Vortex Week - Alaska Blacktail Hunt

Show Notes

We continue Vortex Week with an amazing story about a group of guys who headed to Alaska for a once in a lifetime blacktail hunt. Mark, Sawyer, and Eric share the story of how the trip was planned, the logistic behind the trip like what gear they needed to take, how much of food to take, and where they planned to get their water from. It didn't take long for the guys to locate both deer and bear and put a game plan together for the upcoming days. But the hunt wasn't easy, the guys battle extremely wet conditions and fog for most of the hunt but were still able to find success.

For most of us, Alaska seems like an impossible place to hunt, but the guys mention that the tags were over the counter and and for the most part affordable. The travel costs however were a little bit of a different story. This is both an entertaining and educational episode, about one of my dream hunts. Be sure to check out vortexoptics.com for all of your optic needs.

Show Transcript