this with this person. Like you can just you have the freedom to toss those ideas out and just have that little bit of creative freedom of expression

Andrew Muntz: filming. Does it ever get contentious? I don't really want to go to North Dakota, or I wouldn't say

Keith Robinson: so.

Play a lot of rock paper, scissors. Mostly it's, it mostly works out pretty well. Just like one person will spend a week and a half or whatever with someone else and they're like, all right, I've been with this person for a while. Let's just mix it up or, but then inevitably you're changing plans anyways to go somewhere else.

So it usually flows pretty well, I would say. And everybody's mostly in agreement of just the plans and everything in general, but it stays loose. And there's usually just planning of just days ahead of time for the entire group, which is stressful, but also pretty fun. I like it that way. Did

Andrew Muntz: when you guys are sitting down at the beginning of the year, is there a [00:24:00] calendar? I feel like there has to be some sort of planning and like, all right, we're gonna aim to be, in Wyoming this week and Iowa this week, whatever. Is it

Keith Robinson: pretty broken down? It mostly, it works out pretty well with, especially with when you start getting other states where you have to have your tags ahead of time and everything and people, the people in the group figure out what tags you have, start putting things together of, okay, I have, Ted's got Kansas tag this year, so that's in the books.

He wants to hunt these windows of time and you start just taking all the tags you have and making a plan out of that. And then filling in extra time with other tags or just, giving yourself some padding of time to make sure you can create enough content out of a certain trip or, and then you get the surprise trips where you.

Shoot something in a couple days and all of a sudden it opens up some other doors and you can get another tag somewhere potentially, or just have more time to edit. But it's a loose, it's a very living fluid schedule. [00:25:00] So

Paul Campbell: how many, how like planned out is your hunting? I mean is it, is all based on tags?

Do you guys react quick? If Ted Wax one in Kansas, you're like, okay, are we going to Missouri? Is it, I think, is it dictated like that loosely or is it pretty regimented?

Keith Robinson: We usually have like a backup plan or you always have your like best case scenario where it's like when me and Zach were in Minnesota this year and we almost shot one in three days and we're like, man, if we shoot one in three days, we can drive down to Missouri and then like we can get over to Oklahoma if we shoot one there in a couple days and then.

You're in Minnesota for two weeks cause you don't get one. So it's like you always have the best case scenario of like places you could be and like how the plans could work out. But in the end, you gotta have a good hunt before you can really pull the plug. Got it.

Paul Campbell: Gotta grind it out. So how many hunts did you do?

So now were you the intern for just the Deer tour or are you gonna do Turkey tour? How's that work?

Keith Robinson: I was, it was just, they just do [00:26:00] the internships for the fall and then, we're gonna hunt with them in the future inevitably, I would say. But the internship is just set from whatever it is, July to December, I think is like what it says on paper.

The last like hunt that I did would've been Ohio mu season, so early January. Okay.

Paul Campbell: Who'd you do that with? Was that with Zach?

Keith Robinson: That was with Zach and all of our, my brothers and my dad was there. And we have a big group of guys that we've been doing that with for four years now. Just guys from different states that Jake's buddies and.

Some buddies from New York, just have a big camp of guys that come down and run around in the hills for Yeah, a big final hurrah for the season.

Paul Campbell: So take us behind the scenes who's driving state to state. Do you guys split that? Or does is someone like, just a terrible driver and you're like, sit in the backseat don't touch it

Keith Robinson: at all?

Is there any of those, it's just that, just gotta split 'em up. We did me and Ted were together for five weeks straight for late August and through a [00:27:00] lot of September, and we would just be driving around, split it. One person would do the eight hour drive to get to the new state and then we'd switch drivers when, Ted would we, someone would be editing and then you'd take a break, someone else would drive, someone would have stiff legs and feel like they need to drive, but there's a lot of car time and it's just, you gotta trade it off or else someone's gonna.

Put the car in the ditch ,

Paul Campbell: that would scare everyone. So who's like the worst companion to travel with of all of the teeth and you went there, I wasn't gonna go and, I don't mean one that you, but there's people that you're just like, dude why? You like, stop it.

We're almost there. It's six more hours. Is there any of those that you're just like, oh my God, you're driving me nuts.

Keith Robinson: It seems it's always a pretty good time on the road. It's like you almost gotta have a good time with everyone. Everyone does have a good time with everyone, but it's you almost have to, cuz you're spending that much time in the car.

So it's yeah, if you got a problem you gotta just bring it up to somebody. Cuz it's gonna be a long time of just

Paul Campbell: sitting there [00:28:00] soaking it in. And I don't mean anything like nefarious or just, or mean spirited. Just one of those guys that you. , you're driving me nuts, Andrew, or whatever.

There's gotta be, I'm sure there's

Keith Robinson: something, but you too much. It gets, I think anytime you spend a couple weeks with somebody, you start getting a couple little things where it's just like you get frustrated with somebody. But that's just being around anybody. I, this is the way I see it.

Paul Campbell: Yeah, for sure. So we don't see a lot like you guys in the, these, you guys will kill deer. We don't see what happens after, after the kill. , so who's doing the dragon? Is that shared responsibility? So some of response, you guys are deep in

Keith Robinson: there.

Oh yeah. We've been most of the hunts I've been a part of where it's legal, we just quarter anything out in the field, like almost no matter how far out it is. My brother shot one and some public here in Ohio a couple years ago, and it was like 500 yards from the road. I shot one a couple years ago.

It was. Five, 300 yards from the road and we quartered it out cause it was just like, [00:29:00] I don't wanna drag this thing uphill no matter how far it is. So we just quartered, it's usually just quarter 'em, throw 'em in a bag and by the time you're back at camp you can throw 'em on ice and crawl on the tent.

Cuz it usually, if it's a evening shot, it's usually a late night getting those things out and filming all your shots and

Paul Campbell: yeah, meet on

Andrew Muntz: ice. That was like the, yeah, the term this

Keith Robinson: year, right? It was, that was, we were talking about that at one point. We were trying to figure out like where that even started.

