Turkey Camp and River Brothers Outfitters

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This Podcast is live from Turkey Camp in Minnesota with the XOP and River Brothers Outfitters crew.  We talk a bit about creating a brand in the outdoor apparel space.  Company History and how River Brothers came to be.

Then we dive into turkey hunting.  After a few days of hunting we got on some birds.  Some shots were fired but not all found themselves carrying a bird out the woods. Theres a lot of good laughs in this one and a good camp feel.  Enjoy.

Show Transcript

[00:00:00] All right. Welcome back to the Whitetail Experience Podcast. Happy Monday. At least that's when I'm recording this, and I just got back from Minnesota. Man, what a trip. And got a lot of like content, Turkey hunted, fished. It was a 10 out of 10 experience for being on a very short amount of time.

But this podcast I recorded with the River Brothers Outfitters they are an apparel lifestyle company breaking into some hunting garments as well. On this particular podcast we tell the story of the Turkey we shot at the Xop p Turkey camp and a little bit of their background with the clothing brand and apparel line.

And I came to find out they actually had Another company in the same space and had some pretty cool stories. These guys were pretty dialed on a few things, and hospitality wise, had a blast up there in Minnesota, running around the woods with these guys. They did force me onto some a Polaris [00:01:00] Ranger and I'm just not super like atv friendly or just don't have a lot of experience there.

Don't feel super comfortable. But we went riding one night and just had a good time. I can't say enough good things. Hope you guys enjoyed the podcast. We're gonna do part two. I don't know if I'm gonna release it next week or the week after, but a little more like Bluff Country Whitetail Talk.

They've got some things dialed in and some cool aspects to what they're doing there in the Bluff Country of Minnesota. Our lives at Turkey Camp. Minnesota. I drove here not even knowing the location I was really going to. I am here with the X O P crew with the River Brothers Outfitters. This is a cool, I don't know, real deer camp.

Real Turkey camp vibe. Tom, you organized this whole thing. Who we here with? How did we get here? Man, that's a long story. Give me the cliff man. This started, I think we met at Wisconsin. Dell. No, I would hear classic. Yeah. Ran into River Brothers Outfitters. You were there working the show with Xop P.

Yep. Working the booth with x o [00:02:00] P. Ran into Aaron with back country backcountry hunters and anglers. And then got introduced to you guys. River Brothers Outfitters. And then hit it off. And we were talking about Hunts, talking about this year. And we said let's do a Turkey hunt and then we're here.

Okay, so around the table there's a handful of individuals. Why don't we go around and introduce yourselves? Also, river Brother Outfitters, we wanted to start the conversation. This is not a pay to come hunt with type operation. No, what would you say? Mission statement, brand identity. What is River Brother Outfitters?

Start out. My name is Devin Nearing. I am the CEO and one of the owners, founders here at River Brothers Outfitters and River Brothers. We are an apparel company dedicated to, sharing the legendary traditions of hunting, spending time, enjoying time in the outdoors way beyond just the kill.

And When we first started, we wanted to capture, those traditions of when,[00:03:00] it's not just going out and hunting, it's the, the lunch times, the in between times the times like we're going through right now, enjoying sitting around a table drinking a few beers.

But yeah. So that's River Brothers Outfitters, Jorgen, you Yeah, Jorgen Doll here, co-owner, founder of River Brothers. The biggest thing that when we started this whole thing was we saw a gap in between the generations. And the biggest thing was to continue to influence the younger generation into the outdoors and get 'em into the fun aspirations that we all enjoyed today.

And where we ran into Tom was, we might have been at a brewery talking about all the good times that we had. And I brought up the idea of, hey, we aren't the most avid Turkey hunters, but hey, if we can get a group of guys together and have a blast at the farm, we'd be more than happy.

And look at that, Tom we got you a bird today. And we figured it out one way or another. And let me ask, when did you guys start? When was like, Hey, we want to build a brand in the space. When did the initial launch happen?[00:04:00] We launched in September of 2018. Was it? Yeah. Yeah. So the idea of it's been cooking since about 20, I guess take it way back quite a while ago.

