Wisconsin Sportsman - Ice Fishing with Kyle Tyree of Wisconsin Fisherman

Show Notes

Well folks, the forecast looks clear, all the snow has been shoveled, and it's certainly been cold enough for the last couple weeks most of our lakes and ponds have frozen over. That can only mean one thing... ice fishing! 

In this weeks episode, Pierce hops on the line with Kyle Tyree of YouTube's viral fishing channel, Wisconsin Fisherman. Kyle has been ice fishing for nearly his entire life and doing it with a camera by his side for over a decade. And let me tell you now, this dude knows ice fishing! Kyle fills Pierce in on everything you need to know about ice fishing in the badger state as they cover gear, technology, etiquette, scouting, finding fish, why fish are where they are, what they're eating and so much more. Whether you're a seasoned ice fisherman or a total newbie, there's great information for you not only in this episode, but also on Kyle's YouTube channel as well!

Be sure to follow along with Kyle's adventures @wisconsin_fisherman on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and when you plan your trip up north this summer, book a trip with Wisconsin Fisherman Guide Service to spend a day in the boat with Kyle and have an awesome time!

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