And I think it was when we were hunting pronghorn and we were just so fired up when Zach got that prong horn and it was all hot and we got, we had fresh ice in the coolers and we're just like, we finally got meat on ice. . Just that real, that one really stuck.

Andrew Muntz: So what was your favorite hunt of the year?

Whether it was the state conditions, animal species,

Keith Robinson: whatever. I think I've had some people ask me that and it's tough. I would potentially say the Minnesota hunt just because of how different the how different the [00:30:00] habitat was up there is it's like Northwestern Ohio type stuff where you're hunting just like big ag country, big flat ag country.

But it was like Northwoods ag countries. There's these all the thick dogwood, thickets and Aspen. And that was

Andrew Muntz: the one that was really balmy and warm,

Keith Robinson: right? Yeah, it was pretty warm up there. And it was like, the hunting wasn't great, but we got in some like really close calls for like how subpar the conditions were and just, just because of how different the hunting ha the habitat style was.

And it was just like a different experience in that. And the fact that we ended up being there for two weeks. So we were able to break apart so many different like pieces and just learn so much about. The specific habitat type of that. I feel like I learned a bunch about that specific area and it was just fun.

And the fact that we really got to dive in and break it down for far too long

Andrew Muntz: is mi Is Minnesota over the counter?

Keith Robinson: I [00:31:00] think so. Yeah. I it might be one of those ones where you gotta buy it before a certain time, so it's like over the counter, but you might have to have it in the spring. I'm not totally sure on that, but Gotcha.

Paul Campbell: Now Zach has a very, and I think in Ted too, the very unique hunting style for whitetails all on the ground spot and stock and moving in. Was that a style of hunting that you had done prior to that, or did, was that something that was new when you were following those guys with the camera?

Keith Robinson: Most of my, most all, like, all of my hunting, I would say is just like from, I guess like, Where I'm going with that.

It's as a kid, most of my experiences and like what I, how I learned to do stuff was through Ben and Zach. Other than hunting with my dad and stuff at home, but as far as hunting public land and like learning, we like really learning how to do stuff was through Ben and Zach and like back in the day we were just doing the same old, like hunting the tree, stand on the food [00:32:00] plot, hunting rut, pinches, and just like your classic straightforward whitetail hunting stuff.

And then I think when Zach got, when he started getting way more the experience and went out to Iowa and saw that man, there's a different way of approaching this. He started doing it more and then he brought it back to us back in those early years when we were trying it out. I, the first year I really tried it out in 2019.

It was just like such an eye-opening experience to me, like just ground hunting in general. Just how much you can learn and put yourself in the game. Super quickly. You've are inevitably gonna mess a lot of things up, but messing things up, you learn a lot more from, than just going in and not seeing anything and questioning everything.

So I think it's something that I just started doing slowly in the past, like four or five years and just picked up from seeing Zach start to do it. I would say

Andrew Muntz: it seems so challenging. I can't I'm so comfortable in a tree, I [00:33:00] can't get myself to get down and start walking. I don't know.

, I feel like I make way too much noise and I would just never see anything. I can't , I can't still hunt with a rifle, yeah.

Keith Robinson: So it's just, yeah, I, my thing is I'm always, I feel like I'm always just bumping deer. Like when I'm trying to sit still for, and all of a sudden you're three hours in, it's like you still gotta be as, as still as you were in those first two minutes or else these last three hours don't, didn't matter at all.

and that's when I start to cave and move around too much and lose focus and I gotta just put myself in the game more. But a lot of the still hunting just ends up being like you're moving until you get to the spot where you want to set up. And it's a lot more like ground set up stuff rather than just like moving the entire time.

That's something we do a lot of in like on that Minnesota hunt where we were on the ground, we were on the ground the whole time, we actually climbed a saddle like twice, just a glass, some big swamps, but we were hunting on the ground the whole time and like we would just move into spots [00:34:00] and slowly stage hunting into areas and then just do these really long setups still on the ground and still be in setups for four or five hours into the evening.

But it would just be like using the ability to walk through these areas when it's super hot or whatever, just cover ground using the ability to just cover ground, just to find the best spots since we have that, a short, relatively short window to be there. .

Paul Campbell: So when you're, when you guys are out hunting, they'll just use that Minnesota hunt for example, how much like filming are you doing during the, when you're just sitting there?

Andrew Muntz: Is that called B-roll? Is that like the non-action

Keith Robinson: channel? Yeah, just like cutaways B-roll. And even just like at camp stuff I find myself, we're always like trying to get as much as possible, but there's also just a fine line of you don't want to just have like terabytes of footage of just useless stuff that you're not gonna use for anything.

But at the same time, you can always use footage that you've got from something for something in the future. So it's [00:35:00] we always find ourselves wanting to be like, man, we gotta film more. We gotta film more like in the car and at camp and everything. But the more the trip goes on and you keep getting those same shots.

And then you get more and more tired. I find myself just like only filming the shots of just okay, the hunt started, get your shots you need for establishing we're walking into the woods. And then I don't film enough of like at Camp Life, but that's become one of my more favorite things to film.

It's just like natural dialogue and just like people just hanging out, just being at camp and stuff like that.

Paul Campbell: Do you ever get those moments where the camera's not running and something funny happens or, yeah. And you're just like, or just yeah, I just, oh man, I just,

Keith Robinson: golden, like golden dialogue moments where you're just like, man, that would've been the perfect thing to just cut under.

Yeah, I've definitely had

Paul Campbell: those where it's like, who's good at delivering those? Who's good at delivering those funny camp moments? Oh, who's the clown man? Who's the class

Keith Robinson: clown? I feel like you can point a camera at Zach and he is a weird enough guy that it doesn't matter if the camera's pointing at him or not, he's gonna be [00:36:00] weird in some way.

So you can just point a camera at him and get your funny shot and. He doesn't, he doesn't sit still much, does he? Not really. Not till it's bedtime and then it's

Andrew Muntz: out. Even when we hit him on the show, he was like moving the whole time, like grooving, like there's something, he's do you guys care if I

Paul Campbell: eat noodles?

Why we do this , man. Good dude. Just a, obviously I don't know Zach, I've met Zach once and Aaron and those guys just didn't, briefly, but you feel like you know him, . Yeah. When you watch that, so it's, you come to enjoy personalities like Zach and Ted cracks me up, man.