But Jor and I met in 2016. We both, do you remember where you met? So yeah, we At a caribou coffee. Yeah. You got two of the buries looking dudes in Brainard, Minnesota sitting in a target. In no Starbucks they roll tarbucks. Was it Caribou? Was it Starbucks? I remember it was yesterday, you rolled in with your you rolled in with your leather briefcase.

And I'm like, who is this guy dude? And he's looking all fancy. I'm like I guess I'm under dress for this occasion. And we were meeting there for another business acquisition of me buying into something else and. You and I hit it off there and it really sparked from there. Yeah. And we literally were sitting there having a good conversation.

Basically we both loved the outdoors. We knew we wanted to be in it. We wanted to pursue a dream that [00:05:00] was bigger than both of us, that we could, build together. And, from there it literally just took off. I don't, I don't know. Now, how did you get the other individuals around the table that are maybe your second in command, your third in command, pretty crafty titles around here as well.

Yeah, so I'm gonna take the privilege to introduce him by myself, Mr. Eric Doll. He is jorgen. Older brother, if you could see him right now, you could definitely see that. And just because he is what? Eight? 10? Six. Seven. Oh, sorry. Come on. Get it. Same thing. And Eric, what is your position here at River Brothers?

I am the warehouse manager, truck driver, and professional tractor driver and part-time salesman. Because sometimes janitor, because that shows he likes to walk around more than he sells, but. So that's how Eric got in the mix. And then we got Blake here. Blake introduce herself. My name's Blake McDonald and I'm the, I guess you say Whitetail Pro.

And I basically kinda grew up with Jor and Eric and I got the [00:06:00] privilege to start coming hunting down here. And I just pursued my enjoyment through the outdoors and especially in the Whitetail Woods through Jorgen and Eric. And ever since then, it's just been like, I just look at everything differently and I'm just, like I say, I'm just.

I'm very privileged and welcoming and very thankful, I guess you'd say, just to be with this group of guys and just seeing how far they have gone and how far this company's gonna hopefully go long with yourself. So you used to be five five and like 110 soaking wet and Yeah. And now you're killing Boing Crocketts every other year.

So are you five six now? I don't know. I don't know quite how, going from five five to be 110 pounds to being. Basically five eleven, a hundred eighty pounds means killing big deer. But yeah, sure. Close it up. So I got a couple company questions. It says it's very one very clean website.

Very good. I love the orange jack sample. What did you guys decide as far as what's gonna be, say, your key product? If you guys are [00:07:00] known for X, what do you want, what is the number one seller on the website? The big let's back. Way back. Like why when we first started, it was all about our brand and our image and building everything with what we were portraying, right?

Like we started with three logos. I sent you the first design of our camel without us even signing a contract on that little piece of napkin. And I was scared that Devin was gonna take it and run with it cuz we were still in the honeymoon phase, of business. But So you wanted to be a camo company from the start then, it sounds yeah. Yes. The biggest thing with any company is, building that brand, at least in our viewpoint because, if you focus on a product, That product is just a product. Anybody can replicate it. Anybody can duplicate it, do the same thing. When we like sat down that, obviously it wasn't our first date at Starbucks, but over time, we knew we wanted to create a company that was going to create an [00:08:00] impression on the industry and, the nation and world as a whole, as, something greater than just the hunt.

And to do that we needed to create a brand and an image and, a connection to not just. One type of hunter, but we wanna relate to all of 'em. As far as, back to your question, getting to it, that, that first product we started out with lifestyle products, we're still selling lifestyle products.

So like sweatshirts, hoodies, sorry, those two are the same, but hats, the typical things. A lot of clothing brands, you got a case cooler. Oh yeah, dude, we'll get to that. But so yeah, basically start out with the typical lifestyle products. Cause we could build products that we can relate to anybody, especially those that love to hunt.

We put our, nasty designs on it. Everyone relates to it. And at the initial, vision of the company is we wanted to hit both. Areas between the outerwear with our camouflage patterns and that lifestyle to build our brand. And, we're growing, we're bootstrapping, we're still doing it [00:09:00] what is it, five years later?

Almost five. Yeah. And we're gonna keep growing from there. Yeah. You guys have a cool pattern. I would say it's not twig and bark, like it's much more, oh, it's almost like digital meets, open meets maybe some skin, like snake skin tones in there. Like it is very. It doesn't look like a lot of others on the market.

