Using Summer Big Buck Intel To Capitalize During The Season with Matt Powell

Show Notes

This week we're talking with our friend from Tennessee and big buck killer, Matt Powell. Matt is a return guest to the show and a favorite among listeners. Likely because he is one of the most consistent bow hunters we've heard. Year in and year out Matt proves that his success in the whitetail woods is more than just luck. Matt takes bowhunting very seriously and uses precision in every decision he makes when hunting big mature bucks. While most hunters are taking a break from their hunting hobby during the summer, Matt is pursuing his hunting passion and locating potential target bucks to chase during the season. Tennessee differs from much of the south in that there is a decent amount of agriculture, mostly soybean fields, that he can glass during this time of year. While that's a great benefit, Matt also talks about ways you can take advantage of the summer in more wooded areas that makes up so much of the south.  Southern Ground Hunting is powered by Simple Cast.

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