When You Kill Your Biggest Buck Ever, Then Kill Your Biggest Buck Ever AGAIN In The Same Day

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We're stoked about this week's episode of the Southern Ground Hunting Podcast because we're joined by one of our Patreon members, Jaybo. Jaybo is a Florida native and just one of the best dudes you'll ever meet. Last Fall, he was able to capitalize on his biggest buck ever, then two hours later on his biggest buck ever... again. Two nice Florida public land bucks in one sit! Here's the deal, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving fella. Jaybo unpacks the days leading up to this hunt. His scouting, setup, and willingness to make a move at the right time all played huge roles in his success. 

We spent a lot of time talking about Patreon in this hunt, and the benefits it can have for the members. If you'd like to join the SGH Patreon group, head to this link: https://www.patreon.com/SouthernGroundHunting

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[00:00:00] Hey, thanks for tuning into this week's episode of the Southern Ground Hunting Podcast, where you're gonna hear a valuable hunting based conversation that's tailored for us southern folk. If you love what we do and would like to support Southern Ground Hunting, you can visit patreon.com/southern Ground Hunting, or you can click on the link in the show notes below.

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Welcome back everybody, to another episode of Southern Ground Hunting Podcast. I'm here with no other than the one and only Parker McDonald. And I, myself, Matthew Reeves we are jumping on to not, it's gonna have a fun little round table discussion [00:01:00] with a good friend of ours. But first off me and Parker have been been pretty busy in the Turkey woods.

None to say less. It's hard to not think about something like this. But if you listen to our partner channel limb Hanger you probably hear a lot of our stories, whether it be success or our failures, we constantly are talking on there. So if you really wanted, dive into the Turkey hunting content, go over to limb hanger.

Check that out. But real quick, Parker, how's it going, man? Good to have you back on with us. Dude, we took like a two week hiatus for he for Perfect season this podcast. It was, it's hard. It's a lot harder than I thought to try to record two podcasts a week. I know it sounds like it should be simple, but most of the time when people can record.

It's 7 30, 8 30, even later than that sometimes. And we're in the Turkey woods. I've been up at two, more than likely. I have been up since 2 30, 3 30 in the morning. And [00:02:00] you get tired and it's really easy to talk yourself. Yeah, we're just gonna skip this week. Yeah. This we don't have nothing to talk about.

We're good. Cause we have plenty to talk about. Yeah, absolutely. The thing is there was a miscommunication not even that on my end. The guy who uploads all the podcasts for the Sportsman's Empire, who were the network that we're part of he went outta town for a couple weeks and I com it completely slipped my mind that we were supposed to have several episodes to him.

Ahead of time. And so whenever that didn't happen, it was like whenever I was like, oh crap, we're gonna be, yeah. Whatever. And so I, I was just I wouldn't say taking it easy. I've been hustling, trying to get work done and Turkey hunting, but it's been a killer Turkey season.

I am loving it. I'm loving all the conversation around limb hanger. And it's going great, dude. And the Turkey hunting's been next level good this year. Had a lot of good luck. It's made up for our deer season, hasn't it? It absolutely has. I think it has. I ended deer season with a bad taste in my mouth, man.

Just, [00:03:00] I, it was just a tough season, which for anybody who followed along with a deer in deer season I wh to complain like a little baby girl about my kidney stones so much. Good news we gave. Yeah. Tell the good news. We gave birth to a beautiful crystallized rock formation last week.

I'm pretty sure it's the same kidney stone that caused me so much grief in the fall, cuz then I never passed it. And I had a little fight with it a couple nights ago in the middle of the night got up and they, same old thing started hurting real bad. And then the next morning, like labor was short, delivery was short.

And to be honest with you, I'm pretty sure it's sitting, still sitting on a napkin next to my stove. Hey, it's like when you, I wanna put it in a jar, like a tooth or something. When you work so hard for something like that, you're like, I don't, I'm not quite ready to throw that thing away yet.

Freaking nasty. Kidney stone. Oh. But shoot with, like I said, we had, I had a bad taste in my [00:04:00] mouth for deer season last year. But we realized that not everybody did. And dude, we, one of the things we've been trying to figure out, talking about tactics versus talking about like just stories and things like that.

And it seems like people that we have talked to really are interested in hearing some good hunting stories. And man, I think there, I know a lot of people who had great seasons last year. You and I were not among those people. I wouldn't say we had terrible seasons. It just weren't amazing.

And but over the off season really, we got got to know a fella through our Patreon and so we invited him to come on the show. Jbo, how's it going buddy? Pretty good. Can y'all hear me? Oh, yeah, we got you. Good. Loud and clear. Got you. All right. All right. I appreciate you guys having me on.

It's an honor and a privilege. Thank you. JBO, I got to, I got to get to know you in person a little bit at our Turkey camp back in March, in Florida, and finally [00:05:00] able to put a, what should I say? A, a face with the name that was, I wanna say that was before you had just joined our Patreon like right before that, it seems and man, as I got to know you, you the life of the party, you always got a fun story to tell, and from what I understand, you've got a incredible story to tell from this fall. I appreciate that, Parker. I do you talking about that epic day this year where I killed the biggest buck of my life at eight o'clock in the morning.

And then I killed the biggest buck in my life at 10 o'clock in the morning. That's the one, that's the one I'm talking about. Yep. Yep. Funny enough, that's the same one that I'm referring to. Yeah, that's a pretty hectic day for me in the Pi Woods. I'll tell you that. D before we get into that day, Bo Jbo.

That's a good one. JBO dive into a little bit about yourself, where you live and what you do for a living, because that's you have a pretty interesting job too. Yeah. My name is Chabo. I'm 43. I live in North Central [00:06:00] Florida. One thing I've better mention or I'll get in trouble, I've been married to an amazing woman for 20 years.

Been with her for 28 years. You've been with me. Luckily, I say that because she put up with all my BS over the years and my obsession with the outdoors and hunting and. She's my biggest fan. She's always standing there at the garage door. When I'm coming home late at night. She's, you don't have to, there's no words anymore.

She just looks at me and look at her and go, she just gives me that mama, come here. Just noses. Yeah, shes, but every once in a while I get lucky and I bring some meat home and she's all happy and she's, like I said, my biggest fan. We make a big feast the next day and my kids get involved and, but I work for the state and I'm in the reserve.

I've, most of my adult life, I've been in the military 17 years it seems like forever, but I've, deployed all over the world and just had three or four near death experiences. And so I'm much different than I used to be used to be real serious and took life way too seriously.