Yeah, it's unique. It looks cool. I like it. But you guys have a few, like actual field wear type products and that's not easy to do. What I mean, that takes a lot of leg lifting, I gotta believe. Yeah. Yeah. The biggest thing behind it, like the camel design when we started was, hey, we wanted to bring that old style old school.

Like military? Yeah, like the military, but also Grandpa was chilling with it next to the campground. Yeah. In the big white tent. And it was like, okay, we need to bring this into a new style where that no one's seen, but also to continue to portray that image that we wanted to go on and continue to grow with.

Yeah. [00:10:00] And basically was taking that old-fashioned grandpa's camo that, the hamme downs that you are at 12 years old that were down to your knees. But then add tech, like a perspective that was truly efficient in the outdoors. We have, there's three layers multi-tier system within the camel that we end up developing over time.

Wasn't just overnight. Let me tell you, Jorge's drawing was not as pretty as he's saying it was. So it just, I thought it was great, Devin. Alright. You just made it look pretty. Yeah I sent it to him and I was so fired up about that. But then to go to the performance product and what you're talking about, it really came down to when you're sitting in the field and what ended up happening was the first prototype of our jacket was, what was the first thing that happened?

Your butt got wet. So why not extend the tail of that and continue to push that through there in the prototype pants and the bibs and everything that we're coming out with is [00:11:00] going to continue to flow with all of those jackets and everything that we're coming out with. Yes sir. But yeah, basically, the goal is to continue to put out outerwear along with incredible lifestyle products that portray the legendary traditions of hunting and put out outerwear at.

That more affordable price, not cheaper because we're putting the time, the investment, the research, the development into it. At, something that the everman, the blue collar hunter can afford. Yeah. When you guys mentioned the oh, the gap there. When you sit in a tree stand and you lean forward, to me that says definitely like deer hunter focused, which I like, right?

I, no, no offense to some other companies out there, but they are, they're just everyday hunting. I want, dude, when I'm in the whitetail woods, I want something designed to function as a whitetail deer hunter. Yeah. And I think that's really cool that you guys bring some of that to the table.

Now we are here during Turkey season. And we had a little bit of conversation on the way over here. Somebody shot a bird this morning. We gotta hear that story. [00:12:00] Applause. There was almost a couple birds shot. I don't know what you're talking about. And that's where, I don't know what you're talking about.

I, I think that's where the story starts a little bit. Why don't you, why don't you back up to your time with Aaron. Right and tell that story of you getting antsy. Come on now. So you can't shortcut this one. Yeah. Yeah. So the start of it, we were running around some public and we had three different birds goblin on different ridges.

What day was this? This was golly Wednesday. Yeah, Wednesday morning. And went around. One was on private. We were towing the line. And rather than waiting for the bird to come, cause we had all day, I got excited and tried to get after him early and I got the the never loved putt and then we never saw him.

And then the rest of the days were long and hard. A lot of great goblin in the morning [00:13:00] and then just quiet after after they came outta roost and then this morning, and Georgie was talking since he got here. Like we, one of the tactics too that worked well is just, like deer hunting is just when they're, when the birds are acting like this, just going where we know they've been pretty consistently where they've shown up.

Through camera intel really. And so we started doing that. Georgie went out in the morning. Yeah. It really came down to breaking it into a couple groups of saying, okay, we've seen birds in these areas. And let's sit tight and hone down a little bit on the calling. Yep. Because it sounded like the last couple days before I got here was everyone was hammering the calls and we just kept moving.

Yep. And so let's back off on the calling and let's sit tight for a couple hours. And Blake and that was before eight o'clock, right? Yeah. Yeah, we got in there. We got in there relatively not early. Relatively a good time, but we knew, obviously we had from other Intel from previous [00:14:00] weekends, we had a trade show.

Last when we had a little bit of intel, which was obviously beneficial to us, but we knew hey, hang tight. It's just, for me it's just like Darren, it's Hey, it's, if it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen. We put ourselves in a good situation. We're not gonna go in a place where we have no confident right.

To see a bird. Same thing but it also goes back to Tom's point of, when you're sitting in the whitetail woods, you're waiting for the big monster roll by and everyone in the Turkey camp right now, right? No one's. Really gotten as fired up about turkeys. Yeah. Until really this point.

