Using Historical Data to Hone in on Big Bucks with Brandon Barlow

Show Notes

Ever feel like you're just behind the action? Like you're always just a few days behind, hunting last weekend's sign when the deer seem to have moved on? Or maybe you've fallen into the trap of following trail camera photos from this year and you're often too late to the party? Situations like these are why many hunters are beginning to rely more and more on historical data. Using historical data to tracks certain bucks' seasonal patterns or when certain areas seem to switch on every season has garnered a good bit of attention in the last few years. And there's one good reason for this: it works! But it only works if you gather, analyze, and track the right data in the right way and then ACT when the time is right. 

In this episode of the Southern Way Hunting Podcast, Josh talks with Brandon Barlow about using historical data to hone in on big bucks! Brandon has lots of experience tracking specific bucks and specific areas and has been able to consistently capitalize on his intel when the time is right. In fact this season, he nearly called his shot and was able to take a public land stud in September. 

In this episode, the guys discuss Brandon's overall approach to historical data, how he uses both SD and cell cameras, how mock scrapes play into his strategy, and how he times his hunts to make sure he's there when the buck he's after finally shows. This is a FANTASTIC episode for anyone looking to take their hunting strartegy to the next level. Enjoy!

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