Now I'm or laid back and just, [00:07:00] it takes a lot to get me riled up and I'm, I just enjoy living life and I like to make people laugh cut up and have a good time And I work, so like I said, I work for the state and I travel all over the state and I collect road roadway survey data on, in a very specialized like roadway survey vehicle.

It's got all this special equipment on it and camera systems and lasers. And I run up and down the highway state highway system collecting data that ultimately gets sent off to Tallahassee and they use that data to allocate funding. But anyway, that's boring stuff. Yeah, I just addicted to the outdoors.

I love to hunt. I've been hunting, it's almost embarrassing to say how long I've been hunting. If you try to say how successful I've been, like if you look at my ear wall and you go, you've been hunting that long.

But the truth is, man, I just I've been hunting since I was about 10 years old and, love my dad to death. He's a great man. He's a heck of a mechanic. He's one of the best small engine mechanics I've ever, that I know in my life. That. I've ever met, but deer hunting just wasn't [00:08:00] one of those gifts God gave him.

And he tried and he was my mentor and we went, we spent many years doing things the wrong way. And he got up there in age and took a backseat and I went on my own. And about five years ago, I took everything I thought I knew about deer hunting and just threw it away.

And I started from scratch and, watched YouTube, watched the listen to the podcast, and became a Patreon a couple years ago too. Cause I like to support guys who were providing content, especially that I could use and help myself grow. And so I've been a Patreon, various groups from, several years and just recently, I'd say probably June or July, right before the September opener, this past season, I tried this Marco Polo thing that people have been telling me about.

And I don't have any social media and I was very hesitant at first cuz I was like, I don't get on this. Thing and talk people and let me interrupt you real quick for people who don't know what Marco Polo is. Yeah, sure. Mark as Marco Polo. Anybody can have Marco Polo, right?

Like it's a video chat app. But we use that same way as [00:09:00] Chasing Tales does our buddy Walt. We use that as a way to actually have direct communication with all the people who support our show and get to have these one-on-one conversations. And, you mentioned a while ago JBO, you're talking about your wall being like you really, you've been hunting this long, I gotta say dude, like whenever, like through Tur, I know Turkeys is a lot newer for you than even Deer is, right?

But I've watched how you. You're very mindful. Like you, you have questions after every hunt you'll hear, if we if I get on there and I skip past something that like I say something and I just skip through it, you'll get on there and be like, wait a second, I heard you say this.

Could you explain that more? So that's what we do in that is we really try to it's like hunting with other people. You learn a lot when you go hunting with somebody else and you can bounce ideas off of each other. And that's what Marco Polo is in our Patreon group.

We're all just Hey, I'm wondering about this. What do you guys think [00:10:00] about this? And we're all just bouncing ideas off of each other. And and I've seen through Turkey season how attentive you are to a lot of the details of things that we're talking about. And I totally get where you're coming from though.

A lot of people grew up. Just hunting the wrong way, just you didn't know it and you still enjoyed it, but you didn't maybe realize that there could actually be a significant amount of success if you put the time into learning how to do it. And I was, me and my dad kind of the same way we grew up just going out, we were in Texas, go in the bush.

Yeah. We were in Texas so we could hunt over corn feeders. And that's just pretty much what we did. And so anyway, I don't even know where I was going with that, to be honest with you. I just think talking about you, you were talking about Marco Polo, I wanted to explain that, but just talking through your success rate, growing up versus right now it seems like things are coming together.

And I think a lot of that has to do with just being being an open book with people and asking a [00:11:00] lot of questions. And like you said, consuming this content that's out there freely for you, you're really taking it and applying it. And I think that's pretty cool, right? Yeah. So what I'd like to add real quick about the Marco Polo thing is, just like you mentioned cuz you know, YouTube is great, podcasts are great depending on what you're looking for, where you gonna hunt, but, it's a one way conversation.

And if you don't quite understand, especially being a new hunter, you don't understand, what do you mean by thermals and what do you mean by this or that? And I don't under, there's so much that I didn't understand. I was just, listen, I was absorbing this information, didn't know what to do with it.

But the Marco Polo thing through the Patreon subscription was, I hate to use a cliche hashtag game changer, but it honestly was because, like you mentioned, I could not only network with guys local to my area. So they understand, What's going on in my area, the rut, understanding all that, and like you said, I could hit up, hit people up individually or we could have a group conversation about it, and then you could network with [00:12:00] guys in your area.

And I've met up with many of guys in our group that just, we go out scouting together, we do some hunts together, we do the Patreon, deer hunt together. And it just really it changed everything for me. And anybody listen to this who hasn't, is not taking advantage of that is is really missing out.

Yeah. And I've found for me, like I have friends that aren't hunters, and so if something exciting happens to me in the woods, like I find like a big deer bed or like a crazy story. The other story I'm gonna get you to tell the story that happened to you the other day Yeah. As well tonight.

Those are cool things, but who all who out of your non friend Hunters. Are gonna care about that. Your friends that are non hunters, not many people care about that. So when you can give a group of guys who are devoted to deer hunting and obsess over it and you can have a five minute conversation and they actually listen to the whole thing and care about it, it's pretty cool.

Exactly. And then, cuz another thing too is, obviously it's easy to like celebrate in someone's success, [00:13:00] but you learn a lot from people's failure too. And I'm one where I think I learned the most from failure because, it's home, it's emotional. You go like this Turkey season, I hunted my butt off this year, and although I didn't kill a Turkey, I learned so much and I was able to pick up from other people that what, their success and what they were doing. And it really helped me grow as a Turkey hunter. And I've only, this is my first season serious season.

I've, I tried Turkey hunting a couple years ago and I don't know if you'd even call it Turkey hunt what I was doing, but. It was during Turkey season. That's about it this year. Probably like that guy I saw last week. Yeah. Just learning how to how to call, when to call, how to speak the language.

Parker, you're a really good example of that, man. You had an epic year this year and and many others too, right? Pat Vaughn Coy tagging out, during the, the Patreon, Turkey hunting him and and chuck up in Pennsylvania. Just absolutely epic stories, man.

And just pretty [00:14:00] much just being able to learn and grow in my Turkey hunting journey, so it's so cool. It shortens the learning curve that, that's the thing I always say like I've seen a lot of people in a similar situation where, you know, Man it would be, it's tough when you've been hunting your whole life and you've been doing the same thing over and over again.

It's tough to do any type of subscription thing. You're like, I already, why would I spend money on doing this? It's I've been doing it my whole life. But when you step into a new style of hunting, I think it's easy esp when you're talking about, typically what we talk about is public land, deer and Turkey hunting.

