Turkey Lessons from Turkey Legends with Dylan Hazen

Show Notes

Ahh... April at last! That can only mean one thing: turkeys!! This week, Dylan Hazen joins the show once again to kick off this year's turkey season talk and folks, you might want to grab a note pad for this one! For those of you who don't know, Dylan is a former THP intern, and now freelance video producer for Woodhaven Custom Calls and owner of In-Season Media. In his time in the outdoor industry, Dylan has had the opportunity to hunt alongside some of the best to ever do it in the turkey woods, which in turn, has turned Dylan into a wealth of knowledge and turkey killing machine himself

In this episode, Pierce & Dylan break down some of the lessons Dylan has learned from working with the Woodhaven crew, and several other big names he's crossed paths with, and unpacks some of the constants for success are among all of these legends. The guys break down how Dylan's own hunting style has been shaped through time spent in the woods and some keys to developing your own hunting style and building off of it. After that, they cover roosting birds, calling, making noise that's not with a turkey call, setups in various environments, and even break down some tips for easy self filming. Like we said, you might want to grab a note pad!

Follow along with Dylan and his work @dylanhazen_inseason and by checking out The Woodhaven Custom Calls YouTube channel

Show Transcript