Yeah. Yep. And Blake and I, it was before eight that Blake, Blake turns to me and we were just talking and having the regular conversation. He's turn around. I'm like, okay. I think we need to back up for a second. There's a lot of backing up going on. Most Turkey hunting is happened at the base of a tree stand.

Full Tamo. Maybe a blinder. Ground Blinder too. All right. Face mask. You guys were not in that. No, you were in the [00:15:00] Cadillac of deer. Stands built by yours truly nicknamed the war wagon. Eight inches of insulation. All right. They got a Keurig in there and pay the tv. Who know carbs and all Put it in perspective.

You've seen a tiny home. It looks like a d a tiny home for deer killing. Yeah. But it does not provide toilet paper. That's true. Which we really need to work on. Yeah, we might, I almost pulled, Tom, I almost pulled you this morning. I about ran across the river when you went running to the Biffy, the elder morning.

Yeah. And you showed up and you're like, oh, this isn't a working piffy anymore. Yeah. Yeah. But it really came down to just that Intel had showed up and we sat tight and right at eight o'clock, Blake goes, you gotta turn around. I'm like, dude, you're screwing with me. I don't know what you're talking about.

I turn around, there's two Jakes and a hand sitting there. I'm like, is that it? And he was like, no, there's Tom. I'm like, I don't know what you're talking about it. He said, look around. See [00:16:00] a big redneck just chilling in the woods, just hanging out. He was probably at 20, 30 yards. So they're on like, it's not like they're 56.

No, they were like, by the time you turned around they were. By the time first of all, clarify, the big rednecks here in the woods was not Eric Dahl. So we'll just say that. Second of all, yeah, like I said, I saw him and I just saw him going George, turn around and he is I'm I'm like the little brother.

We're like, they aren't gonna listen to everyone. I'm like, dude, I told him three, four times. He's Jor, turn around and I'm trying not to make noise and all stuff. Then he turned arounds like, oh yeah. I'm like, dude, no. There was a di, like I said, I'm not a massive Turkey on, hey, I'm one for two on guides, but this, the one that is, the one that is in the woods is a dinosaur Turkey.

Like it is massive and we just couldn't find it. But then like Jorgen will take it from here with just picking out its head and then I'll hand it over to you, Blake. Blake couldn't see it pass that point. I finally had to put the binos up and I put my phone on there so he could see it. He was like, okay, I got it.

And then the hen comes around, the Jake come around, they go [00:17:00] right to the decoys like they should, and that Tom just sits there. I'm like, dude, we just gotta chill. And then Blake's there's a deer by the pond with that hen. I'm like, all right, just let 'em go. And then all of the deer come over by the decoys.

Yep. And I didn't want 'em to blow. So we let them clear out and he's still sitting there just poking around, just looking at us and we starts scratching him and then he starts to get curious and when he comes out, then I got Big brother's gun and I'm. I'm trying to figure out how to see this dang red.in there cuz it's mounted too high and I couldn't figure out, Eric's it's dialed in.

I'm like I don't know about that operator air, I dunno. But need an extended butt on that one to be able to bury in. Sounds like you guys are just like the whitetail experience crew when it comes to Turkey season. We are like morning of like you got shotgun shells, you bought a tag. Like we are very much like.

Turkey hunting is for fun. Deer hunting. Yeah. We are locked in. This is a black ops mission. But then even after I'll let you go years after this, but after the thing had happened with Jor and I, it's [00:18:00] dude I literally came down here dude, I don't care if we even see a Turkey.

I just want hang out with the fellas. And I love stories. But then after what happened with Jor and I, it's dude, I'm hooked. Like I am, I won't be obsessed with turkeys as much as I, you're gonna be obsessed. You about too, and you're hammered. But yeah. Anyways. Yeah, they came down to that bird stepped out and I couldn't get centered in on 'em.

And then finally when I decided to pull the trigger, it just didn't happen. So we'd come back and we were fired up and Tom Rolls in, dev roll in. They were like they're, they come in, they're all excited. They had their monsters in hand. We were thinking they, these boys. These boys shot one, and we were like, guys, did you kill one? What's going on? They're like, Nope, we saw one. I'm like, okay. Tell us the story. And so I said, you guys should really get out to that blind, within the next 30 minutes here. And this is like nine o'clock that we're all meeting and Yeah. And chatting at the house.

