Virginia Black Bear Hunt with Houndsman XP

Show Notes

• Brad and Derek retell the story of their epic bear hunt with hounds in the mountains of Virginia.

• How do you pack for a bear hunt? What type of pack, gear, and gun are the best choices when running with bear hounds?

• Packing Gear: The Minimalist Mentality vs the Ready-For-Anything Realist.

• Discussing the right to retrieve law for grabbing dogs on private property.

• Thinking about shot placement on a bear in a tree: Middle of middle.

• Talking about the safety considerations when shooting a bear out of a tree with dogs and hunters below.

•Dead bear drag from hell.

• Quartering an animal or dragging it out whole.

• There’s no comparison to the teamwork of a group of hound hunters.

• Selective harvest and catch-and-release hunting is in fact possible when using hounds.

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