Turkey Down! Rick Gets it Done... Again!

Show Notes

On this episode we talk about Rick's turkey season.  He got his nephew on a bird early and was also able to get it done later in the Month. We break down some wrestling references and how they apply to the turkey woods.  
We discuss what beers that are allowed at deer camp.  Good Turkey locator calling options.  Little bit of fishing talk and the best super bowl commercials from back in the day.

Show Transcript

[00:00:00] All right, this is the Whitetail Experience podcast. This is your host Byron Horton, and I was not involved in the Turkey podcast. You guys are about to listen to Rick shot a bird. He's our team Turkey hunting expert guy and got it done. So they're gonna tell that story and he also, I believe, put his nephew on a bird.

So a double dip there. This is a shed cast recorded with Dave. So this is generally done after a day of barbecuing and some beverages. So little ears may not be appropriate. Other than that, it's about to be June, which is, you in June's that tweener month and July 4th hits and right deer season is coming.

So this is that tweener month. Get a few things done, dude. I've been working on X, Y, and Z projects around the house. I got the stick bow, at least somewhat able to shoot some arrows if I want to go that, try and hunt with it. Try and get better. Dude, I'll be honest, I'll shoot like three arrows too. Be laser beams at 10 yards and then one, it'll just be so rogue. I'm like, I have no confidence right now with this thing to shoot a deer. I'd be [00:01:00] afraid I'd put one like in its ass. But my, I've been shooting almost every day. I think I missed one day in the first eight. But yeah, I'm gonna try and get better at that craft.

It's pretty cool. I think it's gotta make me a better compound. Archer too. I recorded a really good podcast with William from Fleet, and I think I'm gonna hold that, I think I'm gonna hold that till July-ish when it's like closer to his gear items, dropping some of the new items. And it was also fun.

Like we talked barbecuing, we talked deer hunting, Turkey hunting. So it's not just straight up product it's also more of the man behind the brand. So I think that's good. Otherwise I will probably be doing some gear tinkering. Kind of fine tuning some mobile setup. I got a YouTube video I want to do around some thoughts.

Going into next fall, but hope you guys enjoy the podcast. If you wanna support the brand at a higher level, look us up on Patreon. I try to do a couple [00:02:00] podcasts a month to that, or some extra YouTube videos, and I have the self film solo production course on there, so if you want to produce a higher caliber product come fall, that would quicken the learning curve.

Guys, enjoy. Yep. All right. Here we go. I think now we're recording. Now We got it. I think we're good. Take number four. Take number four. Barn barns. Our technical specialist, Byron, is, he couldn't make it over. I haven't seen Byron in a podcast in ages, bud. He can't make it over. Someone FaceTime them. That dude's, I think he's like chasing a kid that keeps getting out of the crib.

He's chasing chickens around the ground. He's getting coop. Yeah, he's watching the basketball games on a iPad with a dinosaur case on it. He's, he sure was with me, but just today though, he was up there. Attaboys. Yeah. It is like the new boat shop that we like to go to.

Yep. I was born and raised going to fisherman's Warehouse. That's [00:03:00] where I always went as well. I've always up there, and I still would love, I, I still would go there in a heartbeat, but I want to have Mark or Stevie there's only a couple people there.

I want to actually like, be messing with my shit. Yeah. But I go to, at Boys. At Boys is, it's always Dale. It's always Logan. Yeah. Oh God, I, the other guy's going to he's gonna get mad if he listens to this cuz I can't remember his name, but there's a third guy who's is always there as well. But yeah, it's but and I do the stick bow thing.

Yeah. I'm compound slash stick bow type of guy, so I can go up there and fuck on my sick boat with Logan. It's funny, when I walk in Logan like Yella dale, hey, there's a stick guy here. You gotta hold down the fort because I'm gonna be messing with stick bows because that's what it is.

Yeah. Stick bows is constantly like I'm messing with a fucking width type of thing, that's cool. Yep. Shit, I didn't put out the disclaimer. Byron, I a disclaimer later. He's our editing guy. That's what he is there for. Yeah. He'll always do the intro. We're just a talent. Yeah.

We're the second intro. Yep. I'm not talent for nothing. [00:04:00] I ain't killed shit in a while. I've killed some things, but I haven't been killed. Like I've been killed big bucks and what, a couple years, but Yeah. But you're at Rick's. Fucking, we got Rick in the building, bud. Yeah. Fucking big Rick in the building.

Rick Flair. Give me a woo.

We got Rick flaring the building. It's killing Turkey. Killing Boers. Oh shit. Shit. I'm a garment watch wearing Under Armor, shoe wearing. Oh my God. Hey, I don't know if I would've wrapped the brands, but you fucking man. There you go. I definitely show the age. I show the age. I definitely don't have crocodile shoes on so you know.

No Rolex over here buddy Shoes. Ain't no Rolex. Get that pointy toes. Ain't no Rolex. You know what that pointy ass to, you know if you got some pointy ass towed cowboy boots? Yep. You know what them were called? Those are you called me. Told. Told me they're [00:05:00] called roach killers. Roach killers Roach Killer because you kept corner motherfucker got the roach kill on.

You seen them Mexican boots with the fucking the cowboy boot tow that curls around Yeah. Yeah. Fucking two feet. In fact, I think we're all gonna be seeing those Mexican boots in pretty soon. With the yeah, with the, with that shit. They got caravans. Some bitches coming. Oh my goodness.

Yeah. All your hunting spots are gone. Folks gone. Yeah. If you're a white man and here're a roofer, your job's gone season. Good luck. Good luck. They're coming after us too, bud. The lawn care. Yeah, we're fucked. This is not our main gig. This is a side. Yeah, it's our side. They gate, they got a long way to get to Ohio.

Uhhuh. Yeah. Yeah, you're right,

dude. That's the thing yeah. The, we were talking about earlier. Now, I didn't expect this intro to go into politics, but here we go. The the Mexicans coming in isn't a problem. You can't blame em because Exactly. They're in the [00:06:00] shit ass country. They want to get away. They want to.

Lived an American dream and they What interactions do you have with any Mexicans here in Ohio? Yeah they're nicest. They're the hardest working motherfuckers. You never we've ever known. You never have. They're nicest people. They usually take care of their houses, they got good families, they got nice, they got kids, just like all of us we see on news, they talk about like the drug cartels and shit like that. Yeah. Coming outta Mexico. That's gotta be like Southern California, Southern New Mexico, Arizona, Texas. We don't see that shit up here in the Ohio though.

No. All that makes it, we just see the the short ass hardworking motherfuckers. Yeah. Way to put it. Who are just, yes I'm, I've never not been cool with him ever in my life. Yeah. But speaking Mexican. I do believe Byron was hating on Bud Light there for a little bit, and then he turned around and said, oh, I'm drinking Made Fools Out.

Made is sponsored by, or they're made by Anheiser Made, made by Anheuser. That's what he was like. He was like, he got back, I got switching to Bud Light Lives. [00:07:00] I got to, to the Modelo Lime shit. And I was like, Hey, yes, still hang Eiser. And he was like, motherfucker got him. He couldn't take it back.

Woo. I love it. He got dinner. Big player. Boo. Every podcast here on house, it's gonna happen. It's going to happen. But yeah, that whole thing that whole Bud Light thing is crazy. Don't get me wrong, thing is they all have different it's a different marketing staff for every beer, right?

