Using Terrain Features to Get on Deer with Dan Johnson

Show Notes

In recent years, hunting terrain features has garnered tons of attention in the whitetail hunting world. Benches, saddles, draws, ridges, these words are often thrown around. But are we really capitalizing on them and how they influence the way whitetails flow through the properties we hunt?

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer podcast, Josh is joined by Dan Johnson, host of the Nine Finger Chronicles podcast, to talk all things terrain features. Terrain features play a key role in Dan’s hunting strategy whether he’s chasing whitetails at home or other big game out west. For Dan, the right terrain feature at the right time of year is just as, if not more important, than hunting fresh sign. In this episode Dan shares some of his favorite terrain features, how they play into his whitetail hunting strategy, and what to consider when hunting them. Enjoy!

Show Transcript