Wildflowers, Deer, and Design

Show Notes

In this podcast Travis Harmon (Creative Habitat) and Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) discuss the importance of ecological diversity through considering pollinator plantings. Travis explains ideal locations to emplace wildflowers on the landscape. Travis details the observation and activities that occur around these locations and how attractive plantings can be for deer. Also, wildflowers can increase the number of insects and birds that prey on these insects, like turkeys.

Travis explains annual and perennial plants that should be considered and how attractant they are to deer. Jon details some cover crop options that work well to attract deer while removing pressure off wildflowers. Travis explains the intense interest of deer in sunflower planted areas, and a trick he uses to reduce deer browse. Both Travis and Jon explain the federal programs, and the potential benefits and what route they prefer to go with clients.

Travis explains more on-site selection, where to start and ideal conditions to establish pollinator plantings. Travis identifies the time required to establish plantings and the related long term and short-term stance on plant selection. Travis explains the ideal times to establish plantings and consider competing plants, especially cool season grasses. Travis details the minimum equipment he uses and how he has shied away from expensive tools like a no till drill. Travis suggested the benefits of transitioning from grass to wildflowers can be great to landowners and reduce workload.

Show Transcript