Whitetail Biology and Hunting w/ Larry Weishuhn

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, Mitch speaks with none other than Mr. Whitetail himself, Larry Weishuhn. Larry is an award winning outdoor writer and professional biologist who has forgotten more about whitetails then most folks will ever know. Mitch and Larry reconnect after meeting a year ago at a local game dinner where Larry spoke, and begin by discussing Larry's one hunting trip to Potter County Pennsylvania. 

We discuss whitetail biology and hunting experiences throughout Larry's career. Also, tactics from spot and stalk to rattling, and how whitetail biology as well as hunting pressure can impact their success. We also discuss our favorite hunts outside of whitetails including black bear and a story which combines flintlock muzzleloaders and yogi bear. Thanks for tuning in!

Show Transcript