Yeah. I think you guys left right before 10 to go back. Yeah. Yeah. I think we got set up cuz we were back at the house by 10. So we got set up [00:19:00] in, in the war wagon. By nine 30? No, it was that, no, we probably, we, no, we probably didn't get set up by about nine 30. We probably about going over there. We were just taking our time hey.

Yeah. So just to keep everyone on track, Jorgen, when did your bird come in? When did you leave and when did Tom get set up? It was right before eight. We left eight 15. Yeah, we were back. Had a little breakfast. These guys rolled in about nine. They, you, Blake, and Tom left probably right before what, nine 30 to 10?

Somewhere in there? Yeah. Yeah. And you guys were back in that blind within, you were in there before 10. Yeah. Oh yeah. We were probably all set up what not. 9 45, 9 40, regardless either way. And we're sitting there and just got in and I got these big old boots on across the creek and what are you talking about?

Those were perfect. They were great. Super hot. 1800 gram, middle of May, may, they were perfect. 60 [00:20:00] degrees. Six. Yeah. So I'm taking those off. I'm comfy. I'm hanging out in my socks and in this tiny home deer stand and deer stand. And same thing again. Super guy Blake is there's one up there, there's one up there, and up this lane in this long lane that goes by.

You see this little head up there? And then he, now, interrupt. And by when I say there's one up there, I didn't have the camera bag open. I didn't have the camera out. We were not ready. You had your socks out. We didn't even get a break into the nutty bars. You hadn't even played a gunna game of Uno yet.

No, nothing. We didn't get any of the fun stuff started, and so he goes back into the woods a little bit and give a couple Yelps waiting three minutes and then sitting back down and Blake says, there he is. He's right out there. And he's probably 60, 50, 60 yards out.

And just walking in real slow, just doing his thing. Coming in. He saw the decoys. It was, it was picture perfect, absolutely [00:21:00] beautiful on string, on a string coming in real slow. And I was just infatuated by the view of it. I'm like, man, let's get as much footage as possible. It was just beautiful.

And Nick is your camera guy, right? No, Blake was, Blake had the camera. Yep. Nick was running around with Brock that morning. I think they were sleeping in the woods by this time. And so then he's coming in and letting him do his thing and just enjoying it. And we're both shaken. And Blake's finally reminds me.

I'm ready because he's I'm like, okay, I better get the business. And I give a couple Yelps to see if he'll poke his head up, just not to mess up the least amount of the bird as possible with the shot. And he barely did. He was just, it was awesome. He barely lifted his head up, hit the hammer, and he was down flop.

Over freaked out. And you said this is like your third Turkey? Yep. So I've shot, so this is a big deal, man. Yeah. And this is my first ever [00:22:00] time Turkey hunting. Oh shit. Every time. Yeah. His first time was with me when I missed, and so this would be his second, and then this is an hour later.

And what's I don't wanna, and you're the guide. New business and I'm just running the camera, like I'm just run the camera and I don't wanna put tires, but I was like, dude, for me, like I was just so down. Then the biggest thing I will go back to on Tom's, did you get the kill shot on video and I got Jorge's whiff too.

But the biggest thing with Tom, Coming in. The amount of times that I check in that bottom left corner to make sure you're saying record was every four and a half seconds. Yeah. But no. And then so Tom smacks his Turkey and so I look in the video and I pan him and I pan down. I'm like, you don't even have your fricking boots on.

This is how luxury comfortable he was in this office chair. He was all propped up like it looks like he just got Hey, you know what? We're gonna head in the day early. Yep. I'm texting the wife. Yeah, I'll pick up the kids. No, we're sitting in a Turkey blind and he is sitting here. He just got a Friday off.

Man. [00:23:00] I tell you what, we had a, we had, it was a couple hard days of hunting though, I will say that. And you avoid, you avoided the war wagon the other day. I did. I said, I don't want to, I don't want to go bougie on it. I'm hunting, and I'm like, but Georgie was like, man, just go where they're at.

And I'm like, all right, fine. I'll put my. My pride to the side. And so we, yeah, we got him went and freaked out. Yeah. And then one of the best parts is like I Jorgen had him, whatever Jorgen had worked me at 11 o'clock. So it's this is like bordered on, like we're picking up everything.

