Western Hunts from Beginners and Pros

Show Notes

On this episode of The Western Rookie Dan talks with Carter, Kaleb and Perry from Hunt Lift Eat about their experience hunting big game animals across the country.

Carter, Kaleb, and Perry are all die hard hunters ranging from vastly different places like Georgia, North Carolina and Colorado. Kaleb is the most experienced when it comes to Western Hunting, living in Colorado. Perry and Carter are new to Western Hunting with only a couple hunts under their belts like Colorado antelope, Wyoming antelope and Wyoming mule deer. All have different backgrounds and stories on how they got into the hunting world but they all pursue it with the same passion. Hunt Lift Eat brought the Carter, Kaleb and Perry together and they now have several hunts planned with one another in the upcoming seasons. Helping hunters who may not be familiar with western style hunting has become a passion of all three by sharing knowledge and stories which they do in this episode.

Show Transcript