Yep. If you're drinking a bush side, if you're drinking a butt heavy, even a low, some of these companies that are owned that by an eiser, that's, I, whatever you wanna do is fine, Danny, but all that's, I'm not gonna like necessarily side I on that. Now, if you're out there just in the bar, just going over a couple Bud Lights on my side, I, yes, Mitch.

I like, just are you just like wanting to go against the grain and you should be like, Hey, my masculinity is stronger than that. [00:08:00] You're like, that dude, back in the day, that was like rocking pink shirts. Hey I'm strong enough to wear a beg shirt, a pink shirt. It's like with a shell necklace.

Exactly. Just doing it just to just to confront the haters. You know what? Whatever though. Now if you want, if you wanna drink them, bud Lights

more prior to you. I'm drinking a Miller tonight. Miller is, and I've been drinking some Keith Stones. I feel you remember Keith Stone? Keith Stone.

Oh goodness. They're kissing me too bad, dude. It take me a while to get back to 'em. I drank 'em back in the day, but now I got back to 'em because obviously the whole shit that I'm just like, eh, whatever. I'm just gonna avoid that situation and I'm just gonna drink some Keith Stones. Keith Stone makes a pretty some beer bud.

Austin's got a little bit less than two months here, and he graduates from Capri Suns to alcoholic, some alcoholic [00:09:00] beverages that be turning 21. He definitely don't know shit about no Keith Stone. No. I was lost the whole conversation. Do have you ever heard of Keystone's Beers? I've heard of that, yeah.

Yeah. Keystone made a big ad back in the day. They had this marketing guide and then named McKee Stone. Yeah. And you're like, you can't be as cool as Keith Stone. It was a fucking thing. It was honestly like an amazing commercial. Oh, it was. It might have been a Super Bowl. Mere commercials back then were untouchable.

Dude, remember, what's the most infamous Super Bowl commercial ever? The three frogs. The three frogs exactly. Wise.

He got itt. Even that kid was just selling on his daddy's nuts when that came out. Yo, I got it. Best you forever, bud. Why I, there we go. Nailed it. Nailed it then. That was, it was [00:10:00] frogs. Oh man. Yeah, it was three frogs. They like, bud. They were in the swamp. Yeah, bud. Juan White. That Super Bowl commercial.

Super commercial ever. Dude, it was so simple. And they looked like clay, like rubber frogs. Yeah. Fuck it. But it was so perfect and now they're blown outta the water and putting rainbows on the table. It's Budweiser frogs and it's like James Jackson's nipple. Yeah. That's like the top two, like super bold things as you remember.

A hundred percent. A hundred percent. And Hey man. We all drink Bud Light, but you don't have to shove that shit in our face. I, if you're LGBTQ plus minus sign, whatever you are, plus minus is cool. Just don't shove it in my face. I think everybody feels like that, percent, we never talked about it, ever. It was never an issue until they made it an issue. Yeah. Oh dude, we don't want, you don't want religion shoved in your face, politics or, sexuality, [00:11:00] so that's how I feel on that. We can stop talking politics any minute though, because it, you just said politics.

What on the fuck? Shit. Cash was turned into political night. Yeah. Yep. It happened. You gotta talk about current events and stuff, yeah. It's like you can't just we're living it day to day you do these podcasts, we're just out here, drinking, having of fun, hanging out with a couple buddies, and you're going to talk about current events.

We happened to press the record button maybe earlier than we politically correctly should have. But, fuck it, we're not politically correct. That's just, I don't know why people listen to us. Be honest. Yeah, but they do. Some people don't. Probably because of me.

It might be, I'm okay with that. I'll live with that shit. But hey, let me just do the intro now. How many, we're like 10 minutes in. I'm gonna do the intro. Y'all ready for this? I'm gonna take a deep breath. I'm about to, I'm about to sober up. I'm about to hit y'all with a hell [00:12:00] of an intro about to get it.

Hello, everybody. We're sitting here in the shed. I got Rick, I got Austin. These guys are the Turkey Slaters. We're still, it's not even the end of the Ohio Turkey season yet. These guys got two long beers down already. They are the Turkey killers. We're here ready to listen, ready to hear their stories about how they killed him, how they called him in, what happened, the struggles they went through, the hard times, the rough times.

You never know what's gonna happen with your Turkey hunting because I'm Turkey. Sometimes they don't wanna talk. Everybody knows that. So we're here ready. So listen to the stories. We're going start off here with Also's story right now. Woo. There it is. Dude. That was amazing, wasn't it? I just shook it off.

I just ran on my head little bit, shook off. Drunkness was like, shit, I can be sober for a minute, for just 30 seconds. Shit, I wasn't for made jump a little bit. Yeah, I sound like a guy, man. But anyways, Turkey bud. Turkey season was rough this year for me, man. [00:13:00] It was it was a grind, man. It was, we was dealing with a lot of quiet birds besides Austin.

This guy, I haven't even Turkey hoodie yet. Yeah. I don't think Byron hasn't either and neither has Andy. I don't think Byron's been out in the woods. There. A lot of rain too, right? Byron went, he did a Turkey shit with them guys up there in Minnesota. Oh, that's right. That's right. Yep. I think they heard some birds and stuff.

I don't think they, they didn't kill one that when he was there. Maybe they did. I don't remember. Yeah, I think they got one, one or two before he got there. And then he maybe got like one, like right after too. Yeah. Then they, I think they took him fishing and stuff too, and Oh, he said he was catching trout by trout.

That fucking cast down here. Yeah. Left and right. I grew up fishing. That's all we did. Did you fish back in the day? I did. I actually, I got a kayak. I got the whole setup. Yeah. I was big into it now, but back when we was kids, when you fishing, back when we was kids with nothing done cash trespassing on these fucking apartment ponds and shit like that.

That's what I was doing. Yeah. Yeah. We was all doing that. Yeah. I still do that. Absolutely. What year are a young kid? You got a couple months. So you could even drink [00:14:00] fishing though. Fishing for me is just, I just don't get as excited about it anymore, man. It used to really excite me and now it's just it's like a getaway hobby.

Yeah. Now when you older Yeah. You catch one large mouth. You caught 'em all in, in my eyes, no. I'm not catching 6, 7, 8 pounders, like down in Texas or anything. You're, they're 6, 7, 8 hundreds in your pile. I've only caught threes. I've caught one that was almost seven. Yeah, that's pretty good.

It was in a pond behind a BP gas station. Top water frog? Nope. It was actually in Spawn and it was fucking, it was in Spawn, so they were fucking around on their bed and I just agitated enough. You didn't stuff it with lead weights. That's the way that was in Ohio. Wasn't, that was like a wall line, shit.

Wall tournament. Like in Ohio, wasn't they? Liquor. Liquor, yeah. Yeah. Those dudes have been doing that for years. Man. They made homes. That's what everybody said. That's everybody was thousands. Everybody knew that these guys were stuffing weights for years. Oh man. And then they finally they like checked them, which cuz most [00:15:00] fish and tournaments I've been in catfish tournaments.

I've never been in a bass tournament, but it's, it you had to release 'em. Yeah. So you have to have a live well and everything and you have to release the fish. Yeah. I'm I don't I don't know how they did it, but I'm guessing that those fish that they stuffed with a bunch of shit weren't doing that well after they left the dock.

I don't think so. People were prob probably questioning that and then, yeah, tournament after tournament. These guys fish aren't fucking sw away like free Willie. So they were like, Hey, this something ain't wrong with, something's wrong. Something ain't got something going on here. This is a guess. Walt Lives film will have you over here.