Ted just , he just makes me laugh. I don't know

Keith Robinson: why. He's an easy guy to hang out with. I found, like I was saying earlier, I hung out with him for, we were in a car together for five weeks straight or something like that, and like never got frustrated with each other. I'll speak for myself. I don't know if Ted was frustrated with me, but , it seemed like we were always just.

Feel like turn.

Andrew Muntz: Same on Jerry Springer episode. Ted, why don't you come on out Ted,

Paul Campbell: and tell he just come out and flip the chair immediately,

Keith Robinson: [00:37:00] Keith. But it's just that was at least an experience where it's like we were, yeah, it was easygoing the whole time. We were on the same page and hunting really well together and we had a lot of jokes where we're like, just put me and Ted together and we'll get something done.

Probably. I've been on a good streak, .

Paul Campbell: Now, did you do anything like super dumb? You weren't recording during an imperative moment during a hunt or I was there any mistakes were there?

Keith Robinson: Just like I had one I had one that I told someone recently on it was, the biggest, one of the stupider mistakes in my life.

Fortunately, it didn't cost a, cost me like any super important footage, but it was in Missouri. I was hunting with Hayden or Hayden and His camera did this weird thing where auto, it'll just like slot select to a different card on its own. And I didn't know that. And we were capturing footage and I had already captured the whole card and I thought it was everything we had and I went back and was formatting and then it, I went back to look at the cards and I was like, oh, we're missing a whole chunk of half a day is a footage.

And [00:38:00] come to find out, I just formatted half a day of footage that like, fortunately there was no like deer footage, but it was like all this like cool scouting footage and it was like, man, that was my lesson. I needed to just we were tired and we were driving home that night and it was like I wasn't thinking enough and I just deleted footage for no reason.

That was my biggest biggest mistake that I'll own up to. Cuz it taught me the lesson to double check your cards every time. formatting stuff. Yeah.

Paul Campbell: Yeah. So

Andrew Muntz: the editing process, I think we, people watch the shows and they're like, man, that looks like so much fun. Yeah. There's a grind involved, but. . I think the behind the scenes editing that you guys do, I'm guessing is a boatload.

Is that the case? It's not just all fun and games the whole time. There's a lot of sitting and cutting

Keith Robinson: and yeah, it's pretty much like in the fall when the videos are going like that full consistency. It's if, if the person isn't hunting at that time, they're probably editing for [00:39:00] a long time and then they're editing before they have to get back to do another trip to go hunting again.

So they have three days to edit, a couple videos or whatever and send 'em to someone else so they can finish 'em and post 'em. It's a lot of just it's hectic, but that's the way it has to be when you're pushing out semi-live videos or trying to flip stuff by the week, essentially.

It's a lot of computer

Paul Campbell: time for sure. The funniest thing, like you see. Jake he seems to do a lot of editing during the Turkey tour and they'll just roll into him, after a full day's hunt and he's like in a hammock and his hair's like sticking straight up and he's got a laptop and his eyes are just wide open and it's just, he feels so bad when you see him, like in that state.

Cause it's just like he's gotta get it done. They just drop him off at a McDonald's or something sometimes too. Yep. That's a,


Keith Robinson: have these, I have these little lap desk things that I got my computer on right now and those things make a huge difference for editing on the road.

Paul Campbell: Yeah. Do they just did any of the guys ever just drop you off at a McDonald's for wi, with wifi [00:40:00] and just seen a couple hours

Keith Robinson: f on Keith?

We had, fortunately we had some pretty good I guess editing spots. I'm trying to think of like in camp I would say things were planned well enough this year that we didn't really have any times where, and it's different for the. For the Deer Tour and Turkey tour, where in like Turkey tour, it's weather's nicer and you can just hang out at camp and edit and it doesn't matter if you're there for a week and doing it.

But the deer tour, a lot of times it's man, it's gonna be cold. I'm not gonna just hunker down in my little tent and just try to edit here. It's like we might have to, we might have to just hunt for five days and then go get a hotel or drive back to home base in Iowa and edit for a few days and then go do another trip.

So we had a lot of times where we were able to just have downtime. Kick back and edit somewhere at a home base. But, and we also spent a lot, I spent a lot of time in Iowa in early October, so that was just where their little cabins out there. So that was an easy space to just be able to get back and just have a cabin that you're, you can capture footage and edit there and everything.

Paul Campbell: The cabin [00:41:00] does look pretty sweet, the videos that I've seen. So that's a big moment for the team. Looks like a

Andrew Muntz: clubhouse. Remind, that's a pretty, like a clubhouse if you're a kid, three, four,

Paul Campbell: . So I've seen a couple times, especially on the Turkey tours, where, you guys will have run-ins with other hunters on public land and once your star is so bright, like you can't get away from, so did you have any run-ins with people where they're like, oh my God, Ted, Zack Keith.


Keith Robinson: Almost anywhere really. It's, it does get, not weird, but it's like, You do have to just hide yourself at a certain point, just for the sake of like where you're hunting too. Like we don't want to blow up public land places for no reason. I don't think that there is any reason for people to come and hunt a place just cuz there's a video made on it.

But that does happen a lot. So it's just for the sake of trying to protect identity of where we're hunting and stuff, a lot of times Zach will just have to put his hair up and he's just gotta get in the truck. I don't wanna, he's I want to talk to everybody, but I don't want the whole [00:42:00] world to know exactly where we're at all the time.

They're like,

Paul Campbell: Hey Zach, send mean OnX pen. , it's just like they were tweeting it out

Keith Robinson: everywhere. And that's Zach's another, or Zach's thing is he love, he does just love talking to everybody. So it's as soon as somebody. catches attention and they're like, oh, it's Zack. And then all of a sudden it's it's probably gonna be at least a 20 minute conversation.

So then he knows that he's just gonna lose time and he can't control himself. So a lot of times he's just we gotta just keep hunting. I gotta, we gotta just get in the car, put my hair up and just keep going. .