That's usually what we're referring to when we're talking about hunting. Some of us hunt on private land every once in a while, but usually it's just like running gun style of hunting. That's what we're all bouncing off of each other. Man, that's a whole new ballgame. It's a whole, it's a whole different set of tactics and strategies.

So when people kind of transition into that style of [00:15:00] hunting, Having groups of people that you can bounce all things off of. And I, what I don't mean is a Facebook group where people are going to degrade you and tell you to quit being a hunter. If you ask stupid questions in those kind of groups, you're usually gonna get stupid responses.

Maybe I should say, if you ask if you ask basic questions, you're gonna a new hunter. Yeah, like a new hunter would. People in those groups are gonna give you a hard time. Whereas in this mar, in these Marco polo groups, that's the, that's what it's for. That's what it's there for. It's there to ask questions.

And man I think, I know it's our Mo Marco group, but I learned a lot as well hearing from what other guys do. And it's just a good thing over overall. And we're stoked that you're a part of it, man. And but I guess Matt, Before we get into the story about these deer, we wanna just start on a funny note.

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That's all uppercase. All one word. S G H U N T. Yeah, that's an interesting one. So I was trying to, I was trying to make a move on this gobler that, I. He'd been slipping on me last couple days and I'd seen his track. He was a phantom, he would not make a sound, but after making moves on him, I would work my way back to the truck and I'd see gobbler track in the two track.

I had just walked down and one of 'em was [00:18:00] in my boot print. I'm like, you sucker man. So I'm trying to make a move on him trying to predict where he is going. So the next morning I come in and I get to a four-way intersection and I'm listening. I decided that I wasn't gonna make a sound cause I'm I'm kinda on the fence about locator calls anyway, and it's mostly just cuz of my lacking confidence with him.

So I just figured I'd go in there and just be quiet and just let the woods wake up, and off in the distance, just about prime time when all the birds started chirping and was waking up, I thought I heard a phantom double off to my like two o'clock position. And I'm like, sometimes man you doubt it.

Is that a, is that one right there? You want it so bad, you're like, man, am I making this up? I'm like, I'm pretty sure that was a gobble. And so I'm like, you know what? I'm going for it. So I got my gear on and I'm, I started heading, I was basically heading south, southeast towards the lake.

This management has got a big lake on it, and I figured I would just get down in there and use the lake to start the edge and then come up and try to find him, and I got down in there and it just, I got myself in a pickle. It got [00:19:00] way thicker than I was expecting. I kept telling myself just a little bit further, and it made me open up it a little, I'm looking at the map, I'm trying to stay optimistic, but it just got so thick in there that I was like, I finally had to accept it.

I had made a bad move and I had to work my way back out. And I'm sitting there, standing there and I'm, I think I was polo when you guys explaining it to you, and it was so thick and I was polo on you guys showing you man man, I, man, I merely messed up on this one. And just about that time I started hearing some screeching and some.

Bruckus up in the tree above me and I'm like, oh man, there's two bald eagles up there. And they got a nest and they weren't full on dive bombing me or anything, but they were making it known. They weren't happy that it was there. And so I'm like, oh Lord, I gotta get outta here.

I don't wanna get, dive bombed by these eagles. Start backing. Yeah, exactly. I don't, that's a big bird, man. I didn't wanna mess around with him. So I started backing out real slow and I'm glad it actually happened because my original approach was terrible and I got into so such thick stuff that I would've never got through it without, making [00:20:00] a bunch of ruckus.

So I come all the way around and started back up the two track and I said and then I saw this little, looked like a deer trail. I said I'm gonna fall that deer trail and I'll just stay away from them. I figured I'd work about 200 yards to the north of them. And it sure enough, man, it was, fifth row pines in there, and it was, it opened up pretty good.

And I was like, man, this is nice. I could see a bird pitching down in here, and this, it started looking real good. So I was kinda like, man, this is looking good. I was real down first, but now this is looking great. And I forgot to mention, when I was up in that thick stuff before them, Eagles started making a ruckus.

I I heard a bird, the wing beat, and I heard the bird hit the ground. Boom. And I'm like, okay. That was, that had to have been him. He was by himself, it was just one single bird. It sounded real heavy when he hit the ground, but I just couldn't get eyes on him. But anyways, when I came around, I'm working away from these eagles.

I know where they are. I'm keeping him in my peripheral. I'm working, I'm about two, I'm guesstimate 200 yards from him, but I'm working away from him. And I got my back turned and I'm looking down at the ground and I'm just trying to find some fresh [00:21:00] sign, some scat or some dust bowls or some scratching or anything that would just bring my confidence level up, and then all of a sudden I hear, I feel this on my back and I'm like, what the heck? And I turn around and I look and there's this eagle full flare, full wings out cos and she's screeching and she's bailing out, right? Ah. And I'm like, what in the hell just hit my, excuse me, I'm, what in the heck Just hit my back?

And I turn around and I looked down, there's a half pound blue Gail sitting on the ground. Mind you, I'm 300 yards easy from water, like from that lake. And it was the most, it was the craziest thing that ever happened to me. I had to polo immediately cuz I'm like, I'm putting my life on the line here, but y'all are not gonna believe that this happened to me.

And even, I mean she had really, I mean she was dead accurate. She nailed me straight in the back with that half pound blue gill. And I just, and I had to pull it cause I knew nobody would believe me if they didn't see the [00:22:00] blue gal. And I even took my therma, my ther cell on the ground so y'all could see how big this blue gill was.

It was big old blue gal. It was a big bluegill. It looked like a crappy, yeah, I thought crappy at first. That was crazy. But anyway, so that was, I got her message to me. She was saying like, here's some food, Gil, go away. And I didn't want her to be a strike three. She'd already warned me back when I come up on her.

And then she threw a blue gill at me and nailed me in the back. And I said, I don't want it to be a third time, because I figured a third time she'd be putting talents in my neck or something. You're gonna look up, you need to look up. What does it mean when eagles throw fish? Like it's probably their mating call.

She probably thought, look at that stunt. Yeah. Look at that stutter up there walking through the woods. I'm gonna give him a fish. Yeah. I don't know man. But I didn't. Yeah, I didn't wanna stand around and figure it out. I really abandoned going after that Turkey. I said, I get him another day.

He's going, he can die another day. And I started making my way out crashing through the guber and palmettos making all [00:23:00] kind of ruckus getting outta here cuz I'm like, that eagle is, that's scary man. So there's, I mean it's just one of those moments that you really, there really needed to be a camera somehow, some way you needed to have a camera on you.

Cuz I would've loved to have seen that. Wild. You'd had the whole thing. That's a pretty wild thing to have happen. It's a rare thing. I don't think a lot of people have had encounters like that with equals, but another rare thing in the woods is to be able to kill two bucks in one day in one sit.