What waltzer stuff? Weight? Yep. A hundred percent. They're, they just drop, they throw 'em in, they just sink like rocks. Just Hey, six fish back when they catch release. Yeah, they're just dropping like, yeah, that fish was a little too heavy for its body mass. You got a 13 inch shirt that's 16 pounds.

So I don't think that, don't think that adds up. It definitely don't work. [00:16:00] All right. We're gonna start off with big Austin over here. Yeah. I fucked up my intro. That was amazing. Yeah. It was a Did you just take a deep breath, tell you dude, I did. I did. To tell us his, I did. To tell us his 32nd Turkey story that happened on the first day.

Lean in a smidge. I think you're too far away from the microphone to whisper talking like you're talking Yeah. This kid. Yeah. He thinks he's got him in green. He got the ultimate no skill. Kill my dude. That's how turkeys go, dude. I've, I've shot two turkeys in my life. Yeah. And it's it's a pain in the ass.

And then when that happens, you're like, fuck, that was easy. Yeah. You, it's, it's either super hard or super fucking easy. Yeah. Yeah. I never had an in between Turkey that like it's like day to day. It's one day they're not talking, you go home, next day they're not talking. You go home.

And then eventually you hit that one day where they're like, they're talking, they're responding, they're coming to you, and they're like, fuck. And you're like, boom. You shoot him in the face and it's [00:17:00] fuck. That wasn't even hurt at all. Yeah. I think it was crazy. He told me, he was like, since it was my first kind of by myself out in the woods, by myself chasing him, he told me before I went up there, he was like, it's your first time going out.

Go out. You gotta learn. You gotta learn. Don't expect much. Just see how it is. Yep. And I went out there and it was like, okay. That's what I was, that's what my plan was. So was he so Rick was hunting with you? No. He was not hunting with you? No, I He did not hunting with you. I told him basically where to go, the area.

The, there's birds that roost in this area. Yeah. Generally, yeah. It was climb up to the top of his hill. You'll probably hear something and then move from there Or were you telling him a spot to sit? I told him, see, the night before Austin had before he got to camp, he, he had roosted some, he heard some gobble off the side of the road.

Yeah. Mean it wasn't cold like late like late. That, like late in the evening. Yeah. Oh, dark. It was dark. I was out there pitched dark. So they were already on roost. Yep. Yes. A hundred percent. So you had a very good [00:18:00] idea. Clearly I knew there was at least place you knew exactly where they were sleeping at.

So you were, yeah, I get, I don't know, honestly, I don't know Turkey hunting that well. He marked a pin. He just bullshitting there. Yeah, he marked a pin. But I'm very questionable on understand. I don't, I'm not Turkey hunter, but yeah, you're gonna learn too. He marked a pin on OnX. I, he told me where he thought they were and I said, I told him, there, there's a point, maybe.

A hundred yards from here. You need to get out on this point because it looks like a point that they would pitch down onto and then move from there. But he was also cheating with a little bit of private property line too. He was probably gonna be about 60, 70 yards off of private property line. Yep. Okay.

So you're playing that fiddle. He was touching the border, damn near. And we weren't even sure if those, that private property had hunters on it. Yeah. That night prior. Yeah. So we were just flipping the corner to that point. So that means your calling's gotta be better than their calling.

Absolutely. Yeah. And we'll come get to, we'll got calling you guys that one guess not the [00:19:00] greatest for Fisher. So he rooted these birds. He came back to camp, he was super stoked. Yep. I was super disappointed cuz I hadn't heard a gobble, he really didn't believe me at all. He was like, Hey. He's do you, are you sure?

Dude, dude I tried to, he's I promise I tried to grease birds. He was like, I promise I heard it. He's Ricks like, even though a goble sounds he's I didn't even go out there. I didn't even go out there with a crow car or alcohol. I just, I'd use my, you know my, oh shit, my call for my voice.

The hu public style. He tried it, huh? That's, yeah, my alcohol, I tried my best. Oh I'll call with my mouth as well. Yeah. But I've done, I have a shitty alcohol, but it sucks. I'll just do it with my mouth. He's gotta get close, dude. The, I'm not, I don't even want, I don't even want to give away the secrets.

No. Of my secret call. No, let's keep that. I think we did on the other podcast. If you guys are curious, you have to go back and listen to Yeah. The last podcast. Cause we did talk about it. We talked about Turkey's last podcast, not last Barn's. Put out a couple [00:20:00] podcasts since then. Not last shake as maybe last Turkey talk.

Last took talk. Yeah, it's been a while. It's been a year. That's a secret call. Yeah. Yeah. I go back on the Spark notes for that one. Yeah. I gotta give Wal some credit for that. Yeah, absolutely. People, maybe it's your first time listening to this podcast. I if you are. I'm sorry. It's gonna be a shit, one button.

But Walt is we're talking, we're referring to Walt from chasing Tales. Chasing Tales. I'm a fuck all shit up. Chasing Tales, outdoors, chasing Tales, YouTube Channel Chasing Tales podcast Jason Sales, Instagram. Yeah. Me and Walter, good buddies. And he gave me a tip on a call that I used when I killed that bird last year.

Then when me and Rick killed that for last year was perfectly time. You were like, I was there. So make sure you save kick.[00:21:00]

I love it. I love it. I love the random red flair woos. That was just, that's just perfect. Oh shit. All right, Austin. Okay, we're leading into the morning of this hunt. We done 10 minutes away. It was pour rain. Pour rain, whole night wind. The wind was kicking. Yep. We had So you roed it before the rain?

Yeah. Yeah. Pour rain though this entire night. And this rain wasn't just a normal rain, it was. Cats and dogs sideways, booming thunder. Wake you up, clashing lightning. It was rough. It was a shit. You were up all night. Cause it was just, I never had thunder or lightning ever wake me up. I told Austin, I said, Hey man, them birds probably got knocked off of Rouse cuz that wind was crazy.

I said, so don't expect 'em being the same spot when you get in there in the morning. Yep. Is that even a fucking thing? They, they do, if it gets, when's hell is a midnight, they're just going to drop down and slip on the ground. Or they can drop to lower branches sometimes, or, they, they won't sleep on the ground, but they.

They get beat up pretty bad and I would assume they, [00:22:00] they could lose their grip, I would think, you, I mean you, what you're saying is logical for sure. Yeah. I just, I'm just asking you get four real things though. I don't know. I'm, that'd be my guess. But you've never strapped a grow pro GoPro to a Turkey and No.

This is this might be false information. We need to flag this. And then Yeah, we put, we need to flag on this on Facebook. Could be false information. False. But anyways, I, this didn't make sense though. Cause it if Yeah, they go to rouse that night and you're talking like a heavy storm.

Yeah. Like 40 mile gusts or maybe more. You think them big ass 25 pumpers comes to set up on some fucking branches. Yeah. With wet branches. Yeah. No they're going to drop down. I would think they were, trees were falling yeah. That makes sense. That makes sense. So they might not be in the next area.

We gruesome that night. If anything I was gonna tell 'em that, they get beat up at night. A lot of times they'll be super fucking quiet in the morning. It takes them, I've always heard that they want, if it did it stop raining come morning? Oh yeah. I mean it was still raining, [00:23:00] but it was like a mist rain.

So what I've heard is that they like after rains, they want to get to the, like open areas cause they want dry off there. And that's exactly what the story, it'll tell. That's, that, that's exactly what happened. Okay. So what happened? You, I parked your car. So I parked my car. There's a trail not too far.