I'm like, no, let's leave stuff. We're gonna wanna take pictures and all that stuff. Which took way too long, but, oh it's done. It's worth it. No. And I'm like, dude, I hope Jorgen heard the shot. I was like, it's all I hope cuz I was like, I know he's gonna be sitting there getting ready for his meeting.

And all this stuff. And I'm like, wow, where are he sitting? I don't know if could, and then, so like we're yelling, we're just, we're walking back and it's like a 300 yard walk back to the grainery and we are just hooting and hollering, just woo. And we're a foot apart from each other. Like we're making the other turkeys know Hey, yeah, we just took down one of your homeboys.[00:24:00]

And then I'll hand it over to Jorgen for this part just because he, and if you guys ever, we could obviously send the video over here into this, but the video that we have of Jorgen sitting in his, the reaction was in his little, in his little work area. And we're sitting here all freaking, I think you tell him from when you walked in and saw me because you, because he was following you.

Yeah. Yeah. I walked inside the camera first to had reaction like, what are you doing? Yeah. And his, the. The dumb fondness on his face. Yeah. Just lasted forever. Like he wasn't buying, he believe you killed something. He didn't. He's it's literally like probably 13 minutes. One of whatever. It's 13 minutes since we left.

He left the blind 13 minutes later. No, we were in there since they left the grainery to go to this blind and back. Yeah. It's been like nothing. Yeah. And he's there's no way. There's no way. I thought way, I thought they fell over in the Crip or something. They're coming back to dry off. I did not think they killed a Tom.

Yep. And we brought 'em up and showed 'em and it was celebration from there on out. So it was pretty amazing. Like I [00:25:00] said, if we do get the video here, it's just the best. Cuz Jorgen just sitting over here in the little corner of the basement, the green with his laptop oh yeah, like you, you got your job going.

We're out hunting. And then it's just You killed one. Like the video, I couldn't get the focus to get on like Jorgen perfectly, but anyways, I popped up. Saw those. Yeah, he popped up and you see him put his laptop down. Like you see the background, it's like why did why are we in a house?

We shot a Turkey. Why are we in a house right now? Yeah, it was pretty special. So that's man, the camp field has just been pretty awesome and I think that's like going back to how this all came to be. A lot of what I'm blessed to do with X O P is basically just build partnerships between awesome companies and really awesome people.

So just connecting at shows and seeing who's cool to work with. And it's been an absolute blast to build that community and to just continue to improve that. I think in Honey we can get like you've said, so dialed in. And especially with deer of just [00:26:00] solo missions. So this is me.

And then especially with naturally whitetail hunting, it's naturally solo. Yeah, it just is. But there's so much like knowledge that is inevitably shared and that there's such a behind the scenes community that we want, like that's a big thing. We really wanna show and highlight just either through Xop P but also through.

Our people too. The, I also think on the hang out with, I also think on the whitetail side or the duck hunting side or anything in the outdoor industry on the solo, like I'm here, I'm doing this as my way. It becomes that way or the highway. And what I mean by that is you don't share the stories.

You don't share your, the way you got in front of that 180 inch deer and it's become so siloed. And people don't see the outside world of, Hey, how do we win together? Yeah. And how do we bring other people together and how do we [00:27:00] teach them to go and kill those big deer or get in front of the turkeys?

Or get more people into the outdoors. And on that side of things, I think that's what all of us are doing at this table. Is really trying to teach and involve more people. To say, Hey, this is how you do it, and we're willing to teach you. And it doesn't matter if it's say like me, it's like, Getting younger cousins into hunting or it's or it's like even just getting, even like coworkers or like even family friends even, or even family back into hunting.

Hey like I said earlier, it's yeah, it's sweet if we come down here and kill Turkey, but I was like, I'm here for the memories. I'm here for stuff like this. And it's, yeah. So I do want to wrap this up, but I want to do another 20 minute bs. You guys are whitetail hunters. Yeah. I think I want to do some little q and a, some stories about hunting in these bluffs, cuz this is a cool area of the Midwest.

I've seen some similar terrain, but you guys are deer guys and I think it we need to do a podcast solely on, on deer talk. Yeah. What do you guys say? I like that. Okay. To wrap this up, what is [00:28:00] your, like we are here to with Xop P what product are you most looking forward to next season using?