And even rarer is for both of those to be your biggest bucks ever. From. What you hinted at earlier that also happened to you this year? Yeah. That was the day I will never forget. And I'm completely okay with accepting that was gonna be the best day or was the best day for me ever in the deer woods, cuz I don't ever plan on topping that or even getting close to it.

But yeah, one, the first buck I shot, he scored just under 90 [00:24:00] inches and I thought, man, that was a great buck. Not just rack size, but like forties, which we're talking Florida too. Yeah, Florida, like South Florida. Yep. So we're north central Florida. And to shoot a 90 inch deer, you've done something you've had a pretty good hunt and to shoot Florida registries, a hundred and anything over a hundred inches.

And I thought it was 90 inches. I thought it was 90 in, in Florida and it's a hundred inches in Florida. Okay. And that's that's net even though I don't really agree with net scores. I think nets are for fish, but. Anyway. So then the second bucket, I shot him at 10 o'clock in the morning.

Same tree, and he was, he scored 112 inches. Damn. But it was crazy because this hunt started five years ago, but we ain't got that long. We won't have that long on a podcast to talk about it, but I'll basically say this hunt started, we'll say I killed on, I killed em, both of 'em, on a Sunday morning.

And it, this hunt started technically on a Wednesday, or no, Thursday. Thursday I was hunting on a quota of hunt with my dad and I don't get the chance to hunt a whole [00:25:00] lot. He drew a pretty good quote and there was no question I was gonna go with him, cuz the roles have flipped a little, he used to be my hunting mentor and now I'm his hunting mentor.

He doesn't get out as much as I do. And I spend a, I spend most of my time in the woods. If I'm not hunting, I'm scouting. And if I'm not scouting, I'm. Just looking for other spots to scout and hunt. So it's just, it's nonstop for me. It's definitely 365. I'm definitely obsessed with hunting and but anyway, so I was on this quota hunt with my dad.

Went in there on Thursday and and what I did on Thur, even though the hunt started Thursday morning, neither one of us could get over there. So I rode over there Thursday evening and didn't even plan on hunting. Just figured I'd ride the roads, figure out where people are. Cuz I like to, just like Jeremy, Aaron says, I like to figure out where all the hunters are and use the hunters my advantage to, try to make a play, especially on public land, and that's pretty much what I did is I went over there on Thursday and just scouted where people were.

So when my dad and I could get in there on Friday, we'd have a, we'd have somewhat of a game plan and I can, he can't [00:26:00] climb a tree anymore. He sits on, he hunts off the ground now. He's had some medical issues over the years that prevent him from being able to climb in. Ladder stands or anything like that.

So he, he hunts off the ground. So whenever I take my dad with me, I always try to focus on ground hunting, sitting on the ground for him, and then I'll go basically work around him trying to really, I want him to be successful, it means a lot for me to see that he's successful.

Anyways, so we hunted pretty hard Friday and Saturday, and I remember Hunt was going real pretty good. I was making some moves and I was starting to get closer and having some encounters. I'd even actually, some doze actually educated me on a real hot feed tree that I didn't even know was there.

So I made a move and got up near this three-way transition, and was expecting these near to come out of this swamp, hit this feed tree. It was early, earlier season on or tree late archery. And and they did, they they came right out there and they fed on that tree. And, the whole time I'm thinking, it's getting closing time on.

On Sunday or Saturday evening there at a [00:27:00] closing time where I've only got a little bit before last light and it's over, and we got to make a play for Sunday. And man, I just kept thinking about my other spot. I knew there was a big buck in there. I'd been chasing him for a while.

He kept, kept winning the game, kept, slipping me, making the slip, and getting away from me. So I just kept thinking, man if I only had these conditions, I could move in there. And I kid you not, man. It just happened. The wind shifted and I start, I got to thinking, and I'm looking on my various apps that I use, I like snoring forwards for for weather.

It's one of the best, even some of the other guys to tell you, Brett Smasher to tell you, you're Brett Smash, I'm gonna tell you. Not. And even Waltz mentioned it Spartan Forge is great for predicting the weather. That's what I like using it for the most. And so I started, I pulled up my app, my phone real quick, and I'm looking at the weather and I'm, man this wind has shifted.

To exactly what I need it to be. And I started looking at the forecast and I'm like, man, I can make a move on that spot. But that in the back of my mind, I'm like, how do I tell my dad I can't help with him? And[00:28:00] I've gotta go kill this deer. Like this is everything I've been waiting for. All the conditions are perfect, and I get down, didn't happen. The buck I was waiting on over there, he never showed up. But anyways I'm climbing down, I'm packing my gear up, and I'm just like, the whole time I'm like rehearsing in my head like, Hey, what am I gonna tell? How am I gonna explain this to my dad?

I'm just like, how do you tell your dad like, dad, I can't hunt, man. I gotta go get the fuck. I gotta face this. Fuck, I gotta leave this quota hunt with you and go over and make a move on this buck I've been chasing and I was having a harder time trying to make, come up with the right words.

And I just got to the truck and my dad's there and he is waiting on me. And I said, I pretty much told him, Hey man, this situation. So you know, I've been chasing this deer. For a while and all the conditions are perfect for tomorrow. I need to make a slip on this. Deer dad, he just looked at me and did that with dad's do.

He just looked me in the eye and he put his hand on my shoulder and it was like, go get him, son. Go get him. And I was so worried about, like letting my dad down if my dad was like go get him. Go get him. I'm like, I'm fine. And I was like, [00:29:00] man, I was so relieved. I was like, man. Cause I didn't wanna let my dad down.

And I felt real bad about, being on this boat with my dad and having to just stop what we were doing and go chase this deer. And I, but that's what I did. And it was one of the hardest things I did. But it turned out with my dad support me, I was like, okay. I'm, game on.

Game on, man. So I whole tailed home. Hey Jbo, I got a question for you real quick. Yeah, go ahead. Talking to you. You talked about chasing this deer. Was this a situation, had you been hunting this area regularly? Had you had encounters, did you have a trail camera, new. What the area was holding.

Oh yeah. All of that. All the above. Yeah. I'd had, I had a couple encounters. I actually, two year, two years before killing this buck, I had actually I actually seen him put a bad shot on him, hit him writing a shoulder, had a terrible arrow set up. That's a whole nother story for another podcast, but needless to say, it wasn't a fatal hit.

He pretty much, he walked off and I ended up seeing him later. He was a hundred percent fine. I hit him directly in the shoulder [00:30:00] blade with a mechanical broadhead that just wasn't right for my setup, and pretty much wasn't prepared to kill that caliber deer at that time. Yeah. But I had encounters with him.