I take the trail, probably walk 80 yards. My plan was, I was walking in the dark. My plan was to get to a spot, sit down, just be quiet And it's off of a gas line. Yeah. Yeah. So I mean I had a area that I was interested in, so I went there. You clearly interested in the area that you reached the birds night before.

Absolutely. Yeah. I went there and I was my plan, I didn't know if they were gonna be left or right cause I was taking consideration what you just said. They might be different. And they, yeah. Did they, who knows where they're gonna drop from their roof trees, yeah. You never know.

But yeah, I sat there. Were you closing up to have you had, had you ever pre scouted that area? Like when you heard those gobbles, did you know there's a couple like Red Oaks [00:24:00] up there that have like good horizontal branches and you were like, I'm gonna set up did have you ever pre scouted the area?

I haven't been in that area much. I've deer hunted that area once or twice. But you didn't scouted that heavy? Yeah. No. So you just knew like generator where you didn't have any like potential roost trees. Necessarily picked out. Yes. Yes. So you were just going into that area near where you heard the gobbles night before and you didn't know what way they were going. They, if you could have said it before that tree then they could have been dropping away from you. Yeah. Yeah. They had no idea. Basically, I was looking for a gole left to and the plan on going left to right from there. Yeah.

Pretty. But pretty much. There's like soaking wet bird who's probably not gonna be fucking gobbling and shit down on their roos. Exactly. If they're, if they're chilly dipped, freezing cold, yeah. He he told me in the morning, they're gonna be quiet.

So I was like, okay. They're probably quiet and I'm sitting there, it's sun's just starting to come up. So you're already in there. You were in there way before dark. You picked the spot. Yeah. You were like, Hey, I heard gobbles [00:25:00] over this area the night before. I'm picking this area. I think they're going to pitch down this way because they got maybe like some open ground or something over this way.

So I picked the spot. I'm in here way before daylight, and then here comes, sun starts rising. Yeah. So the sun starts rising right away. I hear a gole, and this gobble is 60 yards in front of me. You think it's high, you think it's in a tree, or you think it's down the ground? It's definitely in the tree, yes.

Definitely in the tree. It's in the tree, so it's right in front of me. I was like, all right, this is hot. Oh he stayed there with it. He, yeah. He stuck out the storm in that. In that tree. Yes. So then, E ego was a couple more, and then that, that Turkey I heard the night before that I Roosted gobbled.

Exactly. Yeah. So this Turkey that I heard in front of me wasn't the one I heard because the one that gobbled after that was the one that I heard. Down, down the line the night before. Oh. It's so the one you heard the night [00:26:00] before so you bruised some birds the night before? Yep. Say they were like so you set up like maybe we'll say a hundred yards like west of that bird that you heard that guy from. Yep. And he sat there before daylight. Yep. And then right to Cracker daylight. You heard a bird maybe six yards east of you goling Yes. On the roost. Yeah. Yeah. So I heard one in front of me and I heard one, it was off to the right up, up the gas somewhere.

I heard 'em b before the night before. So I was like, all right, I'm in a good spot. You're right in between two birds gobbling all groups. Yeah. So I was starting to look around cuz I realized the spot that I started with wasn't a good shooting spot. You getting there in the middle of the night.

Yeah. You had no idea. Yeah. Yeah. I looked to my right, about. 20 yards over. There's a nice tree that I can hide beyond. Quickly decide. Does you have any decoys? Would you I had no decoys. No decoys. Okay. Cause that matters because if you had decoy and you carry it in there and you set it up and all that bullshit you would be like mentally [00:27:00] stuck to that spot. That's correct. That's why I like to, I like the no decoy tactic because then you can Yeah. Then you don't gotta go chase it if you want. No. And it is mentally you're like you mentally, you're tied down to your decoy if you got one.

If you hold it in there, set it up. That bullshit, you're like mentally stuck. I, I did all this shit. Like it's going gone to my decoy. That's in the back of your mind. But if you don't have that shit, like shit, you're like fucking I'm a, I'm, you can bail real quick.

Yeah. I'm not tied down to shit. Yeah. So you decided after once the sun started your eyes and you were able to see, see the woods a little bit. You were like, where I'm sitting at right now is not good enough. Yeah. You're gonna move us smidge. Yeah. I saw, pick a bear a tree, do it quick, bear do it before I can't because Turkey, they were they still, were they gobbling, like gobbling, were they gobbling a lot?

They were gobbling a lot. Yes. They were gobbling a lot. So you knew you were safe because you could still hear him in the roost there. Yeah. Yes. So you were safe to move? Yeah, I was safe to move. I move and I set up on a [00:28:00] new tree and the thing was, it was a wet morning. Yeah. So funny story. I bought a slate call the day before I went down there because if anyone knows me, I'm terrible for mouth call.

Can't do it. You can ask Rick. Yeah. Sounds like Cody call. Horrible. So he we went the.

Nobody's that great, no. Some people aren't great, but that's horrible. I can make some Turkey noises outta my mouth, but I'm like, yeah, it's what, it's, he sounded like Austin was making Turkey noises out of his ass. It was horrible. So no diaphragm call from me, so I bought a slate call and of course it rains and slates don't work in slate.

Absolutely don't work in the rain. It wasn't raining that morning, so just see it kept your shit dry and then Yeah. Dried out. Sand it up a little bit and this all happened in two minutes. Yeah, it's whole. Yeah. It's immediately after you, I mean you got there, they started flying down.

[00:29:00] Yeah. It right in front of you. It was real quick. So you know, I'm moving and got to the spot. I could see across the other side on the private property. Okay. Across the gas line. Cross the gas line. Yep. I'm looking and I see hens run down the gas line. They're like running down into the steep part of the rear knee.

Yep. Some on the peak looking across. Okay. They're running down in front of him. Running down towards him. Yeah. I see it and I can't see the bottom. It's real steep. Like I, I'm on the very peak. I can't see the bomb. It's real steep. There's like plateaus to get down and everything. Yeah. And I see the hens run down.

I've never seen that before. So oh, I'm ready to go. So if you ain't turn your hand much like that guy, your light ball blasts ahead of a hen real quick. Yeah. Like it, it is, and if you don't know better, like it's, it is very hard to difference quick decisions. Yeah. It's hard to difference and quick decisions.

Like in a little bit of brush you see a Turkey head bobbing through, you're like, shit, I'm shooting [00:30:00] it. Yeah. I get it. Yeah. But you saw they were hens. Oh, a hundred percent. And so you was a little bit more open than, yeah, there was a line of about five or six of 'em and they were running straight down.

Then the times shut up. So okay. The times, multiple times. Yes. All of 'em. All of 'em. I didn't hear 'em. I didn't hear 'em. You think they came from both directions? The one Deru said, and then when you heard that morning, you think they all converged there? Yeah, they all went down the bottom to converge.

Where you were looking at exactly where them hens went down from the other side of the hill. So since I didn't hear 'em, I decided to stand up real slow. I'm on the peak of a hill, so I'm standing up real slow, peeking over as I get up. Yeah. And right when I get, stand up, I see three fans in the bomb just all strut out, a bunch of hens all around them.

So I sit down immediately and I'm like, okay, I'm crawling. So he started crawling from my tree. He got done, dude, I just low [00:31:00] crawled to the edge of the hill and yeah, I peek over the edge of the hill and. Looked down about four yards away. I'd pick one of his head up. One of them was, and he shoulder shot just odd dude, if it was a bucket, was a heart shot all day.

Didn't go for that. Right behind the fan. My dude got him, my dude sent the wide through his AC joint. Bud just nail it. Huh? He wasn't even dead, just sitting there looking at him like, oh, do me. He was upset. So his Turkey took off. He couldn't find it for 10 minutes. It was it was in the water. Yeah. Yeah.

