Trout Fishing and Habitat Work

Show Notes

On this episode of the Oklahoma Outdoors podcast, John takes the microphone all to himself to tell stories and update listeners on some exciting news he got this week. Over the weekend, John fulfilled a bucket list adventure at the Blue River public fishing and hunting area managed by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. Not only did he catch his first Oklahoma trout, but also managed to make a giant fool of himself, and get distracted by some deer sign along the way.

After wrapping up the story of his fishing adventure, John shares two big deliveries that showed up at the ranch this week. One of them is going to make his upcoming deer seasons much more comfortable, and the other is an old friend that is going to help take his habitat work to the next level! John goes into detail about some exciting habitat work he has planned in the upcoming weeks, and how he now hopes to get more work done than he could have ever dreamed of.

Show Transcript