Oh, I'll jump right in. No, my man, I was talking with Tom. He had a what was that seat? It's it's, I didn't even know if I could say it. It's, are we supposed, hold on This, we it's the, it's a, so we're working on, we're working really hard on a on a ultra lightweight climbing stand. And we've got the platform, Randy was testing it today.

Yep, yep. We've got a lot of it built out and one of the things that's difficult with how we want it to function is the seat. So we played around with a couple different things and Eric, we got the Xop p D van down here. And Eric's what kind of stuff he got in there? And so we showed him the retrograde, which his foot is honestly about his that fit.

You gotta get big and sexy, Tom. Yeah. It's one [00:29:00] foot, on this thing. So Eric ain built for the retrograde, but he saw this man mean the retrograde isn't built for big and sexy Eric. He saw this seat cushion that was mammoth. It was probably two foot.

By 10. Yeah. 10 inches and three inches thick. Yeah. It's our, it's our classic seat. But he said, what stand does that belong? So Tom promised me a custom seat for size, big and sexy, and it will be tested by yours. Truly proud to be 6 7, 300 pounds, size 17 feet. I will be testing it. For all you big and sexy out there.

And he said he will be modeling as well, so we might have to do some all alright. Alright. Next, Al. Yeah. What, let's go around the table. What are you most looking forward to from the Herge seat? You so hold on. Can I talk about the vest? Yeah. Okay. That's what I was talking about.

So I do love the Turkey vest. [00:30:00] I'm excited for the Turkey seat that comes with the Turkey vest, the upgrades, because nothing, we didn't get to test that this time. Yeah. But nothing is worse when you're sitting on the ground next to a tree and you got a rock just poking you in places that don't belong. So that is the number one thing.

I cannot wait for the upgraded Turkey Fest, which is. In Func, in in, on her website. Yeah. It's in the work. So I don't mean to agree with Devin here, but on the Turkey side of just our Turkey weekend, that is just home run for me. But also on the big and sexy side of a bigger seat on where you can sit down and you're gonna be comfortable for.

On Eric's side, he is only gonna sit there for an hour on the rest of us, we'll be there for three to six hours. So that side of things where you're gonna be able to sit down and stay comfortable for the whole time, I can't wait for it. Yeah. Yeah. So we got, we've got a massive stand coming metal.

Yeah. [00:31:00] Love that. And this far really well, and that's what I told Eric about is our massive stand that we're gonna be, that we're working on right now. So I think that's what we've had the Maximus in the past. Yes. Even bigger. There's something else coming. Yes. Even that's a great, that's a great, we're gonna leave it.

We're gonna leave it. Alright. Can we name that big and sexy? You know what? We'll see what they think. Yeah. I get the sales pitch. I actually make all the names and I say yes to.

So Brock, I'm gonna have a word with you. I've already been Brock's already one name, but we there. Alright Blake. For me, obviously being the whitetail guru, my biggest thing is like in and out of the woods as light as you can, like whether if you're walking a mile, two miles through a swamp or tiled field.

That new gamma pack that I saw today. Yeah. And just how. Obviously just the way it fits you perfectly and the way you can hopefully with some other things in the work that I just won't say, but it's and then obviously the stands, I [00:32:00] forget, what's the size stand, the one you got, was the cold oil the cold or it's just, so the fact that it's seven pounds, you put it on your back and it literally feels like you have nothing on, like on your back.

And it's just, it's so lightweight and the color and just like how rough and a. We're not rough and aggressive, like how aggressive like the material is. So it's like you, it's got a grip tape too. Yeah. So it's it's if you're hunting later season, you got like the big lacrosse boots on or whatever, mock boots, you aren't gonna slip and have to make a phone call saying you gotta have a tree stand.

Just because of the aggression, which obviously hope you have all the stuff on, but it's this, for me, like the lightest setup, the quickest setup, and the easiest way to get up and down a tree. That's like my go-to. And for those two, I'm stoked for him. Love it. He already got his Turkey.

Yeah, got his Turkey. I'm just thinking about another story. So we'll save though. Let's wrap this up. I do wanna tuck some bluff. Country Whitetails. So guys, I think we need a piss break. All right. Yeah, let's do it.