Thriving In The Outdoors w/ Rob Mendoza

Show Notes

Hey everyone, welcome to episode 209 of the Antler Up Podcast!

In this episode, we dive into the captivating journey of Rob Mendoza, a unique individual who seamlessly transitioned from the world of skateboarding to the dynamic realm of hunting and filming. Rob unfolds the narrative of his evolution, recounting the pivotal moment when he discovered his passion for hunting and made the leap into the hunting industry.

As Rob reflects on his inaugural elk hunt, he candidly shares the hurdles and challenges that shaped his journey. From conquering the grind and adversity of hunting to the gratification derived from relentless hard work, Rob emphasizes the profound joy found in accomplishing personal goals.

The conversation extends beyond Rob's personal journey, touching on his career growth and his role as a content manager at Tethrd. He sheds light on his favorite Tethrd products, such as the Scorpion grappling hook and the One Sticks, showcasing the tools that have become integral to his hunting experience.

Rob's story isn't just about personal triumphs; it's also about the sense of fulfillment derived from introducing others to the world of hunting. He passionately discusses the importance of sharing this experience with like-minded individuals and the joy he witnesses when others embrace the sport.

In the midst of discussing gear and practical advice, Rob offers words of wisdom to aspiring hunters and content creators. He encourages them to relish the journey, stay positive, and avoid negativity within the hunting community. Join us in this compelling conversation as Rob Mendoza shares his insights, experiences, and the contagious enthusiasm that defines his unique journey in the hunting world.

 Stay tuned, stay safe, and Antler Up!

Show Transcript