Aggressive Hunting Tactics for Big Bucks

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Josh Streichert  (JWS Logging) discuss aggressive hunting tactics that produce big bucks. Josh explains his hunting season, how he finds success and tactics that are ideal per the time of year to ensure you get on a target deer.

Rattling deer as an option to pull deer into hunting locations. Using a hunting scout method to narrow down a deer’s movement and get intel. Why does sometimes come into rattling sequences and how to approach hunting near bedding areas. Josh explains why deer are drawn to certain areas and how to take advantage of terrain and pinch points.

Josh explains hunting out of state, timing of when to select certain areas. Josh details how he breaks down an area and what he does and does not consider when he selects a hunting location. Josh explains how he evades hunting pressure on public property. Josh explains the non-obvious features that lead to better hunting, and how to assess hill country and strategies that drive decisions to hunt high value areas.  Josh explains why maps and topography are just the starting point to making actual hunting decisions that will lead to success. 

Show Transcript