So when the water there's like a drainage creek down there. Oh God. Yeah. He was in there, so he was in there trying to swim away with his, yeah, that was rough one. And then he had to shoot it again. I'll just shoot again. He in the water driving in the creek, he seen me like a shine in the creek.

He [00:32:00] seen me and did one of the hop steps up, like to fly again. But his wing was all fucked up. I ain't never in my life heard of a Turkey that was shot mid swim. Mid swing. Is that a record? Fucking my be Jesus, my pee. He said it's long, weird too. Eight inches or so. Oh yeah. Shit. Cement that bitch.

Guinness. Yeah. Michael Phelps. Some Turkey. Yes, he's down there doing laps. But he was spooned. He had a speedo on wounded though. Took a 12 gauge. Shorter was laughing creeks. See I'm outta of here, bitch. Yes, I'm outta shout it again man. And the only thing you had shot to some time. So only thing, the only thing taken out our had to be is head.

Yeah. So all the other turkeys, it was flew off. How'd you get to, how'd you get? How'd you get him after you shot him in the head while he was swimming? I jumped in the creek and grabbed him. Just shot. Just dog. Just dope. On Rod. I was 40 minutes in my just cannonball Ken [00:33:00] opener.

That bitch. Yeah just gainer right in there. Like I'm almost second him. Mid gainer. He wasn't getting I'll tell you that. He was not getting away. What? Hundred percent. But then they're not getting what? But then so all the turkeys took off flying into the private property. In a tree and there's they flew up to a tree and I heard this.

It was like world Wari. There must have been six other Turkey hunters on that. Private with Austin. Not too far away. They all flew up to a tree and these guys just went boom. It were insane. Just shooting in the trees at all of them. At flying birds? Yes. Flying birds. It was insane. I heard all this shooting coming from Austin's direction.

I was like, What the fuck is going on over here? Because Austin shot twice. Yeah. All those dudes shoot at least three. He's shooting swimming murders. It was insane. It was, he shot a swimming Turkey. I did swimming Turkey. That's new. I don't think, I've never heard of that. Tail fan or rudder. Yeah.

Yeah. That's why my Turkey pitcher. Oh, one of those. Yeah. We had one of the last ones. It looks like a drowned rat. Yeah. To let the fan [00:34:00] dry out. So better, so skinny. It was wet as a dog. That's fine. I mean shit. Fuck the pictures. It was funny, yeah. Fuck the pictures you gotta put on social media.

So like that. Just this, it's all good. The meat eats good, right? Yeah. And the memories of just doing it. Yeah. That's what means. And actually being out there and hunting this shit, that's what means the most. Yep. Yeah. I remember one right when I, got the Turkey, I text him, I said, Turkey down.

He immediately calls me. He's It's seven 40. Yeah. Job. But was that when his action down or is that down? That was when he was standing on his head. Yeah. And I, while he was standing on his head, I stand on his head in the creek. I got him out. He got him out and then stood on his head. This guy was killing his bird.

This just wasn't getting away. So this took, he was swimming in the creek with the fuck. And you jumped in there, caught him, drug him to the edge of the bank and his S head. Yeah. Yeah. What, it was so much overkill that I freaked out. Cause when you [00:35:00] shoot 'em, they do, they like death flop. Yeah. The death flop.

And I was like, the turkeys are turkeys are fucking yeah. Very resilient for like a 20 gauge, 25 pound bird. Yeah. It's that's all like we, we don't give them enough credit as deer hunters. We literally don't I don't. Personally, I'm like, fuck it. It's a fucking 20 pound bird.

Yeah, it's a bird. I'm not gonna, I'm not, my life isn't depending on this fucking 20 pound bird. I'm not going to, I'm not gonna force myself to go Turkey hunting, upset my wife, maybe upset my goddamn whole family situation. I get to go Turkey hunting. Yeah. That's not now to go deer hunting.

Different story. That's a lot bigger animal. Yeah. No. But they took it on like simmer down. I'm not going to, I'm not gonna do all that shit for a fucking 20 pound bird. Yeah. But Austin apparently shot a 20 pound bird one time. Then he fucking, apparently I'll swam it in the creek, then just shot it again in the [00:36:00] creek.

Then I'll swam it and drug it up onto the bank live. And so on his head, What the fuck turkeys you J that, that's that Turkey was final boss slice. It was his final boss. It was Kimbo, sliced Turkey. Yeah, he was there, man. Yeah, he was killing it. That's about how it went. But it was a long beard.

Yeah. First, how many turkeys you shot before? That's my second. Second Turkey. Yeah. He was with me while first one was Jake. It was fucking double beard son. Double beard. I called him. He's downgrading for this. This is Michael fell, not just double beard. It was a youth. He was pissed. Both.

Beards were 11 inches. So it had 22 and a half inches of beard. Yeah. Probably was a youth state record. We never turned it in. Jesus Christ. The K. It was a killer bird, dude. I was what? 16, 16, 17. Yeah. 16. 16. Yeah. We had to be 16. 16. It was the last, was last year of Du Hunt last year. [00:37:00] Yeah. And the dude, I called him in a three times.

He picked the one with double beard on accident and fucking just killed. I got it. And I went over there and he's oh, fuck. Killed a bird, dude. It's awesome. I call in birds that get stuffed, bud. Yeah. White wings and double beards. Yeah. But on me, Dow was down the road, man. I didn't hear a damn gole.

I had such a rough season. Hunt after hunt. Couldn't hear a bird. Couldn't roost a bird. I was trying every call in my bag. I was doing the desperate did you buy my special call? I did. I used it quite a bit. I had no luck with it. But the year before, I had lots of luck. I was, you didn't have in low luck the year before or the year before you didn't have it.

That was with you. We had lots of luck. I had it. Yeah. And then I got that call and Nicole just didn't work for me. I don't know if my cadence was right with it or not, but don't get me wrong, I didn't have lots luck with it. I literally took it in one day. One [00:38:00] day with it. One day. Yeah. Is it beginners luck in I don't know, man, but I find it like, I find turkeys like maybe so I've always taken my, my, my oldest daughter Turkey home with me because it's like easy thing to do.

Yep. It's like I take a squirrel hunting too, so it's we can just like it. It is warm. Usually we just go out there, we get out there in the ear early morning, we have a tradition to hit this donut shop on the way. And then we can get out there before daylight, we hear gobbles. We, because cause I've carried on my shoulders and we'll go up high.

And we'll go, on a high point. And then usually we can hear gobbles. Now, if I was by myself, I would be cut a distance. But with her I can't. But that's fine. So I've took your hand that way for the last three years, and the few times that I have gone seriously, like either by myself or with another, like hunter, like I've killed I [00:39:00] think the only time I hunted the year that I shot the bird with by No, I, no, that's wrong.

I hunted two times the year that me and Byron doubled up the same year. Yeah. But that's, that video's on YouTube that's actually a pretty good video. Pretty good video. But nobody gives a fuck about turkeys. No, they don't. Yeah. They like me, me and Byron doubled up the same day, have a pretty good fucking YouTube video about it.

And it has Lyrics to this day, it was like 500 views. But that was like that was my first bird. Byron had killed one bird I think before that. But I think he like lucked into a shake before that. But, so it wasn't like Byron DN wasn't No dirty Slayer. So it still like you, you're still he's still ain.