Paul Campbell: Yeah. Zack's talking. Gonna go take a nap in the car. . All right. That's gotta be exhausting.

You're just trying to have fun and, and essentially you're working too, but at the same time you don't wanna be rude to people that have helped get you there.

Keith Robinson: Yeah, exactly. It's like you don't yeah. You don't want to brush it off, but it's just yeah. Yeah. I get to the point where you just, you don't wanna, I guess that's the biggest thing for me, the way I look at it is you don't want a lot of word to spread, to be like, oh, this is where they were at making this video, and they ended up shooting that buck.

And then next year there's 150 people in [00:43:00] that same public land area. Have they been pretty

Andrew Muntz: good at, pretty successful at that? Just in general,

Keith Robinson: Just. Hiding places,

Andrew Muntz: or, do they go back to the same place the next year and oh, figure out there's a bunch of people in there. Or

Keith Robinson: they, there's been a few places where that's happened.

Yeah, for sure. Yeah. I guess I won't say specifically, but there's been places where they've gone back and there's been like, notice there'll be more people where they've even talked to people that are like, yeah, we saw video here. And it's it sucks, but it, it's probably gonna happen.

Somebody's gonna end up doing it at some point. So

Andrew Muntz: yeah, it's one of those things, like I look at it and I'm like, oh, those looks like Woods and Hills. Like I , that's southeast Ohio. Maybe I don't know. . But I guess if you hunted that same spot all the time, there's certain things that you would notice and you'd be like, I know that area, but man, this seems like it'd be a lot to actually go through the work of figuring out.

Keith Robinson: Yeah. It's you might as well just go actually get on a map and figure out a good spot. Yeah. Spend so much time.

Andrew Muntz: Find your own spots. There's

Keith Robinson: a lot of good spots out there. Yeah I can promise

Andrew Muntz: that.

So one of, one of the questions I always have when I watched over the years, , you guys get to [00:44:00] hunt a little bit, right? , it's not, you're not just shooting with the camera the whole time. How does that get determined and how, yeah how did they come up with that?

Keith Robinson: I, this year, I guess in the, a lot of the past years, it's worked pretty well with them.

Like they're based in Iowa, I guess loosely based outta Iowa with having that place there. And it's easy for the interns to just get a OTC Missouri tag and hop over the state line a few hours away and be able to hunt in over the counter state. That's like a good whitetail state. And they've done that in the past years where they let the, let I, it's weird they don't even like saying that.

They're like, we don't want to make it be like, man, we're letting you hunt. Like they want to give us an opportunity to hunt, for sure. But they, yeah, they usually just open that door. They're like, you guys can get a Missouri tag. We'll do a, this year it worked out well where we had we had time from.

Having a successful hunt in Wyoming and we finished the Kansas hunt and they were like, yeah, we got a window of time here a week. [00:45:00] You guys just wanna get tags and we'll just go film a couple videos in Missouri. Cuz for them it didn't make a difference of, being in X State compared to being a Missouri, filming some hunts there.

So it worked out. It works out pretty well like that. They don't really, they typically don't mind who gets the tag for the most part, I would say just as long as they're, they got someone filming and making some content out of it.

Andrew Muntz: Now remind me, did you get, were you successful

Keith Robinson: in I shot a dough in Missouri, yeah.

. Okay.

Andrew Muntz: So is that different then? Is it cool when you're like, okay, now I'm hunting and who, I don't know who is with you, but they're the one that's filming me. ,

Keith Robinson: this is cool. Yeah, that was, I actually shot, I've been, my entire life, I'm, I was trying to think of this the other day.

I'm pretty sure I would say 98% of the hunts that I've been on, I've been with someone who was filming me or I was filming somebody hunting. So like almost my entire life I've been filming the hunts that I've been on. So a lot of times it started with me and my brother, and the [00:46:00] first buck I shot was on we were filming with or we're, Zach got us into sending footage in for a Midwest White Deal, the East Show.

And the first buck I shot, my brother was filming me for that. So it was like, I've had some, at least a decent amount of those experiences to just have somebody over the shoulder filming me and just be living that moment. But it's cool to be able to have both of those experiences of being the person behind the camera and then being the hunter makes you able to put the storyline together as the cameraman a little more when you come back to it.

Andrew Muntz: That's awesome. All right, so worst hunt of the year. We covered your favor. It was up in, in Minnesota. And I, maybe not even hunt like I'm talking Were you on the, was it the Missouri one where they had the massive argument like happening?

Keith Robinson: Yeah, they, I was hunting alone like a couple miles down the road and Ted and Nick were hunting together and that's, I feel like that would've been terrible.

That would've, that's probably would've be Nick's answer of the worst one. Cuz that was just like such a weird [00:47:00] experience to be in. That freaked us out. But mine, I don't know, worst but like the Kansas hunt that I was really looking forward to the Kansas hunt. It was a lot of fun still, but it was like, it was so hot and like the conditions were just like not going in our favor and it was like, we ended up seeing bucks and we had some close calls, but it was just like, it didn't quite pan out the way we wanted to, even like content wise.

Cause we, we'd see bucks, but it would be like, Four minutes after shooting light, so we couldn't even film 'em. So it's just man, we don't even, we're not even walking away from this trip with like nearly anything. And that was one that was just like a letdown of man, that was fun, but it wasn't quite like what we wanted it to be.

But fortunately Ted was able to go back and capitalize pretty well on that.

Andrew Muntz: Did you guys have, were you a part of any of the, was it the cart issues, one of the cart, or was that all Nick? Is he the one that has all the bad luck? Because that's, that sounds like I would be Nick.

Keith Robinson: We had [00:48:00] some.

Yeah, I guess that whole trip, the whole Kansas trip where Ted was having car issues, that was all Ted and Nick, but Ted's car, the entire fall was like falling apart in front of our eyes. So it was, it wouldn't even he'd get in the car and turn the key and it wouldn't even start. He'd have to get out and shake the battery

He'd get the thing to turn on and all this weird stuff going on with the car. So it was

Paul Campbell: the car, his car stuck for years. Ted, it's time to get a new

Keith Robinson: one. He did just get a new one, which I saw. Oh, good for him. Which I'm happy for him. Really

Paul Campbell: happy for him. What, what did he get? Let's, I'm curious to know.

