Turkey Calling Strategy With Scott Wilper

Show Notes

This week on the Missouri Woods & Water podcast, Nate and Andy have friend Scott Wilper on to talk about some turkey calling strategy. First, we get into Scott's travels this year at calling competitions like him competing at the National Wild Turkey Federation convention grand national calling championships. He gives some cool background on how competitions go. Next, Scott gets into how he likes to call in gobblers. He goes through hen calling like plain yelps, excited yelps, cutting, and purring and clucking and how you can use those to have a conversation with a gobbler and get him into range. He also goes into the art of reading a gobbler and how he responds to your calling sequences and how patience versus overcalling can be the reason you get him to come all the way in. Another thing to consider is how using owl, crow, and coyote (in the evenings) calling can help you locate gobblers where using turkey calls might not work as well. We also coined us a new term for Scott. When guys get Doug Flutied in the elk woods, the turkey equivalent of that is now called getting Scott Wilpered!!! As always, Scott is a great listen and a wealth of knowledge in this field. Hopefully our listeners are going to be out in the turkey woods soon using some of these strategies to their advantage. Happy hunting folks!    

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