Oh, he is definitely cutting that one out. Yeah. I would still love to take Byron out one time. I think I think he would have a different experience. Dude, me and you went Turkey around that whole day. We were fucking moving and calling, moving and calm for fucking oh five hours then just, yeah.

On our, literally on our way back [00:40:00] to the truck we, we fucking veered our way off to a point. Yep. Cause we were like, Hey we might get like a, maybe we response at this point. And I had that special call and then one fucking just gobbled. I'm like, fuck. We're in the game, and then me and Rick, clearly Damn, were like damn near ran.

Oh yeah. I run into, were moving position. Yeah. You were running, I was walking. You're short, you got short legs. Yeah. You had the long stride going. Yeah, no, we were down there running, we were moving fast though. And then we were going and we got like in position, we, like we we cut distance maybe 200 yards.

Like Yeah, like quick. And then I, and I hit the call again, and then boom, he fired off again and he was still like, maybe 400 yards out at that point. And then we cut the distance like another, like two of yards, like quick. And then me and Rick were like sign language in each other.

He was you go up there, I. And I was like, got it dude. Like we just, we were [00:41:00] connecting. And he was pointing me ahead of him. He was gonna drive back and it worked out. So I just ran up ahead of him, maybe 30 yards. Not that far, really. And I sat down, I found a good little cover spot.

I had a nice tree behind me and had his like briar that was like arching in front of me. That gave me like a little bit of front cover too. But I could clearly shoot through it. And and it re I don't even know. I don't even know where you set up. You set up behind me. Yeah.

30 yards. Yards or so, yeah. I drop, I do this drop back call sequence when I'm hunting with other hunters. And it Rick hit simulates that the tens going away. So he responded to my secret call and then we set up, yeah. And then Rick hits one call, just one like locator call. Just, just a quick like little yelp sequence.

Boom. Hammers. Yep. And then we wait. Maybe felt like an eternity. Oh, it was probably like, it was probably like three minutes. Then it hits us again. Pop, [00:42:00] boom. Hammers again. Half distance. Yep. And then Rick does a call again. Yep. And I'm sitting there leaves and I'm sitting there waiting.

I'm sitting there waiting. I'm sitting there waiting and I start hearing some, I start hearing some movement. It's a some Lees rufflings like that. And then did you did, I don't think you ever even had to hit like a, I don't think you ever even had to hit like a quiet, like I was wrestling quiet, yellow or nothing.

I was wrestling, leaves with my hands. Little bit of noise. But you weren't like, you never even, I don't, you hit a third call and then just, they just, he just, he knew you were coming. Yeah. Yep. He just came in there. Popped his head weaving and bobbing, pop his head a little bit. Boom, fucking 80 miles.

Smoked his as one shot, one shot I instead of yours. Yeah. But yeah, so anyways, back to my whole shenanigans for Turkey season. I walked five to six miles every day. Yeah. Austin was with me trying to film. We were trying to get a lot on film. Why [00:43:00] were you walking that far? We were walking in deep in the morning or no, we were just covering ground, trying to get a bird to gobble.

How deep were you going in, like in the mornings before? No not very far. We was going probably, 400, 500 yards. Yeah. Good. Yeah. Good. High point to get on there. The morning high point. Listen. And there would be nothing, gotta have a God order, be wind and rain or it was just all season with super soaker wet.

I mean it was just, these birds were super quiet. Very, we got on one bird in the morning. We actually came back from dinner one night and we were like, let's go try to Rooster Bird. We heard one gobble. Still a lot of daylight left. We were excited. We jumped in the truck, we peeled out, went back to camp, came back first thing in the morning.

I knew this area very well. I killed my first Turkey there years ago. We came in, I knew exactly what tree we were gonna set up on. We set up in it. I knew about where this bird was. And right at daylight, this bird gobbles [00:44:00] 40 yards over my left shoulder. He's probably six feet off the ground eye level with us.

Oh it was just like, and I was so excited that there was a Turkey goblin that I fucking made their rookie mistake. He was so close to me. And of course, I tree yelped. And any Turkey hunter knows you don't call when they're that fucking close because they can obviously look in that direction.

They can see that there's no hint there. And they get boogered up. I guess it doesn't matter if, I guess it would matter where you're sitting at in comparison. Yeah. Yeah. If I was facing him, that would've been ideal. But I was facing the other way and he was just in a weird tree that I didn't even expect him to be in.

This tree was probably three inches around and it, the tree was actually swaying back and forth when he was gobbling. I see. I seen him moving around in the tree and it was just, the tray was just, the tree was just swaying back and forth cuz he was so heavy up in, it was only 10 feet off the ground, seven to 10 feet up.

So [00:45:00] he pitched down, we got it on camera. He pitched down the hill in front of us. When he was on the ground, I made my move to spin around and had my gun up. He gobbled, he was close. Then he gobbled again. He was about 70 yards out. 20 minutes went by, he was back up on us again. Then he gobbled again maybe five minutes later and he was 70 yards out.

So I'm thinking, okay, this bird's strutting back and forth. So when he goes far, I'm going to scoot up close to where he comes in close. I made the move, and then the next gobble, he was another 60 yards further. Okay. So I play the game two times. Absolutely. So he came, he went back and forth, and then when he went up, I made my move up and then he went further out and he had a, there was a field on private that he was heading to it was another wet morning.

Yeah. So he was going to dry his feathers [00:46:00] out. And at that point I knew I lost him. And then we continued to walk probably three or four miles that day trying to strike up another bird. And Yeah, we you sent us through a swamp. Yeah, we went through the swamp. That was flooded. That was a mess. It was that nasty stinky muck mud that just gets in your boots and that stink doesn't go away at all.

But that was interesting. But anyways, it was fun. We had a good time. We got on a bird. We was excited. This opening day? No, this was probably second weekend. Second week? Yeah. Second weekend. Sunday too. Yeah, it was on a Sunday. So we left the next weekend was the third weekend. This was the weekend that I killed.

It was a Friday. Actually had you No camera man. I had no luck. Video it. Yeah. I had no luck all morning and I probably covered two or three miles trying to strike up a bird. The morning you killed? Yeah, the morning I did now. And I see my dad. You were sitting there like just didn't so you went out before daylight?

Yeah. You didn't say anything night before. Didn't anything? So this is the day you killed? Day. I killed didn't anything night before. [00:47:00] Did you go out there that morning way before daylight? Yep. Were, you were hooting and shit? I tried everything man. I was trying, you, how much shit did you can't alert him to the coyo yard.

I did Coyote. How I did hoot? I did. In the same spot or you just moved around? I was moving, I was running and gunning. You can't run off. One point and the middle of the night just hoo here. Nothing. Response. No. Then just hit another call then. No, he can't deal with multiple shit off of one, two. No I just, I would move, every a hundred yards, hit a call, hit a Yelp, sun was already up at this point.

But anyways, I had set up, I set up a ground line for my dad in this gas line area that's close to private. Okay. Because my dad's 64 can't walk too good. Yeah. So it's real close to the road, and it was getting hot. That was the first weekend, the first Friday it was gonna be like 80 degrees that day.

It was, it ended up reaching probably 79, 80 degrees. And I was like, man, you know what? I'm not gonna walk around this heat. I'm gonna stay out all day. It was [00:48:00] the first weekend of all day hunts. Yeah. Okay. So I was like, I'm gonna go sit in the ground line. I set up for my dad and just spend the day in there.

So you already called and said that morning. Yeah. But then you went there like late morning you went, this was, this was probably five, six miles down the road. It was a complete different area. So like late morning you decided to go over there? Yeah. So what time did you end up getting there?

