Turkeys and Beagles

Show Notes

Nate Rozeveld is joined by Matt Raysin for this week's episode of Michigan Wild. Matt is the co-host of Generations to Hunt podcast, and joined this week to talk about his turkey hunting and chasing rabbits with his beagles.

 Nate and Matt start the podcast off with Matt's hunting journey. Matt didn't come from a hunting family so he shares the struggle with self teaching and overcoming some heart aches. As time went on Matt's passion for the outdoors grew and so did his skills of becoming a better hunter. 

Nate and Matt have both found success in the turkey woods this spring so they both dive into their hunts, along with the hunt Nate had with his cousin. After their recap of each hunt the conversion transitions into the passion they have chasing rabbits with their beagles. Nate and Matt each have 2 beagles which are both of their first beagles they have raised and hunted with. They dive into their training methods and equipment they use and their overall enjoyment it brings them. 

Overall a great episode with 2 like minded people and Nate looks forward to future hunts with Matt. 

Thanks Matt for joining Michigan Wild!

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