Turkey Hunting Success with Pierce Nelles

Show Notes

While turkey season is winding down for many states across the country, things are really heating up in Wisconsin. Despite poor weather conditions for the recent Season B, Josh and his buddy Pierce were able to get two birds on the ground. The best part is, they’re just getting started! Josh and Pierce will be teaming up in the coming weeks in pursuit of the Driftless triple crown: turkeys in the morning, morels during the day, and trout on the fly in the afternoon.

In this episode of the podcast, Josh and Pierce share the stories of their recent success. Josh was able to get it done just two hours into the season, and Pierce sealed the deal on a great bird just a few days later. Tune in to hear about stubborn field birds, spooking turkeys left and right, a not-so-great-sounding-box call, and of course the sweet taste of success. You can find more from Pierce at www.goodchanceflyfishing.com.

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Show Transcript