Oh I got up probably nine o'clock. Nine 10. I pulled up 10 45. So you had drive there? Yeah. So you went you were in the woods. Out in and in the public. And. And scouting all these points and shit. And then the, you walked back to the house. Yeah. Got in the car, drove down the road Yep.

And got into the ground blind that you had set up for your dad? Yep. Now see when I went up, are those gas lines? They do these they're like, what are they? They're like they're to help with watershed so they don't erode. They almost it's like little grades that, that kind of zig-zagged down the hills.

Yeah, they staircase, they staircase 'em that way though. The water doesn't [00:49:00] wash the hill out. Okay. I thought it was always, cuz they didn't want people riding up there where like closets, could be, but I think it's more for water drainage probably. So it's probably definitely more practical purpose than Yeah, absolutely.

So anyway, so I'm coming up to the Crest Hill and there's one more water ditch that I'm crossing up over. And right when I get up over the top, there's a hen. That I startled and she had a dusting spot. She was dusting her feathers off in this dusting spot, and I had never seen that before. I didn't know what that means.

Yeah. The, he turkeys will dust their feathers to help keep talking about What do you mean dust? Her feathers just clean 'em off. They do? Yeah. They dust them. You think just she was just fucking with just flair feathers and making a dust cloud. It does. What do you mean it keeps the bugs off of 'em? As soon as fucking with the feathers is made.

Little dust cloud. Yep. Just dusting playing roll, just slapping, literally flipping their wings underneath the dirt, flipping it up on top of 'em. You said you, you were just going slide that in there Yeah, she was just dusting her feather. Yeah. Yeah. Anybody knew was a [00:50:00] fuck. That means, so these guys listen to this podcast at this point.

They are, they know what I'm talking about. Oh, we got some, you think we got some heavy Turkey? We got some heavy. If they've listened for this long they're into Turkey hunting. I guarantee it. I disagree with that wholeheartedly. We talking about turkeys like 10% of this. Fuck guys, we're talking about all kinds.

So this hand was Dustin, right? And I'm like, okay. She took off running puttin dad's ground blind. Was up maybe a hundred yards to the left. Okay? So I follow the edge of the woods, I get in the ground blind, get set up, unzip the window. And I put out a hand decoy, a loan, hand decoy. Okay. De did. How stealthy?

Where did you put that? Did you out? I just walked out there. I just walked out there. Ah. Literally it would've been so much best story if you'd have crawled out there. Yeah, I know, right? You should have crawled like Mr. And Mr. Smith just crawled out. There. Would've been slick in there, would've been diesel style.

Just, but I went out there and I put the hin [00:51:00] decoy about 25 yards out. I got back in the ground blind. You walked out there just standing tall. Boy, you ain't dead. Standing in the fucking you ain't dead. Tall. Tall. Did you hear the story? Why I'm not that tall? Have I told you? Do you know why?

I actually used to be six one. I got, oh God. I used to be six. Go listen to me. I used to be six one. I got in a plane wreck. It compressed my, my spinal column. Dude. Now I'm five eight. I'm telling him a good day. Who that's a Rick Flair story. Rick. Rick Flair was in a plane crash. He was,

you gotta know wrestling. You gotta know Wrestling to Austin. Don't know who Rick Flair is that just, that flew right away. Know who he is. What color was his hair? Austin? I don't know. I see Fucking white, platinum pearl.

Okay. So I lit, I literally got in the ground blind. Okay. I set up the [00:52:00] camera. I'm hit with them. I hit just a cut in sequence,

I hit one of those. Okay. Wait. So I don't know. I don't know. Ticket calling. Yeah. So you knew that they were some that you saw one hand? I just seen one hand. So you thought that there it was, it is it's kinda like mid late-ish season. So you thought that there had to be like a time with her?

I had no clue there would be any timem with her. What I was why would you hit a fucking heavy cut there? What I was betting on was that these turkeys were going to be nearby. I knew it's a Turkey field area, it's a open area, the gas line that rain for a couple days. So I was hitting a nice high pitch cut and Yelp just to let 'em know, okay, hey, something's over here, Yelp draws in.

And Tom, they cut like agitating that. Yeah. And then I was, so where was you hitting there? You, and then I was gonna just shut up and sit there and just wait it out. You started agitating him and I put the hand out with hopes of, they'll cross the gas line and just happened to see her down there.

Okay. So [00:53:00] that's your calling really wasn't really, it was just kinda like to notify that there was maybe a Turkey over there. That's it. That's all I was doing. Wasn't trying to agitate him in. Yep. Wasn't trying to like fucking. Finesse, man. And in that video was 10 58. And at 1103, I look out of the little that ground line I have has like a mesh net.

It's like a shoot through me mesh for beau You, you apparently could shoot through it. It's like a mesh camo mesh. And I look out that side window and I just see that three big strutted out. Toms probably seven yards away. Seven yards. Seven yards outside the yard. How do you just noticed them at seven yards?

They just appeared. They just fucking appeared. It was like a little, like a loose. Is there a little bit like a rise or anything? No, it's just they were on the left side of the blind. I didn't have that window open. Weren't looking. I only had the front window open. Isn't there? There are some sneaky ass smokes.

And they didn't gobble. Yeah. They didn't make any noise. All I heard was [00:54:00] just a little bit of rustling. I looked out and there they were sitting there strutted out. So I, Dr I get the gun up. I pushed record on my phone there. And and then they had, there was three hens and one of the hens was the one that was Dustin.

Okay. And I recognized her. She was an older looking man. I feel like you'd have made it just us in 10. So you get this one hand who was just fucking around over there. And they went in and they investigated my decoy. And those three times were just in pursuit with him. Strutted out and the one he was in front.

And he was just tall and skinny. And, down there where I hunt here even just here in Ohio, dude. You have a shot on a Turkey, you fucking take it. You do not wait. You do not hesitate. You don't sit there and watch 'em strut. You don't sit there and watch that pretty, dance they do around your decoy.

I, I've learned the hard way. If you wait, they get skinny. They put and they run and that's it. You Oh. So I did not hesitate. You'll see my [00:55:00] video. It's, I saw it. Yeah. It, I didn't hesitate. I pulled the trigger quickly. Shit. Hell no, dude. Motherfucker. I know. He just got framed and he was literally about to be like, this is fucking sketching.

I'm about to bail. Yeah. And it was like, it was just not a good, like his fan was I feel like his fan was like coming down. You were like, you were like rap Right on, dude. My barrel, my gun just cleared the zipper on that ground blind window and I fucking boom pounded it, man. It was a dead to nut shot.

I went, ran out there the other two times were like standing. If I had another guy with me, he would've killed one two. They stayed around. They were gonna jump my Turkey while I was down. I know. They were all amped up, man. It was perfect. They do that shit like later in the season. They definitely do that shit.

Yeah. They get super aggressive. The two turkeys I've killed have been like last weekend in Ohio. Yeah. It's, which is like mid to late May, which is late for most states, I think. Yeah. And that's when Yeah. Turkeys get started to get desperate, at that point in time people were finding fucking [00:56:00] hens on eggs, yep. At that point in time. And I'll, I'm not, I'm gonna go ahead and I think every Turkey I've ever killed has been in the third week of the season, every single one of 'em. Oh. I've only killed two and they've been the last weekend of their whole season. Yep. Which I think is the third weekend of Mac.

Every Turkey I've killed has been no opening deck.