I had seen him in person a couple times. He'd busted me a bunch. Like he, he had me patterned, yeah. Like the fact that I even had an encounter with him was I. He must have had the flu that day or something because he, there's no way he should have slipped up like he did and gave somebody like me the opportunity two years, two, three years ago.

You know what I mean? Yeah. Still learning a lot and doing a lot wrong at that time. And I'm still considering myself like a mid-level hunter, I'm not new, but I'm not like next level, some of these guys that I get a chance to interact with and talk with on the Marco Polo groups and sometimes get a chance to scouting, hunt with, but yeah, so I had multiple encounters with this guy even found his shed antler one time from him.

I have go ahead, Matthew. Yeah, that's the, that, that is, I'm intrigued with sheds. That's huge for me. I've, [00:31:00] I don't know if I've ever found a shed of a deer and actually ended up killing that deer. So that, that hits home to me because that's something I would like to do and then to also do it in the state.

You're doing it. It's huge. I've hunted down there some and it's just, it's a different world. It just really is. Yeah. Finding sheds in Florida, I don't know what it is, but it is hard. It is hard to find sheds in Florida. Yeah. And I just, I got lucky. I literally almost stepped on it and I knew it was his, I only found the one side.

I, I, man, I was so excited. Jumping up and down. I ran all over the place trying to find the other side. I could not find it, but I knew it was his, because that one side was pretty unique, pretty unique that year. And I was like, there it is, man. That's him. And I never, and I don't, I didn't name him or anything, I just, couple deer I've named, but for various reasons.

But this one, I just, I never gave him a name. I just, he was the one that I couldn't kill. I guess that's his name. It can't kill. And and he was frustrating the heck outta me, man. Cuz he was [00:32:00] so smart. He, like I said, he had me patterned and I, and just never give up attitude that I have.

And learning from a lot of these guys there's, in particular there, I could, the list goes on in mind. There's everyone in our group has something to offer and, but in particular split Shot and Curtis, those are two of my two that, probably the two that I talked with daily and reach out to them and for advice and Hey, this is what happened, what do you think?

Or what do you think about this? Or How would and so just talking it over with them came up with a game plan. And like I said, all those conditions were right on that Sunday morning. I knew I needed to get in there, and I did. I got there super early. I got in and I was hanging in my saddle at least an hour before daylight.

But I had worked into where I knew exactly where I wanted to get based on the thermals and all on this piece of property. There's. There's this big sinkhole that kind of drops off into a deep depression. It's like an old depression, but it's pretty big. It's several acres large. And [00:33:00] in one, we'll call it corner, just cause I don't know how else to describe it.

There was a, I found it by mistake one time, just by accident. There's a natural spring that blows water out of the ground, like ice cold water comes out of the ground, bubbles up, and then flows about 10 feet and then goes back into the ground and it's real nice and green and lush down in there a little clover, natural clover and different brows grow down in there.

And so just off to one side, 10 yards over from that natural seap area, drips this real mature Laurel Oak that was super hot that this year it was dropping like crazy. It was one of them warm walmack hot feeding trees, that he describes, just old tore up, like somebody went in there with a tiller and just tiled all the leafs up and every creature and the and the forest was feeding under that tree.

So I knew that was my ticket in. To possibly getting some doze down or feeding early in the morning. And if one was hot happened to be an Esthers, it would be even better. But I knew all the conditions were right. If I had a chance to go in there and him not fuss me again, this would be it.

[00:34:00] And all I needed was, a dough to be an Esthers and feeding under that tree. And that's exactly what happened. I got in there, it took me about 45 minutes to get into this, slipping in real silent, trying to get in as clean as possible. Cause that's what I describe it. When I get on this property, I try to get in there like a surgeon and just get in surgically removed deer and get out as clean as possible and just leave as little disturbance as possible.

And that's pretty much what I did. I got in real clean. I felt real good when I got to the base of the tree. Cause I was real concerned even though the thermals were right for where he, where I had a good idea where he was vetted, but I didn't quite. Know where the dough were bedding, I knew where they were feeding.

I figured they'd be by that tree, but I knew the wind would be just off, you know that just off the wind that they told me about. And then if I got busted by them, it would be open. And, but I was able to slip by 'em. They didn't catch me. I got up in the tree, got settled, got all set up, rehearsed everything in my mind.

And this is an hour before shooting light. And so I felt [00:35:00] real good about it. And sure enough, right at about first light, I look over my right shoulder about my two o'clock position, cuz let's say 12 o'clock is the tree and I'm facing the tree. I look over my two, not two o'clock position, and down in that d down in that depressed area, that drainage, we'll call it.

There she is, she's feeding under that hot feed tree. I said, there's a dope big mature dough too. And I'm thinking, man, it's about that time, this area, Florida's ruts. It's all over the place. I'll just put it to you that way. Florida's rut is crazy. You could go an hour and a half, one direction and be completely out of the rut, and even, so it's pretty crazy.

But go ahead. You got a question, Parker? Yeah. Is this, are you bow hunting this hunt or is it a gun? A gun hunt. It's a gun hunt. Okay. It's a gun hunt. Okay. I didn't know, I know a lot of places are different depending on bows and guns, but just curious kind of setting the stage on that.

Yeah. No worries. Sorry to let the bow hunters down. My bad, ain't no such thing. We don't care about them. You were in for revenge [00:36:00] on this steer because the last time, look, I am not at the point where I'm ready to go after them with strictly with a bow. Like Brett Smash Burn and, chase Brents and them guys are, bowing, hey, and hats off to 'em.

I just hadn't got there yet. Right now I'm like, hey, I hunt the seasons. I love archery. I love muzzle loader and General Gun. I love all three, and I benefit from all three of them. But I just hadn't got there yet for doing it with a bow strictly. I never, I ain't ever going get there and I'm not gonna apologize for it either.

Bow hunters here. But anyway and so I saw her down there feeding under that tree. And I'm thinking, man it's timing's right? She's a big mature dough. And just about when I was thinking this, I look off my, just on the other side of the tree, I'm looking at my 12 o'clock now. I just see these tines turning like that and looking down at her.

And I said, Ooh, that's a big buck right there. And it's standing up into some thick brush behind some palmettos. And I'm thinking, man, that's a good buck. That's a shooter. That's a shooter, and [00:37:00] sure enough he did something that she didn't like. And she boogered and took off running up the draw onto the ridge and then gone outta my life.

And he took off chasing. And that's when I saw him. I was like, dang, that's a big buck. Not only rack, body sides, big bucks. There they go. I was like, Ugh. I was like, man, it's over that quick. Just as quick as it happened, it's over. And all of a sudden, before I even got that thought out my mind, he just hit the brakes, man.