Keith Robinson: It's like a 4runner type of vehicle, which, there you go. What I had talked to him about at one point, I was like that would be my ideal outdoor vehicle. I think he carry

Paul Campbell: gear. I mean it's it cut track. He's got himself a better rig. It's, he had, it was it like a Dodge Neon or something?

He was, he had a putting around, he

Keith Robinson: had a Honda pilot, which those things are, those things will rip those. It had 300 and. Oh man, over 300,000 miles on it for sure. I would say. And if not two 80. But [00:49:00] those things will get some miles put on 'em. It was still moving down the road, but not super ,

Andrew Muntz: that's funny because were they had the Smurf fla was that last year?

Keith Robinson: Gosh, yeah. The more had that stupid smurf thing with the shims in the window. . Yeah. That was, that thing was probably multiple years overdue of getting rid of I feel

Paul Campbell: like that's just part of the shtick though. It's all part of, it's all part of the show, man. They just dried around and they're like, look at this.

Look at this. 1994 Toyota sell. We're gonna put deer in the back of that. Hold my beer. It's the new T that's

Keith Robinson: HB Elk . Jake had a, oh man, what was the thing? Impala, that's what it was. It was a big old Impala that we put Zach's, Iowa buck in the trunk of when he shot that thing. We fit the whole thing in the back of Jake's Impala.

But yeah, now that I'm thinking about it, Zach had the dodge caliber that had the sway bar broken on it. That was just rattling the whole time. You'd be driving just like the whole time hitting bumps and just turn the radio up, right? Yeah, [00:50:00] exactly. Yeah, that was a pretty, that was a beater as well. Yeah

Paul Campbell: that's funny.

So Keith what's next for you you're done with the THP internship, right? , what's the what's on your on the horizon for you? Man?

Keith Robinson: So I'm doing, I've been working for myself. I've work with, I guess like for myself, I've been doing private contracting stuff with a buddy who has a habitat management business, and my brother just started doing his kind of a, started a solo career of doing forestry and wildlife consulting and management and burn management, stuff like that.

So I've been getting. Way more into the world of like habitat management, which is like a super fulfilling thing to me. It's something I very much enjoy as much as hunting.

Paul Campbell: Was that Nick that just texted? Yep. Okay, man. I'm ready to, I'm ready to hop in. Nick just said,

Keith Robinson: There he is. He said, I just logged in.

Paul Campbell: Need

Andrew Muntz: the, oh man. Here we go. . Now the party can start.

Nick Andrews: Sorry, I interrupted Keith. You were in the middle of saying what [00:51:00] you got going on please.

Andrew Muntz: Great show guys. , it's been a pleasure to meet you. Take care.

Keith Robinson: Yeah. Oh. What was I saying? Yeah, I'm working for my buddy Larry. Native Landscapes is his company and he does habitat management and then, Hunting and filming videos as much as I can.

Still. You wanna

Andrew Muntz: come film some really average Joe Hunters that you've been with? The best you want? The rest? No, you come follow us around the woods.

Keith Robinson: I've filmed quite a few average Joe Hunters. I would say pretty much everyone I film really good at killing Doz. Oh yeah.

Paul Campbell: We both had a pretty good deer season.

I will say I killed, I shot four deer in 18 minutes on a controled hunt up North . So it was insane. Man,

Nick Andrews: you gotta, before we can sign up for that . Oh

Paul Campbell: my gosh. Yeah, it was nuts, man. He, I took him with me. We're, it was a wildlife refuge and the guys listens to the show like, oh God, here we go.

Story again. But it was a lot of fun. It was a damn good time. ,

Andrew Muntz: I tell you what, that would've been a hell of a hunt to, to film because, and I'll just give you the quick rundown. I'm sitting like [00:52:00] 400 yards from him. Two minutes, three minutes into shooting bang. And I'm like, I texted him, I'm like, did you just shoot a deer?

He's yeah, I'm gonna buy another tag. I'm like, hell yeah, dude. And they came with

Paul Campbell: one tag. I didn't know what to expect.

Andrew Muntz: Three minute, three minutes later, boom. I'm like, was that you again? And mind you, I'm sitting in this tree and I'm seeing nothing, right? Because they're all, somebody wouldn't let 'em pass.

They just says boom. So 15 minutes into the hunt, I'm texting my wife and I'm like, yeah, Paul's already shot two up. Make that three because boom, another one. So then, I don't know, what was it, another 40 minutes, 45 minutes into the hunt, the fourth one, boom. I'm like,

Paul Campbell: all right, I'm getting down.

This is stupid. I felt, Nick, I felt real confident. So I took a swipe at a fifth one for the day from 200 yards away, and didn't you got rip?

Nick Andrews: That's it, man. Why not?

Paul Campbell: That's it. So Nick Andrews joining the program. Nick, thanks for stopping in, man. I'm so sorry for being


Nick Andrews: Don't worry. And I, Keith texted me, he said, Hey, [00:53:00] you gonna jump on this podcast? And I was in the middle of filming a, another cooking video for the YouTube shorts and Instagram and everything. And it's, it was a little more intricate of a cooking video than I've been doing. And I was like, I can't step away.

I have to see this through.

Paul Campbell: Yeah. What were you making? Yeah, where were you making? I'm curious

Keith Robinson: now. So it's

Nick Andrews: just deer backs, strapp, ven, backstrap. A third of a backstrap cut in half trimmed down. So you got all the silver skin off. So it's ya, depending on the piece of the back strap and where you're at on it, it should be anywhere from like half inch to three quarter inch thick, in my opinion.

May be thicker. But what you do is you soak it in pineapple juice for 30 minutes. And Keith, this is different than what I've done before. Cause two, I take them into little medallions, but now I don't do that anymore. I just do two steaks that are about the size of a filet. [00:54:00] and you soak them in pineapple juice for 30 minutes breaks down all the gaminess, the toughness that you get out of venison when you grill it, because everybody has had that piece of backstrap that's been grilled.