Fuck you. Woo. God damn. Why's he got a flex on us like that? It won't. We'll see what happens next year. Dude. I told him, I say, enjoy the last easiest Turkey hunt you'll ever have in your whole life, bud. It doesn't come quicker now. You got it. Yeah. You might have some more easy ones. Yeah.

I'll tell you yes thing, dude. Like I said, I've only killed two. Yeah. But the two I've killed don't get wrong. There's a lot of hard work that goes up to it. But like at the time it's fuck, this is easy to Turkey. The Turkey that we killed last year, me and you was there with me.

You called it in. We [00:57:00] was like, we was leaving. Yeah. And I hit a low call. Yep. And fucking fire one up. We cut the distance and then basically we. Basically you hit one more call and he fucking walked right to you. Yeah. Yep. I shot him in the face. I was, it like, wasn't that fucking hard? Yeah. Once it, when it works out right for you, it's not that hard to seal the deal.

It's a But you're trying to convince this Yeah. Fucking bird with a walnut sized brain to come to your shotgun. Yeah. Like good luck. Yeah. Everything's trying to kill 'em, and then, all season now nowadays with the predators fucking predator up. Yeah. Because our that's what I was getting ready to tell you, my nephew not my nephew.

My cousins down there, my uncle, they're, they run cell cameras all year round, okay. Nonstop. This spring. They've been sending me bobcat after bobcat, after coyote. There's so many fucking predators down there. And these bobcats, they're looking like mountain lions, aren't they?

They're doing, they pos possum, possum cocoon's. Fucking raid [00:58:00] Turkey nest. Exactly. And ain't nobody hunting. Yeah. Back in the day there price went down. Exactly. Went down to to, to nothing, to basically nothing. Yeah. If you wanna run some coon dogs Yep. You can't even break.

Even. Can't even break Even like at this one time, if you're running kudos. Yep. It's a fucking hobby. Hey. Used to be able Yeah. Pay for your tank of gas with a good clean of killing. No, it's a fucking hobby at this point. Yeah. You gotta do it because you love it. Yeah. And those guys are getting old.

And they're fucking not passing that skilled in trade down here. Now, what do you think about, do you have any views? You're a little bit more of a Turkey hunter. I am of the fucking reaping stuff now What is this reaping stuff though? Oh, reaping is if you have if you have a fan and you're in like an open field and you got a fan and you're behind the fan Oh.

And you like, like bait, these turkeys come out because apparently turkeys are a lot like a lot of other birds Yeah. Who have this instinctual feeling that they have to [00:59:00] like, defend their hands and they have to go fight that other Turkey. Okay. So they have to let their guard down and do this.

So a lot of people say it's kinda a lot of people say it's unethical because it's like, Basically they're saying it's too easy. Yeah. Yeah. I don't agree with I ain't gonna lie, it's pretty the state's got their quotas on the tank. Yeah. It's pretty badass that you can go out there and wave a telephone around.

You have that encounter like that, but, it's a probably person probably be banned on public just for safety reasons when the person becomes on private. Though I don't I'm I'm I don't I don't know if if you're allowed using motorized Turkey, are you allowed motorized your decoys?

I don't know. I heard about that. Do they have motors on 'em now? Or like to move around because that's a bird instinct that they have to attack. I attacked another gotcha. It would be the, as far as what I know, it would be the exact same thing for these flapping [01:00:00] dove calls.

The exact same thing for these flapping duck calls, it would be the exact same scenario that people already doing. Yeah. That nobody, nobody cares about. For these other birds, because it is a bird. It's an avian instinct that they have. Yeah. But it, it lets the guard down of turkeys to quote unquote reap them, gotcha. Honestly, I don't know, shit. I don't know that much about turkeys. I thought you might know a little more. I thought you might have a little more. I got enough input on it, yeah, I got nothing. I for me it's I love turkeys, but you've only owned turkeys in big woods with a hen decoy.

Yeah. And some calling. That's it. That's it. It's not like we've tried it. Yeah. I don't, yeah. The reaping thing, probably not my gang. If reaping is easy, I would probably try it because I'm not Tokyo owner. Yeah. But at the same time if once I, so actually I didn't really know, so I thought the re I saw that the Reen thing was getting [01:01:00] some hate.

Like recently, like on social media, and I was like I was like, I don't even know. I was like, I I know this is not the greatest, but I didn't really know why. And I actually texted a couple of my buddies from the Veera effect. They have a YouTube channel and stuff like that.

These video town guys you know them. But I have some of other guy's phone numbers and he actually explained me to he actually explained to me the reasons why the reaping thing is not the greatest for Turkey hunting. And he's a, they kill a lot of turkeys. But at the same time, like the tag quotas for your state don't change.

So it's if you have so many tags for your state, then why does it matter how you kill them? I don't know. I understand. I'm I'm I see both sides of that shit, and it's for some reason that reaping thing is like a fucking a super hot [01:02:00] topic.

And I'm not Turkey hunters, so I don't really know why, but it is. And then those are my middle school thoughts on it. I think it's just cuz they run counter right too when it works out, right? Was it? Yeah. What'd you say? Like the reaping, like when it works out right? They basically just run right to you because if you have the fan, that's why people don't like it because they have that avian instinct that they have to like, attack.

Yeah. But yeah, but so what so what's the reason like ING's not fair because it's like too easy. Yeah. I You got me man. Free Freeman was too easy. I'd be fucking beeping every day of the week. Cause I can't kill a bird for nothing. Yeah. I, in, in, in my situation. I don't see where I would ever be able to use it.

If you got a farm with a big field and you know they're, and you know they're there. Maybe, hundred percent. And any fucking, sensical fucking hunter ain ain't gonna fucking throw [01:03:00] goddamn damn fan in front of your face. It ain't on a public land. It's not easy. You're not gonna do that shit.

I'm scared. I'll be scared of dust. Yeah. I'm pull a plant, throw a fan in front of my face and fucking hit some Turkey costs. Yeah. Get yeah. Get the fuck outta here. I ain't doing that. Yeah, I ain't doing that. Nah. But yeah, we're getting close here to the end. We've been about an hour now, perfect. We're gonna rock and roll. We've been an hour. We explained two. Turkey kill stories. Probably the only ones this year. And we bullshitted and we got fucking way deep into politics. More. We should, yeah. Way too far. Yeah, we crossed way too far. We can cross. Really cross. No, we crossed the mortar.

See what you're doing. There a good one. Oh shit. Those Mexicans are gonna be pissed at. You don't like avocados, dude. He doesn't, did we season the podcast yet? I think we might've. I don't know if or not. I don't think so, dude. Dude, listen. So [01:04:00] last time we were over here Dave was cutting up some limes for his beer and no, definitely it was for tequila shots.

Oh yeah. For tequila shots. And Austin's watching him cut these limes and he goes, I don't like avocados. So Dave looked at him like, oh, okay, these are lines. So yeah. So right when I said that, I looked and I'm like yeah, I messed up. Yeah. That was when Austin realized that he fucked up. I'm like, that's cool bud.

I mean you too. You fuck them mama. Avocados. Alright, just, we're gonna get outta here, fellas. Ladies, it's been real. How many ladies do you think actually listen to her shit? Oh, I know Hannah. Hannah Barron's listening right now. Right now live. Yeah, she heard that I was on y'all. I was right. I think right before she, I think right before she heard our podcast was coming, she got a saw cam pick from Buck and says probably running out.

She was probably running [01:05:00] out her back door with a rifle. Exactly. That's it. Alright, we're running that there. Whitetail experience. We're we out, out?