He slammed on the brakes and that dough kept going and he backed up and turned and started walking to me like on a string. And I'm like, I didn't know what to think. I was like, did that just happened? You know when you see something, you don't know exactly how to process it. You're like, okay, uhhuh like common sense logic.

Gravity says, things just physics weren't working out in my mind. Why would've that big hit the brakes chasing a hot, obviously hot dough? And then it hit me, oh dang, there was a tank over there. Because if that buck just hit [00:38:00] the brakes, there's gotta be something over there that he's afraid of.

And anyway, he's walking to me, he walks straight to me, walks literally under my tree. And never, and that's the cool thing about the thermals, right? He should have busted me cuz I stood there at the base of my tree and I, and I try to be as, like I said, not only clean is in sound, but clean is in scent too.

Like I'm really thoughtful on where I'm stepping, what I'm touching, not touching. But he walked, literally the base of my tree walked under me. But the thermals, I was dropping milkweed too, to confirm it throughout the entire hunt. But it was pulling down into that low area.

And so he never smelled me. And he walked right, right next to my tree. He walked right behind me and I turned in the saddle and I'm turned behind me like this. And I'm braced against the tree. And he's 10, standing 10 yards beside me, behind me. And I said, all I, all he has to do now is turn broadside. And I am not letting this buck walk.

This is a big buck. He's not the buck. I came in here for. He's gonna die another day. He's gonna have to die another day. I remember, that's what I said to myself. I [00:39:00] was like he'll die another day. I'm not missing this opportunity. God has blessed me with this amazing day in the deer woods. And I clicked the safety off and he turned broadside and I hammered him hitting good.

And I knew it was a good shot He ran. And and I've learned, this is something else I've learned too. I used to get all excited and, wig out, and I don't do that anymore. I stay perfectly calm. And I listen. I listen and I listened to him run off and I heard him crash. I heard him stumble.

I even heard him stop and start to do that wobbly, I couldn't see him, but I could hear him doing it. And he fell over and I could hear the threat, thrashing in the, and then it just went silent. He's he's done. Damn. And I was like, man, I was like flipped at my watch and I was like, 8 0 8.

And I'm like, God, I can't believe that just happened. I started, trying to keep my nerves, together. And I'm like, thank Jesus. Thank you, God. I'm just, doing my whole, just trying to keep myself together cause my knees are shaking. So if it wasn't for being tethered to the tree, I would've fell.

I would fell plum out of tree ride running away. I [00:40:00] absolutely lost it. I had to hang my gun on the hand cause I couldn't hold it anymore. I was just like shaking so bad. I'm just like, I'm losing it. I'm just absolutely losing it. I remember texting sending the text to, to split shot and I said, he's down.

And he's the big one. I said no, but he's a good one. And he's man, you better hang in there. He's do not get down. I was like, and I was thinking the same thing this eight o'clock in the morning and I'm like, man, I got a hot do. And she didn't even run very far when I shot this buck and I turned around and she was just beeping off.

It's like she didn't go very far. She didn't boo her too hard, didn't spook. And I'm like, okay. So I just sat there and I gathered myself and I was like, all right, chamber another round. And then I just settled down and I just said, okay, let's see what happens. See what happens. I got a deer down, he's over there.

It's a nice cool morning. He's fine. Ain't, he'll be all right. And then sure enough, a few minutes later she come back around, went right back down that draw and started feeding again. Like nothing ever happened. How long? It was probably not even an hour, 45 minutes. She felt comfortable enough to work and right back down in that [00:41:00] draw, she went right back to that tree and started feeding again, licking her tail, everything.

That's what I was looking for too. When a deer licks that tail, that's, everything's okay. You ever see 'em get alert and they'll do that whole checking you out dogging thing and that's when you know it's not good. I always study that body language. But when a deer does that, flicker that tail all as well, all as well. And I know that, okay, I won the stair off, but anyway, she's down there just as comfortable as can be feeding again. And I'm like, man, I cannot believe that she's down there feeding again after I just shot this buck 10 yards behind me. And She was probably at that time, 20 or 30 yards in front of me, maybe 40.

And anyway, I, I remember sitting there just looking at her, looking back over to where that, cause I kept remembering, man, that buck slammed on the brakes, man. He hit it, he hit them brakes hard and he just turned and said, man, I wonder, I just wondered. And sure enough, right around 10 o'clock in the morning, I seen them big giant times come down.

That same, later I went over there and scouted it. They were coming down this little access trail from where they were betting. And it turns out that [00:42:00] other buck, I shot that 98 buck. He was, I guess like a satellite buck. I'd never seen him before. He'd worked into the area and he was basically just, just probably staying just outta reach of that bigger buck, just hoping he can get lucky.

But anyways I see these big tines come coming through that same kind of lick thick and, I start looking and sure enough, when he exposed his head, I could see the rack on him. I said, that's him. I knew that rack. I had dreamed about that wreck. I was like, that's him right there.

That's him. It's very good very consistent characteristic exists year to year on this guy. And he did the, almost the exact same thing. He came, walked down the ridge and looked down at her from up top looking down at her in the draw. And at first, so I got my gun, I got my backpack hanging off the right side in front of me.

12 o'clock is a tree. I got my backpack hanging just off to my right and I like to use it as a gun rest for that, off side shot, and so I get ready, I get my gun, get it all settled, and I'm looking at her the whole time because if she spooks, she busts me. It's over. So I'm looking at [00:43:00] her and I'm setting up and I'm getting set and I'm solid as a rock man.

I'm just waiting for him to make a move. Cuz right now he's quartered pretty hard to me. And there's a bunch of stuff in, there's a bunch of obstructions in the way. And I start picking out shooting, like if he steps there, I'm shooting him there, he steps there. I'm shooting him there. And I'm watching her the whole time and she's just doing her thing down there.

I say, okay, it's good. It's good. All I gotta do is he's gotta make a move. Sure enough, he stepped into a shooting lane. I flipped the safety off, put the crosshairs. He's just slightly quartered to me. I put the crosshairs on his front shoulder and let him have it, man. And he, you hit that, I hit him hard.

And you can hear that, you know that, that pop when you double on him that, that sound you get, when you double on him, it's a good hit. I knew he hit hard and he ran up a little bit, ran about 60 yards, did the wobbly legs, and it fell over. And I was like, still in disbelief.

I chambered another round, I another round in the chamber, and I just was ready. I started picking out shooting lanes again. I'm like, I just knew he was gonna get up at all the. [00:44:00] All the stuff I've been through with this deer. I knew he was gonna walk outta my life, man. I just knew.