It's tougher in boot leather and don't taste that good. You do this, you rinse it, you dry it, and then you season it and you put it on a grill as hot as you can get that thing hotter and fish grease, and you do three, four minutes aside, and then you yank it when it's good, medium rare, and that I'm telling you is better than any beef filet you've ever had.

But I've added another little thing, Keith. So what I've started doing now is I'm making jalapeno butter, so I get

Keith Robinson: a full stick of butter,

Nick Andrews: three fresh jalapenos, and I slice 'em up, and then I get minced garlic, and then just my favorite steak seasoning. and then you mix. Put some of that steak seasoning in a little full pouch that you make [00:55:00] or just a full pan.

Cover it. Put it all in there together. Put it on the grill. As soon as you light the fire and just let that go till your steak is done. When you pull your steak, that jalapeno and everything's gonna be melted down. Jalapeno's gonna be tender, takes all the heat out, but you just get jalapeno flavor and you take that and drizzle it over the top.

And I'm telling you, you cannot hold it this high above your head cuz your tongue will beat your brains out trying to get through . It is. I just got done eating it. I mean I just, first time I done it this way for my dad and we're sitting in the kitchen eating and I was, mind you, I'm shoveling in my face cause I'm like, I gotta get back over this podcast.

And me and my daughters going back and forth, he's dude, this is the best stuff. I have ever had. And I said, I'm telling you, it is it, it's like Keith, you can't beat it.

Andrew Muntz: Keith. Is he telling the truth? Is he pretty good cook? Oh

Keith Robinson: yeah. And I ain't even had the jalapeno [00:56:00] butter. That sounds delicious.

Nick Andrews: Too much. I'm gonna show you shortly. It's fantastic. I got a picture, my phone. I wish I could show it and it would look good, but it won't. Yeah. But there will be a video of this put up on the hunting public Instagram page and YouTube everything on Friday. So if you wanna see what it looked like, it'll be there Friday.

Paul Campbell: I'm gonna, I'm gonna for the, I am for sure gonna make jalapeno butter. I like the idea with the pineapple enzymes breaking that. Yes. Breaking that flesh down. That's that muscle down. That's good stuff. That's a good, that's a good trick. I'm ready to, I'm ready to grill some backstrap right now.

At what, 11 o'clock at? I don't know what time. It's nine o'clock. You wanna stick around for a little bit? Sure. I got nothing else to do. I'll freezer full of it for the first time, no, that's so Nick Keith was too kind to tell us who was the most frustrating t h p personality to deal with on the road.

He punted. Nick tell, I'm just kidding, man. I don't want you to,

Keith Robinson: where'd you hunt from Keith? Ooh, pretty far [00:57:00] back.

Nick Andrews: Like the 20, yeah. . Ah, yeah. I was just, you know that Ted, he sucked

Paul Campbell: the most harmless one of the whole show. What's wrong with you, Nick? It's America's sweetheart, man.


Nick Andrews: can't insult them. People might think we're lying when we say this. It's like there isn't a single person in the group that either one of us disagreed with or didn't get along with. ever. And Keith, I mean I probably spent the least, I spent a ton of time with Keith, but probably spent the least amount of time with Keith and I don't think we ever got at odds about anything.

That's just what makes the whole circus go around so is they're really good at vetting people on who they want to come do this with them on do you get along? Do you fit in? And once they figure that out, then you just get there and you hang out and you're just there for six months and

Andrew Muntz: hang, it's great.

Is that, is basically exactly what Keith said, so I just No, it's [00:58:00] that's

Paul Campbell: totally really is makes

Nick Andrews: sense for this. And we had no idea. Hey, yeah. buddy. .

Keith Robinson: Yeah. I feel like that's like the most important part of their decision when they do that is you can obviously me and Nick are pretty good at doing what we're doing, but there's obviously like professional people that are doing like crazy stuff that like.

Potentially would've applied, but it's you can be great at doing stuff, but you also gotta get along and work out with everybody. Cuz if one thing doesn't work out, then it's just it's gonna throw the old train off. And like we were talking about before Nick was on here, it's like, things move super fast and like you gotta just, things gotta be moving sl smoothly and everyone's gotta be in agreement on quick decisions cuz it's it's a fluid

Paul Campbell: machine.

Now was there a job, Nick, that, and we didn't ask Keith this, so Keith chime in too, but was there just a task that you had to do in your day to day that you're just like, oh God man, like I don't want to do this sucks, but I have to and I'm just gonna put my head down and grind it out. Is there anything like super tedious [00:59:00] on the back end?

Like the stuff that, doesn't make it to YouTube?

Keith Robinson: Not really, other than just like being the first person to look at a project. Like when you're the first person to open a project and you got all the footage in there and you gotta just like, all right, I got six hours footage to look at from one day and I gotta cut this down Yeah.

For the first time and send it to somebody else. I agree.

Nick Andrews: That's gotta be the most tedious thing. And when and this always happens to me when I, before I've even opened it in my brain, I'm going, damn, this is gonna take forever. And then once you get going, it's just boom.

You blow through it and then you go, all right, that didn't, that wasn't as bad as I thought. You send it off and it goes to somebody else, they mess with it. Kinda like we did the Keith, we did the THP shoot off video. , because that was the first video that I ever. put my hands on in, the editing room of it, and, but no, I agree completely that's gotta be the only thing. Nothing else about the whole internship or [01:00:00] process. Yeah. Did I ever wake up and be like, I definitely don't wanna go do that.

Paul Campbell: Yeah. Yeah. What a what a great ex, what a great experience, man.

That, that is really neat. Nick

Andrew Muntz: what was your least favorite hunt that you were on this year? And when I say least, I'm not talking about who you're with or this Yeah. Whatever, but

Paul Campbell: Just tough grinding

Andrew Muntz: it out. Missouri long. Really? Missouri. Oh.

Nick Andrews: And it's not even because of the meth head shootout.

Oh, really? Cause of that. It was just tough. Keith killed a dough, but e even other than that, that hot, it was hot. We weren't on a ton of sign. We weren't on a ton of deer. It was just, tough. And hell, we were only there for six days, but six days felt like 12. Yeah. I spent 12 days with Ted and Kansas the first time I was there, and that felt way, better than six days in Missouri.

