Tyler Got His Limit! Rabbit Season Update

Show Notes

Tyler Thompson joins Michigan Wild this week right after a successful rabbit hunt with Nate. Nate and Tyler have enjoyed chasing rabbits with their beagles for years. This is Tyler's second time on the podcast as he joined Nate last summer talking all about his back story and passion for small game hunting. That episode's title is Small Game Hunting is Legit if anyone wants more small game content. 

In the episode Tyler and Nate talk about their season so far and how each time they have been out has been in completely different conditions. With each condition they have noted how the dogs have worked differently and also have had to pivot in order to get on rabbits. The guys also touch on the different types of terrain they like to focus on and how important it is to go hunt and make it happen some days without having ideal conditions. 

Wrapping up the episode Tyler talks about some ways he likes to prepare rabbit meat and his plan for his most recent harvest. Nate also asks about a few pieces of gear Tyler is using this winter in new bibs and a new hoody. Tyler also has been using a piece of gear that isn't in Nate's tool box yet, but will be soon.

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