So I'm anchored again on, okay, if he moves over here, I'm shooting. If he moves I'm already playing the next shot. You sound like Parker. I'm telling you, man, I've had so much bad luck and in the past that I was like, I couldn't believe it. So I was like, Nope, I'll shoot him again. If he stands up, I'm gonna shoot him again.

And he, this went on, I, it must have been 30, 45 minutes. He never moved. I said, okay he's dead. I couldn't believe it. He was down right there. And I looked through my scope and got a good look at him and I was like, man, I cannot believe this again. So I'm losing it in the tree.

Set my gun up, and immediately I started polo and the guys on the Marco Polo group and I'm like, oh, and let me just say, I don't know why, but I was in the moment. When I had to make these shots on these bucks, I was completely calm and I have no idea why I didn't get, I just can't explain it. And the only thing I can remember [00:45:00] is too tall.

He's another guy that I look up to in our Marco Polo group and he, I remember him saying his to me a long time ago, it's just a deer. You can do this. It's just a deer. So I remember saying that in the back of my mind the whole time I got his voice in the back of my head. Deer. The deer. I do this.

This is the other thing, JBO too, is like a lot of times whenever there's those type of hunts where everything's happening fast rut hunts, typically, yeah. Everything happens so fast. Like it, it's easy to be calm. You know what I mean? You don't have time to think.

You don't have time. I noticed Most of the turkeys that I've killed. This is a great example. Most of the turkeys I've killed, I haven't watched them come from a long ways away cuz we're in terrain, they're coming up hillside, whatever. I had one last week on Friday that so I always feel like I'm pretty solid is what I'm saying on my shot.

Yeah. But I had one last Fri or on Friday that I got to watch [00:46:00] it strut and do its thing for a long time before it came in. And by the time I was there to take a shot, like when he walked into that opening in range, I'm like shaking like a freaking leaf man. Like what the junk is going on. I can't stay steady on it and I'm shaking, so I totally, yeah, like those moments like that where everything's just really fast, it's easy to just stay calm and there's something to be said too for setting up in a place where you get the quicker action like that rather than. That I don't like to hunt big fields and power lines because No, I don't wanna watch 'em come from a long ways though.

Yeah. I, that's how I miss all my deer straight up. Oh I've gotten buck fever in the past, especially with a bow, cuz I'm not a, I'm not a good archer. Like I'm not confident with my bow. I won't take shots past 30 yards just because I don't want the gut feeling of making a bad shot on a deer, and I get, I do get buck fever but for whatever reason I was able to stay [00:47:00] extremely calm in this moment. And even when I mark uphold the guys, I remember all of them telling me they're like, man, how can you stay so calm? And when I got down, cause I, Marco pulled him from the tree and I was like, Hey, this is scenario, this is what happened.

And I got down and I went over and recovered this buck. I hadn't even got to the first one yet. I went straight to the big one I've been after cuz it was just such a. Glorious moment in my life. I was, man, I gotta put my hands on this guy. Cuz you know how, you see these deer in person or in game cam pictures, until you put your hands on 'em, you just don't realize some of the characteristics they have down your base.

Or maybe they got hit. Like he had a real funky puncture on the center of his of his head where he'd been fighting. Just all these things, and putting my hands on him. And I was, I remember Marco Poland, the guys live, and later that, I guess day or the next day, they were like, man, you were extremely calm.

So they started joking, calling me cause they call chase princes, they call him the iceman cuz he's he's just so cool, calm, collect all the time. They started calling me like Iceman 2.0 and like Baby Ice Man and Ice baby. [00:48:00] Yeah. Like I'm a small guy, they like making small guy jokes to me, they were like mini, mini ice man and all this stuff.

But I was just, I guess I was so taken back by it. That I didn't, it was like an out-of-body experience, man. I didn't even think it was real. I figured any moment my three o'clock alarm was gonna go off and I was gonna realize it was all a dream and I needed to go try to kill this buck. But it wasn't a dream.

It was real. And I remember Marco polling the, these guys, and I'm show I'm holding the rack and I'm like, I can't get his rack in the frame. I've gotta do a wide pan. Like this is how big this fuck is, and it was surreal. I just, to this day, like I'm a very, I'm a humble person.

I try to stay humble in it, and yeah, I just, is it humble jbo to say you're a humble person? I don't know. That's why it's even, yeah, it's awkward to even say that, but I just try to, I try to stay humble. I'm not an arrogant person and like a lot of people, and like Nick, one of my good buddies, we call him pork chop in the group.

I remember him hitting me up a couple days later and he is man, You've been pulled, sharking us all [00:49:00] this time. You ask all these questions and all the, and cuz I had killed it. A couple do in the season with my bow and I, Marco poll it live. I got a bow mount, a phone mount on my bow and I've shot a couple bows, a deer a do this year with my bow and I, Marco polled the whole thing and then now I kill these two jack.

Yeah. And so my, so Nick, pork chop is man, you've been sharking us man. You're some like epic hunter and you ask all these questions cuz he's man, you ask all these questions that I wanna ask too. We're both trying to learn, something pretty new in the game as far as and I don't consider myself like a trophy hunter at all.

I just, I like to put meat in the freezer. I like to get some meat in the freezer. And then after that I, I get a little more selective and I would be lying if I said that I, that there's something about killing, I'm a jerk buck that doesn't make you just like proud and it's ultimate.

Chess match. And when you kill a mature buck and even a buck in Florida, that's over a hundred inches. It just, there's so much that went into that, a lot of [00:50:00] failure, a lot of good luck, some skill. And it just all came together in time for me to see. Time, like the time that it takes.

Dude I've talked about this several times. I don't know if I've talked about it on a podcast or not, but even here in Alabama, like we go I've been going to Kentucky every year for probably the past five, six, something like that. Years. And the amount of time that it takes to have an encounter, I'm not even saying to kill one, to have an encounter with a mature deer is very little like you can you and it seems like the further south, the harder it gets.

And so you think about Florida. Y'all are in rut, quote unquote rut of some kind. Yes. Sometimes three ruts. Yeah. But you're not talking about cool weather. Deer move better in cool weather. It is just, it's just part of it. I can go, [00:51:00] there's a reason why you go to North Dakota in September and there's deer running around all over the place and down here they're not, it's a lot of, it's weather related, and so you guys are hunting the rut and it's, probably 75 degrees, 80 degrees. So you're already, you got mosquitoes down there, you got swamps and mosquitoes. It doesn't, you're not ever getting a winner, really. You might get a chill, but you're not ever getting a winner.