Did , it was just, Missouri was tough. I enjoyed it, every bit of it. Other than [01:01:00] that evening meth. But yeah, I, if I had to pick one, that's what I would pick for sure.

Andrew Muntz: So we talked a little bit about your, the argument there. How crazy was that? I'm sitting there watching it in my bed and I'm like, this is making me uncomfortable.

even with

Nick Andrews: all your warnings, I have no, it's tough to put into words because when it started happening, me and Ted looked at each other and it was just immediate. Even without using words where we looked at each other and we were both like, this is not good. . Something bad's happening. And then I don't think this ever made the video, but I'm not like scared of heights.

I, I respect them, but I'm not scared of 'em. I've repelled off of 50 foot towers and done some dumb stuff like that. And we were 15, 20 foot up in my tree in the entire hunt. My hands were just wet, like soaked with [01:02:00] sweat. And I remember I reached over to Ted and I made him feel my hand. I said, Ted, feel this?

I said, my hands are ice cold and they're wet.

Andrew Muntz: I, that's when I, how you're close with somebody is when you ask 'em to feel your flame. Yeah.

Nick Andrews: Stills, okay. And I was like, I've never, and he felt it. He was like, dude, that's weird. I don't know. My hands have never done this. I said, I. And this, we were sitting on some super hot sign.

I was like, I think something cool's gonna happen this evening. I think we're about to be in something like big. I don't know. I just, something's telling me something's gonna happen. And it wasn't. 30 minutes later we hear pop, and then the whole thing kicks off. And then after that, I looked at it and I was like, I don't, was the universe telling me that something wild was about to happen?

I don't know. Maybe I was constipated and had the crap I don't know, . But that was a, that thing was wild.

Keith Robinson: That was, I remember seeing that same night I went in hunted by myself. I went on this like spot where we had seen some huge [01:03:00] sign and just knew there had to be a pretty big buck, like real close.

By mid-September you're seeing like fresh rubs and day of rubs. And I'm like, heck yeah. All excited about hunting this spot. And I get in there, end up seeing that buck as I'm walking out that evening, 80 yards from the car. And I'm like, man, I might have one more morning. And like I can attack this thing.

And I drive back to camp and I pull in and I beat Ted and Nick there. And I'm like, man, like it's pretty late. And I figured they'd get here first. And I just remember seeing like Nick's face, really both of their faces, just they just pull up and look at me and they're just like, something bad man.

And I was just like, what are you talking? And they just tell me and like immediately I'm just like, let's just pack up. Let's just get outta here. I don't want anything to do with that. We're just on middle of the woods. There's, that could happen, could come right to us. Who knows? We did,

Nick Andrews: we grabbed our stuff and five minutes camp was broke down, thrown in trucks and we bowled out of there as fast as [01:04:00] we could and got to the nearest hotel.

Andrew Muntz: Did they ever come up with figuring out anything that happened there? I can't remember what was in the back end of that.

Nick Andrews: I I had several conversations with authorities after that, like even a month after that. And they had gone in, there's two homeowners there cause there's two houses there in the middle of nowhere.

Both homeowners told the authorities that no one was home when any of, on that day, when any of that stuff would've went down, nobody was home. I know that's a lie because I heard 'em all, even before it all went down, I could hear people laughing, riding four wheelers around talking. I know people were there.

So it's, I think it's just some of that backwards

Keith Robinson: is there, just

Paul Campbell: Let it slide

Nick Andrews: the hills of Missouri. That's what I've learned.

Keith Robinson: Yeah. Just kinda shows you what there's some lawless stuff going on still.

Paul Campbell: Yeah. That was, that, was that kinda like [01:05:00] the, that was a crazy scenario, but was that kind of the highlight of your internship or was there something else that, you'll always remember

Nick Andrews: now Ted's Kansas Kill and Zach's, Minnesota kill.

Those are two things that I will never forget those, and it happened in a span of five or six days for me. . I was in Kansas, went one, and then went straight to Minnesota and witnessed the other. And that even that takes out Zach's release, freezing up on this giant eight point that walks five yards from me.

So I had six days there. It was some of the most incredible deer hunting I had ever experienced hands. That's awesome. Not even close. Yeah. And so that right there was the highlight for me.

Andrew Muntz: Which one was the stupid cold? Was that North Dakota, Minnesota?

Nick Andrews: Was that? Was that Minnesota? Minnesota.

Minnesota. It was like two below zero when he killed that

Andrew Muntz: deer. Yeah. Like Keith, you were up there earlier with him and it was warmer. . And

Keith Robinson: it should have been cold. And it was, yeah, it was like six fifties and sixties. Yeah. [01:06:00] That's crazy. Which is nice for me, but not the hunting . It's like hunting the Midwest.

But yeah,

Paul Campbell: Now Nick, were. You after. So you had two, two bucks, two big bucks that you were a part of. Six days apart were the other guys like, all right Nick, you're coming with us. You're coming with me. Good luck. Good luck. Char

Nick Andrews: Armir. I'm trying to remember. It's actually, cuz Keith was actually the hot guy for October.

October, yeah. Because Keith was a part of four kills in a standard. Iowa was, yeah. 10 or 12 days. You were a part of every single muzzle loader kill and Ted's bow kill. So Ted's Muzz, Jake's Muzz, you were spotting at first. You were there. And then you filmed Ted's Bow Hill. What else?

There was something else there. Is

Andrew Muntz: that the one where the deer walked in within six? And he shot out with the ball on the

Paul Campbell: ground. That


Keith Robinson: insane. And then I guess it would've just been three or four days after that Zack hit that one [01:07:00] on the shoulder.

Nick Andrews: Yeah. So Keith had the hot hand there for a while, and as October was progressing, I keep getting updates cuz I'm off hunting with somebody.

He's Keith filmed this, Keith filmed that. And I was like, I'll be damned, am I gonna film anything at all? And then November hit, and then it was just like, boom. But it's your turn. I was there. It was my turn to film somebody kill something. And it was just, that's just how luck of the draw went, because all in November, where were you Keith?

You were

Keith Robinson: oh, I did I went with Hayden and we had,

Nick Andrews: yeah, you were with Hayden in Missouri when we were in a couple of

Keith Robinson: good days. Yeah. Yeah.

Paul Campbell: Now, Nick, what was your, were you on the bow or on, on the shotgun at all this year? Did you get to hunt?

Nick Andrews: Oh yeah, I when we were in Missouri, when the meth shootout happened, I was holding a tag.

So I held a tag there. And then Arkansas, I had a tag and then flipped, got to duck Hunt and got me and Ted got on a good duck hunt while we were [01:08:00] there.

Keith Robinson: And then shot a giant

Nick Andrews: in Indiana. I killed a huge deer in Indiana. Don't, do not

Keith Robinson: forget about that .

Nick Andrews: I wish I'm in my dad's man cave right now, and the giant from Indiana is in the shop.

And if it wasn't, I would grab it and I'd put it right here. It's just a dandy spike, honestly. and just a beautiful spike. So I

Andrew Muntz: Wait. I gotta go back. I don't think I've seen this one. Is it actually a spike or is it a big. It's a spike, but it's a big spike.

Nick Andrews: It big spike. He's got six or seven inch spikes.

Nothing crazy. Just a good year and a half old deer that needed to kill . 12,

Paul Campbell: you needed to

Nick Andrews: kill him, . And so I did that and then I I filmed, or my dad actually filmed a hunt of us together in Texas at our dear lease. So I had ample time, to be having a tag in my hand during an internship.

Paul Campbell: Yeah. Now are you gonna do any more work [01:09:00] with t h p, either of you or you guys gonna do any Turkey stuff this year? Oh

Keith Robinson: yeah, we'll be present,

Paul Campbell: yeah. Okay. We will be. That's my favorite THB stuff. The Turkey. Paul's the Turkey guy. Might have been the one, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna 12 deer this in one morning, but yeah, he's the Turkey guy.

No, I'm not gonna, sorry. People make fun of me cause all I talk about is turkeys. So it's an issue. Lie. When

Andrew Muntz: you came out, have you counted the Midwest before? Because you never from Texas, right?

Nick Andrews: Yes, I'd never hunt deer, hunted any other state, but Texas before this internship,

Andrew Muntz: tell me about that. Was that eye opening?

Did you enjoy it? Is it something you wanna go do again? Cuz it's ohs probably a little bit

Nick Andrews: different. Oh, completely different. I come from a background of hunting, the same piece of private land my entire life. I never deer hunted public never deer hunted outside of Texas. And so everything was different.

Every trip I went on was, pin and pad out, mentally just being a sponge, [01:10:00] absorbing everything from whoever I'm hunting with because it was all something I'd never done off the ground with a bow, with a muzzle loader deer drives. I never even, you don't do that down here. Being a part of a deer drive.

All of it. The first morning I had my tag in Missouri, me and Ted got outta the truck. I grabbed my bow outta my backseat and in my head I was all confident and I was like, we're deer hunting. I got this. And then we stepped out of the truck and I looked around and I looked at him and I was like, what do I do?

now what time does the feeder go off? Do you know? ? And then, so we just, and then I was just learning. So I was, every day was something new for me, cuz every situation was something I'd never been in before. That's awesome. Yeah. And I loved it. Every second of it, and I'm gonna do it again this fall. I'm gonna Yeah.

I loved it.

Paul Campbell: Yeah. What an experience. What a year. Yeah. What? A what? Six months. You guys remember that forever, man. So congratulations[01:11:00] on that ke Nick what's next for you on the career horizon?

Nick Andrews: Very similar to what Keith is doing. Almost identical, except for he's more on a Keith, I don't even want to mess it up, but I'm gonna say more of a land managed like a woodsmanship type guy.

What do you He's a forester. Management. Yeah. Yeah. He's more on that side of things. I don't know where I'm opposite of that. I just know he does that. If he wants me to come help out and film it, I will, but I'm on the learning end of that. World. But the future for me is from Tuesday, not tomorrow, but a week from tomorrow until after the first week of June.

It's nothing but Turkey hunting for me. That's it. Is that with

Andrew Muntz: chp? Go

Paul Campbell: ahead, Paul. You can talk about turkeys. My first Turkey of the year is March 14th. So

Keith Robinson: a

Nick Andrews: lot of it I will, I do have a tag for the first two days in Mississippi

Paul Campbell: oh, there you go. Okay. My kicks off March 15th. That'll be a [01:12:00] good one.

Nick Andrews: Yeah, I,

Paul Campbell: you should also make Nick's jalapeno butter and sell that .

Nick Andrews: Yeah. Yeah. The, a buddy of mine that taught it to me would be mighty pissed if I started doing that, but ob I think he learned it from somebody too. Bush Morgan, if you ever see this, buddy,

Paul Campbell: just call it Nick's buddy's

Keith Robinson: jalapeno brush, Nick and Bush's jalapeno butter Bush


Nick Andrews: deal. Nick. Nick's Bush's jalapeno butter.

Paul Campbell: Ah, there you go. That's trademarks, right? Sorry. I dunno. No so Nick where can people find you on social media?

Nick Andrews: My handle on Instagram is Nick MK Andrews. And that's pretty much it. I do have a YouTube channel and it's got one video that I posted like six years ago, so I'm not active there very much and more an Instagram guy.

And I get on Twitter to watch what the Longhorns are doing and that's about it. .

Paul Campbell: There you go. Keith, what about you, man?

Keith Robinson: I have, my personal Instagram is [01:13:00] Keith Rob, 14. And then I have Ohio Wild, which is my, what I function under as my business. And then that's my also an Instagram and that's my YouTube.

I post some stuff, not active enough on that, but got some cool stuff on there.

Paul Campbell: Yeah. Very good. Gentlemen, thank you so much for your time tonight. Really appreciated this talk. We've enjoyed all the

Andrew Muntz: content all year, so you did a great job. Yeah. Appreciate it. It was fun to

Paul Campbell: watch. So yeah, just good luck to you, to both of you, man and whatever your career paths take ya.


Nick Andrews: thank you. Yeah, thank you.