Conditions are miserable. You're spending a lot of time going in there and. I'm not seeing anything, yeah. It's a combination of just hunting Florida. Yeah. A lot of hard work, a lot of time boots on the ground, breaking that area down, trying to understand how these deer are using this property.

How are they using it? And that comes and goes I'm running, long-term, long soak cameras in there and there's certain times this area's completely just blown dry. No deer in barely even a raccoon. And then there's certain times of the year where that it's just on fire.

And [00:52:00] understanding all that, and understanding like, I've been in there years hunting this this area and I was, didn't know what I didn't know, didn't know what I didn't know. And so I was, most of the time I was pretty much leaving too much scent. I was hunting the wrong wind, didn't understand thermals.

The deal were patterning me. I thought I was trying to learn about them. They knew everything about what I was doing. And And one thing I can, one thing I learned after the fact is eight days after, nine days after I killed that buck, an even bigger buck showed up on my camera and I was just like, wow.

Like I thought I killed the mature buck in this area. And then even a bigger buck showed up, bigger rack and bigger I'd say bigger body too. Like these deer, when I say they were big deer, the Florida a hundred inches is big, but their body size was, I actually broke my scale on a, on the dose, so I didn't get to weigh them, but I had killed 161 pound deer previous year, so I knew what 160 pound deer looked like, size looked like.

And these [00:53:00] deer were they actually looked the bigger one, the hundred inch deer, he was probably right on right around that one 60. And, but that that 90 inch, he deer, he was probably closer to, he was a little over that. If I had to guesstimate, he was 1 70, 180. Just that to me was the most impressive thing about these deer was not only were they good antler wise, they were.

Good mature deer, two of them good, mature boxing. Like I said, I've completely accepted that God gave me the best day in the deer woods on that day. I've accepted it. I'm grateful for it. But I realize some people never know is this my best day in the woods? And I've already had my best day in the woods.

And I'm like I'm just you good with that? Yeah. Learn to be content, right? Yeah. That's what he says. Yeah. Learn to be content. I'm completely content with it. But one thing I wanna say about that, even bigger buck. Now that's my new new mission, right? My new obsession is trying to figure him out so that I'm, I repositioned some cameras cuz he completely caught me off guard.

He, he, that deer had me so figured out, [00:54:00] had me so patterned now, I didn't even know he existed. Okay. So I shifted some cameras. I immediately shifted some cameras around to just get eyes on him and I figured it out, or I think I got it figured out. The reason why I had never seen this bucket is he's betting next to my truck.

Like he was betting next to my access trail betting. If I invest, guess based on, looking at, doing some cyber scouting, looking at topography. He's literally if I'm right, he's betting next to my truck. And and there's a couple things I can go into and why I believe that. But yeah, I finally, and I finally moved some cameras around, got him patterned in this about the time of year.

You can, it's hard. And that's one thing, like some people are on the fence. I'm on the fence about hunting the rut. I love hunting the rut. It's exciting, but you can't pattern deer because they're, it's the rut. They're moving all over the place. And I remember I can't remember who it was that said it, but they were like, man I hate to hunt the rut.

I like hunting deer that are somewhat patentable, especially mature deer because they're on this early season pattern or maybe late season [00:55:00] pattern you have You can somewhat pattern them, but when it's the rut for me it's like I'm on the fence. Like I love it cuz it's exciting. You never know what you're gonna see when you get up in that tree.

You try to do your best to use the terrain in the, in everything you know about that area to put yourself in that advantage, but you never really can. But anyway, I've got some cameras moved around. I've got some, I've got him coming from an area in the evening and going to an area in the morning, early morning.

And so I think I've got him pinned down to a particular be location during that time of year. But it's gonna take some time to, try to collect some more information on him and hopefully I can make a play on him. I actually did see him in person, got eyes on him when I tried making one last, hail Mary on him during late season hunt.

And I went in on him based on the little information I had and I. I'm telling you, another 40 yards. If I'd went another 40 yards north, I could have got a, I would've got a shot on him.[00:56:00] I was just a little bit too far back. And when he crossed a little further north than I thought he was going to.

He actually, he did a little something else too. He went due east to west when I thought, based on the wind and everything I had witnessed, I thought he was gonna come, come out of the northeast and work into that southwest corner. And he didn't, he went directly across the property, caught me off guard, and obviously he's smarter than me and he's probably got a satellite bed somewhere else, and his primary bed's where I thought he was, and for whatever reason he just didn't hit that primary bed where I thought he was going.

And he slipped me, but I got eyes on him. And so I got to see him and he's a great deer. And so he's, he's my new obsession, put it that way. I hope you kill him. See what happens. Yeah, I'm sure. I hope, I'm sure. We'll we'll get to hear more about him too. I'm excited about watching it through the season.

I'll keep y'all posted in the Marco Polo group and if I'm lucky enough to get him I might just have to come on to another podcast, absolutely. We'd love it. We'd be, I'd be, yeah, I probably wouldn't be as happy as you, but I'd be a happy camper if you go out and shoot that [00:57:00] buck, man.

Yeah. Really appreciate you coming on and sharing this sharing this great story, awesome story. I appreciate you. I hope you thank for having, I hope you bought a lottery ticket that day. That's what everybody says. I didn't, I should. I was, man, lemme tell you what, I was on cloud nine and I was trying to stay humble in the moment, and they started calling me like slavo and all stuff, and it was, man, I had a little miniature fan group there for a while.

I had a bunch of groupies wanting selfies and stuff. It was pretty awesome, man. But, Like I said, after a few months, just reset and get after it again, man, you just onto the the next adventure and never forgetting those memories. Jeremy, Aaron says, I'd rather be poor and make a million memories.

That's my goal. That's what, that's well said, man. Said. We appreciate you coming on, and also thank you for your service for what you've done and what [00:58:00] you're doing now. But hopefully we'll we can have you on talk about this other deal you have, but that's that's gonna wrap it up for tonight and we appreciate you and appreciate y'all for listening.

And if you are interested in our Patreon or Marco Polo app, you can find that in our description. Of the podcast, but until then, we'll see y'all next week. Hey guys. Thanks for listening to this week's episode of the Southern Ground Hunting Podcast. You can keep up with Southern ground hunting by following us on Facebook or Instagram or subscribing to the YouTube channel, and you can be sure to check us out@southerngroundhunting.com to pick up some of our merch, read some blog articles, and all that good stuff.

I truly hope you enjoyed this week's episode, and we'll see you here again next week. Remember that God gave you dominion over the birds of the air, the fish of the sea, and the beasts of the earth. So go out and exercise that dominion. We'll talk to you next week.[00:59:00]